Roommates Ch. 05


The Twist

Gwen called me three days later. David was in the Philippines on business for two weeks and she was lonely.

"Can you come over this afternoon?" She asked confidently. "I promise you will leave happy."

An hour later Gwen met me at her front door in a silk robe and nothing else. She quickly pulled me inside and pressed her lips against mine. Our mouths opened wide and our tongues danced together in a wet erotic salsa.

She dropped her robe to the floor as we kissed and my hands caressed her soft smooth flesh.

My cock was hard and it throbbed inside my lose dockers as we continued to kiss deeply and passionately.

Gwen pulled my polo shirt over my head and ran her hands over my bare naked chest. Her fingers found my zipper and she quickly unfastened my slacks and let them fall to the floor. My hard cock tented my silk boxers and I pushed my body against Gwen's soft curvaceous form.

Our tongues slithered together and entwined as we clutched and pawed at each others naked body. Gwen kissed my neck and ran her tongue enticingly along my collarbone making me moan softly. Her small hands slid inside my boxers and wrapped around my stiff shaft as she planted soft butterfly kisses down my chest. She licked and lightly bit my hard nipples as she firmly squeezed my throbbing cock.

Her journey continued down my flat stomach until she knelt at my feet looking up at me with her pretty ice blue eyes. Her hands caressed my sides and she pushed her face against my silk covered cock.

"Let me taste you," she groaned softly. She hooked her fingers into my boxers and pulled them to the floor freeing my needy dick. Her lips parted wide and her mouth engulfed my hard cock as she continued to stare into my eyes.

I watched her pretty face bob over my dick and I smiled brightly at her. Her mouth was hot and her hand stroked my shaft in perfect unison with her lips. I could feel my climax beginning to build and I felt strangely conflicted. I wanted to cum but I didn't want the pleasure to end. I pulled Gwen to her feet and kissed her deeply.

"You first," I sighed as I led her to the couch. She lay back and I settled between her thick strong legs. I parted her lips and inhaled her essence. Her fragrance was sweet yet pungent and it made my desire soar.

My mouth descended on her blooming flower and I pressed my tongue into her soft core. Her juices covered my cheeks and I moved up to lick her hard clit.

"Oh god yes," Gwen hissed loudly, "right there."

I flicked my tongue across her hard clit making her body shiver with each delicious contact. I eased my fingers inside her as I continued my oral assault on her hard engorged clit.

"I'm gonna cum," she moaned loudly, "don't stop lover, please."

Gwen's body shook uncontrollably and she cried out in pleasure as her pussy released torrent of delicious juices into my mouth. She pulled me up and kissed me passionately.

My cock responded to our kiss and I ached to be inside Gwen's liquid core. She laid on the couch and guided me inside her. Our bodies moved together as one, thrusting together in perfect syncopation.

"Harder," she moaned as her nails dug into the deep flesh of my ass.

I looked into her beautiful eyes as I pounded my dick into her. Her pretty blue eyes rolled back and she smiled broadly as she came again.

"Oh yes," Gwen hissed as she trembled from her climax. She pulled my head down and kissed me again. Our tongues danced together in an incredibly passionate wet kiss.

Gwen rolled me onto my back and straddled my hard cock. I guided it to her pussy and watched it slowly disappear inside her slick wet canal. Her big tits heaved as her body bounced on top of me with smooth languid strokes.

I thrust my hips to meet Gwen's slow thrusts as my climax built. My body shook and my breathing was heavy and erratic. I flew past the point of no return as Gwen fucked me hard.

"I'm going to cum baby," I warned as my climax approached like a speeding freight train.

"Cum inside me lover," Gwen panted as she slammed her thick curvaceous body against my hips. "Fill me up baby."

"Ohhh fuck," I cried out as I came hard. My cock pumped copious amounts of hot cream inside her as she rode the waves another small climax.

We crawled upstairs to the bedroom and lay quietly together. Gwen's pretty head lay on my chest listening to my beating heart as I gently stroked her soft silky body.

It had been a long time since I'd had feelings for someone but I recognized the sensation immediately.

We lay in silence for almost an hour enjoying the feeling of our warm naked bodies close together. Gwen asked how I got to where I was and I told her the whole sorted tale. I explained to her that I was not attracted to men at all but that I had always enjoyed sex with them and when I found myself homeless I did what I had to in order to get back on my feet. I explained to Gwen that I had always hoped to make enough money so I could start a business and get out of the escort game.

"One day," I told her, "I hope to meet a woman, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. I know it sounds corny but that is what I want."

"She will be a lucky girl," Gwen whispered in my ear as her tongue flicked out and traced its curves. She planted soft kisses on my neck and then rolled on top of me. Her soft round body fit mine perfectly. Our lips met in a soft wet kiss.

My cock rubbed against the slick wet folds of her excited pussy as we kissed deeply. Our passion soared as our tongues danced together like snakes in the grass.

I rolled on top of Gwen and kissed her tenderly. I lightly licked her top lip and she shuddered.

"Make love to me," Gwen sighed. Her hands caressed my naked torso as my dick slowly sank all the way inside her velvet folds.

I looked deep into her pretty blue eyes as my body moved slowly and steadily above her. My cock pistoned into her core with an increasing tempo bringing her excitement to a fever pitch. My hands held her face tenderly as we kissed. Our bodies moved together as one like waves crashing on a lonely beach.

We moved together hard and fast. Our hands slid across naked flesh as we reveled in our passion.

"Fill me up baby," Gwen panted as she sensed my impending climax. Her breaths came in short gasps as her own orgasm approached.

We came hard together. My cock pumped hot cum deep inside her womb as Gwen wrapped her legs around my waist holding me inside her. She cried out in pleasure and her body trembled as the waves of her climax washed over her sexy body.

"Can you stay the night?" Gwen asked as we lay, sweat soaked, under the covers of her big king sized bed.

"Yes," I answered quickly. I felt safe and comfortable in her arms. It was a feeling I had missed.

We had sex once more after dinner as Gwen sat atop their kitchen counter. My hard dick thrust into her soaking wet pussy while my eyes devoured the supple curves of her pale white body. We kissed deeply. I thrust hard and fast into her liquid core as sweat covered our skin.

Gwen came hard and her pussy clenched down on my cock with each wave of pleasure. I filled her pussy with hot thick goo and then knelt down and licked her clean driving her wild with randy lust.

We went back upstairs and lay in bed talking. It had been a long time since I'd had a meaningful conversation with a woman. We were both physically spent but we talked long into the night. Susan called that night I had to tell her that I was unavailable. It was the first time I had ever turned down a job.

We fell asleep with my body spooned up behind Gwen. In the morning we showered together and then reluctantly parted.

The fog started to lift over the next few days but Gwen and I continued to talk on the phone daily. I worked once during the week.

A well known man in his early forties had requested my services. He had gotten my name from a friend on Capital Hill and wanted the full treatment.

"Dress casually," Susan had told me. I wore a pair of linen khakis and a well fitted cotton button down shirt with Sperry boat shoes.

I rang the bell at the client's Eastern Maryland home. It was a large cape code style beach house right on the Chesapeake Bay. The well manicured 1 acre lot had over 150' of shoreline and a long dock stretched out into the water. A huge yacht was tied to the dock and two Mercedes sedans sat in the wrap around driveway. A short man in full drag opened the door. He was small, waifish and definitely passable as a woman.

"Come in," he said in an almost realistic female voice. "I'm Sheila, can I get you a drink?".

"Sure," I replied, "scotch, neat."

I watched her walk slowly over to a stocked bar in the corner. Her round ass swayed gently from side to side as she walked. She wore a white silk sleeveless blouse that revealed her smooth skin and delicate shoulders. A short black skirt bared her long muscular legs but covered her secret manhood.

Sheila poured three fingers of Mcallan 25 into a crystal drinking glass for me and a glass of cabernet for herself.

We sat drinking in the living room and talking for an hour before I made my move. I slid close to Sheila and placed my hand on her shoulder. My fingers traced small circles on her bare shoulders as I looked into her pretty blue eyes.

I slowly pulled her toward me and pressed my lips to hers.

"You are so sexy," I said softly as we kissed lightly. Her lips parted and my tongue slipped into Sheila's mouth and touched hers making her coo softly. My hands slid down her blouse and touched her flesh through the thin silk.

"May I," I asked as I unfastened the single button on the back of her blouse.

"Yes," she hissed softly. I could tell she was very excited.

I lifted her blouse over her head revealing her smooth shaved torso. She had obviously started taking female hormones and her small A cup tits were capped with big swollen nipples.

Sheila moaned softly as I kissed her neck while my fingers played with her hard nipples.

I planted butterfly kisses down her body and licked her nipples. She cradled my head in her arms as I lovingly kisses her chest. My fingers hooked into the waistband of her skirt and Sheila lifted her small round ass off the couch. I pulled her skirt off and left it at her feet.

Sheila wore a sexy pair of red lace Victoria Secret boy shorts and nothing else. Her tight petite body looked incredibly feminine despite the small prominent bulge in her panties.

I continued to lick, suck and nibble on her small tits as she moaned and gently pushed her hard cock against my torso. My lips moved slowly down her body. I kissed her tummy and pushed my tongue into her naval.

"Please," she moaned softly.

I moved lower and grazed my lips across her panty covered cock. I inhaled the musky scent of her arousal as I licked her cock through the red lace fabric making her sigh.

Sheila's hands caressed my scalp urging me to go farther but I continued to tease her. I licked her smooth inner thigh and she groaned with excitement.

I pulled her panties off and looked at her hard 4" cock. My mouth watered in anticipation. I parted my lips and took her small dick into my mouth.

"Yes," Sheila hissed as her entire dick slipped into my mouth.

I sucked her hard. My head bobbed and my nose rubbed against the neatly groomed patch of fur above her hard dick. I noisily slurped it until her breathing became erratic.

"Make me cum," she pleaded. I sucked and slurped her small hard dick until she forced it all the way into my mouth and pumped a surprisingly big load of hot delicious cum down my throat.

Sheila pulled me up beside her and pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me deeply and our tongues entwined. Her small hands ran over my taught muscular chest.

"My turn," Sheila cooed as she unfastened my belt and dropped my pants to the ground. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxer briefs. She freed my cock and dove onto it enthusiastically. Her head bobbed noisily over my stiff rod bringing me quickly to the edge and then slowing and holding me there.

I unbuttoned and pulled my shirt off as Sheila expertly sucked my hard throbbing dick.

She kissed her way up my body and kissed me deeply sharing the taste of my precum with me in a deep passionate kiss.

"Let's go upstairs," Sheila said softly. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. Her bed was filled with a soft down comforter and a dozen pillows. She pushed me back onto the bed and she lay beside me. She kissed me deeply as her hand squeezed my dick bringing it back to full attention.

"I need you inside me," Sheila panted. She pulled her legs up and offered her ass to me.

I climbed between her legs and lowered my mouth to her tight puckered asshole. I licked the smooth crack of her ass and plunged my tongue inside her making her moan loudly.

"Deeper," she groaned.

I pushed my tongue deep inside her and drooled saliva over her asshole. My fingers sank inside her ass and stretched her asshole as I rimmed her making her moan louder.

"Please baby," she moaned. "Please fuck me."

I pushed my latex covered dick into Sheila's tight ass and slowly sank balls deep as she cried out with a combination of pleasure and pain. I pulled back and fucked her slowly letting her get used to my dick.

"Harder baby," Sheila grunted as I pushed my cock deep inside her.

I fucked her hard and fast until her body started to tremble and she exploded in a strong prostate climax. I buried my dick into her ass and filled the condom with hot cum.

Sheila fell asleep quickly after I finished cleaning up. She rolled over and curled up as I lay in the dark room

I lay awake in Sheila's bedroom as she slept peacefully beside me. I was conflicted. For three years I had lived and worked as a prostitute. I had been emotionally vacant and unattached but I found myself thinking about Gwen. I felt a connection to her but I was a gay prostitute and we had met when I was hired by her and her husband. I knew my feelings were crazy and they surely would never be returned.

Gwen left three messages on my cell phone as I laid in bed beside Sheila. I checked my messages as Sheila dressed for work. She dressed in an expensive man's business suit and handed me $3,000 before showing me out.

"I need to see you," Gwen said when I called her on my way home.

"I am out by the Bay Bridge," I told her. "Let me go home and get cleaned up first. I will be over before noon."

Traffic sucked as usual. I went home and showered before driving to Gwen's place in Great Falls.

"You look exhausted," she said as she kissed me sweetly. "Were you working?"

I told her about my client but left out the part where I had laid in bed thinking about her.

"I can't stop thinking about you honey," Gwen said I breathed a sigh of relief.

"I know," I told her, "I feel the same way.". We kissed and I held her tight. She made me feel safe, happy and needed. Those were feelings I had forgotten about after Julie broke my heart.

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