tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoom With a View Ch. 01

Room With a View Ch. 01

byArt Martin©

Shelly looked around at the disorganized mess that was her new home. There were boxes everywhere, some opened, some empty, still others untouched. Wadded newspaper wrappings were scattered across the floor of every room. Unpacked stuff was strewn everywhere, only a small fraction of it even in the correct room. She sighed, overwhelmed by the disorganized clutter.

“Luke, I’m beat. I’ll finish this up tomorrow.”

“Sure, Hon. It’s been a long day. How about a beer?”

“Yeah, that sounds great, there should be some left in the yellow cooler.”

Luke pulled two cold cans of Old Milwaukee from the cooler, popped the tops and returned to the living room finding his bride of two years sitting on the sofa. They looked around the room with its tall ceilings and faded, peeling wallpaper.

“Where are we going to start with this place?” asked Shelly.

“First we get moved in, but see that big brown spot up on the ceiling? The roof leaks, or at least it has leaked. First thing is to put on a new roof.”

Shelly frowned, she was eager to get new wallpaper up. A new roof wasn’t going to beautify the old house, but it did have first priority. “Once we get this place fixed up, it’s going to be so nice,” she mused. Irregardless of the rough appearance of the house, it was infinity better than the sad-sack trailer they had been living in since they were married and she fantasized about how it would all look once they had finished fixing it up.

Luke took another sip and reflected on how much really needed to be done. It would be years before they could afford all the repairs and updates. Not wanting to think about it at the moment he turned to Shelly and asked, “What do you think about the neighbors?”

“Toni and Jake? Toni’s cute and Jake…”

“Oh yeah, she is cute!”

“You just like the amount of skin she was showing,” Shelly replied with a glower.

“Hey, I can look, can’t I?”

“I just can’t believe she runs around dressed like that.”

“Jake doesn’t seem to mind. Now, he’s a big son-of-bitch, huh?”

“Yeah. She looks so tiny next to him. How do you suppose they…”

“Suppose what?”

“You know. He’s so big and she’s so small.”

Luke laughed, “I’m sure they manage. What I’m really asking is what do you think about them?”

“Toni’s really sweet. I wasn’t expecting her to bring over supper for us.”

“Yeah, that was really nice of her. And Jake, he comes home for lunch and introduces himself. Next thing I know, he’s got that delivery truck, follows me over to the trailer, and helped me with the furniture. I didn’t ask, never considered asking, he just pitched in like he’d been my best buddy forever. Did you see him pick up the sofa? Hell, we’d still have stuff to move if he hadn’t helped me.”

“That was really nice of him. Thank god I didn’t have to help you with the furniture, I couldn’t have lifted it. At first I was a bit intimidated by him, but he really does seem like a nice guy.”

“He is a nice guy,” stated Luke.

“I think I’m going like them being our neighbors.”

Luke finished his beer, crushing the can in his hand. “C’mon, it’s getting late. Let’s get a shower and go to bed.”

Luke stripped down and turned the water on, thankful that it got hot quickly. He pulled the diverter valve and a stream of water shot from the corroded showerhead.

“You’re going to get water everywhere!” admonished Shelly.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll find the shower curtain tomorrow.”

“But there’s no curtains on the window.”

Luke looked at the open and uncovered window and tired to peer into the darkness. “Don’t worry about it, I don’t see anybody.”

“That’s a big window. They can see you!”


“Jake and Toni.”

“Let’em look, but I doubt if they’re watching, they’re already in bed. Now are you getting in or staying out?”

“I don’t know, I…”

“I’ll wash your back.”

“Luke, I…”

“I’ll wash your butt.”


“I’ll lick your…”

“Stop it, will you?”

“Get in the shower Honey,” he said with a mischievous grin, “I want to feel you up.”

Shelly smiled wryly at her playful husband while he lewdly lathered up his pecker. She pulled the sweaty t-shirt over her head and quickly unfastened her bra, freeing her big tits of their daylong confinement. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and shimmed out of them and her cotton panties in one motion. Before she even got into the tub she was wet from the untamed spray.


The light from the new neighbors’ bathroom suddenly shone through their bedroom window. Toni sat up and looked out the big window of their darkened room. “Look, look, look,” she said excitedly.


“Look!” she whispered loudly as she beat on the hairy bulk of his near-slumbering body.

Jake softly cursed as he sat up on one elbow and strained to see what Toni was so excited about. The angle from their bedroom wasn’t the best, all he could see was Luke, from his thighs up, naked as the shower beat down on his back.

“He’s a hunk, too,” replied his wife. “By the way he’s moving his hand, I’d say he had a long one.”

Jake grumbled and was about to lie back down and go to sleep when he caught sight of Shelly joining her husband.

“Whoa! C’mon babe, let’s go into the other room,” said Jake excitedly.


Luke pulled Shelly to him and kissed her deeply. He broke off the kiss and began soaping her down, starting with her upper back as he held her against his chest. Turning her around, his soapy hands soon found the pliant flesh of her breasts, while his hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. He took his time, lathering each tit repeatedly, playing with her dark pink nipples, doing the things to her breasts that he knew she loved. Reluctantly he left her tits and moved down her back, doing as he had promised and washing her firm butt, his soapy hand gliding between her legs and up the cleft of her buttocks, pausing to toy with her anus. He continued down her leg, playfully nipping at her as he lowered himself, then up the other leg, his hand sliding up to her mons.


Jake and Toni scurried to the adjoining room. The angle was much better as they could now clearly see both of their new neighbors.

“I told you she was hot!” exclaimed Jake. “Turn around, turn around baby. Oh, that’s it! Nice tits!”

“I bet you’d love to wallow in those boobies.”

“Damn, right I would!”


Shelly moaned softly as Luke kissed the nape of her neck and nibbled at her ears.

She felt him rake his cock up and down her pussy and instinctively spread her legs apart as far as the tub would allow, grasping the windowsill for support.


“See, I told you!” Toni said with a giggle. “Look at that wonderful prick.”


“Oh, yesssss,” Shelly hissed as her husband nestled the head of his cock in the maw of her vagina. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” she groaned as Luke slowly drove his long cock into her.

Holding on to each boob, he twisted and pulled her sensitive nipples, rising on the balls of his feet as he thrust. Luke shifted his weight several times, trying to keep his balance.

“Bend over,” he growled releasing her tits.

Shelly bent forward, holding onto the sides of the claw-footed tub. He gripped her by the hips and pummeled her pussy hard.


“That’s it man, fuck her! Fuck her!”

“Shhhhh! Not so loud, they’ll hear you Jake.”

“Oh this is great, look at them go!”


The hot water gave out without warning and the sudden icy spray caused Luke to jerk and he hollered, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”


“I think he’s shooting off. Man, oh man, this is great!”

As soon as Jake said this Luke jumped out of the tub and Shelly shrieked as the cold water hit her directly. She bolted upright.

“What in the hell are they doing?” mused Jake.


Luke shut the water off and he and Shelly burst out laughing. Luke threw her a towel and then loving dried her back with his towel before tending to himself. Soon they wandered away from the open window.


“Damn! Show’s over. But that was great while it lasted.”

“I’m so horny now, Jake.”

“Me too, little cunt,” he growled while waving his hard cock at his wife. “How do you want it?”

“Look, the light’s on in their bedroom.”

Jake glanced out the window. “C’mon babe, maybe the show’s not over yet.”


Damp dry, Luke led his wife into their new bedroom. He flicked on the switch mounted to the surface of the wall. The single incandescent light bulb that hung from the ceiling cast a soft yellow glow over the room.

“Second thing we need to do is rewire this place,” said Luke as he checked out the frayed wire running up the wall. “This is a fire hazard. Look, the wires are insulated with cotton. I’ll bet this old insulation has disintegrated in more than one place. No wonder some of the outlets don’t work.”

“When can we change the wallpaper?” Shelly asked as she dried her hair with a towel.

“After the roof and all the electrical work, we’ll be broke for a year.”

“A year!”

“Look, I know you want to make the place pretty, but if the roof leaks, the wallpaper and everything else that gets dripped on will be ruined, and if the house burns down…”

“Okay, okay, but can’t we get some curtains or some blinds?”

Luke looked at the two large double hung windows. “We’ll see.”

The bed was setup even though sheets to fit it hadn’t been found. Shelly had simply covered it earlier with some twin sheets she had found. She sat on the edge of the bed.

“Honey, turn off the lights.”

“What for? We’re not finished yet.”

“Luke, the neighbors.”

“What about’em? They’re asleep.”

“You don’t know that.”

Luke peered out the window at the darkened house next door. “There’s not a light on over there. They’re asleep.”

“Turn off the light, I…”

“You know how I like looking at your tits while we screw, or watch your ass cheeks flex as I pound you from behind. I like the look on your face when you come. I like the look on your face when I come.”

“Luke, ple…”

“No! Now that’s settled. I don’t like screwing in the dark, and neither do you. It’s so one dimensional.”


“One dimensional.”

“Don’t you mean…”

“Skip it. Now pile those pillows up at the edge of the bed. That’s good babe, you know what I like.”

Shelly dutifully piled two pillows at the edge of the bed and then lay on her back with her hips on the pillow, her legs dangling and lewdly splayed.


“Holy shit! Look at that beautiful cunt!”

“Give me the glasses, Jake.”

Toni held the field glasses up and took a close up look at Shelly’s exposed pussy. “She doesn’t shave,” she observed, “but then again she doesn’t have a lot of hair. She’s definitely a natural blonde.” She moved the glasses to check out Luke’s genitalia. “Nice long dick. Not as thick as you are Babe, but he’s definitely longer. Nice set of balls too.”

“Gimme those glasses,” said Jake impatiently as he took them away from Toni. He zoomed in on Shelly’s cunt once again, just moments before Luke stepped into the slot, filling Jake’s field of view with his white ass cheeks. “Don’t get out in sun much,” mused Jaked.

“He does too. Look at how bronzed his back is.”

“Yeah, he works outdoors alright, but he doesn’t play much outdoors; his legs are nearly as white as his ass. Oh look, he’s going to eat her out!”


Luke sank to his knees and buried his face in Shelly’s upturned cunt. He nuzzled into her wet slit before starting to lick her, inhaling the perfume of her sex.

“You smell so good, Baby…Soooo good…Mmmmmm…taste good too.”

He pulled his head back momentarily and spread open her pussy lips with his thumbs. “Beautiful…So nice and pink. Now where is it? Is this it?”

Shelly sucked in her breath as he sucked in her hooded clit.


“Must’ve hit a nerve,” chuckled Jake when her legs suddenly jerked.

“Oh, babe, that’s so hot. Will you do that for me?”

“Sure, Babydoll. You know how I love to eat pussy.”


Luke released her clit from between his lips and began to lavishly lick her velvety channel with the flat of his tongue, pressing on her now excited nubbin, causing little jolts of pleasure to shoot up from her groin. Then he traced the juncture of the inner and outer labia with the tip of his tongue, pausing to swirl around the base of her clitoris on each round trip around her pussy.


Jake was frigging Toni’s pussy with a thick finger as they watched the sexual play next door.

“That feel good, Baby? You’re so wet. Just think what his tongue would feel like on your hot cunt… Nice thoughts, huh?”

“Oh, god Jake…”

“Wouldn’t you like to lick her cunt too? Maybe lick her while he licks you?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Toni groaned with a shudder as a wave of sexual energy was released to flow through her trembling body.

Jake withdrew his finger and offered it to her lips. She sucked it in, tasting her arousal on her husband’s wet digit. He dipped back into her cunt and lifted his coated finger to her lips again and again.

A passionate cry drifted into the window from the couple next door.

“You hear that, Toni?” asked Jake with a whisper. His finger found her clit. He pressed hard against the side of her erection and he began vibrating his hand.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” squeaked Toni as she was pushed over the edge again.


Once Shelly’s blissful delight began to mellow, she released the vise-like grip she had on Luke’s head with her thighs. He rose up from his knees, pussy juice dripping from his chin, and positioned his drooling cock at the doorway to her hot seeping cavern of pleasure. With her hips hiked up in the air and her pussy rotated upward, he watched as his purplish cock head shoved aside her hotly flushed cuntal lips. He paused a moment studying the corona of his engorged cock before it disappeared into her succulent depths.

It was always a major turn on for Luke to see her pussy yielding to his cock. Slowly he drove into her, watching as inch by inch, the swollen stalk, covered with thick bulging blue veins, slid in deeper and deeper. Once he was in as deep as possible, he quickly pulled out, then watched lustfully as his cock head once again parted the gates of heaven on earth.

Shelly moaned gutturally. Luke shifted his gaze from cock and socket to her lust contorted face and then to her generous tits, flattened against her chest. Her hands slid up her sides and she caressed herself, gently mauling her fleshy orbs while her husband slowly fucked her. As the minutes ticked by, his tempo increased until he was fucking her hard, her tits wildly gyrating as she dug her hands into the sheets.


“Hear that? Listen!”

Toni, with a firm grip on her husband’s cock, strained to hear what Jake had detected. Her nostrils flared as she picked out a rhythmic slap, slap, slap.

“That’s the sound of fucking,” Jake whispered huskily. “Yeah, fuck her, boy, fuck her! God damn, how’d you like to fucked like that?”

“Oh god yes…”

“Look…he’s coming, he’s coming!”


Luke buttocks clinched and flexed with each ejaculatory contraction. His head lolled back as he grunted and groaned loudly with the force of his orgasm. Eyes tightly clenched, he staggered a bit as he unloaded into his wife.

Panting, “Ah, ah, ah,” Shelly was all ready to explode again when she felt his cock swell even larger and felt the first rush of semen up his cock tube. She felt his hot liquid offering gushing inside of her and heard him groan in pleasure. The cresting wave of pure sensation broke over her, she wanted to scream, announcing her pleasure to the heavens, but it was quite impossible for her to scream as she sucked in a lungful through her clinched teeth.


Jake and Toni watched with glee as her legs flopped about uncontrollably around his thrusting buttocks as the passionate cries once again drifted into their bedroom.


Luke, sated for the moment, sunk to his knees again. Her vulva was flushed a dark red, and her engorged inner lips protruded between her puffy outer lips. Mixed liquids of passion seeped copiously from her, dribbling from between her labia and running down across her anus to pool on his pillow. When he had recovered somewhat, he tenderly kissed the throbbing pussy of the woman he loved. Then he began the process of cleaning her with his tongue, lapping up all the mixed juices of their lovemaking.


“Shit! He’s eating her out again! This is great!”


Having slurped up as much of their sexual secretions as possible, Luke stood again. Shelly was smiling up at him contentedly. He smiled down at her.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes, but you can tell me again.”

He bent forward and kissed the top of her knee. “You are beautiful,” he said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have you for my wife.”

“I’m pretty lucky to have you too,” she replied with coy smile.

Gently he removed the pillows from under her hips, giving her the dry one from the bottom and keeping the wet one for himself. The wetness never really bothered him, he rather enjoyed wallowing in their come. Especially he liked the smell of sex to fill his nostrils first thing in the morning. Gave him a hard on which Shelly was always eager to assuage.

As his wife got comfortable under the sheet, Luke flicked off the light. He hadn’t made it back to bed when the lights went on next door.

“Oh my god!” cried Shelly as she looked into the bedroom next door. There was Jake, buck naked, sprouting a stiffy, lumbering across the room, with a wide smile across his face. Then she saw Toni, standing near the open window, looking towards their newly darkened room.

Jake walked up behind Toni and began mauling her tits.

“Oh, my god, Luke, they’ve been wa…oh my…oh my.”

Jake lifted his petite wife effortlessly. Toni stretched her legs wide as Jake lowered her on to his cock.

“Jessum!” choked Luke. “Look at that! I don’t beli…”

Jake began raising and lowering Toni, fucking her on his cock while he stood like a Vandal Gaul, her legs dangling off the floor.

“So that’s how they do it.”

“Do what?”

“What do you think they’re doing?”

“Fucking! Look at’em!”

“I know, I know, I…oh…my…gaaawwwd!”

Shelly’s awe struck stupor was shattered by Luke shouting, “Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her, Jake, fuck her!”

“Luke! They’ll hear you!”

“You must be kidding?”


“Whoooo-weeeeee! Fuck her, Jake, fuck her!”

“Luke!” She glanced back at Luke. In the gloom his face was wild with glee and was jacking his limp prick, which now stood at half-mast.


Toni’s mouth hung open, her eyes glazing over as Jake fucked her with his thick prong. Staring into the darkness, she nonetheless knew that someone was watching, that the new neighbors were watching, and that knowledge increased her wanton lust. Toni fondled herself for the pleasure of her audience as well as her own. Soon the rubbing of Jake’s thick cock in her tight pussy had her nearly hyperventilating. She climbed higher and higher to the precipice of orgasmic ecstasy, and when she went over the edge, the carbon-dioxide imbalance caused her become semiconscious, drifting in and out of one world and into another, where somehow the dominate reality of both worlds was a salacious rapture.

Jake raised her off his dick and lowered her to the floor. She was unable to stand and crumpled to the floor, Jake careful that she didn’t hurt herself. Then he turned, crossed the room and turned off the light.


Blackness enveloped the bedroom. A moment later, Luke switched on the light.


“Get up!”


“I said get up!”

Shelly still in shock, meekly protested when he grabbed her leg and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“Luke…they’re watching us,” she whimpered as her stood her up.

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