tagTransgender & CrossdressersRoom for Mickie Ch. 05

Room for Mickie Ch. 05


When you ask most guys what they remembered from their wedding, you usually get one of two answers. Either they were nervous as hell, or the rocking time they had at the reception. What I will always remember is seeing Mickie for the first time since that morning. She wore a vintage wedding dress and had been escorted up to the alter wearing a cameo choker and flowers in her hair. Mickie was stunningly beautiful and her smile seemed to outshine the sun. I was so lucky to have her in my life and hard pressed to believe that I could ever be as happy as I was now. My brother Ted placed her hand in mine and she reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

I remember the day that Mickie asked him if he would consider being the one to give her away. Ted had seemed a little too quiet when we told the family that Hank and Lana were going to stand up with us as best man and bride's maid. That is when Mickie hit him up for the job. You would have thought that he had just won the Super Bowl. His eyes lit up and he sniffed as he hugged Mickie. Considering the way he felt about her when he first found out she was Trans; this was a complete turn around. His fiancée, Kat smiled her endorsement and Mom clutched my hand in approval. Seems that Ted was more than happy to do his part.

A slight breeze had sprung up, cooling the late summer morning and the atmosphere in the little stone chapel was nearly perfect. I glanced over when Mickie handed Lana her bridal bouquet. It was then that I first noticed Lana's very sparkly engagement ring. She looked so pleased and so happy standing there. My gaze turned back to Hank and when he knew that I saw Lana's new bauble; he shrugged and his grin threatened to split his face. I shook his hand and whispered congratulations.

A soft elbow in the ribs, and Reverend Beal's cough, brought me back to the matter at hand. I beheld my bride-to-be again and was enraptured with her once more. Pastor began, 'Dearly Beloved'; at least I think he did, but it soon just faded from my mind. I was only thinking of how beautiful Mickie looked and how lucky I was.

Reverend Beal recited the marriage vows, asking Michelle if she would take me for richer or poorer... But all I remember was hearing a sound like the voice of Charley Brown's teacher. 'Waa, waa. Waa, waa, waa.'

I heard Mickie's soft, "I do" and it snapped me out of my trance. I turned to her and her beautiful smile captivated me once more.

"Do you Richard, take Michelle to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you love her..."

"I do!" I blurted. Then I heard a few giggles from around me and a snicker from Hank.

Reverend Beal smiled. "You have to let me finish son."

I felt Mickie softly squeeze my hand and I whispered "sorry" as I hoped I didn't get as red as I felt.

The Reverend continued the vows and when it got to my part he motioned for me to answer.

"I do, oh Lord do I do!"

Reverend Beal smirked a bit. "Well, with that being said I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." I hesitated a bit too long. "I think this is the part where you are supposed to kiss your bride son." He winked. As I took Mickie in my arms the small chapel thundered with applause.

After the following hug fest, Ted approached Reverend Beal. A short chat later, Beal smiled and nodded. Ted returned to his fiancée and whispered in her ear. Kat nodded and was all smiles. She was sitting with her parents behind my folks and Grace. Jim and Toni Adair had been invited to the wedding as an introduction to our family. They thought the world of Ted and turned out to be great people and everyone seemed to get along so nicely. Unexpectedly, my brother shot out a loud whistle to get everyone's attention.

"Kat and I have decided to get married now," He turned to me, "as long and you and Mickie don't mind. We don't mean to steal your thunder Ricky. " All I did was smile.

Mickie squeezed my hand slightly and let out a small squeal. She had bought an extra bouquet for throwing and she quickly retrieved it from a small niche toward the rear of the chapel. She gave it to Kat and I heard her say under her breath that she was going to make sure to throw it in her direction anyway. The two ladies hugged as my brother approached.

"Hey, we need a best man and a brides maid Rick. Would you and Mickie volunteer?"

"It would be our honor Brother." Mickie trailed behind Kat and we all took our positions at the alter. Before the Reverend began I glanced back at the small gathering. Mom and Dad sat with Grace and Kat's parents. They were all smiles as Reverend Beal started.

The Reverend smirked. "Once again; Dearly Beloved..."


"Penny for your thoughts Mr. Sanders." I had been watching the far off lights of a ship as it passed the view from our rental cabin on Lake Michigan. Mickie's voice broke me from my trance and as I turned around, I stopped dead in my tracks. My beautiful Mickie seductively leaned against the door of the bathroom where she had changed from her bridal gown. She now wore an ivory peignoir that left little to the imagination. If this had been a cartoon, my tongue would have rolled out of my mouth and onto the floor.

Mickie blushed a little. "I saw myself in the mirror. This doesn't hide much, does it Baby?"

I finally found my voice. "It's perfect Mrs. Sanders, just like you."

My Lover smiled. "Mrs. Sanders, I think I like the sound of that." She strolled forward, into my arms.

I held her close. "All my life, my Karma has been hit or miss, but since you have entered the picture, each day is better than the one before it. I keep waiting for my fortune to swing the other way, but it doesn't."

Mickie leaned in and kissed the right cheek of my face and then the left. "The answer is simple Baby. I'm your lucky charm." She smiled brightly.

I conceded. "You must be Mickie, because of you I feel like the luckiest guy alive." I glanced down at her cleavage. "Are they magically delicious?"

Mickie sported a sly grin. "You're gonna have to find out for yourself, Buster."

Mickie sighed as my lips found her neck. I worked kisses down to her breasts and my tongue caressed her nipples, one at a time, through the material of her gown. Her moans were almost illicit.

"Mmm. You drive me crazy when you do that Baby." She sighed.

We came up for air after a long kiss and she told me she had a surprise for me.

"I like s-s-surprises." Okay, maybe I was a little nervous.

"You're gonna love this one Baby." Mickie, still in my arms, nibbled on my earlobe and started to whisper. "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue."

I turned my head to face her so we could kiss. "And...?" I asked.

"Well," She started, with a kiss " my dress was vintage; something old."

I nodded.

"The flowers in my hair were fresh cut; something new." She purred and smiled coyly.

"My Mother loaned me the cameo choker I wore. Something barrowed."

"And the something blue?" I wondered.

"Well, Lana gave me something that she said would make the evening... interesting." We had been holding each other, entwined in each others arms. Mickie took me by the hand and guided me between her legs.

"Holy shit!" I spit. Her cock was hard as steel. "Uh, Mickie?"

"It was just a little blue pill, My Love. What cha think?" She was guiding my hand to slowly stroke her.

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and I knew I couldn't deny her anything. "Honey... you know...if you wanted to..."

Mickie gently put a finger on my lips. "That's not what I want Baby. I like things just how they are now and I am so in love with you. Lana and I just thought it might ...enhance our evening."

" I am so in love with you too, Michelle Sanders." I smiled as tears leaked from my eyes.

The look on my Baby's face was pure wonder as we held each other. I kissed her soft lips and then she kissed my nose as she ran her fingers through my hair. "Care to unwrap your present Baby?'

It felt like the first time as I tugged on the hidden ribbon that tied her peignoir jacket. In a way, it was the first time with my sexy wife. It was a wonder my hands were steady as I was so excited I was practically vibrating all over.

Mickie, my best friend, lover and soul mate shrugged her shoulders and the straps over her gown slipped away; baring her bodice for me. I gently licked one nipple and then the other until she moaned in both pleasure and frustration. She gently tugged on the back of my head indicating that she wanted more. Well, what the Lady wants...

I carefully worried a nipple as I laved the tip and ran my hands down the length of her nylon covered curves; as if I were committing them to memory. Perhaps I was. I know that I will remember and relive this night for many years to come.

Her knees going weak, she started sliding down the doorframe, and I took that as my cue to sweep her up in my arms and carry her to our bridal bed. She took the adjustment of position to nip and gently nibble on my neck. I was hard as iron and I wanted her NOW! However I wanted this to be special and memorable. Using restraint, from God knows where, I gently laid her on our bed and slid in beside her.

She cuddled up to me as I devoured her lips. Like I said before, if there was such a thing as a college degree for kissing, Mickie would have earned a masters degree by now. Hell, anything involving her oral skills at all was pure magic. I sucked on her tongue as it found it's way to entwine with mine. I literally could kiss her all night.

Once again I formed a trail of kisses down and across her neck. I lingered at her collar bone on one side and across to the other. Mickie sighed again and whimpered slightly as she shivered. My lips continued their downward path as I licked between her breasts and took each of her nipples with my lips, one at a time and gently licked and lavished them.

I continued my southern route, flicking my tongue in her navel. It was then I felt a slight pressure under my chin. Mickie's Viagra engorged member appeared to need attention. When I glanced back up to her beautiful face, Mickie's gaze was riveted on me and she was practically panting with desire. Her erection rubbed against my chin, throbbing with a life of it's own. I took the initiative and licked it's sensitive underside. After I heard her whimper again I smiled, and with our eyes locked, kissed the tip.

"Oh Baby!" she moaned as her eyes closed in ecstasy. I felt the slight pressure of both her hands on my head as I swallowed her erection. Her unusual hardness inspired me as I tried to remember and use every trick she had used on me in the past. As I grew accustomed to sucking her, I realized something that she had told me when we first became a couple. Mickie said that she never felt subservient while blowing me. She said that it actually turned her on to do it. The combination of the slight control and knowledge of the pleasure she gave was so empowering; and now I could see what she meant. I marveled at the fact she was so hard and yet so soft at the same time. Every time I pulled her from my mouth and swallowed her again it sent a wave of shivers through her. Sharing this experience with her was arousing me as well.

I released her beautiful member, lifted her legs and speared her luscious ass with my tongue. I am so glad we were in a cabin and there were no guests in the next room over. Mickie cried out with pleasure when I sank my own erection into her lubed ass. As worked up as we both were, it only took moments for our climaxes to envelope us. We curled up together on the bed like we would never be separated again. I felt wetness on my shoulder.

"You okay Baby?"

Mickie looked up at me, tears in her eyes. " I am so happy Rick. I never, ever thought I could be as happy as I am now." More tears fell. "I have a wonderful husband and a new family that loves me. I-If I c-ould only give you a b-baby, my life would be c-complete."

I studied her face. "Michelle Ann Sanders, You are my beautiful, loving wife. As far as I am concerned, my life is complete. Please don't think that you have cheated me out of happiness, because I have never been as happy as I am now." I hesitated. "But I could..."

"What Baby?" Mickie's eyes showed concern.

I grinned. "Well, I could use a kiss."

Mickie giggled as more tears leaked from her eyes. "Are you ever sorry that you kissed a certain Cat woman at that comic-con?"

"Which Cat woman was that Mickie?" I teased, barely holding back a smile.

"You Snot!" she laughed incredulously.

After I kissed her deeply, I spoke up. "Oh, I remember now. That was the day my life truly started."

Mickie lay her head on my shoulder and snuggled up even tighter. "Mine too Baby, mine too."


"Oh, my Love, my Darling I've hungered for your touch, a long, long time.

And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much, are you still mine?

I need your love, I need your love. God speed your love, to me."...

Mickie and I held tight to each other as we danced to the song Unchained Melody, flawlessly preformed by our buddies band The Stoned Ponies. Hanks voice was spot on as he covered the old Righteous Brothers hit song. To our left danced my brother Ted and his lovely wife Kat, her baby bump just starting to show.

Lana's voice issued from another microphone as her fiancée continued singing. "We would like to present Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, and Mr. and Mrs. Sanders. Ted and Kat. Rick and Mickie." Applause followed and so did other couples as they headed for the dance floor.

I gazed into the eyes of my best friend and soul mate. I found it difficult believing that this lovely woman chose me to spend the rest of her life with. Her sleepy eyes seemed to sparkle as she smiled back at me. For about the millionth time I mentally traced the small freckles on the bridge of her nose; the slight crinkle of the laugh lines around her eyes; the smile that seemed to light up every room that she entered. Yes, I was truly happy.

I had to hand it to them. My Mom and Dad hosted the beautiful wedding reception in our spacious backyard. My parents got together with Mickie's Mom, Grace and Kat's parents; Jim and Toni to throw a grand party. There were two big tents that more than covered the party goers, not that they were necessary, because the weather was perfect. Dad's Buddy Billy, of Billy Bones catering, offered a spectacular meal of roast pig and chicken for entrees plus all of the usual wedding fare.

The Stoned Ponies rocked the night away dipping heavily into to their 70's bag of tricks. Hank and the rest of the band had made Lana a full fledged member. The two sang beautifully together and Lana's great voice made Stoned Ponies even more popular. I found out that night that not only were Hank and Lana officially engaged, but they were planning a May wedding. They wanted Mickie and me to stand up with them and we quickly accepted. They were both so grateful that the two of us brought them together in the first place. Both of them separately told us that the two of them had never been happier.

The evening was truly perfect. Surrounded by the love of friends and family, we could ask for nothing more. Then something surprised me. I saw Mickie talking with my parents several yards away when suddenly she broke into tears and hugged them both. Ted had just passed by them heading toward me, so I asked him what that was all about. He told me that Dad and Mom asked Mickie if she felt comfortable calling them that; 'Dad and Mom'. Seems that they asked Kat the same question earlier. Mom had told me before that Dad had always wanted a daughter; well now he had two. I also kinda got the idea that Mom was pretty okay with it as well. Like I said, it was the perfect night.


A few weeks later Mickie started her job at Sanders Construction Supply as assistant manager. She would have started a bit earlier but Mickie and I took a week to find an apartment and move our belongings from Lansing up to Midland. My Love took to the position right away and Dad told me that Mickie was a natural with customers. I mean, Ted was always good at the job, but Mickie seemed to shine and made the job her own.

One evening Mickie called and asked me to set another place for dinner that night. Mickie had started volunteering at an LGBT shelter in Midland, about a month ago, a few days a week.

"Baby, this is Daniel. Dan, this is my husband Rick. " I shook his hand. He was a bit timid but seemed like a nice guy. As he took off his coat I noticed that he had a bit of a gut. I wrote it off and put the salad and a pan of my famous lasagna on the table. Since it was my day off, I had bought some nice wine to go with our meal. I was about to open the bottle when Mickie thought it best that we loose the alcohol in favor of ice tea. It was okay with me and Dan didn't seem to mind, but then he didn't talk much through dinner, but he sure ate well.

Mickie talked about the massive orders the business was getting due to the building boom in the area. Then she talked about the shelter needing some funding for overdue repairs. Actually my Dad already donated an allotment of supplies. All they needed was some volunteer man hours to fix the place up. My Baby thought she had talked a few construction workers into volunteering their time. All they had to do was set a date for repairs.

We put Dan up for the night in our spare bedroom. He started to warm up to us a bit and became more talkative. Dan seemed very grateful for the food and the bed. When I joined Mickie in our own bed she told me that Dan was a trans man who's Dad had kicked him out of the house. I told her I was cool with Dan, but I did vocalize that I just couldn't understand how a father could abandon his child. It was then she told me that the situation was more complicated than it appeared.

"How so Baby?"

"That's just it Honey," she exclaimed. "Dan is... well he's ..."

The nickel dropped. "My God, he's..."

"Yes he is pregnant Baby."

I whistled lightly. Well that puts a different spin on it, I thought.


Since the few people living in the shelter had to move out temporarily because of repairs, Dan moved in with us that week. He didn't have many belongings and since he turned out to be such a likeable guy, the adjustment was easy. He even helped us move Grace into her new home, several blocks away. Of course when Mickie secretly told her of his condition, Grace tried to fuss over him. He explained that while he appreciated her concern, he didn't want to be mollycoddled. Grace told us later on that she thought Dan had more guts than most of the new recruits going into the service as of late.

Even after the renovations at the shelter were completed, Dan remained with us. His Baby bump expanded till there was no doubt what condition he was in. Mickie felt by staying with us, there would be less questions for him to answer. Besides, he was growing on me too. Especially when I found out how high of a level he had reached on World of Warcraft. It was a little odd that he was extremely pregnant, could barely stand up with out help and his character was still whooping the crap out of mine. Every night that we played, he would beat the tar out of me. But instead of rubbing it in, he would teach me how I could improve my game strategy.

Weeks later, a call from Mickie had me speeding to the hospital. Seems that Dan's water broke during a support session at the shelter. A traffic jam slowed my progress so by the time I got there Dan had already delivered. He held his baby girl as he sat, propped up in bed.

After a bit I asked "Do you have a name picked out?"

"I-I don't know." Mickie sat on the bed next to father and daughter. "Mickie, if she was yours to name, what would you choose?"

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