tagGay MaleRoberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 04

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 04


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"And then?"

"Well...my ass was really sore from when he fucked me twice the night before, so I reached back to jack him off."

"His monster cock? Did you use both hands?" Richie asked, gleeful.

"Richie..." Danny sighed. "Seriously, it's the biggest I've ever seen."

"I hate you."

"But it hurt, Richie!"

"You loved it in the end."

Danny curled up in his blanket, recalling the night of passion he shared with Roberto two days ago. And the third round the morning after.

Half an hour ago, Richie called and demanded to hear every single detail.

"So did he fuck you again in the morning?"

"Yeah. He put more lube on me and then just thrusted it in." Danny stiffened a bit.

"Oh GOD, why can't I find a man like that?"

"Well, what about your guy? The mohawk?"

"I dunno...he's pretty cool but not amazing in bed. I mean, we only did it once so maybe it'll get better..."

"Roberto knew everything to do...it was like he knew me..."

"Oh, shut up!"

"You wanted to hear every single detail!"

"Yeah, so get to the good part! Did he cum on your face?"

"Yeah, all over my face" Danny paused, his hand finding its way to his crotch. "There was so much cum that he scooped it off and fed me it."

"You nasty little whore!" Richie squealed.


"I knew sooner or later you'd get your freak on. You're just a horndog hiding under sheep's clothing."

"No, it's just with him, Richie! Just...Roberto drives me crazy."

"Girl, I get it." Danny pictured Richie's arched eyebrows on the other end of the line.


For the next two months, Danny and Roberto exchanged dirty texts, did "sleepovers at Richie's", and had balls-to-the-walls sex. Danny was addicted to Roberto's virile body like a drug, but even more powerful was the increasing feeling of needy dependency after the orgasm, when the boy would cling onto the mechanic's sweaty, spent body like it was a lifeboat out at turbulent sea. During any given day, rare was the moment when Danny didn't think about Roberto. He wished he could just wake up next to him every morning.

He wondered if Roberto felt the same.


The mechanic was closing up shop on time for once, with another mechanic.

"I'm finished with the detailing on the Caravan, sir" Nick said, as he walked towards the hydraulic lift where Roberto was inspecting an SUV.

The head technician stopped his inspection and walked around the lift towards Nick. He was the newest mechanic in the shop, 19 years old, hired straight after his co-op term. Roberto liked his proactive drive and willingness to do anything he was asked. And he most definitely liked watching the young black man's fat-free, athletic body at work since the day he started.

"Thanks Nick. Just one more thing before you go."

"Yes, sir" Nick answered. Roberto walked up and stood right in front of him.

"Nick, I wanna tell you how much I appreciate having you around," Roberto said, putting his hand on the young man's shoulder.

Up close, he noticed how smooth Nick's dark skin was. He also caught the young man's quick eyes giving him the once-over, as they often did behind windows and around doors during the work day.

"No problem at all, sir. I love working here."

"What's your favourite part about working here?" Roberto asked, sliding his hand down Nick's arm.

"The people," Nick replied. His grin widened as he met the head technician's stare. "I like it when people are friendly, and...hands-on."

Roberto chuckled. "You're a smart boy," he continued, sliding his hand over the tough cotton covering Nick's firm chest. "And you're gonna go far." He clutched the zipper on the young man's coveralls. "As far as you wanna go," Roberto added.

"I'm ready to go all the way, sir," Nick answered. He grabbed the older man's hand and yanked the zipper down.

They fucked doggystyle, standing up, leaning against a silver Malibu. Roberto was still wearing his coveralls, unzipped to allow his massive dick to penetrate Nick's hairy hole. The younger man was buck naked, bent over and panting. Roberto made sure he wore a condom.

After several minutes, the older man came inside Nick's hot ass. Then the young man stroked himself to orgasm as Roberto zipped himself back up. Soon after, Nick got dressed, said goodnight, and left the shop. Roberto went to the washroom and turned on the tap.

He liked Danny, a lot. He liked him as a lover and as a friend, which was rare. But the mechanic also liked other things, like his privacy, and not having to answer to anyone. And he loved the thrill of the hunt, the sense of virility that came with seducing and conquering a fresh piece of ass. That was who he was; that was all he'd ever known. And no one, not even someone as beautiful, sexually compatible, and fun as Danny, was going to change that overnight.

Of course, Danny had already changed him. The mechanic hadn't had the fuck buddy talk with Danny, yet. The thought occurred to him a few times, but it was always interrupted by more pressing matters, such as Danny's tongue, or Danny's pink, made-to-be-bitten nipples. Or his unbelievably tight ass.

And there was something else that was different. Roberto always got tired of fucking the same guy after a while; he stopped answering Chad's calls right after he took Danny's virginity. But this boy, who he sucked or fucked four to five times a week, he just couldn't get enough of him. Even after emptying his load in Nick's asshole, he was eager to give a second load to Danny's ass or mouth later that night, depending on the mood.

The head technician finished resetting everything in the shop and locked up. When he got into his red, customized Lancer, he called the boy.

"Hey," Danny answered sweetly. Roberto could tell the boy had on his cute smile.

"Hey baby. Whatcha doin?" He turned on the ignition.

"Readings on a Saturday." There was some paper shuffling. "So, how was your day?"

"Good. It was a good day." There was a pause. "How are you feeling?"

"Good. I'm good." Danny began to grin.

"Not too tired?"

"Nope," Danny answered. He chuckled a little.

"Did you text Richie yet?" Roberto asked, petting his crotch.

"I'm going to, now." Danny used the sleepover excuse every other week, hoping it wouldn't raise his mother's suspicions about where he actually was. He looked forward desperately to spending the night with Roberto every time.

"Good. I'll see you soon."

As soon as he hung up, Danny jumped off the bed and got his overnight backpack ready. Heading downstairs, he saw that his mother was watching a Korean drama with Chinese subtitles. Her hands were clenched tightly together as a pretty woman cried her heart out in front of a man in a suit.

"Okay, I'm going to Richie's," he said, walking towards the front door. Ms. Yeung nodded, eyes glued to the TV screen.

"Be a good boy!" his mother exclaimed as Danny shut the door.

"I'm not a boy," Danny sighed, heading towards the sky blue Civic.

The drive to Roberto's went by in a blur. When he stepped into the elevator in the mechanic's building, Danny wondered what they were going to try tonight. His lover liked to change things up: doing it in the bathroom, the kitchen, or on the couch. Or against the balcony window.

At Roberto's door, he rung the doorbell but there was no answer. After ringing it twice more and waiting a few minutes, Danny pushed on the door handle. It opened.

Inside, it was pitch black. Danny frowned and waited.

"Roberto?! Are you all right??" Just then, he got a text message on his phone: "Come to the bedroom." It was from Roberto.

Danny stepped into the apartment and closed the front door behind him. When his eyes adjusted to the blackness, he saw faint light coming through the window blinds. Still, he could barely make out anything.

"Roberto, come here please. I wanna see that you're all right."

He got another text. It was the same message, from Roberto.

"I'm not coming until I see you're all right!" Danny exclaimed, uncertain if the mechanic needed serious help.

He stood still for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing moved, except for the the air rushing into and out of his nostrils. Finally, deciding that it was probably better to check on Roberto in case he had hurt himself, he took off his shoes and headed towards the bedroom, spreading his hands out against the walls to guide him there.

"Roberto? Are you all right?" he asked in front of the bedroom. The door was open, and there was some dim light coming from the gaps in the window blinds. It looked like there was no one on the king-sized bed. Shaking his head in frustration, he hesitated for a moment, before stepping into the room.

Four steps in, the door slammed shut behind him. Danny screamed as he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. He was lifted off his feet and thrown onto the bed. As Danny landed face first onto the mattress, he kicked back as hard as he could with both feet. They connected against something.

"OW!! Fuck!" a voice behind him exclaimed. It was Roberto.

"Roberto?!" Danny asked, turning around in alarm. Suddenly, a large body slammed on top of him, pinning him hard onto the bed.

"Why'd you kick me for?" Roberto asked on top of Danny.

"YOU FUCKING SCARED ME!" Danny screamed. Roberto started hollering in laughter. "It's not funny!! You know I'm scared of the dark!"

The laughing fit continued. Danny tried to squirm away from him, to give him an earful, but he was no match for Roberto's hefty muscles. Finally exasperated, he demanded angrily, "Why'd you do that for??"

"Isn't this fun? A little grope in the dark? " Roberto asked back, starting to plant kisses all over Danny's face.

"No! I hate the dark!"

"Danny's scared of the dark," Roberto mocked.

"Yes I am! Call me a sissy then! I don't care!" He pushed the mechanic's body away; the older man grabbed his hands and pressed them down on the mattress, above the boy's head.

"I don't think you're a sissy, Danny," Roberto said calmly. "I think you're sexy. You know that." He leaned forward over the boy. Only then, seeing the ridges of Roberto's abs, and his big, yummy nipples, did Danny realize that the mechanic was naked.

"You scared me," Danny muttered. Roberto let go of his hands and quickly started stripping him. When the boy was fully naked, Roberto laid his hard, sinewy body on top of Danny's slender frame.

"I'm sorry, baby." the mechanic whispered, grinding his pelvis into the boy.

"Roberto..." Danny was getting hard, fast.

"Don't be scared. I got you."

He spoon-fucked Danny gently in the pitch blackness. With nothing to see, the boy heard and felt every push, every bite, every kiss magnified. It was as if every nerve ending on his body was a live wire, sparking wildly whenever the mechanic grabbed, stroked, and thrusted into him. All he could do was breathe; even the sounds tumbling out of his mouth were beyond his control.

Before long, Roberto fucked the cum out of a wailing Danny. Then he ejaculated inside the boy's rectum. As they came down from the high, Danny brought Roberto's arms around his chest and held them tightly.

"Don't pull out. Stay inside me," Danny begged when he felt the mechanic move.

"I'm just getting the covers," Roberto said. He pulled out of Danny's ass, then reached for the blanket. The boy could feel the cooling semen on the insides of his thighs. After draping the covers over both of their sweaty bodies, Roberto then laid back down to spoon with Danny, and rotated his hip until his still-hard, cum-slicked prick forced its way through the boy's swollen sphincter.

Danny gasped. Then, slowly, he pushed back until the mechanic was balls deep inside of him again. Roberto heard him sigh contently.

Just before both of them fell asleep, Danny whispered, "I love you."


The boy awoke to the sound of the bedroom door opening. Groggily, he saw Roberto walk out with his gym bag. "Roberto," he called as he sat up, his voice hoarse.

"I'll be back by seven. The key's on the counter," the mechanic called back to Danny as he opened the front door.

"Okay," Danny said softly, falling back down to bed.

In the mirrored walls of the descending elevator, the mechanic saw that his eyes were bloodshot. Every step he took towards the Lancer felt a bit wobbly. It was a wonder he made it to the gym that early Sunday morning.

Roberto hadn't slept a wink. The night had turned to day, but his mind was stuck on repeat, stuck on those three words.

It wasn't the first time he heard them from someone. He repeated that in his mind as he changed into his workout sweats and tank top. He'd cut them out of his life before; he'd do it again.

Walking out of the empty change room, Roberto headed for the free weights rack. He repeated the words with each tricep curl: he'd cut them out before; he'll do it again. Breathe in, breathe out. Finish one set, onto the next.

But, cut Danny out of his life?

Roberto groaned as he let go of the pullup bar. His arms were burning; he'd lost count of the reps he did.

"Gettin' lazy there, man?" The voice came from behind him. He turned and saw Steven, an employee whom the mechanic chatted with sometimes during his gym visits.

Steven was Chinese. He was nicely built; taller than Danny, more ripped than Danny. Yes, he was. Roberto knew that Steven checked him out, like most of the guys and girls around him whenever he worked out. So he stripped off his sweat-soaked tank top and glared at the employee.

Steven was a loud bottom, louder still as his yells echoed in the men's showers. The mechanic gripped Steven's hips hard and pounded him from the back, fucking with rapid, angry stabs. He thrusted and thrusted but got no closer to cumming. As his lower body started to sore, he pulled out of Steven, ripped off the condom, turned the nude employee around, and forced him onto his knees on the hard wet tiles. Steven eagerly grabbed Roberto's dick and started jerking and sucking him off, struggling to get half of his nine inches into his mouth. One hand slid up the mechanic's stomach and grasped at his hairy eight-pack.

Those three words threatened at the back of Roberto's mind, looming ever closer. He squeezed his eyes shut under the hot shower spray and jammed his prick deeper down Steven's throat. The cocksucker gagged and pulled back, but was soon back on the cock, moaning, sucking ardently on the treasure he'd had his eyes on for months.

Too bad this wasn't turning out to be a good time for Roberto. He wanted Danny's mouth around his dick instead, Danny's stroking fists, Danny's innocent eyes as his fat, steely prick sank further and further down Danny's milking throat. The boy had become a skilled cocksucker, able to take all of Roberto, slowly but surely, preferably lying on the mechanic's bed, with his head hanging off the edge. The facefucking that Danny took was incredible; he needed a breath now and then, but he never whined or stopped until Roberto came or got hard enough to fuck. And when the mechanic returned the favour by engulfing the boy's dick in his sucking mouth, the frenzied sucking Roberto got in response was unbelievable.

He was cumming now, finally cumming. He imagined it was Danny who was swallowing his cum, not Steven. When the kneeling employee stopped sucking, Roberto looked down.

"Clean my cock," he ordered. Steven groaned and took his dick back into his mouth listlessly. His jaw was tired.

"Yeah, Danny, take my cum," Roberto whispered with closed eyes. Steven spat out his soft prick.


"Nothing," the mechanic grumbled, stepping back from the shower. Steven got up awkwardly, his knees in pain, and grabbed a towel.

"Hey, listen...my friend Corey, he, uh, invited me to a party this afternoon..." Steven began as he wrapped the towel around his trim waist. He searched for his uniform. "And they need another top, y'know..."

Roberto, half-dressed, turned around and looked at Steven, irritated and confused.

"There's gonna be lots of twinks there...hey! I know your type. I betcha Corey's your type, Rob. Him and his new buds, they're young and new to the scene so they'll do some freaky shit..." Steven winked. "Especially with you, dude."

"You're asking me to go to an orgy?" Roberto asked.

"Yeah man. You'll get lots of ass, I promise. You won't be disappointed..." Steven slid his shirt down his defined torso.

Roberto turned back around. Then he handed Steven his phone. The employee smiled and started typing in his number.


At the health food store across the street from Roberto's, Danny ordered a protein shake for the mechanic and waited. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around.

"Excuse me, you're Roberto's friend, right?"

The stranger was an executive type, several years older, impeccably put together. He was with a small group of people who pretended not to be eavesdropping.

"Uh, yes..." Danny replied. He didn't know how exactly to reply; he thought Richie was the only other person who knew about him and the mechanic.

"I'm Chad. I'm a friend of his. How's he doing?"

"He's good. He's at the gym."

"I've been meaning to hang out with him but he hasn't returned my calls. I guess he's been busy lately."

"Yeah, the shop is expanding and they're really trying to keep up with the business."

"I see. And how are things with you two?" Chad asked, cocking his head to one side.

Danny froze for a second. Just then, the cashier handed him the protein shake. The boy grabbed it and began to leave the store.

"It was nice meeting you, Chad. Bye..." He said while speeding away.


Again, Danny froze. He heard Chad's clicking soles closing in, but he didn't turn around.

"Listen, Danny...I just wanna say be careful. Roberto..." Chad took a breath. "Just don't get attached."

Danny didn't turn around, just started walking again and left the store. Chad's eyes followed him all the way to Roberto's building, where he saw the boy swipe a keycard and enter the lobby.

"He got the key," Chad said to himself.

In the elevator, Danny's mind was spinning round and round, like a dog chasing its own tail. Who was Chad? What was he talking about? Who was he to Roberto? How did he know about Roberto and I? And how the hell did he know my name??

Once he got back to the mechanic's apartment, Danny set down the protein shake and opened the fridge, to cut up some fruit for his lover. He had to talk to him. It was time, Danny thought, to ask some questions.

By the time Roberto buzzed up, it was nearly 8am. He sounded monotone over the intercom, almost unrecognizable. And when the mechanic entered the apartment, Danny could see right away that he was in no mood to talk. His eyes were red, his expression a murky mix of vexation and fatigue. He looked awful.

"I got you a protein shake. And there's fruit on the counter," Danny offered. The mechanic threw his phone, wallet, and car keys on the counter, waved dismissively at the snacks, and stumbled into the bedroom.

After a while, as Danny tried to watch TV in the kitchen, the mechanic grumbled, "Are you coming?"

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