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Robin's Story


NOTE: Edited collaboration with a friend, any feedback appreciated!


As I step into the shower, preparing for a long night at work, the warm water begins to run over my body and thru my hair, sending chills over me and makes my nipples so hard that the water stings them. I start to use the body soap and the feeling of it being rubbed all over sends my mind racing and my clit starts to tingle from the thought of the softness of the soap and my hand teasing the right spot.

I want to continue the wonderful feeling, but I realize that I might run out of time and know that I have to go. I finish up and step out, drying myself with the towel and when I reached the loving part, I realized that I was still very excited. I begin to pick out something sexy to wear and decide on a red lace bustier and a black see thru button up shirt. I next get out a pair of tight fitting black jeans to match and decide that I might like the feel of being bare underneath, so I pull them on without any panties. I finish up with my hair and the make-up, and then grab my keys and head out the door. The next stop is the mailbox on the way out of the driveway, I thumb thru the normal junk mail and see that I have a movie that I ordered a while back and had forgotten all about, so I lay it on the seat next to me and begin to start the long drive down the road.

It's late, there's no traffic it's a desolate country road which makes for a peaceful drive on a warm summer night. As I start to drive, I notice the mail in the seat next to me and start to wonder about the movie. With still being excited from earlier I decide to put the movie in my portable player to see if it will be any good. The movie starts, and immediately, there are two women giving each other long sultry tongue kisses; I can already feel the tingling sensation in my clit and decide that I will continue to watch a little longer. Carefully driving, I watch as the scene starts to heat up and the women start to take off their tops, moving their mouths down towards the breasts and over the nipples; I can feel my own start to get hard as rocks and the warm juices start to flow down below. I put the window down what with things starting to heat up and feeling my own body temperature starting to climb so I can feel the warm breeze flowing thru my shirt.

The ladies have now started to move downward, each exploring the other, finally reaching the edge of their pants; they start to undo the buttons and slowly unzip them. The first one helps out by lowering the others to reveal a clean shaven pussy, the second one is also eased out of her bottoms to show a little patch on the top of the pubic bone with the rest very neatly shaved bald. Seeing this makes my juices start to flow even more and decide to take my shirt all the way off to reveal the lace bustier as I start to run my hand over the parts that are exposed. I want more, so I pull my rounded breast out to be exposed to the light breeze coming from the window softly tickling my nipples and it feels wonderful.

I glance back at the movie to see one mouth licking feverishly at a warm and swollen clit, so juicy you can see it glistening on her tongue as she makes passes up and down the lips that are swollen. I myself am getting very hot and wet and wishing it was me that could feel a tongue on my wet pussy, I can't stand it much longer... I move my hand down between my legs and can feel the wetness thru my pants and know that I have to touch it. As I unsnap the button on the jeans the zipper starts to slowly go down and I start to fill with anticipation before I can put my fingers in just the right spot. As I start to work my pants down I quickly look back in the mirror and see no lights behind me, so I slow the truck down and pull the pants down to the middle of my thighs. My attention is caught by the soft moaning sounds of the movie and I look over to see the two women getting licked, sucked, and finger fucked by each other. I just had to move my hand down to feel the wetness between my legs and find where it was coming from. I insert my fingers into my own hot hole, hmmm it feels so good as I'm enjoying myself I can hear the rhythmic moaning coming from the females on screen. I start to rub my own clit which is so hard now that it's sticking out between the lips and I start to moan also, forgetting where I am and just enjoying the moment.

The pace changed on the movie and so did mine when I realized that I was driving and opened my eyes to see that I was actually going down the middle of the road. I move over and try to regain control of myself, but I'm drawn back to my hard clit waiting some relief, as I start to feel that tingly feeling just before getting to the climax. Suddenly I realize there are lights behind me and a car is approaching, I have to regain control, maybe they will go around me and I can get back to taking care of the urge that is building up inside of me. My hand still slowly circling the hard clit, I realize that the movie is still playing, so I reach over as to cover the light of the screen, but with all the moving of the truck, it has shifted and I can't reach it. I didn't realize I had swerved again while trying to reach over; I look up to see blue lights flashing in my mirror.

Oh shit, what am I gonna do now I think. I have to pull over, but the only place for me to do so is a driveway that is dark and is covered by woods on both sides. I decide I better pull in and move up so that the officer can pull in behind me, and then it hit me - I have my jeans down, my breasts are exposed and the movie is still playing. Before I could react, he was already close to the window that was down. I think quickly to myself, and decide I better tell the truth and maybe he would understand that you can be so overcome with pleasuring yourself sometimes that it's hard to control. He walks up, shines his light in my face and says "Good evening ma'am." I say hello back, and watch as he starts to move the light down to take a look in my truck when he sees that my titties are out and how hard my nipples are. He smiles and asks "Ma'am would you care to explain why your breasts are out like that?" As I begin trying to tell my story he moved the light down a little further to reveal that my pants were sitting on my thighs and he sees the movie playing. "Uh huh, I guess I can tell what is going on here," he says to me, "You don't have to say anymore miss."

My thoughts of being pulled out of my truck, with breasts hanging out, my pants pulled down and dripping wet with excitement, make me embarrassed and he sees this in my face. Not knowing what is coming next he starts by saying "Ma'am I understand, and don't let me stand in your way of reaching your orgasm. I will cut you a deal if you let me stand here and watch as you pleasure that hot, wet pussy of yours." I think for a moment, getting arrested versus being able to reach the pleasure zone? I tell him ok, that I will let him watch.

It's dark in the driveway so he shines his light on me so he can see every detail of my fingers exploring my hot wet pussy and sliding into myself. I start to moan with pleasure, when I hear the sound of a zipper. I open my eyes to see that he also is taking a great deal of pleasure from this as he begins to stroke his hard erect dick. This gets me even hotter and all I could think of was him putting that hard dick in me and fucking me hard. I start to moan more and more, and I watch him as he watches me. Finally I tell him I want him to fuck me right there. He smiles in agreement and I open the door and turn to the side, sliding my jeans all the way down now. He moves toward me with that hot member just wanting some of this wet pussy, closer and closer, he moves to me; he touches the head of my clit first which almost puts me over the edge. Slowly moving down and finding the hole that is throbbing for him now, he inserts that hard dick in me, and I almost come on the first stroke.

As he begins to pump I can feel myself getting closer and closer; I start telling him, harder, harder, fuck me harder and he starts pumping me wildly. I move my hand down and finger my clit while he is pumping my pussy with pleasure...oh yeah, oh yeah more, give me more, I can't take any more. I finally explode with pleasure, my whole body shaking at the release of my juices onto his dick, and he's pumping so hard now that I start to feel dizzy and confused. Oh yeah oh yeah, it was like no fuck I had ever had before and didn't want it to end. Oh yeah keep going don't stop don't stop... I could tell he was trying to hold on, pumping so hard that he was moving my whole body... oh yessss, don't stop, don't stop... he finally can't take it anymore and explodes into me making a loud growling sound from his throat, like his soul had just come out in me, both of our bodies shaking with pleasure. He opens his eyes, and pulls his still somewhat hard dick out of me which still feeling so wonderful to me. Then he says to me, "Thank you ma'am and have a nice night," and leaves me sitting there wondering what just happened and who that was?

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