Roger that, Scotsquatch


"It is my face. And it’s going right up Roger’s ass. Now, you blow him while I sneak up behind him."

Roger seemed to like anal but he didn’t squeal like a pig or call out for his mama. I was a little disappointed.

"Shit, Caitlin, I should have brought the whip and the cuffs. I’d turn this big gorilla into a cry baby."

Roger was lapping Caitlin right up when I, remembering what Sally had said about his intense obsession with a woman's fluids said, "Try pissing in his mouth." He loved it!

Then I posed the question to Caitlin, "I wonder if he likes to eat shit and boogers too?" She soon found out.

"No more Kleenex and digging six inch holes in the ground for us!" she joked. She mooned me with a "And look, he cleans you right up. Don't need toilet paper either."

I responded, "Yeah, and if you had a Roger as a pet at home think of all the water you'd save. No more flushing the toilet."

We were getting carried away with the joke and laughed until we cried, to the point of almost wetting our panties. "Here Roger, Roger, want a drink?" we chanted at him. One thirsty dude, that Roger.

This orgy went on for five days because Roger didn't sleep for five days straight. Caitlin and I took turns taking catnaps while the other one kept him amused.

Finally Roger crashed. I mean he really crashed. It was more like hibernation.

We took that opportunity to slip away back to the real world. Neither one of us could take much more of Roger at the moment. And we were a little leery of what Roger might get around to wanting to do with Roger next. Being butt bumped by a big fat twenty- inch gorilla Roger was not something we looked forward to with fond anticipation.

Our DNA evidence is locked away in a safety deposit box. Those tee-shirts had so much Sasquatch cum on them they got really stiff. It was like folding cardboard to get them into the box.

We did not kiss and tell (yet). We are going back for more Roger soon.

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