tagLesbian SexRoad Trip! Ch. 12

Road Trip! Ch. 12



Day 19...

We slept in.

It was only a two or three hour drive into Portland from Eugene depending on traffic, so why wouldn't we?

Over breakfast, Marni and I wound up in a discussion about threesomes and group sex when men were involved, both of us agreeing that a man's recovery time can sometimes be problematic.

"Different when its all gals," I observed, "I mean its still a threesome, or a foursome like it was in Vegas, but I like that, you know, when its just women."

"Yeah...I noticed," She chuckled with a wink to me.

"Our little college cutie was a lot of fun, don't you think?" I tossed into her lap.

"Yeah...she was that," Marni replied, adding, "Glad I'm not her instructor though, she exudes a lot of sexual energy; and while I've done it, sexual involvement with students can be problamatic."

"Have to confess," I said, "I wouldn't mind doing another coed if the opportunity ever presents itself, Bootsie's young pussy was tasty."

"Damn, Jules, you're talking like you've been eating pussy for years," Marni chuckled, "I do believe you've changed teams, girl."

"Pretty sure I have too," I answered honestly, "haven't thought about sucking or fucking cock since we started this trip."

"Didn't seem to me that you minded us playing with others, either," Marni smirked.

"We don't have to do that...you know, threesomes and shit, if it bothers you," I offered when the fleeting thought came to me that she might not want to.

"Wouldn't want a steady diet of having others in our bed," She remarked, her reference to 'our bed' making my stomach flutter, but in a good way, "but, every once in a while? You know, for a little spice to everyday life? I wouldn't mind that at all...especially sharing it with you...you're a fun-fuck in those situations," smiling at me when saying it.

"Kinda' what I think about it, too," I said in agreement, "Every so often? Probably not a bad thing, but after this trip of ours? I wouldn't complain if it never happened again..." my voice trailing off into silent thoughts.

"Look, it there comes a time when we want to 'kink' it up, there's always ways to do that, discreetly of course," She remarked with an emphasis on 'discreetly', "Hell, we could always shoot up to Seattle for a long weekend if the urge strikes us...I know of a couple of Lez-bars and clubs up there."

"I'll keep that in mind," I commented, "But one thing you can take to the bank, girlfriend, is that you won't ever walk in and catch me going down on one of our neighbors like what happened with Beth."

"Oh honey, don't you think I already know that?" She replied to my words, her words to me lighting me up inside and making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

That's when I realized just how hard I had fallen for her in the past few weeks. Funny thing, I remember thinking, is that I was feeling this way about another woman and I was really okay with that, I didn't think it strange, not in the least.

It did make me wonder if women had a 'lesbian gene' or something, buried within, just waiting for the right woman to come along to turn it loose.

I didn't know the answer to that queston but what I did realize is that, with Marni, I had crossed 'that line' and had no desire to undo what had happened between us...and if I were to be totally honest with myself?

I realized that I'd never been happier then I was when with her...

We had just joined the northbound traffic on I-5 when both of our phones chimed, alerting us to waiting messages.

"You want to check 'em, babe?" Marni asked, since she was driving us home.

"Got a text from Susan, sent to both of our phones, thanking us for the lovely flowers and card that we sent," I said, smiling at Susan's gesture.

"You have one from school," reading it to her, a nod from her in understanding of the text about a meeting for her department, next week. Scrolling to the next message in queue, I said, "Oh...its from Beth," looking up from her phone in my hand to her face, "you probably ought to read that one yourself," I said, not comfortable in reading anything from her past lover.

"Delete it," Marni instructed very matter-of-factly.

"Delete it? Are you sure?" I answered.

"Bitch hasn't got a thing to say to me that I want, or need, to hear," She said just as sternly as her command to delete it, "She probably thinks that I've moved on, with you probably, and her fucking ego can't bear the thought that anyone could do that," She chuckled, "the girl really believes her own bullshit."

"Okay, if you're sure..." My words said but my finger still not pressing the delete command on her phone.

"Even if I didn't have you in my life, Jules, I'd still delete it, okay? Beth is the past, plain and simple."

"Am I the future?" I asked, the words flying out of my mouth before my brain had engaged.

She was silent for a few heartbeats, her brow furrowed as if in thought.

"Would that be such a terrible thing, Jules, for either of us, if that's our life now?" She replied, her voice soft, thoughful.

Ever since my shower of last night, after I had thought about the past three weeks since Marni and I started our road trip, I had been resisting the urge to speak my mind, to tell her how I was feeling about her, about us.

No time like the present I reasoned in those few moments between her question and, now, my words to her.

"No, it wouldn't, not by a long shot...look, I need to say this, so please, just listen," I replied.

"I'm listening."

"I'm returning from our vay-cay a whole other person...a person that I'm comfortable with, a person that I never knew existed within me," I said, measuring my words, my thoughts.

"At first I thought it was just the sex, nothing more, a vacation fling..."


"Hush...let me finish, please, or I'll never say it," I asked of her, then continuing, "But, I know now that 'this', that 'us', isn't just about the sex, not even close."

"Okay..." pausing to take a breath and collect my thoughts, I pushed on..."Okay, what it is, sweetie, is that I've fallen head-over-heels in love with you...crazy-love, nutso-love, with you."

I paused again, my heart pounding like crazy.

"I'm still figuring it out Marni, and I've no doubt that there'll be ups and downs as I find my way through a whole new set of emotions for me...so have patience with me, but, at the end of the day, know this....I do love you," I said softly.

Exhaling with a big puff, I pressed the delete command, sending Beth's message, whatever it was, off into cyberspace, then I glanced over to look at Marni.

She had a smile on her lips, her eyes were wet, brimming with tears...

We were silent for a few miles, both of us I'm sure, mind-tripping at the fact that we were entering into a serious committment with each other, to each other.

"Damn," She mused, "bet you didn't think our trip would end this way when you asked me to come along, did you?"

"I wouldn't change a thing about our trip," I replied, "not one fucking thing."

She just smiled.

"Remember when we first met, when I moved in above you?" Marni averred with a glance towards me, "I was astounded at the 'connection' I thought I felt when you introduced yourself to me, welcoming me to the building... kinda' shocked me actually...we only talked for ten or fifteen minutes that first time and yet, when you walked away, I felt like I already 'knew' you...kinda' shook me up."

"Me too, babe," I replied, "I walked away from that first meeting with you feeling like I had known you forever."

"What the reader said to us in New Orleans? About us being lovers in a past life?" She mused.


"Makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

"Before this trip, I would've dismissed her reading as a street-con," I opined, "But, now? Like you said, it has to make you wonder."

The rain had eased quite a bit after about an hour, becoming more of a drizzle now and not the hard, pounding, difficult-to-see-in-storm it had been, Marni now visibly relaxed behind the wheel.

I was finishing up with some emails from work and a couple from college-pals with whom I've stayed in touch over the years. I was concentrating so much on what I had been reading and writing that I didn't see Marni reach over to me with her hand and when I felt her fingers stroking my tit, I sorta' jumped in surprise.

"Do me a favor?" She asked.

"Sure babe, what is it?"

"Lean your seat back a bit and undo your blouse for me...oh, and loosen the snap of your shorts," She asked.

"Horny are you?" I teased.

"Don't know," She replied, "probably that, but I really want to touch and play with you right now, I need to feel you right now...please?"

Just the fact that she wanted to do that to me turned on my horny-motor as well and, quite simply, I did as she asked, reaching behind my back to unhook my bra after I had unbutttoned my blouse.

I reclined my seat almost half-way, hands above my head, my fingers gripping onto the head-rest of the passenger seat and my ass scooted as near to her as I could without sitting on the console between the seats.

Smiling at me quickly, then returning her eyes to the road, she reached with her right hand and began feeling and fondling my girls, her touch making my nipples hard immediately.

"Mmmmmmmm, that feels really good, sugar," I cooed as her hand and fingers played with my breasts, my bra almost pushed up to my neck , my blouse wide-opened, the two halves draped against my ribs.

"Feels good to me too, baby...you have no idea how good it feels to me to touch you," She said, her voice sultry and husky with desire.

I closed my eyes when I felt her fingers begin the walk down my body, the light touch from her fingers causing my stomach muscles to 'flutter' in reaction, a most delicious feeling at that, I thought in the moment.

She parted the top of my shorts and unzipped the fly, speading the material apart. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of my briefs, I spread my legs a bit, an involuntary reaction to her touch, my juices beginning to flow in anticipation.

"Mmmmm, that tastes good, Jules...love how you taste, sweetie," Marni cooed after she had sucked her finger after sliding it between my pussy-lips and rubbing it up and down a few times.

Sliding her hand into my panties again after she had that first taste of me, she cupped my sex and slipped her social finger into me, slowly pushing it in deeper and deeper until she could go no further.

"Ummmph...yeeeaaaaah, oh sweet Lord, yeah," I moaned with pleasure as she began fingering me with a steady rhythm, the underside of her finger rubbing across my clitoris which was as hard as a teenager's cock by then.

She fingered me for a deliciously long time, removing her finger every once in a while to suck my juices from it, pushing it into my mouth a couple of times for me to taste.

Whenever she did that, I held her hand and sucked her finger as if it was a dick, sucking hard as if the tip of her finger would produce a spurt of cum down my throat.

"Damn, Jules, it my finger was a cock, I would've drowned you in cum by now," Marni commented, "bet your boyfriends loved it when you blew 'em."

Her comment sent my mind a series of mind-pic memories of me sucking various cocks; a fleeting thought flashed in my head about never sucking cock again...I'd miss that I thought for a nano-second, I'd miss sucking cock and swallowing cum.

Was I a cum-slut? I wondered, then deciding that if I was...oh, well, that was then, this is now. Now, evidently, I'm a pussy-juice slut.

Not that that's a bad thing, mind you...

Well, quite honestly, a girl can only take so much playing before she just has to let the monster loose, right?

When she took her finger from my mouth and resumed fingering me that last time, I gripped her wrist with both of my hands and held it place and started rotating my hips, humping against her finger, slowly at first but increasingly faster as I felt my climax rising.

"Aaaaaaah fuck," I screamed aloud when the monster freed itself from my body, my scream becoming a mewing whimpering of babble as the sensations ebbed and flowed within me.

Opening my eyes after a minute or so, I still had her wrist in my grip between my legs as our car slowly passed a semi.

The driver caught a glimpse of my tits with my blouse wide open, as well as of me holding Marni's hand between my legs, my panties having slipped down my hips a bit from her play with me.

He blasted his air-horn a couple of times as we slipped past him in appreciation of the visual we had given him, and it caused us to burst out in laughter.

"Guess he has jerk-off material for the night," Marni joked as I started putting myself together again.

"Yeah, and if his is half as good as mine was, he'll be a happy camper," I teased...

We had worked out a plan for the night.

Since she won the rock, paper, scissors thingy, we'd unload her crap first, then mine. Two trips is what we thought it'd take and two trips it was, Marni closing my apartment's door with her shoulder after following me into my loft.

"Okay, sugarbritches, call it," Marni said to me, holding a coin in her hand, ready to flip.

"Call what?" I asked, puzzled.

"Heads or tails...If I win, we sleep at my place, if you win, yours," She explained.

"Do we get to make love either way?" I asked.


"Then, just pick whichever," I said, "As long as I get to sleep with you, I don't really fucking care where it is, okay?"

"Damn, you're easy," She laughed, pocketing the coin.

"Yeah...I guess I am, aren't I?" I agreed, kissing her sweetly afterwards.

"Tell you what, get yourself squared away down here while I do the same upstairs, okay? Come up when you're ready and we'll shack up at my place tonight...oh, what do you want to eat tonight, I mean, besides me...I already know you wanna' do that," laughing and giving Ms. Kitty a little pinch through my shorts.

"Surprise me, baby...hell, we ought to order out really," I said as I placed my arms around her neck then, pulling her to me, I gave her a long kiss full of lustful promise of a night of passion.

"Want to order some Thai?" She suggested while our bodies sorta' swayed a bit, side to side, her hands holding on to my hips, holding me tight to her crotch as we rubbed against one another.

"That'll work, sweetie...now, get your ass outta' here so I can put my crap away...I'll see you in a bit," kissing her on the nose, afterwards.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot...gotta' little surprise for you tonight," She said with a tone of mystery and a leery grin, "Pretty sure you'll like it," and with a final pinch to Ms. Kitty, she gave me a sweet smile and a little peck to my lips.

Surprise, huh? Wonder what that's all about I remember thinking when staring at my door after she had left.

She was right, I was surprised and I did like it, oh yes I did...

We ordered our food almost as soon as I joined her upstairs after unpacking, checking faxes and messages in my home office, the normal back-from-vacation-shit one must do upon return. There was a message from Momma, chiding me about not keeping in touch more frequently.

"Why don't you Skpe us when you get back from your trip and catch us up on your life, sweetheart...love you, baby and Daddy sends his love too," Her message to me ending with a 'beep'.

I remember thinking, in that moment, that I hadn't even considered what impact it would have on my parents when they find out that I'm in love with a woman.

Need to think about that, I mind-memoed myself...grabbing my bag and locking my door, I pushed the thought from my mind...

"Throw your crap in here," Marni said, pointing to her bedroom, "I'll make us a couple of cocktails, okay?" her directive giving me pause, my face scrunching up from a realization that popped into my head.

"We've known each other, what? Two years now? All that time and I've never been beyond your living room or kitchen," I mused, thinking it funny now.

"Me either; in your place I mean, now that I think about it," Marni mused as well.

"Oh, wow, like the bed, " I cried from her room, complimenting her on the modern, queen-sized four-poster, the four posts being of medium height.

"Tell you the truth, I've been spoiled with all of these kings we've been sharing. Is yours a King?" She remarked as she joined me, handing me a drink.

"Nope, 'fraid not, its a queen, like yours."

"Maybe we ought to think about getting a new bed, a big-assed King, you know, for our place?"

"I like it...that's what we'll do," I answered while wrapping my arms around her and kissing the top of her head as she nuzzled against me.

"Showered yet?" She asked.

"Nope, kinda' hoped we could do that together...after we eat, maybe?"

"Done...I was thinking the same thing."

While waiting for our dinner, we were lounging on her sofa making notes about features we'd both like to have in a shared domicile. Sipping our rum and cokes-the rum being ass-kicking Bacardi 151-we were feeling the buzz quickly after only a couple of sips.

"Be right back," She said with a smile to me, hopping off of the sofa and going into the smaller, second bedroom that she used as an office/storage/hobby room, much as I did with mine.

"Surprise number one, girlfriend," She announced, handing me her sketch book from behind her back.

"One? You mean there's more than one?"

"Not for a while, princess...now, go ahead, look all you want, you've been bugging my ass to see it," she said as she plopped herself back onto the sofa, stretching her leg so that she could rub my boobs with her toes.

Opening her sketch-book, I was stunned by the sketch of our view from the balcony of our rental in Gulf Shores, the colors jumping from the page and embracing you, the image exactly as I remembered it.

Her lines were soft and flowing, accurately capturing the detail of that view. Turning the page to the next one, it was a different beach scene, a total of five beach scenes and two scenes from our balcony in New Orleans.

"Oh Marni, these are beautiful, baby, simply beautiful," I gushed as I closed the book, "thank you for..."

"You're not done...start at the back of the book and move forward," She instructed.

"Wha..." I started to say, but the words stopped when I looked upon a pencil sketch of me, naked and laying in bed on top of rumpled, mussed sheets.

In total there were ten sketches of me, some profiles of me driving, a couple of profiles or studies as I sunned on the beach, and a few of me in different naked poses of sleep.

"When...I mean, I don't rememb..."

"Most mornings I woke before you and would sketch you while you slept...when you were driving, I just sketched you from the shotgun seat; same on the beach, you usally had your eyes closed and sunglasses on, so you never saw me looking at you," Marni said, answering my unspoken questions.

"I don't know what to say...it'll sound conceitated, I know, but...these are good, especially the nudes...highly erotic," I stumbled to say, flipping back through the nudes of me.

"Yeah, I know," She grinned, jumping off of the couch to answer the doorbell which announced the arrival of our dinner for the night...

Food eaten, a second cocktail chanced by us afterwards, we took a leisurely shower together, the slight buzz from the 151 rum hovering pleasantly within us as we washed and played with each other, giggles rising above the sound of the cascading water as we did so.

We returned to her living room after we had showered, both of us slipping our sleep tees on, but forgoing panties. Marni found a Classic Rock station for background music, joining me on her couch afterwards.

We settled into a corner of the couch, snuggling and kissing each other while our hands fondled and played, the foreplay soon having us breathing harder and harder from the building sexual energy and desires.

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