Room Service


"Check for table three!"


Mira quickly picked up her tray and made her way over to table three where two teenage girls were just getting ready to leave amidst fits of giggles. They were two of the guests on the island and were named Lei Fang and Hitomi, Lei Fang being the dark-haired Chinese girl with the braids and the yellow bikini and Hitomi being the brown-haired German with Asian features in the green bikini. They had arrived four days ago and were obviously getting along well, in fact so well Mira wondered just how close friends those two were. Just the other day Mira had seen them as she was serving guests at the pool, Lei Fang had handfed Hitomi a strawberry and Hitomi had accepted the strawberry in a way that would make every hot-blooded male present stare lustfully.

Except there weren't any males on the island. It was a recently bought island resort where the entire staff consisted of women, and all the guests were women as well, those few guests there were. Mira worked on the island as a waitress, she had been looking for a holiday job and loving beaches as much as she did, an island resort seemed like the perfect job location. The owner was a guy named Zack, apparently some hot-shot DJ that had recently won it big and had now bought an entire island for unknown reasons, he had only been present the first day to instruct the staff and then left with a laugh that belonged in an anime and hadn't been seen since. Not that Mira minded much, she didn't like the guy one bit, he was way too into himself and also kinda weird. He had acted like he had some secret scheme that was only beginning to unfold and would have major effect on the island, if not the world.

Later that day the guests had arrived, all women and all martial artists, to participate in some tournament apparently. According to the guest list those women were the only guests on the entire island and no other guests were expected for at least another two weeks, if ever. Upon arrival the women had seemed confused as if they were expecting to see friends and relatives there, Hitomi had asked around for somebody named Ein while Lei Fang had searched for a guy named Jann Lee, a Japanese redhead named Kasumi had asked around for "Hayate", almost fearfully as if she was both eager and afraid to meet him, and a purple-headed Japanese girl named Ayane had also asked for Hayate. Then there were Helena, Lisa and Tina. Helena was a famous opera singer, Lisa was a stockbroker and Tina was some big-shot wrestler that spent a lot of time on her cell phone either arguing with her agent or her father who, judging from their conversations, still treated her like a little girl.

All of the guests had reacted rather strongly to being told they were on the island for a beach volleyball tournament, but after the initial shock had passed they quickly settled in their rooms and made the best of their situation. Lei Fang and Hitomi were the first ones to adapt, always cheerful and always together they went all over the island, and always with that almost intimate chemistry between them that made Mira wonder if they were lesbians. One day she had seen what she could've sworn was a hickey on Hitomi's neck, but since there were no men on the island, who could've given it to her? The one named Helena had quickly distanced herself from the rest of the guests, she had a snooty attitude and there was little doubt that she came from a wealthy family and was used to better accommodations than this. Tina was quite a rebel, when she wasn't on the phone she was always trying to start a party or in other ways raise hell, on the first night there she had managed to get herself drunk as a skunk and jump naked into the swimming pool before passing out on a table in the local disco. And the morning after she wasn't even suffering from a hangover, but only itching to start all over again. Lisa was still an unsolved case to Mira, all she knew about her was that she was a stockbroker from New York and apparently had some connection with Zack, other than that she really didn't know much about her. Ayane shared Helenas "better-than-thou" attitude though she didn't seem to come from a wealthy background, but she seemed to have a grudge against the redhead Kasumi, whenever Kasumi were there Ayane quickly left with a hateful stare. Mira couldn't really see what Ayane had against Kasumi, she was the nicest of the guests, always helpful and sweet, but also sad like she was carrying a terrible burden on her shoulders.

The latest round in the tournament had started earlier in the day and Lisa, Helena, Ayane and Kasumi were currently playing against each other, Helena and Kasumi against Lisa and Ayane. Tina was somewhere on the island probably looking for a party and Hitomi and Lei Fang were getting up from their table where they had just finished their drinks and from the sound of it were planning to go roller-skating. Mira gathered the empty glasses on her tray and quickly wiped off the table before returning to the counter and entering the bill into the hotel computer. With those two gone there wasn't much else for Mira to do until the current game was over and the players would return to the hotel before their next match.

Mira took a moment to look at herself in the mirror behind the bar, checking her uniform and giving herself a quick run-over. She was an American with Greek blood in her veins, 5 foot tall, with brown hair running down to the shoulder blades, she had blue eyes and was wearing a black waitress uniform with a miniskirt. She was 19 years of age and was feeling rather lonely as she had arrived on the island just four days ago and not made any friends yet. The lack of boys also bothered her, but at least there were all those women to look at, Mira wasn't a lesbian, but she enjoyed looking at the female form and had ample opportunity to do so as the guests on the island never seemed to wear anything but bikinis.

Having finished with the mirror Mira decided to prepare some drinks and see if anybody needed her service at the pool. Filling a couple of glasses and putting them on a tray Mira left the bar and walked to the pool where she saw the last guest to have arrived on the island: Christie. She was in her early twenties with short, platinum blonde hair and a set of ice cold blue eyes. She was stretched out on her stomach on a beach chair reading a book wearing nothing but a pair of blue-toned sunglasses. Christie was quite a mysterious character, when she had signed her name in the guest book she had simply written "Christie" and when the hotel manager had asked if she wasn't going to write her last name she had simply given her a stare that tolerated no contradiction and said "no. " The manager had accepted that and had since avoided Christie whenever possible, as if she was scared to death of her. What Christie did for a living Mira didn't know, but she did know that Christie was British, that accent of hers did little to hide that fact. Like Helena Christie wasn't a social type, though her desire to be left alone seemed to stem from her personality rather than her upbringing. She and Helena seemed to know each other, but neither seemed to be very fond of each other, and Helena obviously did her best to stay as far away from Christie as possible. Christie was also the guest that had left the biggest impression on Mira, her cool, almost cold demeanor fascinated and attracted her and she had a body that Mira never got tired of staring at whenever she had the chance. If Mira was into women Christie was the one she'd want to pick up. And now she was there laid out bare for her to watch, seemingly uncaring about the fact that anybody could see her. "Should I tell her about the hotel rule against sunbathing nude or topless?" Mira thought to herself. A lingering look along Christies beautiful back and her amazing ass settled it. "Naaaaah. "

Mira decided to try her luck with Christie and see how far she could get with her. Moving over next to Christie she put a drink down on the table next to her.

"You looked like you could use a drink!" she said.

"Thanks. " Christie answered without looking up from her book. Mira snorted inside at the uncaring answer. "That one always works for guys!" she thought to herself. But she didn't give up so easily.

"Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!"

"I will. "

"Quite the talker. " Mira thought sarcastically. She considered if this was even worth her time, but a look at Christies naked body convinced her it was worth anything. Spotting the bottle of sun block on the table gave her an idea.

"Shall I put sun block on your back?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah, go ahead. " Christie said in an uncaring tone, again without looking up from her book. "Yes!" Mira cheered inside, she couldn't wait to get her hands on that great body of hers. Mira picked up the bottle and poured a fitting portion into her hand and sat down next to Christie and started spreading it over her back. Mira let her eyes linger on Christies back, she was so beautiful, her curves so alluring, her proportions so perfect, her ass so round and firm. "Wonder if she looks as good from the front?" Mira thought to herself. "Hopefully I'll find out eventually. " Bored with the silence Mira decided to try and strike up conversation.

"What are you reading?" Mira asked. Christie didn't answer, but simply held up her book so she could see the cover. "Weapons of the Modern Assassin" it read, with a selection of nasty looking weapons and knives underneath the title.

"Oh. "

Christie didn't reply, but simply went back to reading. "Who the hell reads a book like that?" Mira thought and continued working on Christies back in silence for a moment before asking again.

"So what do you do for a living?"

"It's a secret. " Christie said, then took off her sunglasses before looking over her shoulder at Mira with a no-bullshit stare.

"If I told you I'd have to kill you. "

"I see. " Mira said, slowly losing her chatty mood. She decided to skip any further attempts at making conversation and returned her gaze to Christies back. Before long she was back in daydream land, marveling at Christies beautiful form and feeling it under her hands. Her body was so well trained, when Mira's hands went over her back she could feel the strong muscles, it was incredible that someone could be so well trained and still have such a great, feminine body.

"She's so beautiful. " Mira thought. "So beautiful... I could just let my hands run all over her all day. " Mira started imagining her hands were running over Christies body in an intimate embrace rather than rubbing sun block into her back, that she and Christie were on a bed, both naked, Mira on her back with Christie on top, their breasts pressed against each other and kissing passionately, Mira's hands caressing Christies back. Mira could feel a heat building between her legs, a small fire that warmed her. "Dare I... ?" Mira thought. Mira's hands which up till now had been focused on the back started moving out to the sides, massaging the oil into Christies waist and the sides of her upper body, barely touching the breasts. "God, she's beautiful. " In her mind Mira was now caressing and kneading Christies breasts, feeling their soft firmness, the hard nipples pressing into her palms, cupping a breast in each hand, watching as Christie laid her head back and moaned with pleasure. Mira lifted her head and started sucking on one breast, letting her tongue caress the areola and flick at the nipple, Christie gasping.

In the real world Christie was reading her book with an indifferent expression while Mira was rubbing sun block into her back with a dreamy look on her face and a slightly slack jaw. Mira's hands began to wander absentmindedly down from the waist towards the area where the back met with the ass and started rubbing sun block into the area. In her head Christie had now mounted her face, grabbing onto the bed stand for balance, her pussy inches from Mira's face. Mira looked lustfully at her pussy, she could smell the musky scent of Christies arousal, her juices were running out between the puffy lips and down the legs. Mira placed her hands on Christies rear and pressed her pussy at Mira's face, her mouth locking onto Christies pussy, Christie moaning loudly from the contact. Mira let her flattened tongue lick up and down the engorged lips, she tasted so good, so erotic, a mix of sweat and pussyjuice. Christie had thrown her head back, whimpering with lust each time Mira's tongue touched her, her hands clutching the bed stand. Mira's hands, which had up till now been inactive, started working on that great ass of hers, caressing the cheeks and squeezing them as Mira ate out her pussy, sending Christie further and further into ecstasy. "I think I've teased her enough. " Mira thought and changed tactics. She made her tongue long and thin and slowly slid it inside Christie. "A-aaaaaaah!" Christie moaned in response. Mira smiled to herself and continued her probing, stretching and caressing Christies pussy-walls with her tongue while still massaging that incredible ass of hers, hearing how Christies moans became more and more high-pitched, she couldn't be far away now. Mira changed tactics again, she located her g-spot and flicked at it with the tip of her tongue, causing a whimpering moan from Christie with each stroke. Smiling to herself Mira applied more pressure and now started licking at Christies g-spot, obviously driving her wild. "Yes, cum for me, cum hard for me. " Mira thought and continued licking. Christie was getting higher and higher, her moans coming faster and faster, she was almost there, so close, so close, reaching, reaching, until...

"What are you doing?"

Mira froze. Christies enquiring voice had brought her back with a start and she found herself with her hands on Christies butt cheeks, Christie having risen slightly off the chair, turning to look back at Mira with her sunglasses lowered and a slightly puzzled look on her face. Unable to think of anything to say Mira quickly tore her hands away and could only stammer.

"Uh... uh... uh... "

Mira's mind was in a state of panic. "Oh God, she's gonna get me fired, she's gonna tell everybody about me, she'll never talk to me again, how could I have let myself get carried away like that, idiot, idiot, idiot!" Christie continued to look at her curiously, then her eyes traveled downwards and ran slowly down, then up Mira's body. An interested smile formed in a corner of her mouth. Mira could only sit there anxiously.

"So what time do you get off?" Christie asked in what could almost be taken for a friendly tone. Mira blinked confused before answering.

"Uhhh... about six o'clock. "

Christie nodded approvingly.

"All right. Meet me in my room after work. "

Mira blinked again, trying to decide whether she was still daydreaming or Christie had actually said that.

"Uhhh... okay. "

Christie put her sunglasses back on, still with an enigmatic smile on her lips and resumed reading her book. Still in a daze Mira stood up and walked back to the bar. Only there did her brain return to rational thought. "She asked me to come to her room!" she thought as she absentmindedly started working on whatever needed to be taken care of at the bar. "Did she really ask what I think she asked? She wants me to come to her room to have sex with her?" The thought left Mira in a mix of a state of arousal and a confused state.

That state remained with her for the rest of the day, Mira was constantly in a daze, not being able to stop picturing those two having steamy sex in her hotel room, her panties in a constant drenched state as she never stopped being wet, her waitressing suffered from it as well, more than once she had to ask the guests to repeat their orders because she was too far gone to hear them, which only caused Lei Fang and Hitomi to giggle even more than they already did. Hours felt like days, minutes like hours, but finally her shift ended. Mira could barely think coherently anymore, she was so excited and aroused, she quickly closed up shop and did a final check of herself in the mirror before making her way over to the hotel. As she stood by Christies door she paused as millions of thoughts went through her head.

"What am I doing? I'm about to have sex with another woman for the first time in my life and it's a woman I've only just met a few days ago and barely knows! Does she even want to have sex with me? That's why she asked me to come to her room tonight, right? What else could it be? Oh God, what if she's gonna punish me for what I did at the pool? She was reading a book about assassins! She said she'd have to kill me! Oh, come on, you're being ridiculous. It's gotta be... "

Mira was abrupted in her thoughts as the door suddenly opened and Christie stood in the doorway. She was wearing a long silk bathrobe that somehow just seemed wrong, yet right, on her, it was the kind of bathrobe that with its majestic grace would fit somebody like Helena better, on Christie it contrasted with her ice cold demeanor yet made her look astonishingly beautiful and alluring. Christie looked at Mira with an eyebrow raised.

"You're still in uniform. "

Mira looked down herself and realized she was right. She had been so eager to come over there that she hadn't even noticed she was still in her uniform. Mira laughed shyly.

"Er, well, yeah, eh... "

Christie smiled her mysterious smile again and nodded her head in the direction of her room.

"Come in. " she said, again in that friendly tone before turning around and walking inside keeping eye contact with Mira before disappearing into the room. Her eyes kept Mira in a hypnotic state until eye contact was broken, then she followed Christie inside, closing the door after her. Inside the room Christie immediately made for the bedroom and Mira followed. Standing at the foot of the bed Christie turned around and faced Mira.

"Are you ready?" Christie asked enquiringly. Mira could only nod eagerly.

"Y-yeah. "

With a cold expression Christie quickly untied her bathrobe and let it fall, revealing her naked body underneath as she stood there in all her cold, majestic grace, causing Mira to gasp in awe. She was just as beautiful as Mira had hoped, if not more. Her breasts were full and firm, her stomach flat and well-trained, her pussy hairs as white as the hair on top of her head. Mira could only stare, her jaw slack.

"You're so beautiful. " was all she could say. Christies only reply was a smile, almost as if she appreciated the compliment, and it amused her. Christie nodded at her.

"Go on. Take your clothes off. "

"Huh?" Mira answered. Then realizing what she had said Mira started undoing her uniform. It wasn't very graceful, Mira tried taking her clothes off as quickly as possible while trying to appear sexy, but failed doing both. Christies undressing had been so quick yet so powerful and self-confident, why couldn't Mira do the same? Finally she was down to her panties, taking them off a little embarrassed that they were so drenched that Christie had no problem seeing how aroused she was. Now fully naked Mira stood there trying to appear as self-confident as Christie was, but failing as she nervously opened and closed her hands. Christie looked at Mira's body with a smile.

"You're also very beautiful. "

"Y-you think?" Mira stammered, her heart skipping a beat or two. Christie nodded.

"Mmmm. "

Christie took a step forward until she stood right in front of Mira, so close their breasts almost touched. Mira gasped inside, she could feel their nipples touch briefly with each breath and the brief contact ignited a fire inside her that made her hunger for Christies body to be pressed against hers. Christie made no such motion but instead just raised her hand and stared into Mira's eyes as she caressed her cheek, first with one hand, then both, then she stuck her head forward and kissed Mira lightly but firmly on the lips. Mira was too surprised to act at first, but only for a second, then she kissed back, also raising her hands and caressing Christies cheeks. The kiss was so sweet, tender, yet lustful, a prelude of things to come. Mira felt the fire inside her start to burn, Christies lips were so soft, her behavior so controlled, like she just took what she wanted and nothing more. Just when Mira thought the kiss couldn't get any better Christie put her arms around Mira's neck and pulled her in for a more intimate kiss, this time sliding her tongue between Mira's lips, Mira accepting it greedily and offering her own in return. Mira threw her own arms around Christies back and pulled her close, their breasts pressed together, the contact making Mira moan with pleasure as she drank greedily from Christies lips, the fire inside her now burning so much Mira felt she would die if they stopped now. And that's exactly what they did. Christie stopped the kiss and pulled away, Mira whimpering with the loss. Christie licked her lips as if to taste their kiss. Obviously she liked the taste.

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