Room Service


Rick had always found Karin desirable. Even in her late thirties Karin was still a very attractive woman. Tall, with a pretty face and long, light-brown hair and brown eyes and a 36-C, 28, 36 body that she kept in shape with regular workouts to the gym. She didn't look like a woman who had two kids just into high school.

When Karin was promoted Rick moved into her office. The first few days of sitting behind her desk and thinking about her lovely ass being so recently in his chair made the 40-year-old's cock hard. He knew that there was no way that he would ever have a chance at fucking the attractive married woman, who he knew was very faithful to her husband of sixteen years.

But Rick had discovered something that no one had ever known about the successful IT professional. While loading his belongings into her desk and file cabinet her found a folder that Karin had left behind detailing some of her personal expenses while traveling on some of her many business trips. It seemed that Karin had a fondness for getting massages while on the road. But she carefully hid these expenses in with other hotel charges. The only reason Rick realized this was that his old friend, Tony, was a masseuse who knew how to manipulate the bills to do the same thing.

Discovering this secret about Karen provided many images of her lying naked on her bed whenever she took another business trip. Then

Then the unthinkable presented itself: Rick saw that Karen was going to be taking another business trip, this time less than an hour from where his friend Tony lived. It was a simple thing for Rick to locate Karin's travel itinerary. Then he called his friend and presented his plans to Tony, and was very surprised when his buddy agreed. Next Rick put in for a few days off to coincide with Karin's trip and bought tickets to go visit Tony, trusting his friend to work out the other necessary details on his end.

Three weeks later Karen checked into her room after taking a cab from the airport. After unpacking she made her way down to the hotel lounge, as was her habit when traveling.

Karen was a loyal wife and a good mother. But when she was on the road she had the opportunity to let her hair down and relax. There would be no infidelity on her part, but she enjoyed these massages. She often found herself masturbating as soon as he left her room, and once she ended up being massaged to orgasm when a masseuse took liberties with her by allowing his hands to roam while she was very relaxed, and by the time she realized what he was doing she no longer cared.

That was the only time in Karin's life that she had done anything that would be considered cheating. However, she kept her massages secret from her husband who would never approve of her activities while on the road.

Karin was sipping her second drink when a good looking, well-built man sat down beside her. She couldn't help but notice his well fitting polo shirt with 'Star Massage Academy' written over a pair of hands on his left breast.

"You teach massage?" She asked.

"Teach and provide." Tony answered, "I do some work for clients here in the hotel occasionally. I just finished with a woman upstairs and need a drink to calm myself down."

Karin grinned, letting her imagine what his hands may have just been doing to this unnamed woman.

Karen casually asked what he charged and Tony, using the alias of Kenny, provided whatever answers she needed, all while trying not to look too interested in her.

After a couple more drinks Karin asked how to make arrangements for his services. Tony grinned and said, "I'm through for the night. But if you're really in need I guess I could make an exception. I guess you want it billed to your room?"

Karen agreed, and the two of them left the bar and made their way upstairs to Karin's room, carrying his satchel with him.

Once in the room Tony provided what appeared to be an order form charging this to her room, then he asked Karin to strip naked and wrap herself in a bath towel. She did as instructed and came out of the bathroom, with the towel doing little to cover her bare body as she crawled face down onto her bed.

Tony opened his back and removed some oil and began massaging Karen's neck and back, gradually working his way down her body to her shapely legs. After a while he slowly worked his hands between her ever-widening legs.

Karen was very relaxed. The flight down, the beers and the massage probably would have caused her to fall asleep on their own, but the little something extra that Tony had slipped into one of her drinks insured that she gradually drifted off to sleep.

Once Tony realized that Karin was out he grabbed his cell phone and called Rick, who was impatiently waiting downstairs.

By the time Rick reached the room Tony had Karin rolled over and her legs tied spread eagle on the bed. Rick assisted his friend in securing her wrists to either side of the bed. Then they blindfolded her so that she would be unable to recognize Rick when she awoke. Then they gagged her and began shaking her awake.

Karen awoke in darkness. She could feel her body being pushed about but saw nothing when she opened her eyes. It took a few seconds to clear her head and discover that she could not move her hands or feet. When she tried to speak she discovered that she was gagged.

"The beauty awakes." She heard the man who had come to her room say.

"Let me go!" She tried to cry out through her gag.

"Relax; we're not finished with your massage yet."

"We're", Karin wondered what he meant. Then she felt a second pair of hands touching her.

"Stop!" She tried to yell as to pairs of hands began exploring her body.

Karin struggled against her bonds as her breasts were fondled and her pussy caressed.

"You want to eat this cunt." Tony said.

She heard the other man mumble in agreement and cried out "No!" when she felt his face press against her pussy. She jerked against the ropes that held her when his tongue began to flitter across her clitoris.

"Make her cum." Tony said as he toyed with Karin's soft c-cup tits. He knelt beside her and took turns licking each nipple as he played with her tits.

Karin struggled as Rick licked her snatch. She was frightened by what was happening, but unable to resist the growing sensation that was starting to burn between her legs. Worse, she knew that these men were probably aware of the fact that she would not dare to report this for fear of her husband finding out about her massages, and even her work discovering that they had been paying for them.

Rick felt Karin squirming as he licked her pussy, happy that he was going to make her cum for him. His cock was throbbing with desire, knowing that he would soon bury it into her pussy; But not until he felt her cum on his face.

"Please stop." Karin pleaded, trying her best to resist the climax that was about to be released. She wanted to cum, but she did not want to do so for these men.

Karin bucked her hips as her body reached orgasm. She rolled back and forth as Rick's tongue forced her to cum as he continued licking her clit.

"That's it, now fuck her." Tony said after watching the pretty mother climax.

Karin cried out against her gag as she felt the man who had just forced her to cum climbing up between her legs. She begged him to stop as he lowered his sweaty body atop her and pressed his hard cock against her pussy.

Rick slowly pressed his cock into Karin's snatch, unable to believe that he was about to fulfill his long desire to fuck her. He had to contain verbalizing his enjoyment as his cock shoved inside of her and her pussy wrapped around his shaft.

Karen could not stop the man who was now pounding his stiff cock into her exposed, wet pussy.

Rick slammed his hard cock into Karin, loving every moment of this act as he fucked her passionately, wanting to make her enjoy this act as much as he was.

As much as she resented it, Karin could tell that the man atop her was good at this. His cock slid in and out to the very limit with each thrust, always rubbing against her swollen clit and meeting her sensitive g-spot inside of her as he worked his tool inside of her. Karin could tell that he was not going to be satisfied by just cumming inside of her; he wanted her to cum again too. And she doubted that she could resist it unless he finished soon.

But Rick was patient with his lovemaking, slowing up as he felt his orgasm near and doing whatever it took to hold off his release.

Karin discovered that she was fucking back against him. She was upset with herself for doing so, but her body wanted to cum again.

Karin moaned as her second orgasm began. Rick enjoyed her climax around his cock almost as much as he was going to enjoy his own inside of her. Karin rolled back and forth as she orgasmed, finally feeling her body relax and she lay still beneath him.

"Oh yes." Rick mumbled, letting Karin know that it was his turn to cum.

"No, pull out!" She tried to cry, but he would not be denied.

Rick came atop her, shaking from his shoulders to his toes as he came.

Karin could feel the man fucking her begin to spew his cum inside of her pussy as he spasmed atop her. Blast after blast of his cum released into her wet pussy, mixing with her own fluids as he felt the ultimate pleasure of orgasm inside of Karin's hot box.

He continued pumping his cock into her, draining every drop of his cum and not bothering to stop until his cock grew limp inside her. Only then did he pull out of her and climb off of the bed.

Karin lay bound to the bed panting after her ordeal. She could not believe that some unknown man had just raped her and forced her to cum twice. But she had little time to consider the matter further as she felt a second man climb onto the bed.

"Now it's my turn." She heard the voice of the masseuse saying as she felt him rub his thick cock between her legs.

She said nothing, accepting her fate as Tony's shaft filled her already used hole. She could tell at once that he was bigger than the first man.

Unlike Rick, Tony wanted nothing more than self-satisfaction from fucking this woman. He drilled her intent only on fulfilling his own basic needs at her expense, slamming his thick cock into her over and over again.

Karin grunted under the pressure of his assault on her sopping pussy. And even though Tony did not care how she responded, Karin could feel her pussy taking pleasure from his abuse.

"Oh fuck, no." She said silently as she felt her third orgasm approaching. Karin had never cum this many times with her husband. In fact, it was rare for her husband to get her off fucking her. Usually he would satisfy her needs orally then proceed to fuck her until he came -- rarely lasting as long as either of these two men had thus far.

She caught herself fucking back several times, always stopping her actions only to realize moments later that she had begun again. Now she gave up any pretence of resisting and willingly accepted the orgasm that followed.

As Karin climaxed Tony joined her in orgasm, grunting out his pleasure as he spilled his seed inside of her as the two came together.

While watching his buddy fucking Karin, Rick's cock had grown hard once more. When Tony dismounted Rick climbed onto the bed and undid Karin's gag, placing his cock up to her mouth. Knowing what was expected of her she opened her mouth and allowed him to slide in between her lips.

Karin proceeded to suck this unknown man's cock, bobbing her head up and down taking as much of his shaft as possible. Rick reached back, gently caressing Karin's cunt as she sucked his cock.

The woman greedily devoured his cock, letting her hips rise and fall to meet his fingers. She could not believe that she had gone from complete victim to needing to let this man bring her to yet another climax. But her pussy stirred as it had never done so before. She was ashamed of her response, but the excuse of being tied down made this all the more easier to accept.

What happened next surprised Karin even more so than it did Rick:

Karin felt Rick's cock slip out of her mouth, and before he could insert it once more she found herself saying, "Please fuck me."

Karin wished that she had not let the words escape, but it was too late.

Rick was shocked by this revelation. "Ok," He replied, knowing at once that he should not have opened his mouth.

Karin thought the voice sounded familiar, but was unable to place it. But she quit thinking about it as she felt the man slid down her body.

Between her legs once more Rick pushed his cock into Karin's pussy and began fucking her again. He lowered his head, moving it back and forth to suckle each of her hard nipples as he fucked her.

Karin resisted no more. Instead she was willingly fucking back, meeting each thrust of Rick's cock as she accepted the pleasure that it was bringing her.

Karin squealed with delight as she came again; this time longer and harder than she had ever done in her life. She could not believe how good this felt. Ever nerve in her body spasmed as she came.

Then Rick, his body shaking and saliva dribbling out of his mouth onto Karin's chest, came inside of her, draining his cock dry as he fucked her.

Once done he jumped off the bed, taking time to capture a few pictures of her with his camera phone as a keepsake of this night, then the two men dressed.

Rick left first, leaving Tony alone with her. Tony made sure that the room was clear of anything that would link him or Rick to being there. Both men were certain that she would never report this incident, but there was no sense in taking too many risks. He then untied Karin's left hand and said, "By the time you free yourself we'll be long gone. Hope you enjoyed this as much as we have." And he raced out the door.

Karin freed herself from her bonds, and then rushed to the window to see if she could spot the masseuse or the other man. She knew that voice from somewhere, but guessed that she would never be able to put a face to it. Knowing that she would no doubt be face-to-face with the man who had fucked her twice and gotten her off so many times was going to be frustrating, and she secretly hoped that perhaps she would meet him again while traveling.

She showered, then went to bed, lying amidst the cum and cunt juice covered sheets as she relived the memories of this night before drifting off to sleep.

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