tagLoving WivesRob Shares Sue

Rob Shares Sue


Just for Rob.

Not knowing what your relationship is with Sue in regards to you sharing her with others I will have to take some liberties in creating a scenario, which puts her with me/us. With that said, let me thank you for the picture with her beautifully pointed nipples so prominently displayed.

After numerous contacts via emails, phone calls and faxes we set up a meeting. We had agreed on certain conditions. Sue was to allow you total control on what to wear and how she should act at anytime she was around me or when I would have her do things where you and I would not be around. We, of course, had absolutely agreed upon her attire, which would be classically slutty and her attitude, which would be totally submissive to me. This of course allowed us to have a ball just discussing the whole scenario. Sometimes I think the planning and getting ready is half the fun if not more so.

You had shared with me how Sue had gone through all the emotions first just hearing about what you had set up with me and secondly the actual thought of going through with this totally erotic experience. She had only been sub to you prior to this and had loved that way to sexual fulfillment. She was able to see how turned on you were about giving her to another. She related fears of the unexpected and insecurities involved, excitement about being used as a sex toy by me and possibly others and impatience over it not happening sooner.

You shared with me how you took her to the spa and then shopping on the day of our get together. You had given her the entire spa treatment, manicure, pedicure, skin softening and moisturizing and total waxing from her gorgeous neck down to her toes. She allowed the spa to totally relax her with the only nervous time being when the lady in the spa used her hand to apply the wax instead of the usual wooden instrument. Sue told you how she thought that was unusual but after a couple seconds it felt so nerve tingling erotic she choose not to say anything. Sue remembering you had restricted her orgasms for the past two weeks fought hard to keep from climaxing as she was getting her more than usual waxing.

Finally she called from the spa to say she was ready to be taken shopping for her classically slut outfit. You picked her up and when you opened the door for her you were aware she was glowing with sexiness. As she turned to take her seat in the car, she was being very deliberate with her actions. Still holding the car door you step back to give her room for whatever she might do next. She turns facing you and slides her cute butt onto the passenger car seat. Lifting her left leg she places her left foot onto the floorboard of the passenger side of the car. Leaving her right foot on the pavement this action allowed her flowing skirt to slide up her thighs into her lap. You not missing a trick smiled when her pink and swollen cunt lips came into view. When she realized your eyes were where she wanted them she stopped and asked, "Do you like pretty little bald twat?"

"Absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life." You quickly reply.

"If I was allowed to cum right now I would have to ask you to kiss my pretty bald cunt to make it better. The lady made me sore down there and it needs some attention and tender loving care" she coos.

"Oh not to worry, Bill has promised to take very good care of that part of your anatomy before this adventure is done tonight." You assure her.

With that she pulls her other leg into the car so you can shut the door. By the time you sit down behind the steering wheel Sue has turned to continue her very slutty attitude of being the exhibitionist. As you pull the car into drive you look over and are taken back by Sue's pose. Leaning against the passenger door her left foot is on the divider between the front seats her left knee is resting against the seat back. Her right foot is up under the dashboard again allowing her skirt to ride up to her waist, which gives you and the world a perfect view of your still moist, swollen and pink cunt.

Off you go shopping as quickly as you can, fearing you might not be able to help yourself if you stared at the very erotic site much longer. As you pull into the parking lot of the boutique Sue asks, "Isn't this the store where men take their mistresses to buy their clothes?"

You smile and reply, "Absolutely!"

"Hmmm..I guess this makes me kind of fit that description." She replies trying to see into the store.

You go around and open the door for her and again she displays her now very aroused pussy lips for you and the world to see. You had her a credit card and tell her to ask for Tina when you get in there. Not understanding Sue has a very confused look on her face. So you tell her to please just do what I said. Remember you agreed to do it my way and my way if for Tina to help you put on the outfit Bill and I have previously pick out for this evening. She starts to protest and realizes that is not her place if she is to take full advantage of this adventure. She takes the credit card and quickly enters the store.

About thirty minutes later she returns dressed in what looks like a conservative outfit. Not at all what she had expected unless of course you got closer and under the outer covering. A little blazer type jacket over a thin white almost see through blouse tucked into a short back mini-skirt that is not quite whorish looking but close. She prisses to the car with, by all appearances, a very erotic saunter and attitude that totally lends itself to the adventure at hand. You again hold the door for her and again she does not disappoint. Her left leg again enters the car long before the right. Giving you a perfect view of her still swollen and pick pussy bordered by a black garter belt and thigh high hose. Such a beautiful contrast. You lean over and tell her how much you love her and thank her for this totally erotic attitude. With that you close the car door and head out to meet me for cocktails, dinner and whatever else I might have planned for the evening.

As you pull into the valet parking area of the Morton's you tell Sue you expect her to give the valet parking guy/s the same enjoyable pleasure she had been giving you since she came out of the spa. She, her eyes as big as saucers, hesitantly nods her head in the affirmative. You love it. You stop the can and watch what transpires. The young athletic African-American guy opens you door with a flourish having no idea what he was getting ready to observe. Sue looks over at you shakes her head not really believing she is about to do what she knows we want her to do. The she without pulling her skirt down swings her right leg out of the car leaving her left leg under the dashboard which gives the young man a perfect view of her now very moist cunt. He reaches in to assist Sue without taking his eyes off her lower body for a second. She takes his hand allows him to help her out of the car. Without being in any kind of hurry Sue finally reaches down and gently pulls the hem of her skirt down. The young man smiles at her and then takes the keys from you with very appreciative and hardy thanks. With that you follow Sue into the restaurant thinking if she is as excited about this as I am then we both are going to have a great time tonight or for how ever long this adventure lasts.

I'm sitting in the bar having coffee when the two of you enter the area. I immediately stand and walk towards you. Sue has a very nervous smile but accepts my very warm hug. I then shake you hand and thank you both for coming. At which time you say, "Oh no it is I who should thank you, kind sir."

"I certainly hope we all can continue these words of thanks when the two of you leave to go home tomorrow." I respond with all sincerity. With that I take Sue's hand and lead her to the bar stool I had been sitting on. With her high heels and short tight skirt she has some difficulty climbing up and sitting on the high bar stool. Attempting to pull the hem of her skirt down she tries to settle into the seat.

I notice her trying to pull the skirt down and ask, "Sue, you look delectably, erotically gorgeous tonight. But I need for you to tell Rob and me just exactly what you are doing her tonight."

A bit shocked at the forwardness of my request, Sue looks back and forth from you to me a couple of times before stumbling and stuttering out her answer. "Well. I'm..Ok..oh shit I not sure I can say it."

I ask pleasantly, "Would you rather not be here?"

"Oh no, Oh no. I really am excited about what we are doing so far it's just that I am a bit embarrassed to verbalize it to someone I have only talked to on the phone and on instant messaging." She manages to say with stuttering too badly.

"Why don't we try again? Sue, why are you here to night? Rob and I ask almost at the same time.

"OH, oh oh, I'm here to be your submissive slut until you send me back home with my wonderful husband Rob." She says as her eyes drop down to the floor.

"Very good." I say. "Now would you be kind enough to share with us just exactly what it means to be a submissive slut?"

Again, she has difficulty getting started with her answer. I lean over and ask Rob is she has ever had a "Colorado Bulldog". Rob responds I'm not even sure what that is, actually. I share with him talking over you as if you were not even there that, "It is a wonderful drink to get rid of any nervousness any slut might be experiencing."

"Then I think we should order her at least two from the very start." He smilingly responds.

I wave the bartender over and order letting him know that from that moment on if Sue had an empty glass he was to immediately give her a refill. He smiles and assures us that would not be a problem. Sue in her nervousness leans over and whispers to Rob that she needs to go to the ladies room. Rob true to the theme of the evening suggests he is no longer in charge of her and she should ask me any further questions.

She smiles while looking at me before asking, "Bill, all this preparation has kept me so busy I have not had time to go to the ladies room. May I please go there now?"

"Of course. Here let me help you down and take you jacket."

She reacts with fear and surprise. Then almost saying to Rob then realizing he is not the one she needs to talk to anymore turns and asks me, "Ok but if I take off my jacket I'm afraid everyone will be able to see my nipples through this thin blouse you gentlemen have picked out for me."

"Well I certainly hope so. Why else would we have picked it out." Is the only response she gets from me?

With very little hesitation she slides off the bar stool, which is immediately notices by the four young guys sitting at the table directly in front of us. The leather on the barstool makes her skirt slide up to show the tops of her thigh high stockings. They all smile and nod their heads in appreciation. You even more embarrassed turn you back to me so I might help you with your jacket. I lean over and take the shoulders of the jacket and tell you how wonderful you smell and look to night. Then you slide the jacket off your shoulders and let me take it off you. Realizing how exposed you are you shudder with sexual arousal and a distinct hardening of those beautifully pointed breasts of yours. Taking pride in her newfound openness she pulls her shoulders back, which really shows off the hardness and prominence of her nipples. Her walk to the ladies room attracts quite a few stares and maybe even a small wolf whistle. Rob leans over and talks about all the excitement he/they have had all day getting her prepared to be her tonight. I might suggest we might have her tell us all about how she enjoyed her day of preparation.

The bartender brought me more coffee and Sue's first two "Colorado Bulldogs" of the evening. Rob had agreed not to drink in case we needed a designated driver later in our adventure.

We waited and watched the door to the ladies room for Sue to return. She virtually pranced from the ladies room back to her bar stool. Really getting into being the show before the show had really started and prior to all the liquid courage in those very potent "Colorado Bulldogs". The guys at the table in front of us were also being very observant of her return. Sliding and turning chairs to allow unobstructed view or her legs as she climbed up on and sat again on this high bar stool, the guys were ready for whatever eventuality. Despite her new found bravado she was flushed with embarrassment as she turned and regained he perch on the barstool.

Upon regaining her place of being the sexual show in this bar she turned without a word and without her usual lady like behavior, drained the first of her drinks. Setting the empty glass on the bar she waved at the bartender as she picked up the second drink. When the barkeep came over she looked at him, "Like what is wrong with you?" expression. Then hands him the empty glass and says, "I think my master instructed you to keep these filled until further notice did he not?"

The bartender smiled, picked up the empty glass and asked, "Hmmm. If he is your master what does that make the gentleman you walked in with and you."

With an attitude of in for a penny in for a pound, you reply, "To answer that question in reverse order that makes me a submissive slut and the gentleman I came in with is my husband."

The bar keep's eyes express his delightful shock. "So I guess that means you husband has given you to this gentleman then."

"Yes until he decides I should be returned to my husband."

The bar keep turns and states with total envy, "Wow! You are one lucky guy."

With that he turns to his duties at the bar primarily among those duties is to insure Sue's drinks are always ready. I lean over and remind Sue that she still had not answered my question about what it means to her to be a submissive slut.

Again she swallows hard (a practice she will need later when drinking our cum) and starts with, "A submissive slut is someone who loves her husband enough to allow him to experience his ultimate fantasies regardless."

"Excellent and?" I reply.

"I am to be your submissive slut until you send my back to my husband."


"I will do what ever you want, whenever you want with whomever you want." She finally gets out. And I am half way scared to death what I might have gotten myself into."

I smile and with my right hand gently caressing her neck pull her to me for a gently and warm kiss. She is so hungry for attention after having all day to build up; she immediately opens her mouth and begins to suck my tongue into her throat. With this I open up and begin to tongue fuck her mouth. Then with my left hand I take her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it back and forth until she lets out a low moan from deep in her throat. Her arms coil around my neck as she tries to pull me further into the kiss and embrace. Not realizing all this activity was causing her legs to slide apart and her skirt to rise up over the tops of her garter held stocking. The guys at the table are all eyes and Rob is about beside himself with erotic excitement.

I quickly break the kiss, hug and nipple play off before you get out of hand. With a sad moan you slump back to the sitting position on the stool. Before you say anything you remember you are the subservient person in this adventure so instead of complaining you turn and take the next drink and again lady like behavior be damned you drain the whole thing without taking the glass from you lips. As she starts to turn and place the glass on the bar and pick up the next drink, I stop her to tell her when the bartender comes over to pick up your empty glass I want you to look him directly in the eyes and unbutton the first button of your blouse. She smiles and turns to wave the bartender over. Being totally into the scene you hold the empty glass and with other hand reach up and start unbuttoning the blouse. The bartender smiles and gives you thumbs up before he turns to refill the drink.

You turn back around and look up at me. I smile and tell you, "Very good."

We start chatting while she finishes another drink in a more lady like fashion. I ask her if she had had an in the past few days. She responds that her wonderful husband has not let her have an orgasm in over two weeks and she really was very horny in need of some fulfillment. Smiling I let her know doing as she was told is very good and before the night is over she would have opportunities to have many, many orgasms. She smiled and asks how many is many.

About that time the hostess comes over to take us to our table. As we get up I tell her to lean over the table with the four young guys who had been looking up her skirt all night and tell them to please wait on her because she would be back later to dance. She smiled and took two steps to their table and shared what I had told her. Returning back to Rob and I, I informed her she had not leaned over as instructed which would allow the guys a good view of her braless breasts. Before we could leave for dinner she would have to go back over there and tell them she was back because she had not leaned over their table in such a way for them to see her breasts. Embarrassed and excited she walks back over to their table and says, "My Master told me to lean over your table so you could see my nipples and ask you to wait until we got back. I didn't lean over for you to see my nipples so I am now going to do just that." Then she placed her hands well past shoulder width on their table, leaned over and slowly turned for each of the guys to get a good look inside her blouse. The whole thing was turning her on so much she stayed in that position and slowly turned back for them to have a second look at her now rock hard nipples. The guys assure her they will be more than glad to wait for her to come back if it is ok for them to dance with her. She assured them that was the plan, as she understood the plan.

With that she saunters back over to Rob and I with a very mischievous smile spread all over her face. Her nipples were very prominent under her blouse in this lighting. Very visible for any and all to see, as many in the bar choose to enjoy the view. I tell Rob how beautiful she and her attitude were. He smiles and nods his head in the affirmative obviously enjoying himself. With that we as a group followed the hostess into the dimly lighted bistro.

End of first part. If Rob and/or Sue like it I will finish this adventure because I am writing it for Rob. I'm not sure Sue even knows about it yet. Enjoy and let me know

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