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Romantic Exploration


It was late in the evening when you were returning from your trip out of town, and I was looking forward to seeing you again. It is always so hard when you go away; I can't help but miss you. You called me to say that you were on your way home, and I offered to come sit and talk with you while you unpacked. You agreed, and half an hour later I was ringing your bell, anxious to see you, hear your voice.

When I entered your place, we fell into each other's arms, both wanting to hold the other close. This was not our usual sort of hug, with neither of us willing to let go. We stood like this for a long while, before I looked up at you and told you that I had missed you, and was really happy that you were back. You smiled down at me and told me that you missed me, too, before squeezing me tight, holding my head to your chest. I nuzzled against you, pushing my face against the muscles of your broad body, like a kitten wanting to feel you against my eyes, nose and cheeks. You leaned your head down to me and pushed your forehead against mine, our faces so close as we breathed each other in, enjoying the closeness.

Your hand came up to hold my face, your palm cupping my cheek as your looked into my eyes. You lowered your mouth to mine, our lips brushing against each other. When we pulled away from the kiss, you looked questioningly into my eyes until I smiled and kissed you again, my lips parted, inviting your tongue. You probed my mouth softly, slowly making our kiss deeper and deeper. I felt my body responding as I pushed my hips gently against yours. You wrapped your fingers in my hair, and pulled my head slightly to one side, running your lips along my cheek and down my neck. I could feel your breath against my tender skin as you inhaled my scent. When you bit down gently, I couldn't help but moan and rub my hips against your stiffening member.

I wanted to feel your skin against mine, and started to lift your shirt off of your body. You pulled back and took it off yourself, revealing your muscular physique. I ran my hands over your shoulders and chest, enjoying the feel of your soft skin over your hard body. You took hold of both my hands, raising them over my head before letting go so that you could remove my clothing as well. After easily popping the clasp of my bra and revealing my delicate flesh, you, too, ran your hands over my body. We were caressing and kissing each other, savoring the sensations of being together. When my hands wandered down towards your hips, I could feel your hard shaft reaching up for my touch. Looking up at you, my eyes filled with desire, I undid your pants, letting them drop to the floor at the same time that I lowered myself to my knees, kneeling in front of you. Pressing my face against you, I exhaled slowly, letting my breath reach your manhood through the thin shorts between. I reached up and pulled your shorts down, letting you free. Unable to suppress my smile, I gazed at your manly flesh before running my tongue along its length.

I licked you from base to tip, paying special attention to your round head, before I sucked you into me. I heard you moan as you penetrated my warm, wet mouth, my tongue continuing to swirl around your hard member. I started to bob up and down, as you thrust gently deeper inside. Aroused by the sensations, I started to moan, sending vibrations along your shaft. You held me close to you, enjoying being deep in my mouth, before pulling out and raising me back to my feet. You kissed me and wrapped your arms around me once again as you carefully guided me to your nearby bed. Laying me down on the bed, you removed my skirt and thong, before kissing me gently on my thighs, while your hand caressed my hairless mound. You let a finger slide down my slippery slit, making me gasp and buck my hips slightly. I watched as your mouth then moved closer to my delicate flesh, your tongue reaching out and flicking over my clit. I moaned and once again bucked my hips forward, wanting your tongue on me, your finger inside me.

You looked up at me as you started to lick and suck my sensitive place, your finger probing into me. I moaned and writhed as I felt my body react to the sensations, my pleasure reaching its climax. I twisted my fingers in your hair, keeping your mouth in place until my spasms passed, then pulling you up to me, so that I could kiss you. You lay on top of me, your hard man flesh lying on my wet femininity. You pulled back from our kiss, and rubbed the head of your member up and down my slit, covering yourself with my juices, before plunging into me. I moaned and raised my hips, arching my back, inviting you deep inside me with each thrust. You rose up before me, holding my sides as leverage for your thrusts, your toned body clearly visible to me, making me run my hands over your chest and stomach, once again savoring the feel of your flesh.

Looking down at me, you watched as my body writhed, your thrusting attention bringing me waves of pleasure, my moans coming uncontrollably from my lips. When my muscles finally relaxed, you grabbed hold of my leg, turning me over. I arched my back, wanting you as deep inside me as possible, as your member thrust into my wet sheath. I moaned and gasped as I felt you fully inside me, filling me up with each thrust, your balls lightly slapping against me each time you enter me to the hilt. You feel my internal muscles tighten around your column as I am overcome yet again with my climax, my body tensing.

Having had so much pleasure, I became determined to give you yours as well. We adjusted so that you were able to lie on the bed while I rode you, facing your feet, which I held onto for balance. I bounced up and down on you, bringing myself to orgasm over and over again, knowing that my pleasure brings you closer to yours. I heard you moaning as you thrust your hips against my ass, and I knew that you were moments away from that sweet release. You groaned and pulled me down so that your shaft was completely inside me as you pumped your seed into me. I felt myself climax as well with the feeling of being filled up, my muscles milking your cum from your rod.

After a few moments, you pulled out of me and I turned around so that I could lie with my head resting on your broad chest. You wrapped one arm around my shoulders, while I took hold of your other hand. You squeezed my hand gently and let it rest, intertwined on your stomach, while you kissed my head. I felt my satisfied body slowly relaxing as our bodies pressed against each other. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was breathing in your smell as my face nuzzled against your body.

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