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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 09



This is the ninth in a continuing series of stories about what is essentially a very high-class prostitution business in Asia, with the headquarters in Manila. 'Rocky' is the chief – you could call him a pimp in other circumstances – of the very large consortium which includes operations in many Asian countries. Although each section can stand on it's own as an erotic story, I highly recommend that you begin with the first story, which explains the business and introduces some key characters. Character development is constant through the sequential sections, so you'll be reading about people you don't yet 'know' if you don't start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I'm having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 9

Rocky's Trip - Penang and Ipo, Malaysia

*** Penang Pleasure Palace ***

Rocky had confirmed by phone that the arrangements for his arrival had been made ahead of time and didn't bother with the gate arrival call, confident that either Gun-Kwok ('GK') Cho or Langli ('Li') Tsang would be there to meet him outside of the customs area. This was really a pleasure visit, with no urgent business to deal with, so he was looking forward to relaxing for a couple of days. As expected, GK was there with his ever-present scowl and they were in the Benz in minutes. As it was still during the business day he was alone; but that was fine. The two men chatted about some of the current business events and Rocky inquired about the girls. He was pleased to hear that there had been no turnover, and field activity was utilizing 90% of the inventory on average. The local Commerce and Tourism guys had even thrown a small party for the RKS employees, including all of the girls, and two of the government men even hired one of them for a private party afterward. They'd chosen Charm lee, a Malay native who had been RKS for nearly two years, and sent very positive feedback about her performance.

GK had the driver drop Rocky off at the Shangri-La, while GK went on to the office. They would meet later for dinner with Langli Tsang and Lili Wong joining them as well as two of the girls, Gigi Huang and Beth Cho. Rocky looked forward to meeting Beth, as he hadn't had the pleasure. Beth had been described as a 'statuesque beauty', and 'overtly sensual', and while pictures couldn't really convey such things he had to admit he was eager to see her in person - and in the flesh. At 175cm and only 52 kilos, she was slender; yet with measurements of 87-56-82 she was plenty curvy. Must be pretty lean! he thought. He pulled out his computer and got connected to the local office via VPN, pulling up Beth's profile. The model portfolio certainly showed a very pretty girl, with reddish-brown shoulder-length hair, dark and expressive eyes, and a very sexy smile. There was one picture of her in a rather skimpy bikini, standing; but with one knee on a low wall in the garden. The photo was shot from behind and to the left, and she had her head turned to smile at the lens. Oh my... She does indeed look like a model he thought. He navigated to her reviews, observing that she seemed to interpret the desires of each client and tailor her sexual approach to that client. And she's smart, too...

He quickly went to her master profile, and was not surprised she had a Master's degree in psychology. I'll have to ask her about that. he thought, making a mental note. Then he went to 'sexual preferences and performance', and was again surprised as she apparently had no inhibitions. She got very high marks in all areas, including group sex, multiple partners, lesbian sex, and anal. In fact her scores for both oral and anal were essentially ten of ten, and she'd been scored by several dozen clients. This girl is a real dream...

Rocky took a shower and dressed casually, heading down to the lobby to hookup with the office folks for dinner. His cock twitched at his first sight of Beth Cho. She was still dressed in her office garb, yet she was incredibly sexy. "Rocky Ramirez" he said holding out his hand.

"Beth Cho, so very nice to meet you sir." she responded respectfully, shaking his hand and giving him a soft smile and a shallow bow at the waist.

"Rocky." he said. "Call me Rocky, and the pleasure is mine Beth." he told her, gently squeezing her hand.

The others sensed the sparks, and discretely moved away toward the restaurant while Rocky and Beth followed. Lili had chosen the 'mixed cuisine' restaurant, where they had a private room with Japanese-style seating. Once everyone was seated Rocky got their attention and proposed a toast "to the stellar performance of the RKS Penang crew" he said, holding up his glass.

"Hear, hear" GK said, raising his glass. "and to the best staff a manager could ever want" he added.

Langli added hers before the first of the food arrived. "I would just like to add my personal thanks to Beth Cho, who not only is our highest rated field rep she has gone well beyond the call of duty with her inputs on the policies and practices here in Penang and throughout the region which have helped the business." she said, giving a respectful nod to the young woman sitting next to Rocky.

Their meal was a fine assortment of traditional Japanese cuisine and local specialties, the seered rice with pork and beef a unanimous favorite. GK and Lili made an impromptu and casual verbal presentation of the long term plan for the operation, which included a promotion for Beth Cho to Manager of Field Training - a new post which suited her unique talents. They finished the evening gathering with a bottle of plum wine and fresh fruit, then everyone else departed, leaving Beth and Rocky to their more intimate activities.

Rocky escorted the beauty up to his suite, where two bottles of champaigne awaited them along with a view of the private marina with all the expensive yachts and brightly lit clubs. Rocky opened the first bottle, pouring them each a bubbly glass of the tasty wine before pulling out his cigarettes and lighting a stick. He offered them to Beth, who shook her head. "You should do without those things, you know." she said as politely as she could.

"Oh I know. I don't smoke very much; but there are times when I enjoy it." Rocky told her.

"Like now, when you're with a woman and a glass of wine?" Beth chuckled, sitting on one of the plush chairs and crossing her long legs as he watched. "Vices and habits, eh?" she laughed.

Rocky smiled. "Indeed." he replied. "I must say Beth, your background and qualifications leave me a bit puzzled." he told her.

"How so?" she asked, taking a sip of her wine.

"Well... your looks belong on the cover of fashion magazines, your education belongs in a therapists office or on the cover of phsychology reviews, so..." Rocky led her response.

"So why do I sell myself for sex?" she chuckled. "I don't" she stated, challenging him.

"Really?" Rocky queried. "I see in your profile that you get the highest marks from every single client in - specifically - oral and anal sex." he pointed out.

"Sure." Beth responded. "But it isn't the sex that impresses those men." she said. "What I do because of my education is read them quickly and accurately so I know exactly what they want and how they want it." Beth explained. "So - when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires - I am better than the rest of the girls."

"Ah... so you make use of your education and your background to be a better partner." Rocky observed, nodding his head.

"Exactly." Beth replied, giving Rocky a big smile and a wink. "Not that I'm not good at the sex." she giggled. "And I do love it." she added. "All of it." After a pause to let that sink in and have a long drink from her glass she continued. "Do you know what most men find is the most satisfying sexual activity?" Beth asked.

"Based on my observations, it would be anal play." Rocky replied, sure he was correct.

Beth chuckled. "Somehow I knew you would say that; but no." she told him. "Although anal is a close second. What most men find is the most stimulating and pleasurable is a good old fashioned blow job." Beth said.

"But... don't most men ultimately want..." Rocky began.

Beth held up her hand to stop him. "Yes, pretty much all of them want my ass at some point; but that wasn't the question." she explained. "Men - all men - love having a woman worship their almighty penis. And the most obvious form of such worship is oral, where the man can watch the woman's face - and she can look back at him - while she pleases him." Beth told him.

"Hmmm" Rocky responded, thinking about what she'd said.

"Would you like a demonstration?" Beth asked, winking at him. She looked at his growing bulge and licked her lips.

"Sure." Rocky replied, lighting another cigarette before he refilled their wine glasses.

Beth stood up, tossing a cushion down on the floor in front of his chair. She bent forward to put her face inches from his. "I want to suck your beautiful cock" she whispered, her fingers teasing at Rocky's shaft through his trousers. "And I want you to cum in my mouth." she added, pressing her lips to his in a passionate kiss as her fingers deftly unfastened his fly and gently pulled out his organ. She broke the kiss and smiled. "Mmm... and you are going to enjoy this, Rocky." she added, pushing his knees apart and kneeling between them. "Such a strong, manly cock... mmmGGGLphhh" she moaned as her lips engulfed his dick in the warmth of her mouth.

Rocky was determined to challenge Beth's conclusion; but her oral skills were extraordinary indeed. He looked down to find her staring back as her lips and tongue gave his cock the kind of love he normally felt from Christina. Most 'working' girls knew how to get your dick hard, and could get a man off that way; but really fellatio was usually only a means to an end - the end being vaginal or anal intercourse and a climax either in one of those holes or perhaps outside on the belly or buttocks. Not when Beth Cho was the fellatrice. She knew how to read his responses to her touch, whether that be the touch of her tongue on his glans, her lips on his shaft, or her fingers on his balls - and how to accentuate his pleasure from those responses. "Ohhhh Beth... this is so nice..." he whispered hoarsely, his fingers finding her ears.

Beth wiggled her head at his touch, then gently lifted her mouth from his dick. "No no Rocky... just let me worship this beautiful cock... relax and enjoy..." she told him, her lips retaking possession of his manhood. She stroked his length with both her mouth and her fingers, never letting his penis be chilled by the air. She sensed the first twitch and altered her motions and pressures to hold him right there, his loins on the edge of release but not so close that her lover lost control. Always let him think he is the one controlling it... always let him take credit...

He had to admit, Beth Cho knew how to worship a cock with her mouth and hands, and knew how to keep him right on the edge where most girls would have been swallowing his jizm already. And she looks so fucking incredible doing it! he thought watching intently as her sexy lips travelled the length of his shaft. She expertly worked on his genitals for more than forty-five minutes without so much as a brief pause, keeping his passion on the boil the entire time. Finally he couldn't hold back, his throbbing penis spasming in her mouth. "ohhhhGAWD..." he groaned as Beth took him to the root, his crown pressing against the back of her throat. "ohyeah... ohhhhSUCK... ohgawd... ohhhhhhGAWDDDD" he growled, his semen splashing into her mouth in cupfulls as she sucked.

She'd kept him going as long as she thought he could stand it, his raw lust ultimately launching him over passion's peak. "glllbmmPHHHhmmm..." she moaned, her fingers flying up and down his shaft as her lips locked around his cockhead. The other hand massaged his balls, drawing every drop of his seed from him as she swallowed it all without a sound other than low mewls of shared passion. Beth kept his organ in her mouth until he groaned and gently tugged on her ears, then she swirled her tongue around his crown to capture the last of his semen and lifted her head from his lap. She looked up and smiled, licking her lips as she winked. "Mmmm.... delicious..." she said, carefully tucking his penis back into his pants as she stood up and poured him another glass of wine. She picked up his cigarettes. "Want one?" she asked, pulling out a stick and lighting it for him. Then she took a seat next to him and had a long swallow of champaigne. "You see?" she asked, not needing to finish the thought.

Rocky took a deep drag from his cigaretted, letting the smoke escape along with a long sigh. "Beth... I can honestly say I've never had such a wonderful, sexy blow job in my life." he told her. "It was just so sweet, so honest. I'm not sure what else to say..." he said, taking a big swallow from his glass.

"Rocky, it's like I said earlier, it's not about making rude noises or a big mess." Beth told him. "It's about the pleasure you enjoy." she added, patting his knee. "And trust me, I enjoy doing that as much as any other sexual act."

"And it shows sweetie, it really shows." Rocky told her. "I really felt like you were a lover, worshipping my cock as if it were yours. Wow."

Beth smiled warmly. "I'm glad Rocky. That's how I treat every client." she told him. "And they love me for it." she added. "I make more in tips in one night than most of these girls made in a week, so I've tried to give them some training." Beth told him.

"So I've heard. That's a bit unusual you know - to help other girls do better." Rocky suggested.

"Hey... I figure if we all do better, the business does better, the clients come back, they send their friends, the business does better... you know?" Beth said. "It's a win-win."

"I wish all of my employees felt that way." Rocky said. "Most of the girls are actually pretty good about it; but some of the other employees don't get it." he added.

"GK can be kind of a hardass from time to time; but he gets it." Beth told him honestly. "Speaking of hardass - you just let me know." she chuckled.

"Wha...?" Rocky responded, then figured it out. "Oh... yeah... we have time for all that." he told her, laughing. "Besides, I think my cock needs a bit more rest." he added.

They sat together, opening the second bottle of champaigne as Rocky picked her brain about the psychology of sex and her approach. She had a lot of great ideas regarding how the girls could improve both their income and the success of the business. It was obvious why GK was creating a position for her to move into. Beth told him she wanted to continue her work in the field as long as she could, because she felt it added to her understanding and knowledge of the craft. Rocky finished another cigarette, and Beth stood up and took his hand. "Come on Rock, let's go pack a little fudge" she said playfully, putting his hand on her thinly clad derriere. "I feel like I need a good ass fuck" she giggled, leading him into the suite.

I can certainly see why clients like this woman... he thought, his eyes glued to the back of her clingy pantsuit as she wriggled her way into the bedroom. Rocky watched as Beth disrobed in mere moments to stand in front of him naked. Her body was sculpted perfection, she held out her hands to beckon him. "Ohhhh Beth..." he moaned, taking in her shapely form as he licked his lips. Then she turned around to show him her heart shaped rump, reaching back to tug one cheek aside. "Mmm... my turn sweetie..." he said, walking up behind her and lifting one leg up onto the bed as he dropped down to plant a wet kiss directly on her little starfish.

"ooooooo... yeah baby... suck my ass..." Beth cooed, wriggling her firm backside against his face. She consciously relaxed her sphincter, allowing his oral intruder inside her rear a few millimeters. "ssssoooooo nasty baby.... sooo good..." she whispered hoarsely. He can do this all night!...

Rocky loved a woman who knew how to give a man access to her bottom. Very few of them really did; but Beth was clearly one of them. He used his thumbs to spread her anal ring, curled his tongue, and pushed it as deep as he could into her butt. "mmmm... so hot and tasty.." he mumbled, working his oral digit in and out of Beth's anus in feigned intercourse. Every so often he would lap the length of her juicy pussy from her hard little nubbin, over the delicate folds of her labia to tease at the narrow membrane between her cunt and asshole, then back inside her rear entry. Fifteen minutes of that and Rocky was ready to find out just how hot her pussy was, and pulled his face from her to position the head of his manhood at the dripping wet entrance to her vaginal chute, grasping her hips to thrust deep into her cunt. "ohhhhhFUCK that's so hot..." he grunted, his hips quickly setting a rhythm as he fucked her.

Beth loved everything about sex, and when Rocky pulled his lips and tongue away from her writhing nether regions she was ready for whatever he had in mind. "nnnYIAAAHHHH... FUCK ME.." she barked as his shaft pushed deep into her seething pussy. In moments he was screwing her with nice long strokes, his balls bouncing off of her clit with each inward thrust. "ohhhh Rocky... your cock is so fucking nice in my hot pussy... FUCK ME baby... FUCK ME" she demanded, writhing her hips back to meet his powerful strokes. She felt his thumb teasing at her little wet pucker, and wanted that too. "Yeah baby... I want it..." she grunted, relaxing her clenched sphincter.

Rocky looked down as he put the tip of his thumb against her dark wrinkle, teasing the little hole as he skewered her willing cunt. Her snug ring relaxed and he eased his thickest digit past Beth's sphincter to the first knuckle. "Ohhhhdamn that's tight baby.." he said hoarsely, his thumb gently pushing inside her ass to the hilt. He could feel his finger pressing against his dick through the thin membrane between her channels, and deliberately twitched his cock inside her. He eased his penis deep into her vagina and began fucking her asshole with his thumb, in and out, in and out as her mewls grew into moans.

Beth turned her head back to catch her lovers eye, a look of abject lust in her eyes. "I want to ride that big beautiful dick... in my ass.." she told Rocky, pulling her body away from his as she grabbed his arm and threw him onto his back. In a heartbeat she was straddling him, reaching back to position his cockhead at her wrinkled anus. "Take my ass Rocky... fuck my wanton butthole.." she demanded, her hips pushing back and down to force his meat past her receptive ring and into her tight rectum. "yiiiAAHHHH... sofuckingBIG in my assss..." she groaned, maintaining her pressure until his pubes tickled her butt cheeks. "ohyeahbaby... ohyeah... ohFUCKyeah..." she grunted, her hips quickly establishing a pace as she fucked him with her mucky sheath. "Gawd... I love it in my ass... so fucking good... ohyeah..."

Rocky reached up to fondle her full breasts, realizing it was the first time he'd touched them. "ohhhh Beth... your ass is so nice... so hot..." he grunted, doing his best to match her pace as his cock moved easily in and out of her smooth rectum. Her muscles were well trained, clenching and relaxing at just the right times as her channel slid up and down his shaft. She sensed the spasm from his penis and sat down on his meat, relaxing her hot hole around him as she leaned down to kiss him on the mouth. Rocky responded hungrily, sucking her tongue and nibbling on her succulent lips as her velvety anal sheath caressed his cock. No reason to doubt those ratings...

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