tagRomanceRomancing a Stranger

Romancing a Stranger


I had watched her for a long time. She had a style about her that drew me like a moth to a flame. Now my tastes transcend the normal and I find my attractions to women more based on attitude than physical form. Now don't get me wrong, I love a great rack and a sweet ass, but the mind is the playground I enjoy the most.

But I digress; this woman was a mystery to me. I only saw her for brief periods often in the elevator. We never spoke, but her scent seemed to fill me with a primal need that stayed with me throughout the day. I could have easily approached her and asked her out, but I was tired of the same old routine. I wanted something risky and with a hint of danger.

This time I wanted to hunt her like a lion hunts a gazelle. Her routine was fairly predictable as the modern workplace often creates. She dressed modestly most of the time, but occasionally her wardrobe would reveal hints about her wilder side, a blouse that was left unbuttoned a bit lower, or a sweater that flattered her exquisitely feminine form. Sometimes I wondered if she was hunting me.

I had to make my move. I went to a favorite florist and put my plan into action. I would have flowers and cards sent to her every other day for a week. Teasing her and hinting of my plans.

The first flowers were delivered with a simple card that read, to my sweetest temptation, you make my heart jump at the very sight of your heavenly form. I long to talk with you, but fear keeps me at bay. May these flowers brighten your day as you brighten mine. That night as usual she was on the elevator. This time humming and smiling from ear to ear. Her flowers held close like a precious treasure.

She looked at me and spoke for the first time. "Good evening."

"Good evening, those are some really lovely flowers."

"Thanks, I just wish I knew who sent them."

"Ahhh, a secret admirer, romance is not dead."

"Nope, I guess not. Well this is my floor, see ya around."

With that the elevator door slowly closed as she walked away. Her movements seemed more alive and I grew hungry just watching her walk as her hips seductively swayed. I had not planned on the verbal, but still the plan seemed to be working. I would time it so that the next time we met, I was getting out of the elevator as she was coming in.

Two days later I stepped out of the elevator and there she was. This bouquet was larger and more elaborate; a small bear was nestled inside the foliage. She seemed to glow and her smile was blinding.

"Well looks like romance is not only alive, but thriving, He must be really smitten by your charms."

"Yes, but I still don't know who the mystery man is."

"Well they say all good things come to those who wait."

We again parted, but I worried that she might suspect that I was responsible. That would not do, I had to throw her off. I smiled with the deviousness of what my mind came up with. The next morning I met her in the elevator.

"Good morning."

"Good morning to you, hey could you tell me who the florist is, that the flowers are from, I would love to send some to my gal. Your mystery man is making me feel like I am lacking in the romance area."

There was disappointment in her eyes, but she rattled off the name and we parted ways. Tsun Tsu would have been proud; I have been made to look inactive when in fact I am attacking. The florist was a close friend and would never divulge my identity. He seemed to enjoy my antics. The next flowers would be sent on Friday. This time the game would be for all or nothing. Would she play or would she retreat and end the game?

Friday arrived and the delivery man brought a spread of roses that exceeded four dozen. The card inside said, I long to hold you and feel you against me. I will see you soon. Her body trembled with anticipation and yet there was a sense of fear too. It was a sick world and this may be some nut job, serial killer.

We met again on the elevator and this time she was smiling, but a bit uneasy. She barely managed to carry the bouquet as its size and weight made it cumbersome. I moved forward and put the final piece of my plan into motion.

"May I give you a hand? Those look like they are nearly toppling you over."

"Thanks, I would appreciate the help, you don't mind do you? I don't want to get you in trouble with your lady."

"Not at all, I think she would be happy I helped a damsel in distress or even that dress," as we both laughed. She led me to her apartment and opened the door, leaving her keys in the door. I place the vase on her dining room table and surveyed the room. I went to the door palming her door key and making an impression of it into a bar of soap.

"Here, don't want someone getting your keys and preventing you from finding out, who your mystery man is, that is unless you have found him out?"

"Nope no idea and the one who I thought it was, wasn't. Thanks for your help."

"No worries, well I better run along, I have a date tonight and that florist was wonderful. Hope you enjoy your evening, perhaps your secret admirer will show up." I winked at her and departed.

Why couldn't it have been him, he is so cute and the way he sometimes looks at me makes me feel warm all over. He winked at me, what did that mean? Hell I am so horny and this whole mystery man thing is driving me wild. Hope my battery supply is good because unless this mystery man shows up, I will need them. She laughed at the thought.

I made the key easily and made the final plans for tonight. I shaved all over and washed everything twice. A light cologne was applied, subtle, but not strong. I wanted all to be perfect. Tonight I would unleash the hunger in her, or I would be arrested. Either way the fantasy would come to pass.

I watched from across the street as she finally called it a night. Her lights went out and then a dim glow from her bedroom appeared. I went to the roof and was graced with a clear view of her bedroom. The blinds were down, but I could see enough to tell she was reading and listening to music.

I returned to our building and made my final move. Grabbing small black duffel I went to her door. Ever so slowly I unlocked it and waited then went inside. The room was dark, but not so that I couldn't move about quietly once my eyes adjusted. I eased to her bedroom. The music covered my footsteps

Looking up she is startled to see a man dressed all in black with a mask similar to the Phantom of the Opera standing before her holding a single red rose. Her heart pounds like a snare drum in her ears. Her voice is gone and she cannot scream.

"Please do not be afraid, I am not here to harm you. You are magnificent and I would love to worship your body, but if you say the word I will go and never return. I await your command my dear."

Silence screams through the room, but she pulls aside the covers and beckons her mystery lover closer. She can't place the voice, but her body's need overrides her minds primal urge to run.

"I do not want you to touch me; I am here to pleasure you in every way. I would like to blindfold you so that your body awakens to my every touch. Will you allow this?"

She nods her head and a silken sash hides her view. His firm hands roll her over and remove her thin negligee from her body. Warm oil is drizzled over her body and then with strong, but gentle hands rubbed in. Slow and patient he is as he works his way down her back and legs. Each foot is given expert attention and then her arms are given the same treatment. There is nothing sexual about the massage as great care is taken to avoid any overtly sexual areas. Finally he rolls her over and begins working the front of her body. Now his hands begin to hint at what might lie ahead.

Her nipples are already hard and her sex grows wetter as his hands work over her body. She is relaxing and her skin becomes more and more pliable. He works her legs and then her stomach. Finally he begins to gingerly work her breasts. Softly working them and teasing the nipples. Her moans and breathing tell him she is enjoying his touch.

"I love your body and it surpasses my wildest dreams. If at any time you wish me to stop and reveal myself or you become uncomfortable just say Popcorn."

Again she nods her understanding. His hot breath is now on her nipples and it makes her body tingle. He is right without sight each of her senses is heightened. She can smell slight cologne and hear his breathing. It's rhythmic an almost hypnotic. Her nipple feels the warm wetness of his tongue as he teased the upper ridge of her nipple. Her breath catches and her back arches to meet this new sensation.

Slowly circling the nipple and then spiraling it around the sides as his lips finally make contact. Small light kisses follow the pattern of the tongue and finally part to take the nipple inside. It so hot and the tongue seem to work the most sensitive areas. Moving back his warm breath blows over the nipple. She hears tinkling of her glass and then the coldness of ice against her already sensitive nipple

It's like fire and her body writhes against the chill. Cold rivulets of water cascade down her breast and warm kisses dry them up. Finally the ice and mouth unite and his warm tongue chases the ice round and round her aching nipple till its gone. Warmth quickly returns.

"Mmmm, you're so sweet, I could just take you now, but I want to relish such a tasty treat such as yourself."

He works up her breast and along her shoulder blade, then slowly down her arm. She tries to grab him and push him to her sex. He deflects her hand with a slap and continues his journey. Her underarm is surprisingly responsive as is her bicep and then tender crook of her arm.

He is driving her wild with each kiss and nibble and she want to feel him, but the slap has taught her he is not to be denied. Her hand stings a bit, but it's soon forgotten when he reaches her fingers. Each one is kissed and the webbing between is sucked and nibbled. She is surprised at how good this really feels. Never before has anyone ever taken this much time.

Gently working each arm and hand and then across her jaw line to her full lips. A gentle kiss that hints of toothpaste and peppermint as it grows in intensity. They kiss for the first time and his eager tongue massages her. Again she tries to hold him and feel his body.

"I told you, no touching, if you can't behave I will tie your hands, now comply please."

He moves down her chin and lazily places kisses and nibbles across her neck and between her breasts. Her stomach flutters at each nibble and kiss as he works southward. Her sex is glistening with moisture and his mouth waters.

Finally she is going to get some relief. She wants to feel him and move things along. Her whole body in on fire with need as her pussy now throbs. Each kiss and nibble is like bolts of lightning attacking her body. He stops at her navel and gives her a preview of what he plans for her. Nibbling around the edge and then slowly burying his tongue deep inside. Her tummy tightens and tingles as his tongue tickles her.

Sliding slowly lower his hot breath can now be felt on her swollen lips. Her tender bud is swollen and slightly exposed. He kisses around and around in smaller circles until his lips make contact with hers. Nibbling up one side and teasing the clit, then down the other. Extending his tongue her lips surrender and part. Like a plow he moves upward and too her awaiting clit.

His tongue swirls around the very top with a light touch. Her hips rise to meet his mouth and feel the fury of his tongue. He counters and maintains a fluttering fury of light licks and flicks of his tongue. This is too much; she needs him and wants him to make her cum.

She grabs his head and tries to force him onto her sweet button. He pulls away and she is left wanting.

"I told you no touching; now you will have to make amends. Give me your hand."

Slowly she extends it and something is placed in her palm. It is round and slightly soft. Her mind flashes at the realization it is a sex toy. It feels like a penis and is reasonably sized. It closely resembles one in her drawer. She wonders where it came from.

"Since you are a bad girl and spoiling the gift, I want you to get yourself off, if you cannot then I will leave and you will have to wait and see if I ever come back."

This is madness, first she is allowing a complete stranger to come in and blindfold her, but now he wants her to masturbate? She is torn with anger and primal need. Her body aches for release and that need overcomes her anger. Hell I will put on a great show for him if that's what he wants, she thinks.

Taking the toy she begins teasing her clit and tender lips. It feels good and she soon realizes that it vibrates too. He has slid off of her and now removes the blindfold. Her eyes slowly adjust and she finds that his mask is in place and his face still hidden. "I want to watch and see the pleasure in your eyes; I want to see how sorry you are and how much you want me to resume my enjoyment. Show me how much you want me."

Want him, hell she might just kill him once she gets a chance, who the hell does he think he is anyway. Sliding the toy inside, she quickly finds all the spots that make her tremble with pleasure. Slowly at first and then faster and faster as she forgets him and her anger and enjoy the feelings. He watches her with keen interest and this too turns her on. How does he stay so calm?

Her orgasm begins to build and soon it consumes her. She slows down to make it last and be even stronger. He gazes upon her beautiful body as her hand works the toys and the other pulls and massages her nipples. His cock strains against his trousers. Watching only his eyes she pushes her body to its limits and allows the waves of orgasm to wash over her.

She is now covered in passions dew and her body glistens in the dim light. The smell of sex hangs heavy in the air as he watches her finish and enjoys the aftershocks as her body comes back down. He moves closer and takes her right foot in his hands.

Lifting it off the bed he tenderly kisses the sole of her foot and then nibbles along the edge to her toes. Her pinky toe is the first to be sucked and nibbles then each in succession is given the same treatment. She has not been blindfolded this time and watching him enjoy her makes her pussy ache even more.

She slowly works the toy to give some relief as he works his way up her leg, but at a painfully slow pace. Her inner thigh is at last reached and nibbled. Some nibbles are sharp and a bit painful, but then there is a strange pleasure in that. After what seems an eternity he is once again at her center. He moves her hands and takes control of the toy.

Moving in an elliptical motion with a bit of a see-saw action he hits her g- spot and rubs her clit with each stroke. It feels so good. He is watching her again and his eyes are filled with lust and need. She wonders how much longer he will torture her.

Never taking his eyes off of hers he descends until his lips are just over her sweet lips. Extending his tongue he slides slowly inside. It's so sweet and the nectar flows freely. He kisses and licks her clean and then begins teasing the clit. This is what she has been wanting.

Just as it gets really good he stops. She looks at him longingly. She wants to cum, she wants him to use her body and leave it trembling and sore. She wants him to fuck her like an animal. Never before has any man made her feel this way. Damn him for making her wait and for being so forward. Why does he wait?

He reaches down into his bag and finds the bindings he wants. She will not disobey him again. He will have his way with her completely under his terms. When she sees the binding there is fear in her eyes. But the longing keeps her lips sealed. He securely ties her spread eagle to her four post bed. She is helpless now. He returns to her pussy and begins sucking her clit and humming as he licks her sweet button while it is held between his teeth. She is getting close again and he matches his stokes of both toy and tongue to her body.

Meeting each wave with pleasure slowing down to allow her to grow with need. He will make her earn this orgasm. Pulling the toy out he begins to nibble the creases of her thighs and then back to her clit. Keeping her teetering on the edge but not allowing her to complete drives her wilder and wilder with need.

Soon a cold substance is lathered around her forbidden zone. She tenses up at first, but his tongue distracts her as it dances over her clit. His finger massages the tight ring as she slowly relaxes. This is a new sensation and it seems to feel better and better with each passing second. She feels his finger slide slowly inside.

There is no pain as he is patient and waits for her body to tell him to proceed. Lube is added to keep things slick and moving freely. Her body takes him in fully as his tongue begins to hammer her clit with licks and swirls. She begins to move her hips as his finger fucks her ass and his tongue ravages her clit.

The storm of pleasure hits her like a hurricane. This is a new orgasm and very powerful. Her ass is filled and his tongue is pelting her clit like a spring rain. Suddenly the toy is back and this is the final affront that takes her over the edge.

Reality ends and her world grows dark. She seems to be floating in darkness as the orgasm takes over. Pleasure overwhelms her senses and for a bit she fears she may faint. Her moans have turned to growls and those slowly become screams of joy. The restrains dig deep into her arms as her body feels like its hit with bolts of lightning each time his tongue hits her clit.

He allows her to cool down a bit as he slows down and nibbles and kisses up and down her thighs. Pulling his finger out of her tight ass and then replacing it with a longer, slender plug. It fills her and its flared base soon rests against her ass. Pulling the toy out, he begins licking her clean again.

Her cum is sweet and plentiful. Soon he drifts to her clit again and begins the process again. He will do this to her six more times and using multiple toys. Her whole body becomes aroused like never before. Some toys vibrate and some just fill her. The plug in her ass makes her pussy so tight and each toy feel larger.

Finally she is reduced to a quivering mass. Her brain is drunk on pleasure. She no longer worries about his intentions or her well being. All she feels is pleasure and all she wants is more. He releases her binding and pulls her to the side of the bed. Lying on her back with her head slightly off the edge of it as he slowly removes his pants. Wearing only a dress shirt his cock springs forth.

"You may touch me know if you wish."

With that she pulls him closer and licks the very tip of his cock. He is smooth and not a strand of pubic hair can be found. Her hands roam over his balls and shaft as she nibble and swirls her tongue around the head. Her hunger drives her as she begins to slide him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Soon she is taking him fully in and swallowing his cock deep into her throat.

His legs buckle and he can no longer stand. Sensing this she pushes him onto the bed and slide herself off. He leans against the headboard as she resumes her task. Working his shaft with her hand and mouth she massages it to his delight. He begins to moan and stroke her long hair. She loves the taste of him.

She finds his lube and decides to see if he can take as good as he gives. Her ass is still filled with the plug and she wants to make him feel the same delicious way. She begins teasing his ass much the same as he did her. His cock seems to grow harder. Cosmo has taught her some things and now she will see if they work. She finds his inner button and begins using it to keep him hanging like he did to her.

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