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Roofer Can Take It


This one's for my twin sister, Chelle. My muse.


From the first second I saw him I knew I wanted him. He had a phone pressed between his shoulder and his ear, eating from a bowl of cereal as he walked around the pool in his backyard. The baggie board-shorts he wore would dip a little with each step revealing the paler skin of his ass and top of his crack. I kept half an eye on him from the concealment of my sunglasses while I worked.

The kid had a nice body and an absolutely perfect ass. The teasing little glimpses offered by his loose shorts were driving me wild. Making me daydream about how it would feel to fuck him. I wondered if he was even old enough, I mean legally. He had the build of a man: strong shoulders, well-developed chest, eight-pack abs, big muscular arms and that high-sitting ass. But he was smooth, no hair except the crazy loose, dark curls on his head. Enough hair there to take a fistful and hold onto him while I fucked the shit out of him. Not so smooth, there was hair on his legs, dark against his tanned skin; the bit of thick calves I could see not covered by the hibiscus patterned bathing suit.

"Hey, Justin, watch where you're pointing that thing!" Juan's voice brought me out of my stupor. The nail gun was in my hand pointed in his general direction.

"Sorry, dude. Guess I zoned out for a minute." Juan just smiled and shook his head. We both knew the gun wouldn't shoot the staples unless it was pressed against something. He continued to smooth the tarpaper flat in front of me as we worked our way to the end. When it was tacked down we moved on to laying out the next roll along the line of chalk we'd marked earlier. I tried not to watch the kid next door but couldn't help glancing over.

He'd finished the cereal but was still on the phone, holding it up to his ear so I could see the dark hair curling in his pits. He talked and laughed, circled the pool on his broad bare feet. My cock kept stirring in my jeans and I'd have to stop looking, felt like some kind of perverted peeping-tom.

"Come on, Justin. Let's break for lunch." I was happy to follow Juan off the roof, suddenly starving. We made our way out to the trucks and grabbed our lunches. I pulled out a Gatorade and chugged it while Juan pulled down the tailgate on his truck and sat. It was actually warm enough and clear enough to work without a shirt and the sweat was pouring off me. Northern California in late spring, you never know what it'll be like outside from day to day.

The old guy that owned the house came out with iced tea in a big pitcher and a couple glasses. It was nice, but the guy was being a pain in the ass. He obviously would rather be doing the work himself but was too old. The house was beautiful and he kept it so well maintained it was in excellent shape. If a tree branch hadn't fallen through the roof we would never have been called. A few of the trusses had been damaged so we'd replaced them and laid new sheathing the day before, after removing the previous layer of shingles. Juan, my boss, had talked the guy into getting wind-resistant asphalt shingles over the whole thing. Easy to do after the old dude complained about getting up there to replace shingles after big storms.

"Thanks, Mr. Riley," Juan said as the old guy approached, "but you don't have to do that."

"Nonsense, you boys are working so hard up there and it's so hot I thought you might appreciate some of my wife's sweet tea." He handed us each a glass and poured the dark tea with cut lemon slices in it. I sipped mine and raised my eyebrows at Juan. The shit should have been called sugar with tea flavoring. Juan just winked at me and took another drink of his own.

"Thanks, Mr. Riley. You'll have to tell your wife this is excellent. Sure feels good going down." Yeah, I thought, and the sugar rush is gonna give me a headache.

"I can't drink it anymore," the old guy said and patted his big belly. "Diabetes, you know?"

Juan just nodded like he knew all about it and started talking about the roof. I unpacked my lunch from the cooler I'd brought, sat beside Juan, and zoned out while they talked and I ate. I wondered what the kid from next door was doing. I stared at his house and figured the old Jeep Wrangler was his. There were lacrosse sticks poking up in the back.

"... just got back from his first year of college." The old guy was pointing at the kid's house and I refocused my attention on what they were saying. "He works at night at some restaurant but Joey and Beth, his parents, they said not to worry. He can sleep through anything." Juan was nodding sagely as he bit into his sandwich.

College? He was definitely old enough. Not that I was some kind of molester, I was only barely twenty-four. But it was hard to tell these days. At least now I could watch him without a guilty conscience.

A half hour later we were back up on the roof and I was feeling much better. I used my t-shirt to wipe over my crew cut head and brush the salt rings off the skin under my arms and around my neck. I was already pretty tanned and didn't have to worry about sunscreen. I looked over the roof for the kid. He'd obviously been in the water but now he was laid out in a lounge chair, water dripping from his hair and skin. He'd pushed his sunglasses up on his head to keep all that wild hair out of his face. Now I could see his face I realized he wasn't so young and was way hotter than I'd assumed.

It wasn't long as we worked that I started sweating again. It collected and ran down the hair at the center of my chest and down along the trail of thicker hair over my stomach. I kept all of it trimmed short but refused to shave, too much maintenance. Besides I'd been hairy since the ninth grade, plenty of time to get used to it. And, it accentuated my muscles. I had a good body from working and hitting the gym, mostly because of work. Had to look tough, act tough around a bunch of construction workers, especially on big job sites. Even the few women acted the part.

The kid eventually got up and went inside. I didn't see him again before we finished for the day. We cleaned up and put everything away for the next day. So long as it didn't rain over night we could lay the shingles. I grabbed my cooler out of Juan's truck and went to my own. I looked over at the kid's house and was surprised to find him leaning against his Jeep.

He was wearing a white t-shirt, the short sleeves looked stretched tight around his guns, and baggie cargo shorts with flip-flops. His sunglasses covered his eyes but I could feel that he was looking right at me. He tipped his chin at me, a sort of 'What's up?' gesture. It was so unexpected to see him there I just smiled and waved my hand. Like a loser, I waved at him. I dropped my hand fast as I realized what I was doing and jumped into my truck. I threw the cooler and my tools onto the seat next to me and took off, embarrassed.

I got home and jerked-off in the shower, thinking about the kid and exactly how I'd violate him if I had a chance. I used the soap to lube my cock and imagined holding the kid's hips right at that sexy tan line while he was on his hands and knees in front of me. I popped off in minutes and finished washing.

I met Juan at Mr. Riley's the next day. I got there early and watched the kid's house until Juan showed up. Saw what must've been his parents leaving for work. We unpacked our gear and set up our stuff, pulling the tarp off the shingles that had been delivered a couple days ago.

The morning went quick; measuring and marking chalk lines, hauling shingles and laying them out. It was another beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, the sky so blue it made me dizzy. We were getting a lot done despite my constant surveillance of the backyard next door. After lunch, and more too-sweet tea the kid reappeared.

A different bathing suit today, I saw in awe. It was white with light blue stripes that grew bigger and darker toward the legs. It was small, cut like boxer briefs, and tight. No disguising that luscious ass, or the big bulge in front. Only Juan's yelling at me to come over snapped me out of my staring. As I turned away I saw from the corner of my eye that the kid was looking at me. I felt my cheeks flush and hurried over to haul another stack of shingles onto the roof.

It was like torture, knowing the kid was over there and not being able to look. Just before quitting time I felt his eyes on me. I laid the air gun down and stood, stretching. It made my jeans ride low, pulled down by the weight of my tool belt, so the bottom of my abs showed and just a hint of the line where the hair on my body grew darker and thicker. When I finished the stretch and looked down he had his sunglasses on but somehow I knew he'd seen me. I turned around and pulled my jeans up along with my low-cut briefs. My dick was tingling again, wanting to fill out. I hoped he was looking, maybe interested. Shit, I'd make him scream on the end of my cock.

When we started cleaning up for the day we had most of the work done. Tomorrow would be a short day. As we packed up Juan told me I could take off early tomorrow after we finished, get a head start on the weekend. We talked for a couple minutes about the next job then I headed over to my truck across the street.

I turned to look, trying not to get my hopes up, but the kid was right there. Camouflage cargo shorts this time, riding low on his hips. I could see his whole armored belly and the top of those little trunks. His arms were crossed over his chest, making his biceps bulge. I nodded to him, ready not to wave. I opened the lockbox behind the cab of my truck and threw my tools in. When I glanced back the kid was still there. He jerked his head back, indicating that I should come over to him.

I froze for a minute, unsure. I'd caught him staring but hadn't sensed any interest on his part. Maybe I was wrong. I checked for cars and crossed back to the other side of the street. I shoved my hands into my pockets and walked up his driveway, pushing the waist of my jeans down a little and sticking out my chest.

"Hey," I said as I got closer.

"Hey, I'm Riley." His voice was smooth and deep, not a kid's voice at all.

"I'm Justin." I stuck my hand out and he took it. Callused hands, not like mine, but not smooth like a college boy's should be. I tried to see behind his sunglasses but couldn't, figured he was doing the same so I pushed mine up onto my head.

"You've been checking me out, Justin." As he spoke he pushed his glasses up and tamed some of his wild hair with them. "Was I entertaining for you?" It could have been sexy flirting but it felt more like confrontation. I wasn't sure what to do.

"Uh, yeah. I like the way you look." I wasn't into playing games. I held my hands out, palms up, and shrugged in a 'What're you going to do?' gesture. A smile slowly stretched his lips while he regarded me, I let my hands drop.

"You're not bad looking either." He winked at me. "I've got to be at work in two hours. Wanna fuck?" First, I thought his grinning smirk was way too sexy. Second, I wondered where this kid got his easy self assurance. He was way ahead of me when I was his age. I turned around and made sure Juan's truck was gone, it was.

"Lead the way." I followed him into the cool air of the house. It was nice inside, too much white for me but I saw how it could be pleasing.

"You want something to drink, Justin? You must be thirsty." We walked into the kitchen that was also done all in white with stainless steel appliances.

"Yeah, that would be great. Just water, please." He opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle. He uncapped it and handed it to me. I lifted it up and chugged it, made the conscious decision to let him see my throat working as I swallowed. I finished it and set it down to rub at my forehead, brain freeze. He grinned and tossed the bottle in a recycle bin beside the white-tiled island.

He walked right up to me, so close I thought he was going to kiss me or... something. He just turned and moved by me, his chest barely brushing my shoulder. I turned and followed him down a hall, deeper into the house. I watched his ass move and my dick filled up to capacity. Was he shaking it just a little for me? I had to wonder. Just when I was about to put my hand on it he turned into a room. I walked in and he shut the door behind me.

The room was pretty big, bigger than the one in my apartment. There was a queen sized bed, light blue sheets tangled up with a darker blue comforter. I didn't have time to notice the rest as he moved up behind me and grabbed me in a bear hug. He rubbed his crotch against my ass and felt up my chest and stomach. His chest felt hot against my back and I felt his tongue run up the side of my neck, even hotter.

"I knew you'd smell good," he said. I heard him inhale and felt the bite of his teeth where my neck and shoulder met. I couldn't help the groan that slipped out of me, or the little thrust my ass gave his groin. He bit harder so it almost hurt and laved over the flesh in his mouth. Complete system shut-down, my brain just stopped working. He ran his right hand down my arm and took my hand. He pulled it up and back so I could run my fingers into his hair while his right hand moved over my bared right side. His fingers dug in and mapped my muscles.

Just when I was finally starting to form a thought he let me go, pushed me further into the room towards the bed. I stumbled forward and turned on my heel so my ass landed on the mattress. I watched him unbutton the shorts and they fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them and came towards me. His cock tented the brief trunks obscenely, made me unconsciously lick my lips.

He stood in front of me and I leaned forward, focused on his dick. I opened my mouth and would have put my lips on him but he squatted down in front of me. I could smell the chlorine on him with a little hint of sweat and coconut oil. It turned me on even more. What the fuck is going on here? I wondered. I felt unbalanced but so aroused, out of my depth. He was unlacing my work boots.

Riley pulled one off, then the other. He lifted my feet as he stood and pulled my socks off before tugging at the hems of my jeans. I laid back and pushed the button through the hole and they slid right off. I pushed back onto the bed and pulled my briefs off, getting a whiff of the sweat that had collected in my crotch and liking it. I settled in the middle, resting on my elbows.

He moved to the bottom of the bed, rubbing his cock through the swimsuit, and pulled the comforter and sheet off. He let it all fall to the floor and studied me. He reached into the swimsuit with his right hand and held his dick. He used his left hand to hook the waistband under his balls. The big sac sort of spilled out, his egg-shaped nuts tumbling into the air. He let go and sort of presented himself to me.

Holy shit the kid, no, Riley, had a big cock. So big it looked menacing as it swung, pointing towards the ceiling at an angle. The underbelly throbbing for me. He rested his hands on his hips just over the deep cuts where his legs joined to his torso. And there was that tan line I'd been dreaming about. The white skin not as pale as I would have guessed.

"You're fucking hot, guy. I can't wait to get inside you," he fairly whispered, like he was talking more to himself. Wait a minute, I thought and looked up at his face. He had a cocky grin on his face, more a sneer. Against my will it made my cock jump on my belly.

"Wh... wait. Listen, this...." How to put it? And why couldn't I think straight?

"This isn't how you planned it?" Riley finished the thought for me, mind-reader style. He climbed onto the bed from the bottom, like a fucking tiger. He moved gracefully, economically but with some hint of danger I couldn't put my finger on. Maybe the feral grin on his wide lips or the warning glint in his hazel eyes. I swallowed hard and let my shoulders fall back as he moved over me, thinking about what it means to be prey.

He leaned down with his weight on his arms until I felt the head of his cock land on my belly, making my abs twitch at the heat. He moved closer and the head burned a line up my stomach only to stop when his lips were just over mine. His breath fanned over my face just before his tongue came out and he licked my top lip. Heat, again, like a trace of fire; like the only other point of contact which jumped and landed as his cock throbbed. He licked my chin and up and over my bottom lip, into my mouth. I took his tongue and closed my lips around it, sucking lightly.

He collapsed onto his forearms over me and held my head in his hands as he snaked his tongue further into my desperate mouth. He tasted like summer: heat and wet, organic and sweet. I moaned and he flicked over my palate. I pressed my body up towards him and he met me then collapsed so we were pressed together. His knee slid between my legs, forcing me to spread them. He fit his other leg in between and used his legs to spread mine wide open.

His cock met mine and where I'd felt hot before it was now volcanic, a conduit of heat that I wanted to consume and engulf, quench. I groaned and grabbed his ass, the object of so much of my attention. I felt the muscles move and flex as he rubbed his hot cock against mine. Without thought I raised my legs and rested my ankles against the back of his thighs.

I released his tongue and licked along it with my own, into his mouth. I groaned, moaned, couldn't stop. I clutched his ass and pressed him closer. His light stubble burned against my face. I tried to move, create more friction but was hampered by his weight. I realized he was heavier than I'd thought. Where I'd figured we were almost evenly matched in height and weight he might be stronger than me. It made a little shiver run up my spine.

He drew back and sucked at my bottom lip. His eyes, somewhere between green and grey, were focused and intense. I moved my hands up over his flexing back and onto his broad shoulders. I pressed down on his shoulders in an underhanded grip, wanting to feel all of him as tight to me as I could. His hands left my head and he pushed them between us to find my nipples and rub the rough skin of his palms over them, sending hot shocks straight to my balls. "Fuck," I panted against his lips.

Riley drew back and got onto his knees between my legs, his hands slid down to my belly as he moved. He moved his splayed right hand closer to my cock and pressed his thumb into the base. I hissed in air as he pressed just a hint past too hard. I looked up from the juncture of our bodies, into his eyes. He smiled at me, flicking his eyes from where he touched me to my face. So proud and confident, the look on his face aroused and angered me.

"You want to taste it, Justin? Before I fuck you?" I did and I didn't. More than anything I didn't want to submit to him, not like this. I just stared at him and fisted my hands in the sheets. His thumb eased down my shaft into the loose skin of my balls, creating tension that made my dick stand up. He slapped it with his other hand. It wasn't hard but it fucking hurt and shocked me. I half sat up and grabbed his hands. He laughed and winked at me, pulled his hands free.

Riley moved off the bed and I laid back to catch the breath that had suddenly deserted me when he slapped my cock. He opened a duffel bag on the floor and rummaged around in it. I admired the open crack of his ass, tried to think of how I could get my cock in there. I wanted to run my tongue through the sparse forest of curls there and taste the chlorine on his skin.

He stood and showed me the condoms and bottle of lube in his hands. He was grinning like a kid with a new toy. His eyes narrowed and the grin slipped away. He looked at where I still held my dick from when he'd hit it. He strode back to the bed with renewed purpose. As he climbed on I scooted back and closed my legs. I felt the cool wood of the headboard pressed against my back.

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