tagErotic CouplingsRoom Mates Pt. 09

Room Mates Pt. 09


Waking up Sammie felt unreasonably warm.

Hot may be the word. As the seconds passed she remembered she was in Jake's bed and that the heavy weight against her body the man himself. Sighing, she arched decadently and felt the unmistakeable ridge of his cock pressing against her arse. He shivered and she pressed back, lifting her thigh to allow his bare erection to press against her aching pussy.

He'd said so much last night, bared himself in all senses, shown vulnerability. Sammie ached for the sadness he much have felt back then and the bravery for sharing it with her. Despite herself, Sammie wanted to believe he cared for her and welcomed the gentle thrust of his hard hot cock against her covered pussy. She was naturally disappointed that he hadn't tried anything last night but somehow, his reserve just made her want him more. As if she could ever want him more than she did already.

He murmured sleepily and gripped her thigh, holding her still as he rocked against her. His hand slid down to cup her mound and Sammie pressed back, welcoming the attention.


Sammie shrieked as Jake ripped her boy shorts from her body, his hand dipping into her wetness as she felt him fumble behind her. Within seconds, his bare cock slid through her lips, hitting her clit on each upstroke and his free hand slid beneath her vest to pluck her bare nipple. He stroked her clit, alternating between circles with his fingers and sliding his cock head against the tumescent flesh.

Sammie bucked and trembled and his cock slipped into the crease of her arse. His fingers teased her nipple as he leisurely slipped his erection between her cheeks and Sammie felt herself moisten further, glad it was his bed she was making a mess of.

As his hands and cock played havoc with her senses, Sammie lay in suspended animation, taking everything Jake had to give her and still wanting more. She wanted him, wanted Jake to claim both her pussy and her arse. She grunted, he'd done neither so far. Desperate, Sammie wedged her hand between her thighs and rubbed her clitoris, brushing her fingers against Jake's cock as he slipped back between her labia. He groaned as her fingers stroked him and he leaned into her body,

"Best. Wake Up. Ever."

"Fuck me Jake... Take me... now! Please!! I need you so badly!"

Sammie grimaced at the desperation in her tone but Jake twitched, growing harder still and he thrust harder between her spread thighs. Pulling back, he spun her onto her back and braced himself above her, gripping her thighs in his hands and he swept through her copious wetness, hitting her clit with pinpoint precision.

Sammie slid her hands down to clasp his cock, to feed it into her pussy but Jake just grasped her wrists and held them over her head, content to tease her and himself.

"Geez Jake... Just do me!! How much foreplay can one woman take! I'm horny, I'm willing, I'm soaking... just fuck me!"

Jake laughed and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as his cock beat a tattoo against her open pussy,

"What happened to you?! When did you get so vocal Sammie? I recall you not saying boo to a goose!"

"Well I used to be shy and then you made me crazy and now all I can think about is you fucking me! Are you happy? I'm a monster!"

Jake thrust an inch into her, the restraint evident in the rigidity of his face as he stilled, holding her stunned gaze with his own.

"Fuck Sammie... What the hell?!"

Sammie swivelled her hips, trying desperately to draw him deeper but with her hands pinned and Jake's superior strength at play she only ended up teasing them both further. Jake grunted and withdrew, hissing as she whimpered softly before pushing back, a little deeper than before.

Sammie threw her head into the pillows and locked her thighs around his hips, ready to take him home. Jake's control was total and she knew that he would only take her when he was ready but she wanted him to know just how enthusiastic she was for that to happen. Hoped he'd give her what they both wanted.

The tendons in his neck stood out as he pulsed inside her, the heat radiating from every pore of his impressive physique.

"Christ Sammie... You feel amazing... so want to thrust into you..."

Sammie arched her back and almost laughed as he slid in a little further. She was tight and Jake was larger than Richard but his patient restraint gave her the time she needed to mould to him. He rocked his hips and Sammie sobbed as he bent to take a turgid nipple into his mouth, sucking her hard as he pushed in a little deeper,

"Yes Jake... Oh god, please... JAKE!!"

He kissed her, his eyes dark as he teased her mouth. Sammie bucked and he released her hands, allowing her to sweep down the warmth of his back to cup his buttocks, trying to pull him into her body. Jake swallowed her moans and pulled back, his cock head the only point of contact between them,

"Shit baby! You want me bad huh?"

Sammie grinned and nodded,

"Pretty bad Jake. I can't lie. Just a little more. Please. Please Jake..."

He bent to kiss her neck, and Sammie whimpered, his clever tongue finding the sensitive patch of skin beneath her ear that magically rang throughout her body.

"Oooo Jake... Yes!! Jake... Jake.."


He blinked down at her, his breathing heavy as Rosie's voice rang out like a fire alarm. Sammie scrunched up her eyes and held him tighter, hoping that she'd misheard but judging by the same disgruntled expression on Jake's face, she hadn't. He sagged, his forehead resting on hers as he dragged air into his lungs.

"Can we never catch a break?"

Sammie smiled weakly and pressed her lips to his,

"We will Jake. You'd better see what she wants."

Jake pulled out, wincing as he left her body, staring down as his cock left her sweet warmth. Slipping on a pair of boxers he stood and looked down at her, naked, her thighs spread, bared to him. Jake swallowed, reaching down to readjust his cock,

"Still the best wake up ever!"

Sammie stretched and smiled up at him,

"Hold that thought Jake!"


The drive to Cornwall was a long one. Four and half hours of sitting in the passenger seat trying not to stare at Jake as he drove. Rosie and Sophia were already asleep in the back seat and Sammie smiled at how innocent they both looked in slumber.

She was grateful they were coming with her to her parent's 40th Anniversary party but she couldn't deny that the only person she really wanted was Jake. As if reading her thoughts, he turned and winked at her, sending her already aroused body into turmoil.

They'd been so close this morning and Sammie could still feel him inside her. It was probably for the best that Rosie had interrupted them but it didn't mean that she didn't want to kill her. Jake had distracted Rosie as Sammie had slunk back to her room and the three of them had showered, packed, ate and dressed quickly before heading out.

Several times as they'd dashed around the flat Jake had blown kisses at her and once, as Rosie had showered he'd allowed her to push him down onto the sofa, straddling him as she kissed him with all the frustration she felt. His desperation as he meet her kisses sated her momentarily, and as the shower stopped and they leapt apart Sammie she was delighted to see the hard ridge in his jeans.

Guiltily Sammie glanced down at his groin as he drove and grinned as she saw the tell tale bulge. Jake's cough brought her gaze to his and he shook his head, laughing as he turned his eyes to the back seat. Sammie stuck her tongue out and Jake narrowed his eyes, leaning over to whisper in her ear,

"Good things come to those who wait you

naughty girl."


After numerous pit stops and driver changes they arrived at Sammie's folks. Her childhood home. As she raced up to hug her parents Sammie pushed the thoughts of her sexual frustration away and felt herself relax. She turned to her friends who were unloading the car and laughed as Rosie waved her off giving her a thumbs up. Casting a shy glance as Jake she felt her stomach flutter and turned, following her parents inside.

They'd pulled out all the stops. A marquee had been set up in the garden and her father had badgered her micro-managing mother into hiring caterers. It was a glorious sunny day and as Sammie mingled with the other guests she felt a pang deep inside. Her mother was chatting to Aunt Maureen and her father stood behind her, his hand gently resting on her waist.

Even after 40 years, they were still in love, still devoted. Sammie sniffed, she wanted that. She wanted a love that spanned the decades. Richard had been a misstep; no way could she have spent her life with him. But Jake... Sammie could see them years from now, still as hot for each other. Well, she'd be as hot for him. As if conjuring him up he appeared, two glasses of champagne in his hands,

"Great party Sammie. Can't say I know anyone other than you and the slut twins but everyone seems really friendly."

Sammie took a sip and smiled up at him, Jake really was an attractive man. Jeans and a polo shirt, casual yet polished. She noticed the other women looking his way and laughed, he was hers, at least for now and she'd fight anyone who tried to take him away from her.

"What's so funny Sammie?"

Blinking she stared at him,

"Nothing really Jake. Just thinking that I've thrown you straight into the middle of a cougar convention."

Jake choked on his bubbly and grinned.

"Really? You think?"

"Oh Jake... I know. If these women are having half of the illicit dirty thoughts about you that I'm having then you are definitely prey baby!"

Jake clutched her hand and led her away from the crowds into the house,

"I only care what you think about me Sammie. Only you. And this morning... I can't stop thinking about how you felt this morning as I slid inside of you..."

Sammie felt herself blush as he spoke, reliving every second with him,

"It'll happen Jake. As you said we just have to be patient!"

Jake pouted,

"I may have said it but I'm an idiot. I don't want to wait to be with you Sammie. I want you now. All of you. All of me. Can't we just sneak off?"

Sammie drained her glass and turned into him,

"What do you suggest Jake? That we sneak off to my childhood bedroom and get naked in my single bed?"

Jake's eyes widened and she saw the imperceptible nod,

"Would you like me to lure you into my teenage bedroom and beg you to take me whilst my parent's entertain their guests downstairs?"

"Sammie!!" Jake groaned and reached for her, pulling her close, "Will you show me your bedroom?"

Laughing she punched him away, "You've seen my room you idiot! And far more..."

Grinning Jake, swept her hair from her face,

"I've seen your adult bedroom Sammie but I'd like to see your teenage room too. I used to have a lot of fantasies about being inside your bedroom back then baby... Curious to see if I was right."

Shocked, Sammie gulped,

"You did?" Really?!"

Before Jake could answer her mother swept in and dragged her away to talk to yet another long lost relative.


Hours passed and Sammie caught glimpses of Rosie and Sophia but nothing of Jake. Excusing herself, Sammie took out her phone and texted him,

"Everything okay? Haven't seen you for ages?"

Almost immediately the ... of Jake typing appeared on the screen,

"Pink! Always thought your room would be pink."

Sammie stifled her squeal,

"You're in my room!"

""Slightly paler than your pussy baby but almost the same shade as your nipples. I miss you Sammie. Come upstairs and let me show you how much... x"

Sammie glanced around and wondered if anyone would miss her for an hour or three. Jake in her bedroom was up there in her top three fantasies and despite her fears that he was right now judging her for the Furbies and her frankly embarrassing CD collection she didn't want to be anywhere that he wasn't.

Taking a deep breath, Sammie turned, heading straight for the house when she ran straight into Aunt Maureen.

Aunt was a technicality. Not blood but her mother's best friend since before Sammie was born, it gave Aunt Maureen the right to say whatever she liked. Sammie enjoyed watching Maureen slay victims in her wake, less so when she was on the receiving end

"Samantha darling. So lovely to see you. And looking so well. Based on what I heard I thought you'd be eating your heart out over your break up with Richard."

Sammie blanched and looked for an escape route but was pinned against the begonias with no way out,

"Lovely to see you Aunt Maureen. What a lovely colour you're wearing. Most women can't carry off yellow but you look stunning!"

Aunt Maureen smiled and pirouetted. Honestly, she looked jaundiced,

"It's very in right now and I had to look my best for your parent's 40th. So how are you Samantha... really. You can tell me dear, I'm practically your second mother..."

Sammie prayed for intervention... of any kind and finding nothing she spoke,

"Richard and I just weren't right for each other Auntie Mo. We had a good run but we just decided that it wasn't working out. Not everyone is as lucky as you and Uncle Michael."

Uncle Michael was currently screwing his 23 year old PA and was as happy as hell about it. Everyone knew and supported him as Maureen was a beast. Aunt Maureen preened and gripped Sammie's arm,

"But Darling, you can't afford to be picky. You're getting older and a good man is hard to find. If it isn't working it's up to you to make it work. You don't want to end up alone now do you? A man as dedicated as Richard doesn't come along everyday you know."

Sammie felt the silent scream thunder up through her chest. Richard was hardly Prince Charming and she was still young! How dare this shrew judge her? She had no idea what was going on in Sammie's world, or the real world. If it wouldn't have made a scene, Sammie would have gone off the deep end. In fact she still might...

"And who is this lovely lady baby? Introduce me?"

Sammie smelt Jake seconds before his hands settled around her waist. She melted back against him, grateful beyond words for his support.

"Jake, this is my Aunt Maureen. Maureen, this is Jake..."

Aunt Maureen's eyes bulged as she stared at Jake and Sammie stifled her snort of laughter,

"And who are you to my dear Samantha?"

Sammie felt Jake's grin radiating through her as he spoke,

"I'm her lover Aunt Maureen and I'm very dedicated to it!"

She couldn't hold back any more and Sammie laughed, the snorts blasting through her body. Jake held her tighter as the woman before them turned puce, not a good shade next to the yellow of her dress,

"Well... Good for you Samantha. I have to admit that you've traded... up!"

Aunt Maureen checked Jake out again before turning and rushing across the lawn into the marquee. She laughed, sagging into his arms as all of her anger dissipated. Tears spilled down her cheeks as Jake shuddered behind her, his laughter loud and hearty. Turning she saw Rosie and Sophia peeping out behind a tree, each clutching two bottles of bubbly.

Sophia stepped out, making an exagerrated show of checking out the area before motioning for Jake and Sammie to follow,

"Come on lovelies... let's get pissed!"


Somehow they'd made it up the stairs to Sammie's brother's tree house and were now half way through the four bottles of Dom Perignon. Rosie and Sophia were propping each other up as Sammie and Jake sat cross legged, inches separating them.

"Oh God Samurai... that woman looked like a pack of butter!"

Sophia barked out laughter as Rosie pulled a face,

"Please Rosie... I can't believe she wasn't butter!"

They all laughed, drunk and happy until Rosie sobered slightly,

"Best part was the look on her face when Jake said he was your lover..."

Squiffy, Rosie embellished the word Loveeeeeer and Sophia winked. Sammie blushed and saw the instant that the penny dropped. Sophia turned her attention to Jake, switching back and forth like an Umpire before Sammie nodded. Sophia's face split into the biggest shit eating grin and Sammie hoped to hell she'd keep quiet. Unaware of the revelation, Rosie continued,

"Have to say Jake, it wouldn't suck if you and Samurai hooked up for real. Girl needs a decent fuck and we both know you're an expert!"


Jake and Sammie stared as Rosie popped open another bottle,

"Oh please!! Sammie, you spent too long with the Dick with no Dick and you Jake, my brother from another mother, you need to stop fucking these random stupid women and get together with a woman who has brains and beauty and substance."

"Thank you Rosie but..."

Sammie was silenced as Rosie ploughed on,

"Sammie here probably can't fuck for shit but she can learn and I know that you can teach her. Did I tell you Soph that I'm thinking about soundproofing the flat. The noises... It's like a porn convention!"

Sophia stared at the pair as Rosie took too deep a swig and fell back on the bean bag behind her, out for the count.

Grinning she stared at Sammie and shook her head,

"You dark horse you! All that time and you never said a word!"

Sammie blushed and shrugged and Jake pulled her into the crook of his arm. Sophia's eyes widened as he kissed Sammie, a riot of tongue and lips and when they pulled apart, Sammie was breathing as hard as his was.

Sophia drained her glass and cackled,

"Doesn't look like she needs to learn anything!"

Jake kissed Sammie again, sweeter and softly,

"She really doesn't... She's perfect as she is!"

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