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Romantic Getaway


My wife and I have been married 3 years and for the first time in our marriage we hit a rut. We were both working long hours and I noticed our once healthy sex life becoming less and less exciting. Jen noticed it too, I was glad for that because I knew she missed the marathon sex we used to enjoy before we got married and thru the first year of our marriage.

So for my 30th birthday, she booked us a long weekend at one of those romantic resorts in the mountains. The room was amazing (a little cheesy) but we had a heart-shaped jacuzzi and a fireplace and a small steam room and even a 6' by 12' swimming pool in our room. It was expensive but I was looking foreward to it. On the three hour drive up Jen was feeling playful and would stroke my crotch while I drove, flash me a little of her sexy tits, things like that. When we arrived Friday evening I was plenty horny. Jen was nice enough to give me an incredible blowjob before we left the room for dinner.

One thing here about Jen, she sucks cock better then any girl I'd ever met. She had one lover before we met and none since but me. But in her wild college days she has confessed to sucking a good number of her male student friends. She even confessed to me how she and her roommate made love on several occassions. I admit, I jerked off alot to the thought of her and her ex roommate. I saw pictures and the two of them together were quite a knockout pair.

So off to dinner we went. We were at a table for 8 which I usually don't enjoy but didn't say anything because Jen had gone to so much trouble to arrange this weekend get away. That night we met Jeff and Celia, both in thier 50's and recently married, this was thier honeymoon. We found out they both had grown children from thier first marriages. They told us that first night not to be offended but they were trying to arrange for a table for two for the rest of the weekend. They joked about spending most of the weekend playing "indoor sports". We understood and were not offended. The other couple at our table was George and Helen, they were in thier mid 40's. They were an attractive couple and they were suppose to meet the 7th and 8th persons at our table the next day. Dinner was pleasent and Jen and I had a great night of fucking afterward.

The next day at breakfast, Jeff and Celia had gotten thier private table and when we were joined by George and Helen they seemed a little dissappointed. Turns out the couple they were suppose to meet had an emergency with one of thier kids and couldn't make it. We all decided to spend the rest of the morning at the lake together then we met after lunch by the pool. Thats when I first realized how sexy Helen was. She had a great body for a woman any age, let alone a woman who was 43. Her tits were huge and sexy and she had a nice, rounded ass and shapely legs. I thought I caught Jen checking George out too. He was well muscled and "thick" compared to my thin 6' frame. Jen looked sexy as hell as well, wearing a tiny orange bikini that seemed to show off her great ass and tight body to the max. Jen isn't big breasted (34B) but she has these nipples that are 3/4" long when shes fully aroused. They're very dark in color too and I love them. They seemed to be on display most of the afternoon while we took the sun with our new friends.

That night we went to dinner and afterward we ended up at the dance club. We hit it off with Helen and George immediately despite them being nearly 15 years our senior. I danced with Helen while George danced with Jen and I became aroused, having thoughts off what Helen would look like naked. It was 2 AM by the time we said goodnight to them and as soon as Jen and I closed our door we went at it. Jens pussy was soaked as soon as I peeled her panties off and I wondered if she was having the same thoughts while dancing with George as I was while dancing with Helen. I found out after our second orgasm that she was.

Afterward, we were laying naked in front of the fire and we confessed our desires to eachother. Jen said she noticed that I couldn't keep my eyes off of Helens full tits. I said I was sorry but she said it had turned her on. She also said that at one point while she was dancing with George he rubbed his crotch against her ass ( I missed that) and she said he felt very well endowed. She got wet immediately. I was massaging her hard nipples and I told her the thought of watching her suck another mans cock turned me on and she said that she got hot thinking of me fucking Helen. We had discussed this idea in fantasy before but it was always just playful talk. We 69'ed until we both orgasmed and finally fell asleep at 4:30AM.

It was raining the next morning when our phone rang. It seemed Jen and I slept right through breakfast and George and Helen were worried about us. We assured them we were fine and told them we'd meet them at lunch. The weather called for rain all day so Jen and I spent the morning making love, swimming in the pool and enjoying the huge jacuzzi. We showered and dressed and went to lunch.

George invited us to thier room after lunch to relax and swim in thier own pool since the day was so dreary out. We agreed and went to our room to change and then meet them in thier room. When Jen pulled out a conservative bikini I suggested she wear the new purple thing she had baught. She looked at me suprised and I told her our new friends deserved to see how sexy my wife was. I was suprised she was so agreeable and when she put the suit on I had a hard time keeping from tearing it off, she looked so hot! We put sweatpants and t-shirts over our clothes and headed to George and Helens room.

Helen had chose to wear a revealing suit as well. George, like me, had on standard swim trunks. Helen made us drinks and we lounged around the small pool and drank Margaritas and talked about a million things. Eventually we started to talk about the couple that was suppose to join them, actually it was Helen that braught it up. Thats when we learned that George and Helen were swingers, new to it but they had some experience. They had never met the couple they were suppose to meet here. George explained that they traded e-mails and some erotic pictures over the past 3 months leading up to the meeting this weekend. The other couple were in thier late 20's and Helen said they were really looking foreward to this. The other two times they swapped were with couples also in thier 40's and both she and George were looking foreward to a young couple. This got my mind racing, we were younger (I'm 30 and Jen's 28). Was that some kind of invitation?

We agreed that when dinner time rolled around we would order something in and relax the rest of the night. We had drained two pitchers of Margaritas and were feeling no pain by this time. Helen said we should take a jacuzzi. Now, if you've ever seen those heart-shaped jacuzzis then you know they are plenty big for two but four would be much more intimate. If the close quarters weren't enough, Helen suggested we make it a "nude jacuzzi". I saw Jen tense slightly and I whispered to her if she wasn't comfortable with that then we wouldn't do it. She asked if it bothered me and I told her I had no problem with it "then niether do I" she smiled and squeezed my hand.

Helen had put plenty of bubbles in the jacuzzi (against the rules) and we all entered wearing our suits. Then we undressed. The bubbles did a good job of keeping our nakedness concealed but we were in such close quarters that our naked legs were touching under the water. I was hard and I wondered if George was effected the same way. We eventually turned the conversation back towards sex, actually I did this time. I was asking them how they decided to start swinging.

They explained that after thier 20th anniversary, they had become quite bored with sex. They still enjoyed it but they had both been completely faithful and decided since thier two children were now away at college, that they could experiment. One of George's coworkers was into swinging and invited them to a club and that was thier first time. Hearing the intimate details of that first encounter had my cock throbbing. Jen had her hand on my cock, not stroking but squeezing when a naked, sexy foot slipped between my legs and the toes tickled my balls. I saw the ladies exchange a look and Jen didn't seem upset at all.

Before anything else got started, Helen asked Jen to help her fix another pitcher of drinks. Jen hesitated, she would have to get up and reveal herself to Helen and George. I sat back and watched with some amusement to see what she would do. Helen stood and as the bubbles dripped off, I was treated to an amazing sight. Helens tits were huge (38DD I would find out later). They were much whiter then the rest of her tanned body. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars and bright pink. They were wrinkled, bumps all around them and the nipples were thick and wide. My eyes drifted down to her shapely ass cheeks. Much fuller and rounder then Jens although Jens ass was perfection. What really got me was as the soap dripped away, I saw she was shaven completely. I had to fight the urge to grab my cock and jerk it.

George and Helen both looked on and awaited Jen to stand up, which she did. They both looked at eachother then at us and smiled. "You're absolutely gorgeous" George said and Helen agreed. George and I watched as they went to fix the drinks. We chatted for the five minutes they took to fix another pitcher and George asked me if I minded if he asked Helen to give him a little head when she got back. I told him I thought that might be fun to watch. Boy, was I in for a suprise.

After the ladies got back in the water, George told Jen what he had just asked me and that it didn't bother me, would it bother her. Her eyes widened at the idea, she was a little drunk and a lot horny. I think we all were by now.

Now I'm about 7" and average thickness but I never had any complaints from previous lovers. George sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and I know I started, my eyes wide and my mouth agape. His cock wasn't fully aroused yet. It was hanging there and it was as big as my full blown erection. His balls were also huge, double the size of mine, clean shaven and pink and they hung down like a bull. As soon as Helen started licking him, Jen put her hand on my cock. I had to push it away, I was that close to cumming.

Helen worked his cock to its full 10" and I could tell Jen was turned on by it because her hand was moving between her legs. Helen eventually made her way to the side of the jacuzzi. She was laying on her side, her legs parted as she sucked his cock and balls. George was playing with his wifes big tits while she sucked him off. Helen came while George fingered her. I stood and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi opposite them. Helen looked at my cock and told Jen to suck that beautiful thing. Jen was no longer shy and started to lick me. About five minutes later I was cumming, Jen stroking my cock while my cum shot all over her hard nipples and I moaned out loud. No words were spoken as we stood and went to the round, king-sized bed.

Helen and Jen lay on thier backs side by side and like on cue, they spread thier legs. I followed Georges lead and after watching him slip his cock in Helen I did the same to Jen. This scene was so hot I never lost my erection after I came. We fucked our women good and things got even better after about ten minutes when Helen and Jen started to kiss eachother. George still hadn't cum yet and I was fighting mysecond orgasm. I managed to hold off until George grunted and told Helen he was going to cum. She had already cum twice while he was fucking her and she came again when he exploded in her pussy.

Jen was rubbing her clit frantically and she had her first orgasm. A minute or two later while she was still quaking I filled her pussy with my second load. We all lay back and relaxed, out of breath. Jen and I were still absorbing what had happened, fucking on the same bed as another sexy couple. After a few minutes rest Helen asked Jen if she had ever been with another woman. Jen told the story about her and her college roommate. Helen told Jen she wanted to taste her. Jen looked at me and asked if it would be okay. I smiled and told her it would be awesome.

Somehow we got into an odd position. Helen was eating Jens pussy, her ass high in the air while Jen was laying back and her head had somehow rested on George's thigh. I moved behind Helen, George's cum was dripping from her sexy, shaved pussy and it looked sexy as hell. I was so taken by the sight before my eyes that I didn't notice when Jen had started licking George's cock. This was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Watching her suck that huge cock while Helen licked her dripping cooze was so intense.

George nodded toward me, motioned me to go ahead and give her a fucking. I wanted to taste her gorgeous cunt but there was just too much cum oozing from it. I got behind her and started rubbing my cock on her pussy. I was suprised when she started cumming even before I entered her. I waited for her to start cumming down and I entered her.

She was so wet and so hot that my cock was making squishy noises as I fucked her. It was so awesome. Jen was really into sucking George's cock but she had to stop while she came. After her orgasm she really went after his cock with gusto. Thats what we did for nearly a half hour. Helen ate Jen to several orgasms while I fucked Helen to another powerful one.

When it was time to cum, I pulled out and shot my third load of the night all over Helen's upturned ass. I watched as my cum dripped between her round cheeks and down over her slit. George was fucking my wifes mouth with gusto and I was suprised when I saw him start to jerk his hips. I looked at my wife as her cheeks expanded and knew he was blowing his load down her throat. I felt a twinge of jealousy because Jen was never big on swallowing my cum. It passed quickly though when the four of us once again collapsed and lay in bed giggling at the new experience.

George and Jen never fucked that weekend but the ladies performed tandem blow jobs first on me and then on George. Jen and I never went home that night as the four of us slept in the same bed.

This all happened in September and George and Helen are coming to visit us in two weeks for a long weekend. We've been exchanging sexy photos and nasty e-mails since that weekend and Jen keeps telling me how she wants me to watch her get fucked by Georges huge, fat cock. Helen has told me she would be interested in a little ass fucking (it would be my first time). I'll let you know how it goes.

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