tagFetishRoomies: The French Teacher

Roomies: The French Teacher


Kim McCall shifted her body slightly, scarcely aware of what she was doing. Her attention was focused on the sight in front of her. She watched the bounce, now slow, now quick. She watched the dangle and the recovering. It was as though she was hypnotized, or perhaps had become some little animal mesmerized by the predator before her. The soft, soothing voice that reached her ears seemed to be in a foreign language she couldn't understand but yearned to know. All in all, she was completely hooked.

The young college student had recently taken the advice of her advisor to go ahead and get some of the core courses out of the way that she had originally skipped in her haste to study the mathematics that so fascinated her. She had decided to get her foreign language requirement finished first. Being Canadian, although not from Quebec, she could already speak some French and thought it would make for an easy time, allowing her more time for her serious studies.

She had been right, and wrong. She had no difficulties with the course. Her basic grounding in the language allowed her to easily keep ahead of the class. It was the TEACHER who was giving her sleepless nights.

Not that she was alone in that, she was quite sure. From the very first day of class, every male student who had demonstrated the slightest interest in the female sex had fallen all over themselves whenever it was even hinted Professor Sylvia Teverin was near. For not only was the tall instructor both blonde and gorgeous, she had the longest, most spectacular legs that Kim could ever recall seeing. The thirty-something woman was well aware of their appeal and made no attempt to hide them. Indeed, she wore skirts that, although not terribly short, were cut to allow her to show off those legs to their best advantage.

The first day of class had demonstrated that Mademoiselle Sylvia, as she preferred to be called, was able to gain everyone's attention, and to also divert it to the subject when she wanted. She faced the class, she sat behind her desk, she stood behind her podium. However, when she turned and wrote on the blackboard, a barely suppressed groan went through the entire class, particularly when she stretched to reach the top of the board. The smile on her face as she returned to her desk was almost demure, but the little bit of devilish mirth at the corners of her mouth gave her away.

Her attractiveness aside, Sylvia was a gifted instructor and deeply versed in both the French language and culture. She also was extremely practiced in gracefully rejecting come-ons. Kim saw both students and other faculty members try everything from subtle suggestions to blatant offers, and saw them all fail.

Kim herself was by no means immune to the attraction of the older woman. Along with her roommate Pam Maguire, the young Canadian girl had taken full advantage of the sexual freedoms sweeping college life in the 60's. Included in those freedoms was a strong interest in other females. In fact, she and Pam had long ago pushed their beds very close together, and taken to sharing one at night. As much as they delighted in each other, they pursued others as they caught their fancy, singly or together.

One afternoon Pam had dropped by the building where the Foreign Language Department was located in order to see for herself the woman that had been dominating a lot of their pillow talk lately. Kim had been forced to grab her roommate's arm to keep the other girl from crashing into a wall as she all but walked backwards to keep her eyes on Kim's instructor.

"Don't you let that one get away," Pam had advised her after she had managed to calm down. "When we're old and gray you'll look back on this with a BIG smile."

Kim had laughed. Jealousy was something that never entered their relationship.

"How about you," she had teased back. "When are you going to let Miss Ford catch you?" The Physical Education Instructor and coach of the Woman's Track Team had been pursing Pam for some time.

"I'm thinking next week." Pam's eyes twinkled. "I really want to see if that strapon thingy works as well, or better even, than a real cock."

"You do that." Kim giggled. "We might want to try one out ourselves some day." She jumped as a wandering hand brushed over her bottom.

"There's lots of things we might want to try someday," whispered Pam.

Kim had no idea of Sylvia's sexual interests. She did know the teacher was single and didn't seem to be dating anyone, male or female. She didn't want to simply be one of the pushy horde that was always surrounding the teacher. Fawning and breathing heavily over Sylvia didn't seem to be the way to stand out enough to get her attention, assuming that she would actually be interested, of course.

What Kim was not to discover until later that Mlle Sylvia had already noticed Kim. At first it was simply because the dark-haired Canadian girl was well ahead of her classmates in her grasp of the language they were studying. Then the older woman had seen that Kim was a sweet young woman, always ready with a smile and a friendly word for everyone.

Then one afternoon when the instructor was unlocking her car in the faculty parking lot, she had caught a glimpse of Kim at the parking pad where students were allowed to wash their cars. She was wearing a tight pair of cut-off jeans and a brightly colored bikini top and was barefoot. Kim stretched on her toes to run a soapy rag over the top of what Sylvia presumed was her car. The tightening muscles caused the teacher to stop and admire the young woman's legs, then her bottom, then all of her.

Sylvia noted that Kim was with her roommate, a brunette she couldn't recall very much about except that she was cute too, and had a charming Southern accent. She watched the two scantily dressed young women laugh and fling handfuls of bubbles and water at each other. She sucked in her breath as the girls looked carefully around them, ducked slightly, and kissed each other.

That in itself might not have been the clincher. But it was when she saw the other girl's hand brushed across Kim's barely concealed breast, that Sylvia smiled and got into her car. As she drove off she thought of her own college roommate not that far removed in time and the adventures they had shared.

Several days later the classroom was just about empty. It was a Friday and the frat and sorority students were gone, getting a jump on the weekend. Most of the others were gone to join in an anti-war rally and protest. Only Kim and a bare handful of students were there and Sylvia dismissed the class early.

"Kim," she called as the student neared the door.

"Yes, Mlle Sylvia?"

"Do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure," Kim replied immediately.

"Great, come to my office."

It wasn't the first time that Kim had been in Sylvia's office. It wasn't very big, as befitting a rather junior faculty member, but it was attractively furnished. Besides the desk Sylvia generally sat behind, there were two chairs. One was in front of the desk and was the one that seemed to always be offered to any visitor. The other was to the side of the desk and was usually covered in a stack of books and papers, as though to discourage thoughts of its use.

Today when Sylvia ushered Kim into the room and closed the door, the papers were piled on the usual visitor's chair. Sylvia waved Kim to the other chair, settled in her own comfortable appearing swivel chair and spun to face the young woman.

Kim noticed something was new today. Miss Sylvia appeared to be wearing nylon stockings, rather than being bare-legged as was her usual custom. Then Sylvia turned towards her, even while she continued to sort through the papers on her desk. The legs that fascinated Kim so much were spread well apart. The short skirt was bunched about the older woman's thighs, giving Kim a perfect view.

The nylon went all the way up, Kim realized. Sylvia was wearing pantyhose, a fairly recent introduction into the fashion world. She shifted in her seat. They were as sheer as stockings their entire length too, Kim saw. At the top of the teacher's legs the coed could see trimmed blonde curls and the beginning of the cleft that parted Sylvia's bottom. She swallowed. Twice. Hard.

Sylvia threw Kim a bright smile and turned fully to face her student. She began to discuss Kim's performance in class, then wandered into a monologue about France, the language, customs and traditions. Kim was lost in the rhythm of the words. Her eyes were fixed on Sylvia's legs.

Kim watched in rapt fascination as Sylvia slowly crossed her legs one way, then uncrossed them and repeated the motion the other way. Each time, the faint sound of the fine nylon rasping gently caught her ears. She couldn't help herself. Sylvia's short skirt allowed for quick glimpses of her smooth thighs, and each time she draped one shapely leg over the other Kim could see between those legs almost up to their junction.

Sylvia continued to talk in a pleasant, soothing voice that Kim managed to reply to, even though her focus was on the elegant legs in front of her. Those legs crossed again, right over left. The top leg began to bob, flexing slightly as it did. Sylvia's heel dangled from her toes, shaking as the leg continued to shake. The foot recaptured the heel, then let it dangle again.

The instructor uncrossed her legs only to cross them at the ankles. This time when the shoe slipped off, Sylvia made no attempt to recover it and left it laying on the floor. The second heel followed. The right leg slid up the left and began to bob again. Kim repeatedly licked her lips as Sylvia curled and stretched her toes.

"Kim?" Sylvia's voice almost caressed the young woman's name.

Kim had to swallow twice and lick her lips to reply. Even then, her simple "Yes?" was shaky.

"Look at me."

Kim managed to tear her eyes away from the vision they had been fixated on. She met Sylvia's gaze and was startled to see the smoldering deep in the instructor's eyes. A smoldering that she knew was matched by her own eyes.

"Its okay Kim." Sylvia whispered. "Go ahead. Do what you want."

Kim slipped from her chair, kneeling in front of the older woman. Sylvia lifted her leg slightly, offering the foot to Kim, who cradled it in her hands. Kim ran her fingertips over the nylon covered skin, then her fingers, then her entire hands.

As the young woman's hands drifted up the calf before her, Sylvia lifted her foot farther and brushed her toes over Kim's lips. Kim gasped. Her lips parted and she ran her tongue over those toes and their red-painted nails. She licked over them and under them, before greedily sucking first the big toe, then all of its sisters, into her mouth.

A deep sigh came from the older woman. She wiggled her toes in Kim's warm, wet mouth. The student continued to suck them for a bit, then released them to run the flat of her tongue along the soft arch and then over the heel and up the back of the ankle.

Kim lifted Sylvia's leg and licked slowly up the swell of the older woman's calf. Reaching the knees, she paused to nibble on the soft spot hidden there, making Sylvia tremble. The teacher reached out blindly to click the "Start" button on the reel-to-reel tape player. Hopefully the sound of Mozart would cover the noises that both of them knew were approaching.

Kim started the march of her lips up the back of Sylvia's thigh, shifting to settle between the woman's legs and bring her tongue to the sensitive inside of the thigh. Her hands kept pace on the teacher's other leg, exploring what she had been fantasizing about all term.

"Kim," whispered Sylvia again. When Kim's glazed eyes look up, the woman instructed the girl kneeling before her. "Take your clothes off." When Kim started to rise, Sylvia stopped her. "No, don't get up. Strip where you are."

Kim shivered. It took but a moment to pry her sandals off, to unbutton and shed the man's white shirt she had been wearing, the ends knotted under her breasts. As befitted a liberated woman of the sixties, she was not wearing a bra. Then it only remained for her to unfasten and squirm out of her cut-off jeans shorts and her white cotton panties.

Kim had gone down on more than one woman before, ever since the first time she and Pam had explored each other's bodies. This was so different though. After kissing back and forth from one thigh to the other as she worked her way up the legs she so desired, she found she could barely force her tongue inside Sylvia's pussy. The pantyhose acted as a barrier. Instead, she used the flat of her tongue to rub the increasingly wet nylon against Sylvia's open slit. The material felt so sensual on her tongue, against her lips. Her hands crept under the edge of the chair, the fingers tracing the creases where Sylvia's legs flowed into her ass.

For her part, Sylvia was lost completely in the caress of her student's mouth and hands. The black haired head was bobbing slightly between her legs as Kim continued her oral ministrations to the now flowing pussy. Then Kim found Sylvia's clit.

A fine seam existed where the crotch of the pantyhose had been joined. Kim's tongue was pressing that seam against the unhooded pearl. As smooth as the nylon was, it scratched the aching nubbin. But the sensation was incredible, making Sylvia squirm wildly in her chair and hump her pussy against the young woman's face.

Even as Sylvia felt herself beginning to ride the crest of the oncoming wave, she knew she wanted to do something more for the young woman giving her such pleasure. She stretched out her leg, running her foot between Kim's legs. Bending her ankle, she wiggled her toes against the dark curls of Kim's pussy.

"Oh, good LORD," moaned Kim, a sentiment and sound that was echoed by Sylvia. The nylon, soaked with her saliva, became even wetter as the toes it covered pushed between her lips and into her tight pussy. She wrapped her arms around Sylvia's leg and slid her body up and down, the nylon covered leg slipping between her breasts and against her belly.

Both women were lost in the moment. Sylvia flexed her ankle, pushing her toes in and out of Kim's pussy. She lifted her foot slightly and was rewarded by a muffled cry as her big toe touched Kim's clit. That cry was muffled because Kim buried her mouth on Sylvia's pussy, sucking the flowing juices through the nylon barrier. As Sylvia foot fucked the young woman, she responded by licking, then biting right where the seam scratched over Sylvia's own clit. The shudder of one coming was enough to bring the other one to the edge and push her over. Both teacher and student orgasmed together, almost violently.

That evening Kim was back at the dorm, examining herself in the mirror. She turned sideways, then peered over her shoulder at her back side. She wiggled and grinned, even as the door to the hallway opened and closed.

"Goodness, what are you wearing" inquired Pam, her eyes lighting up.

"Sheer pantyhose," replied Kim, a naughty smile tugging the corners of her mouth.

"They certainly look nice on you," her roommate replied. Eyeing her up and down, Pam continued. "Not that you need any kind of shaping, but they are quite flattering."

"They feel good too," winked Kim. Stepping to her dresser she picked up a small, flat package and tossed it to the other girl. Pam caught the package, juggling it for a moment with the box she was already holding.

"What's this?"

"A pair for you. Why don't you lock the door and try them on?"

"Always a good idea," Pam said, moving to the door. There was the faint click of the lock catching. The taller girl carefully placed both packages on the bed and began to slip out of her clothes. "I have a feeling that Miss Sylvia is no longer just a dream with you."

"Mmmmmm, no she isn't, although I hope there will be repeats in the future." Kim's hunger sprang up again as her now nude roommate perched on the edge of the bed and carefully pulled on the pantyhose Kim had bought for her. "By the way, what's in YOUR package," she asked as Pam stood and twirled around.

"Well, you see," the runner whispered in the math student's ear as they came together, arms circling and bodies pressing together. "Miss Ford caught ME today too. She was kind enough to loan me a spare item of the kind that she caught me with." As their lips came together Pam added, "And after you show me how this works, I'm going to demonstrate that item on you."

(The End)

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