tagMatureRobert Ch. 03-04

Robert Ch. 03-04


Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

All the characters are age 18, or more.

This story can probably stand alone, but I do recommend chapters 01 & 02 about Eileen.

Chapter 03

About Linda, by Robert

Let me introduce myself again. My name is Robert. Not Bob, or Rob, or Robbie. My age is twenty-eight. I stand 6' 1"and weigh 190. I am very well built. I'm told I am attractive to women. I must admit I am seldom lacking female companionship, if I want it. There may be reasons why. It may be because I am exceptionally well hung, or it may be because I like to go down on women. My own opinion is that it is a result of a couple of quirks in my personality. First, I am attracted to older women. Second, I am attracted to unattractive women.

I have already told you about Eileen, my new, exciting lover. Now let me tell you about Linda. We have been lovers for several years. We are comfortable with each other. I was going to see her tonight. I felt small thrills run up my spine in anticipation.

Linda is in her mid-fifties. She can best be described as dumpy. She is overweight, but not terribly obese. She has almost no muscle tone. Her face is far from pretty. It is slack and puffy. Her lower lip protrudes a bit. Her complexion was pasty, but it has improved quite a bit. She says it is because of her hormones getting stirred up. Her hair is nondescript and straight. It is kind of hacked off about chin level.

I first noticed Linda in a fast food burger place. She seemed to go out of her way to wait on me. I went there a couple of times, when things were slow. I got the same impression. Once, I ate at one of the tables. I saw her looking at me. I went to the counter. There weren't many customers at the time. She made it a point to be the one to wait on me. I asked for a dessert. When she brought it, I paid. I made sure no one was in earshot.

"You can, you know," I told her.

"Can what?" She asked.

"Have what you're thinking about," I told her. "I'll leave my phone number on the table. My name is Robert."

I finished my dessert and left. I heard from her two days later in the evening.

"Robert?" a woman's voice, questioning, unsure.

I acknowledged that I was Robert.

"I'm Linda." Hesitation. "You left me your phone number?" Questioning.

"Yes I did," I told her. "I'm glad you called."

"Why?" She asked.

"Linda," I said, "I got the feeling you were interested in me. If I'm wrong you'll never see me or hear from me again. If you are interested, we can get together."

"When? Where?"

"Linda," I said, "we can do things your way. I'm sure you'll feel more confident, possibly safer."

"We can meet for a snack, if you'd like," she responded. She had lost the questioning tone, but didn't sound too sure of herself. "How about pie and coffee?" She named a place not far from my home. I agreed and told her that was fine. We agreed to meet in an hour.

When we met, it was obvious that Linda had taken some extra care when preparing to meet me. She was freshly showered, with a nice print dress. We found a table with no other customers close.

"I still don't know why you left your number for me," she said when the waitress had left.

"As I told you Linda," I responded. "I thought you were interested in me. I'll be frank with you. I am attracted to older women. When I saw your interest, it made me interested."

"But I'm not just older," she said. "I'm not very pretty, either."

"That doesn't matter," I responded, "at all."

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I would like very much to seduce you," I told her. "I would like it even more if you seduced me."

"Oh," was her only response.

We sat for a while eating our pie and sipping coffee.

"I think I have forgotten how to do that," she said pensively. "Seduce I mean. If I ever knew."

"Would you like to?" I asked.

"Yes, I think I would." Her voice was hesitant. She hadn't gotten over her nervousness.

"Then you should follow your instincts. They'll seldom lead you wrong."

I was getting excited, but made sure it didn't show.

"I don't know what to do next," she said.

"You can invite me to your place," I suggested, "or I can invite you to mine."

"I'd feel safer at mine." She was sounding pensive again. "But it is hardly a love nest."

"I'm interested in you," I told her, "not the surroundings."

"Follow me, then. We'll go there." We stood. I paid the bill and then followed her outside. She pointed out an older car. She gave me directions on where to meet if we got separated.

I followed her without any problems. She pulled into the driveway of a small house in a lower middle class neighborhood.

She led me into a neatly kept living room, although the furnishings were somewhat shabby. She indicated the couch then asked me if I would like anything to drink. When I declined, she sat on the couch with me. She left a space between us.

"I'm still nervous," she told me. "I haven't done anything like this for years."

"You can start by sitting closer to me."

She slid over a little. I put an arm around her, reaching for her hand. I drew her close to me. I kissed her softly on the lips. I kissed her again.

She responded with a soft, "Oh."

I drew her closer to me. I put both arms around her. I hugged her tightly as I nuzzled her neck. I kissed her again, gradually increasing the pressure. I pushed my tongue past her lips to twist around hers. The ice broke then. Nervous or not, she hugged me tightly. She returned my kisses passionately. I was soon caressing her tits. I stroked her thigh.

"Take me to bed now," I told her.

She led me to her bedroom. Like the living room, it was neat but shabby. The bed was a queen. The only light was from a night light near the door.

She pulled her dress over her head and draped it over a chair. She kicked off her shoes, slid her bra off, pushed her panties down, and kicked them off her feet. She stood a little defiantly, as if to say, "You wanted it; this is what you get." I looked at her. I was undressed except for my shorts. Her tits sagged almost to her belly, but the nipples were standing up in arousal. Her belly had a couple of rolls. She looked soft and flabby. I put my arms around her. We exchanged a wet, hot, kiss. She relaxed a little. I had seen her naked and I hadn't run away.

I pushed my shorts down and kicked them off. My cock sprang free. She gasped; a reaction I am used to. I took her hand. I led her to the bed. Her hand grasped my cock.

"Oh," I heard her whisper to herself.

"It's so big." She said to me. "I don't know if I can take it."

"We'll make sure you're ready for it before you do."

We exchanged hot kisses. I sucked her flabby tits and felt her nipples harden. My hand on her snatch felt the dewy moisture on her lips. I nuzzled her neck. Her arm tightened around me in response.

Her hand stroked my cock hesitantly, is if awed by its size. I slid a finger past her lips into her pussy and then to her clit. As I rubbed it, she gasped. Her kisses became wetter; hotter.

I pushed a finger into her; into the center of her heat. Her hand flew to mine. It was over mine. She held me there. She held it in her cunt. Her hips raised from the bed as I added a second finger. I filled her. Her want was building.

I kissed my way down her body. I nuzzled the soft rolls of flesh on her belly. I went down to her plump thighs, which opened for me. She spread wide. I licked the edges of the dark, untrimmed, tangle of her pubic hair.

I laid between her thick thighs. I licked them. I kissed them. In the dim light, I gazed at the moist lips of her womanhood. They were swollen; engorged with the blood of desire. The wild hair formed a cap over the center of my desire. It folded down at the sides to frame the lips. They peeked through the tangle, and opened to the red warmth of her cunt.

She tried to spread her legs wider as my lips, which kissed her thighs, neared her ready pussy. It invited my lips. It wanted my tongue. I brought my face to her slit and inhaled her musky scent.

I found ambrosia! My world changed at that moment. Her scent was intoxicating. Never had the fragrance of a pussy so delighted my senses. My every cell thrilled with the discovery.

I buried my face into her. Her taste was as lovely as her scent. Between her flabby thighs, I slaked my thirst for her nectar. I licked the juices from her hot cunt. I sucked the essences of her heat. I wallowed in the wetness of her twat. I rubbed my face in the liquor of her womanhood.

How does one describe heaven? I do not have the words. Suffice to say that Linda's cunt became, to me, as a bottle to a drunk. At that moment, she had become the object of my desire.

Linda's fleshy thighs closed on my head as an orgasm flashed through her body. She gasped, grabbed my hair, and pulled my willing face into her pussy. I could not stop. I needed her. I needed to lick her and to suck her. Time after time, I brought her to a climax. She was moaning and thrashing about. Her thighs on my head, her hand in my hair, and her heels on my back, she held me; keeping me a willing prisoner at the well of her heat.

"Please stop," I heard. I came to my senses a little.

I licked her thighs and then moved to lay next to her. I kissed her lips. She licked her juices from my face. She was sated; replete.

"Never... I never felt anything like that," she spoke softly, regaining her strength.

I couldn't tell her. I couldn't let her know the hold she had on me. I had to see her again. I had to drink at her well again. I needed to suck her nectar.

"I'm glad," is what I said to her. "I'm happy I pleased you."

"I feel empty now," she said. "So satisfied, but an empty spot needs filling in my twat."

I put her hand on my cock.

"This is what she wants," I told Linda. "This will fill you. Its size may hurt you at first, but you will adjust quite soon."

"Will there be a 'soon'?" Linda asked in a questioning tone.

"If you want me again." I told her.

"Yes. You have made me feel so good. I want that big cock filling me." Linda hesitated. "I will wonder why you would want to see me again, but the thought that you will is enough."

Linda rained kisses on me as she talked, working her way down my body. My cock had softened a little, but was hardening again in anticipation. She kissed the tip of my dick, teasing him with her tongue. She ran it around the tip. She kissed and licked him.

I played with her pussy. I fucked her with my finger. I kept her moist and ready. I was wary of eating her again. One taste of that wonderful nectar might cause me to lose myself in her hot, deep, womanhood.

She stretched her lips to fit over my hard shaft. She was only able to get a little of its length in her mouth. I let her suck a while as I continued to finger fuck her. I then gently pulled her head off me.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

I didn't need an answer. I rolled her onto her back. Her legs opened for me. Her knees bent, as if by instinct. I knelt between them. The tip of my hard cock pressed against her blood engorged lips. I pushed into her gently. I did not wish to hurt her. I wanted to return to her fragrant cunt again and again. I pressed my tip against her clit and rubbed it. She moaned, lifting her hips slightly. I pushed into her hot cunt as smoothly as I could. A little at a time, I pushed my big, hard, shaft into her. I heard a sharp inhale, but she did not cry out. I was only about halfway in when I leaned down to kiss her tenderly. She threw her arms around my neck, almost sobbing.

"Oh, Robert, cum in me. I want your cum. Make it worth it."

I pushed the rest of the way in. I fucked her with small strokes until she seemed to loosen. I pumped her harder then. I felt the tingling start through my body. My balls drew up sending my cum on its journey. Thrills ran through me as I shot my cum into her aching, sore, but welcoming cunt.

She held me tightly as I softened. She hadn't cum. To be sure she had earlier, but I would have liked it better if she had. I rolled off her. I laid next to her and tightly held her. I whispered in her ear that she was wonderful. I told her that the pain would go away, but I would return again and again.

I slept with her that night. I held her. I petted her and exchanged kisses. In the morning, she threw a robe over her naked body. She didn't belt it, but let it swing open over her flabby tits and hairy twat.

We sat at her kitchen table with coffee. I told her she could call me whenever she wished.

Then I told her, "There is something you must realize, Linda. You will not be the only woman in my life."

She looked at me levelly.

"You didn't have to tell me that, Robert. I never thought that a fat old lady like me ever would be the only woman in your life. In fact, I never thought about it at all." She paused then spoke thoughtfully. "Thank you for being honest. It will help me keep my fantasies under control."

It was over a year before I ever told Linda that her pussy smelled gorgeous. I have never told her how hooked I was on the erotic fragrance. I never said how I was addicted to the exotic flavor of her juices. I never mentioned my need for her; my need to eat her cunt, to drink at her well.

That was how it started. Now I was going to see Linda tonight. She of the delightful cunt. She met me at the door wearing a terry cloth robe. As soon as I had entered she let it fall open, showing me her flabby tits and her hairy twat. My dick started to harden. Actually, it had started to get hard on the way there. Linda was an unattractive woman. She was the kind I lusted after.

Linda came close to embrace me, for me to embrace her. She drew me close, to mold her soft body to mine. Her hands were at my belt. She unbuckled it, opened my pants, and pushed them to the floor. I kicked my shoes off, followed by my pants. Her fat, deft, fingers worked at the buttons of my shirt. She slid it off me and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

We embraced again in a hard, tight, hug. Her flabby tits rubbed against my bare chest. I pinched her nipple, feeling its hardness. She was hot. She usually was when I arrived. I picked up a tit to suck on it as she fondled my hardening cock through my shorts.

Linda stepped back to take my hand. She led me to a chair. It was a quite large chair, with upholstered back and seat. The armrests were padded. I had always thought of it as a chair made for sex. She sat. She spread her legs lewdly. Her open robe framed her and served as a backdrop to her flabby body. Her plump thighs led to her hairy snatch at their apex. No words had been spoken since I entered. None had to be. She felt my heat. She responded to it. Her dewy lips peeked through the tangle of hair to show her readiness.

She knew what I wanted. She was anxious for it. She was eager for the feel of my tongue; of my lips. She held out her arms to me. She raised her legs over the armrest of the chair. She welcomed me to her warm, wet, pussy.

On my knees, between her thighs, I plunged my face into her. I immersed myself into the fragrance of her cunt. I launched into the bouquet that drew me to her time and again. I inhaled her scent as my tongue licked at the lovely taste of her juice. I tasted of the delectable essences of her womanhood.

I ate her cunt as she came and came again. Her hands in my hair held me to her. Her pudgy thighs squeezed their soft flesh to my head. Her legs over my back clamped me tightly. Her heels drummed against my spine.

She spoke at last, "Don't stop, don't stop." Over and over; her voice slurred with her ecstasy.

I sucked her. I ate her. I dined until she could take no more. She pushed at my head. I reluctantly withdrew from my feast. I licked at her labia. As I did, I looked up at her. I gazed at my aromatic Linda. She was sprawled in the chair, sated.

I stood. I held out my hand to her. I urged her to her feet. She stood on unsteady legs. I led her, tottering, to the bedroom and her bed. We laid together as she regained her strength. I held her tightly, luxuriating in the soft padding of her flesh. I savored the aftertaste of her nectar. I kissed her to share the tastes of it. She licked it from my face and tasted herself.

My hard cock was between her legs. She brought her slit to it and rested against it. As she recouped, she rubbed it against herself; along her slit. She pushed her clit onto it, along it. She brought her tit to my mouth for me to suck. For me to nibble at. She held my head when I did; much like a baby suckling on her.

Linda pushed me onto my back. She rained wet kisses on my face. She nuzzled my neck. She tongued my ear. She kissed her way down my body. She rubbed her face on my chest. She fondled my hard cock as she kissed its tip. She licked me. She kissed me. Her lips teased the head of my iron hard dick. Her lips were stretched as she took me into her welcoming mouth. Her tongue lashed at my hardness, circled around it, and tasted me. I was ready. My lust needed to be satisfied. My orgasm started from my toes. It rushed up my body like an electric thrill. My cock sang as my cum erupted into her mouth. It burst into her welcoming mouth that had so pleasured me. She sucked me dry. She savored the taste of my cum. She rolled it over her tongue and relished it. She delighted in the slick feel of it as she swallowed.

We laid together again. This time it was me who needed to regain his vigor. She held me tightly. Linda kissed me and let me taste the traces of my cum on her lips and tongue.

"I'll make coffee," she said after we had rested a while, "or would you rather have wine or beer?"

"Whatever you're having." I told her.

She stood. She had not shed her robe so it swung open over her flabby body. I stood after a few minutes to join her, naked, in the kitchen. I looked at her as she moved about to get us coffee and look for pastries to go with it. She had changed some. Her complexion was better now. She was overweight, as she had been since we met, but she seemed to have developed a little muscle tone. She was not as flabby as she had been. None of the changes were enough to make her attractive. If she had been attractive, I wouldn't be attracted.

I thought, too, about our trysts. I usually came to her place. She would meet me with a robe over her naked body. Sometimes, she came to my place. Then things were reversed. I would meet her with a robe, tented by the hard on that developed while anticipating her arrival. I liked it best when she wore a dress with no undies. I would flip it up to dive into her lovely scented cunt. We tried not to get in a rut, so we varied our play. Sometimes Linda liked anal, but with a vibrator. My big cock would have hurt her badly. I liked a vibrator sometimes, also. Linda was pretty good with a finger in my ass. She would rub my prostate while she sucked me. Those climaxes were explosive. We did all that and more, but one thing always happened. I always went down on her and buried my face in the exotically scented pussy I was addicted to.

Linda had given me a blowjob so that I would last longer when we fucked. She wanted to keep my big dick inside herself as long as possible. It filled her comfortably now. When we had first met, it had been big for her. The first couple of times I left her with a sore pussy. Things improved for her rapidly, though.

We sipped our coffee while nibbling on pastries. We chatted about unimportant things. Except for me, Linda didn't have a very interesting life. She didn't make much money. She kept herself on a strict budget. She wouldn't take anything from me. She said that would ruin things for her. She even limited birthday and Christmas gifts to what she could afford to give me. I was able to convince her to let me pay most of the cost to remodel her bathroom. That was only because I told her I wanted to take showers with her. I insisted we needed a large walk-in shower for that. She also let me buy a used computer so we could exchange emails.

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