tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRoped in the Woods

Roped in the Woods


'Come on babe will you puhleasee?' I ask as you flash me your dark eyes while pulling your shoes on as the dog dances with no ryhthm at all at the front door. 'Ok ok godsake' you mutter loud enough to be heard around Dexters almost painful singing.

It's a glorious day, sunday midday and the dog is ready to rock. You'd been nagging me for days about taking Dexter to the lakes again and today was perfect for it. Almost too hot for me, you look, well, alive. Just sparkling, with a hint of smoulder underneath, helped no doubt by the short summer dress you are wearing combined with my earlier persuasion to dispense with the unneccessery bra. Needless to say your freshly waxed pussy isn't hindered by underwear despite the shortness of the dress.

I shoulder the bag and we depart the house for the car. It's a short drive and you spend most of it pouting and flirting. The damn heat gets you every time.

Fifteen minutes later and the dog is off and away chasing his reflection in the water as you and I wander through the field. Time is getting closer now I can feel it, not just from the passing minutes but from my own internal clock.

'Francesca it's time we had some of those nude outdoor pictures I've been hankering after.' You flash a look at me, it wasn't a question...'oooohh kay, what you got in mind?' Excellent. I knew you'd be happy for that. I lead you over to the copse closeby, a place I'd scouted out only the day before unbeknownst to you and I take a camera out of the shoulder bag. I pose you against a tree clothed, semi-clothed, showing your bottom, pressing breasts in the treebark. Pretty pictures. Pictures and exposure that is getting you hotter and hotter. I remove the dress. Now you are naked. It was nice before with the dress still on, but now it seems very much more exposed. That small strip of cotton makes such a difference now you are without it. It's a little more scary now. Not scary proper, but there's an edge now.

'Can we go home soon and fuck me please?' Sparky. I love that. 'Babe, I'd like some better ones, some with a little rope....ooops I found some in the bag, how lucky' I say with no humour in my voice.

'Shouldn't we check Dexter hasn't got lost?'


'I really think we should. He could be in danger and what sort of..'

'Be quiet.' I'm engaged in rope untwining as you pout.

'Turn around sweetheart.' You do as asked with a final huffy sigh which I idly wonder if you copy from your 6 year old and loop rope around your upper arms, your biceps, and bind them pulling your arms backwards towards the centre of your back. Pushing your proud fat titties with the air aroused nipples outwards and removing your use of those limbs. Finishing off by tying the wrists together. A further double loop of seemingly redundant rope is placed around your chest, underneath your breasts and by this I lead you some 5 yards to my arranged spot. It's here that I found the woodcutters work, god bless these country copse keepers and their woodland husbandry. It yieilded me with a beautifully secluded spot AND a chainsawed trunk of tree lying sideways. About 4 feet in length and 3 feet off the floor it makes a great horse. I guide you astride it and take a few more pictures. Not that I have turned the camera on as yet...the better shots I figure are yet to come, but the distraction of you watching me as I 'take your picture', makes you unaware of the 3 shadowy figures directly behind you in the foliage.

I put the camera down and wander over to you...pinching a nipple and murmering how lovely you look. And you do. You are dripping and I can smell you. I tell you this and you flush a little. 'It's time for a spanking babe.'

'No. David. Not here.' I chuckle and pull you across my lap as I seat myself on the large log. I proceed to spend 10 minutes spanking your arse, not viciously but hard and very repetetively, turning your freckled bottom a deep blush of crimson. A hand into the shoulder bag while you are still astride my lap, squirming a little, gets the lubricant and I quickly have your cheeks spread and pouring cold lube onto your rosebud anus. You squeal as it hits and moan a little as I work it in. I dip inbetween your ass and cunt and you squirm in earnest but I stop regardless of your best protest moan.

Standing you upright, despite the heat of the day you are aware of your burning bottom in the still air. I move you astride the log again. Legs at the very start of the length I lie you over it. Your bottom is presented perfectly. Your tits just fall free of the other edge and I take the redundant rope and secure it to the log itself thus pinning you to the log by your torso. I take two other ropes from the magic bag and quickly secure your legs apart.

'Babe I need to go and find Dexter.'


'I'm sorry?'

'David don't leave me like this' You have that look thats tells me midsmaster wouldn't do such a thing.

I get a nice stick about an inch and a half thick and prise your mouth open. I force the stick inbetween your teeth and tie it on either end around your head. A good stick gag. Then I go to your bottom end and thrust three fingers into your sopping cunt and work that slut-spot for a minute until your hips begin to hump against the wood and my hand. I stop and spank your arse two vicious slaps as you yelp behind the bark of the gag and look mad as hell. I wander out of the clearing and reverse back upon myself to the foliage to your rear where the guys are waiting.

I light up a freshly prepared joint and watch as the three men quietly make their way towards you and lean against a tree which gives me a great view. From their rear approach and your bondage you are unable to see them even if you knew they were there. I see you flinch as a hand touches your bottom gently. You relax though. It's me after all. You'd been very careful to look out for surprises. The hand is withdrawn and you gasp as a blindfold is put over your head but you make no complaint as the binds tying your gag are loosened. You spit out bits of bark and gasp your air back as you settle into your predicament.

You feel a hand grab at your hair and lift your head and then feel the familiar heat of a cockhead around your cheek and lip and you instinctively open your lips and capture the meat. That safe, warm, hot feeling begins to envelope you as you draw deeply on the cock in your mouth and run your tongue around the thick head. Something isn't right. It is Dave. Isn't it? It feels almost the same, but not quite, the ring isn't there ok....but perhaps he took it out before we came out? he often does? oh my god..you realise..it's a thicker cockhead than dave..I'm sure.

'D..' You begin to say as you pull your head back...at that instant you feel other hands gripping your stinging buttocks. The shock stops you for a second giving the unknown receiver of your oral expertise the opportuinity to thrust his cock much farther down your throat, causing you to gag a little but with no respite, the cock is lodged in your mouth and he has control of your hair and head movements. Then you feel the entry from behind of another penis. Thin but long it works into you easily and with no foreplay just begins to fuck you hard and fast. The shock is overwhelming. The sensation is sooo good. Panic!. Suck. Slap. It's all happening so fast now. Oh god you love it so. Where is dave???

The hand holding your hair guides you now, he could let go and you would continue but he guides your movements and withdraws his dick and wipes it around your face as you mouth like a fish trying to recapture it. The steady fucking from behind is slowly building you up too. His thin curved penis rubbing around inside you, stirring you. The coarse bark under your skin adds to the sensation.

'You slut..I go away for five minutes and this is how I find you?'

Your eyes look up and see me grinning, camera in one hand as I remove your blindfold. 'My proud posh slut.'

You are now aware of other hands mauling your breast and look down to the ebony skinned hand pinching your nipple. You moan around the cock in your mouth.

'Francesca here..and perhaps you guys maybe interested in this is a sexual racist..can you imagine such a thing in this day and age?'

'Meeeerroeeeow!' Or something we hear you try to say as the throat fucker does just that.

'f'king bitch' one says, 'cheap ho' in the woods ain't got no morals to boast of.'

'Arrghh I gotta cum' says the guy fucking you and he shudders to his climax, leaving you a little ways short of your own. He withdraws and sits down to watch, your throat fucker growls that snotty girls need a lesson every now and then and pulls his cock from your throat. It's loss immediately makes you crave its return, but he takes his turn at the back and pushes his cock into your easily accepting pre-lubed arse. You gasp loudly but can do nothing. It feels good anyway. He takes his time. Giving your ass time to get used to his width. The black guy moves in front of you now and peels down his flies. You can't go anywhere and you know whats going to happen. Your eyes are fixed as he pulls his cock out and lets it dangle before you. Dark and thick. He strokes himself before you and you watch still transfixed. The cock in your ass gently moving. His cock grows and hardens before you.He's hung. You know it's beautiful. It hardens to a immense degree and still he strokes it a foot away from your face. You won't ask for it but can't contain a longing moan.

'You like this cock tied-up-tree girl?'


'You want this cock tree-girl?'


'Are you a sexual racist?'

'No. No I'm not'

'Then prove it to me. Ask me for my cock? Tell me how you like it.'

Your cheeks burn. You know you are going to say it but you fight.

'Too late bitch...maybe you are racist.'

Damn no time...'Yes, no..I'm not..yes please can I have your cock it's beautful, please can I have it please?'

You hear us all chuckle and blush in shame but gladly open your lips to the approaching cockhead. The ass fucker begins to speed up now..slowly, steadily building.Pinching your ass cheeks. You have the heady scent of cock under your nose..your pussy drips and yearns and your ass is getting hotter with the fat cock it has ploughing into you. The cock in your mouth is too big to get anymore than the head in and you roll it around you mouth happily, eyes half closed as the fucking tempo increases..your mound bouncing and grinding onto the bark...oh god yes..it's beginning to build. Again the fucker hits his moment before you and fills his rubber deep inside your ass as you groan around the cockhead.

'I think I need some of that mouth' I say as the dark guy moves to your rear. My cock is out and hard and I slip it easily into your mouth and you suck on the familiar flesh. 'Baby...you are a dirty girl...I'm gonna make you dirtier sweetheart' I murmer and reach back towards your buttocks and hold them apart for the black guy. The black guy positions himself behind you, the condom stretched tautly...I silently motion to him to remove it and he grins and does so..and places his dick at the entrance to your cunt.

You can feel the heat from his cockhead and feel my cock your mouth as your pussy begins to stretch to accept the big-guy..you moan around my cock as he enters you while I continue to hold you open for him. The sensations overwhelm again. The cock feels so good inside you..large and hard and hot, much hotter than the others...a thought in the back of your mind....no he must be wearing a condom..dave is right there. His size makes the sensation unclear but what is clear is that your hips have started humping against the wood...smacking your pubis onto the bark, it's a wild ride for the guy behind as he grips your hips and fucks you hard and steadily, taking your breath away a little with his thrusts and the size, but smacking of the pubis...the scratching of the bark...SMACK a hand falls sharply onto your buttock. SMACK.

Again, I intermittently spank you. I can feel you cumming before you do. I can see your body lose control. Damn that must feel good for him fucking you! You start to groan loud now..the orgasm rises. You feel his hot cum splash inside you, scalding. You thrash around in your own throes as your pussy starts it's own gush of juice. Still the cock pounds you wringing spasm after spasm from you until you exhale loudly. Withdrawing, the guys silently slope off..to your rear..again unseen.

'Baby..what a slut you've been..and look at all this juice!' I mock with a big grin...

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by Anonymous05/23/18

good idea badly written

great story line and idea but very poorly written. couldnt get past the horrible set up and dialouge enough to cum

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