Room 235


Graham's hands fell from her waist and clasped themselves atop her bare buttocks, each hand kneading one fleshy cheek between his fingers while his mouth did just as much molding from the front of her body. Stacy draped her right leg over Graham's shoulder for support as he continued his ravenous invasion of her deliriously sweet tasting pussy. His lips eagerly pursed at the sensitive nub, beckoning it to supply an insurmountable amount of pleasure throughout her body.

As Stacy's hands gripped the strands of Graham's tossled brown hair, he expertly slid his tongue past the outer folds of Stacy's pussy and inside her ever waiting and ever moistening hole.

She bucked beneath him, the heel of her foot digging into his back for more support. Graham had no intention of letting her go and Stacy had no intention of denying herself the unbridled pleasure his masterful tongue afforded her.

The familiar feeling of pending release permeated her loins. Her hands tightened their grip in his hair as she tried to pull his mouth even more deeply into her furnace. Her head flung back as she gasped up toward the heavens. Her body rocked with pleasure as she trembled beneath him, each pulse pouring her womanly juices from her body to Graham's eager and waiting mouth. He anxiously licked every ounce of cum from her delicate folds, moaning with every taste of her sweet nectar.

Stacy suddenly felt her leg falling from its only support structure as Graham stood up and walked her backwards onto the bed. His green eyes pierced hers with rampant desire. Her naked body fell, almost violently, onto the bed and she gasped as she hit the surface.

Both she and Graham's fingers tore at his clothes in an effort to discard the final barrier between them and what promised to be a sinfully unforgettable night.

Just before his pants hit the floor, he worked a small package out of his wallet and it fit comfortably and discreetly in his large hand.

With all his clothing removed he fell onto his palms on top of Stacy and kissed her lips as though it was the finest meal he'd ever tasted. She could taste her juices on his lips as it mingled with glorious scent of his cologne.

Graham settled himself inside Stacy's thighs, opening them wide beneath him as his hands fumbled awkwardly, his body twisting to adhere the condom to the hardened cock between his legs.

With the protection securely in place, Graham eagerly shoved his hips forward and smoothly slid inside the wet and fiery depths of her pussy, filling her completely and impaling her to the bed below them. His hands held hers above her head while his hips started their slow and exquisite retreat from her womb.

Their bodies met and parted in a carnally sensual dance that left them both breathless with lust.

Stacy's legs instinctively opened wider to receive as much of Graham's hard and throbbing cock as it could. Graham's lips tried desperately to force an impenetrable bond with hers, only to have them ripped from his grasp at every inherently animalistic thrust.

Graham finally released his grip on Stacy's hands only to let them wander down once again to her breasts, molding the soft, ivory skin beneath him. His mouth fervently devoured one of her breasts while his hips took a thunderous crash into hers, holding himself there while his lips toyed with the delicate nipple. Graham sat up on his knees, his dick still buried deep within her depths, holding her there, taming her and claiming her as his own.

Stacy's hips were raised slightly above the bed; Graham's hands grasped her at the waist while his tongue did wondrously obscene things to her breasts.

Stacy's hands clamored clumsily for Graham's body, trying their best to hold on to something -- anything for support. They finally found a brief respite at the base of his neck, but Graham would have none of it. He wanted to take her wholly, fully. He needed to ravage her with wild abandon. Here, now, in this foreign land he needed this woman more than he could or would ever admit.

Graham pulled Stacy's hands from around his neck, lifted her hips so that her buttocks rested on his knees, and draped her legs over his shoulders. He then pinned her arms beneath her, leaned forward and drove himself inside her as far as their bodies would allow. Her knees nearly touched her own shoulders at the force of it all.

Graham's hips thrust into her sternly, almost violently as his body seemed to be fulfilling some deep and primal need. Stacy gasped with pleasure at every plunge, trying in vain to match his efforts thrust for thrust. Graham's hands reluctantly released Stacy's arms as he grabbed the headboard in front of him for more support. His ardent plunges were increasing in intensity and speed. Stacy held on to Graham's erratic hips, her hands sliding further and further down their length at every forceful connect their bodies made.

Stacy, at the edge of her climax and looking for a solid foundation to ground her, clasped her hands onto the bars of the headboard behind her and held them tightly as her body began to quake with pleasure. She closed her eyes tight as her back arched, her body nearly lifting off the bed entirely. Her hands held fast to the bars, the moisture from beneath her fingers sliding them down no matter how hard she gripped the poles. Her orgasm ripped through her like a wave, and she screamed out in pleasure as her whole body convulsed uncontrollably.

As Graham's wave hit, he pulled Stacy's legs from his shoulders and wrapped them tightly around his waist. His hands gripped her at the hips as he pulled her body into his, his orgasm eagerly releasing his seed into its latex barrier. He gave a muffled grunt with every pulse.

As his spasms began to subside, he sat kneeled between her thighs, his hips still leisurely pumping away inside her as his spent cock was slowly returning to its flaccid state. He let his hands glide smoothly back and forth over Stacy's damp and quivering legs and bent down while his lips slowly kissed up her thigh and across her belly.

His lips made an excruciatingly slow path back to hers, stopping briefly at her breasts, with a detour to nibble on her ear. Once their mouths met again, Graham lightly brushed his lips across hers releasing a stifled shudder from Stacy as she hungrily enveloped his mouth with her own, coaxing his elusive tongue to tango, once again, with hers.

Just then, a knock on the door stole their attention.

"Room service!" barked the hotel staff member from behind the door.

Graham and Stacy looked at each other. They had completely forgotten about their request for food in their urgent need to fulfill another, more potent need. Graham chuckled and nuzzled his lips into Stacy's neck.

"I'll get it," he said lifting his frame from the bed, quickly swiping on his pants and walking over to the door.

Stacy grasped at the lust strewn sheets on the bed and sheepishly pulled them up over her naked body. She watched as Graham took care of the room service bill and carried their tray over to the table across from her. Her body, with one hunger satisfied, soon again felt the unrepentant grumblings of another.

Stacy knew her time with Graham was short. She was scheduled to be back in New York by the end of the week and she wasn't sure when Graham planned to go back to England, but she did know that the sooner they could finish their meal, the sooner the both of them could get back to much more important things.

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