This story is a work of fiction. It was inspired by a wonderful friend and the most beautiful and sexual person I have ever known.

Bob was a retired public school teacher who had begun a second career in carpentry. He liked working outdoors and had always been good with tools. He found that without advertising he could stay very busy. He began by building a deck for the bank president and "word of mouth" had kept him busy for over a year. He could pick and choose his projects and found that he especially enjoyed building decks and porches.

Bob finished a backyard gazebo project early and decided to go scouting for future work. He had several calls and the first house he went to was to rebuild a rotting back deck. He knocked at the door and introduced himself and he and the tall grubby looking homeowner went to look at the deck.

The deck was poorly built and the wood was white pine. It looked like it had never been stained or painted and was rotting away. He told the man that he didn't see much to salvage and the man began to curse. Bob was about to leave, not wanting to work for the foul mouthed man when he looked up to see a woman standing on the deck.

She stood at the railing looking down at him and smiled. When she looked at her husband she did not smile. Bob guessed she was in her early forties and was struck by her sad but pretty face and crystal green eyes. In spite of his better judgment he began to take measurements to be able to give the man an estimate.

Above them the woman had stepped farther down the rail and was lighting a long white cigarette. Both men watched her, Bob marveling at how graceful she looked and her husband grunting his disapproval. "Only sluts smoke, couldn't you wait until this man is gone?" he said with a growl. She extinguished the cigarette in a coke can and quickly went back into the house.

Bob wanted to slug the guy. He had a low tolerance for assholes and this guy was a poster boy for the breed. Still, the woman fascinated him and he could not make himself say what was really on his mind and walk away.

"I have things to do, you measure whatever you want and let me know what it is going to cost." With those words, the asshole walked away and Bob heard him drive away in his van. Bob stood there for a full minute debating the wisdom of continuing but then began measuring again and taking notes.

He heard a sliding door open and close and looked up to see the woman again at the rail above him. She smiled again and her face lit up and he marveled at how beautiful she was when she smiled. He climbed carefully the rotting steps to the deck and said, "Hello, I'm Bob. I'll be out of your way in a few minutes, I just need to measure this thing."

"Hi, I'm Rose," she said shyly and with a shaky voice, "I am sorry my husband is so rude. I thought you would walk out on him."

"It occurred to me," Bob admitted, "I'm not sure why I stayed. I hate a man being rude to a lady."

Rose watched Bob as he measured and he heard the click of a lighter as she lit a cigarette. He glanced her way in time to see her exhale a long slow feather of smoke into the hot afternoon breeze. He looked at all of her for the first time. She was average height, probably around 5' 6" and looked to be in good physical shape. She was wearing a short sleeved blouse and slacks and was barefoot. Bob thought she was very attractive.

Bob had been married for the better part of his adult life. The year before he retired from teaching, his wife had decided she just didn't love him anymore and had moved out. The divorce had been friendly, if that is possible, and since then Bob had worked and gone fishing and spent time with his grandchildren.

Looking at Rose now, Bob suddenly was struck that he was finally attracted to a woman and she was married to the biggest jerk he had met in years. He was definitely attracted to this woman. Her auburn hair was short and neat and her face with no makeup or plucked eyebrows like most women, was more attractive than any he had seen in a long time.

Rose drew deeply on her cigarette and then as she lowered it and exhaled slowly again, Bob realized he had been staring at her and she at him for over a minute. "I'm, I'm sorry mam," he stuttered embarrassed, "you remind me of someone I used to know."

"It's alright," she said, "I was staring at you too, I guess you remind me of someone. Or maybe you were thinking that my husband was right, I look like a slut when I smoke."

"No, not at all," Bob said, surprising himself at his next words. "You look very beautiful when you smoke." Blushing he turned and began measuring the railings.

"I wish my husband thought that, but maybe you are just being polite."

Bob turned and then apologized again and told her that he had always thought a beautiful woman smoking was attractive. His first girlfriend had been a smoker but his ex-wife was avid anti-smoking. Without realizing it the two sat down on the steps side by side and began to talk. Bob found himself opening up to Rose and telling her about his wife leaving him and how he had felt inadequate and had not even thought about another woman.

He told her about his first girlfriend and how she smoked a great deal, even when they were making love. He was embarrassed and apologized again and Rose reached to squeeze his hand and told him it was their secret and not to worry.

He asked Rose then why she tolerated her husband's rude behavior. She told him that her husband had their finances so tied up and hidden that if she divorced him she would have nothing. She also said that their children and grandchildren adored him and would think she was deserting him and she was afraid to lose their love and respect.

"He will not let me wear makeup or do anything else that might make me attractive to other men," she said.

"Well, he failed there because you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen." Bob again shocked himself at his candor.

"Thank you," she said, "but if your were around more you would not think so. To make sure no other men would want me, he will not let me shave any part of my body. If I don't stay covered up I don't look very womanly." Rose put her head down, very red faced at her admission.

Bob listened to her and felt his cock stiffen in his pants. "Rose, he failed again, did you know that some men find natural women to be very attractive? For the first twenty years of our marriage my wife never shaved except during the summer because she knew how much it turned me on." It was now Bob's turn to lower his red face.

In the silence, Rose lit another cigarette, and then told Bob that her husband would be back soon. She said she hoped that he would build their deck and that she had enjoyed their talk. Rose stood and quickly walked into the house and Bob could not find words to even say goodbye.

Bob thought about Rose and her jerk husband for several days and then went by the house with his estimate. The man met him at the door and said, "I'll let you know."

A week later the phone rang and Bob was told he could begin re-building the deck. They agreed on the following Monday. Bob sat staring at the phone wondering how much he would see of Rose and if her husband would be lurking around giving him trouble as he did his work. He worked alone and the last thing he needed or wanted was the jerk watching and commenting. On the other hand, he knew he would welcome any sight or sound of Rose.

At 7AM Monday morning Bob was unloading his trailer and getting ready to start tearing down the old rotting deck. The Jerk met him and then told him he would be gone most of the day. He left a relieved Bob and drove away in his van again.

Bob began tearing the old deck down and had worked nearly an hour when he heard the sliding door open. Rose stepped out onto the deck with a pitcher of ice water and he quickly warned her not to come too far, because his work was making the rotting deck very unstable.

Rose disappeared back into the house and then came out a basement door a few minutes later with the ice water. As Bob gratefully drank it they both stood quietly, as Rose took a long white Salem from her pack and lit it. "Did you mean all the things you said last week or were you just being nice?"

"At my age, I don't feel the need to be a liar to be nice," Bob said, "I was truthful about everything I said. You are a most lovely woman."

Rose thanked him again and they stood talking, sharing grandchildren stories and when he said he was surprised she had grandchildren so old she shocked him by telling him she had just turned 58. She was please that he was so obviously shocked and blushing she took a last long drag on her cigarette and went back into the house.

Bob went back to work and when he began taking down the rotting flooring he heard the basement door open again. Rose said, "I thought you might need some help". Bob was in shock. Rose had changed and was wearing short white shorts and a yellow halter top. Her breasts were molded by the thin cloth and her nipples were hard and her areolas bumpy, he assumed from being in the air conditioning.

Bob guessed Rose was a C cup and her dark nipples and areolas looked so sexy he had to tear his eyes away from her. "Sure, why don't you grab that end and as I knock the other end loose the board won't fall on me."

It was time for another shock as Rose raised her arms to grasp the board over her head. Under her arms was long silky dark hair. It was not overly thick but it was very visible and very sexy to Bob. They stood for a second facing each other and Rose dropped her gaze to Bob's pants which were tenting out.

Bob turned away, "I'm so sorry, oh my god, I hope you aren't offended."

"Offended, not at all. I am flattered. No man has said such nice things or reacted to me that way in many years."

Bob began to hammer the boards loose and he and Rose caught them and Bob took time to carefully remove the rusty nails and throw them in a can before they stacked the old lumber. Bob was very careful not to look at Rose for fear of another erection. Finally they stopped for ice water and went to sit in the shade.

They sat in awkward silence as Rose lit a cigarette and began brushing crumbs of rotten wood from her shoulders. As she raised her arms to brush the wood crumbs from her hair Bob found himself looking at her furry underarms again as well as her beautiful breasts, even more outlined by the damp cloth of the halter.

Rose smile at him and said, "I don't mind you looking, it makes me feel like a woman again."

Bob moved his lawn chair closer to her and began to pick the rotten wood bits from her shoulders and hair also. As he leaned in to brush some from her bare shoulders they paused with their faces close and then slowly pressed their lips together in a soft kiss.

Rose's lips were warm and full and soft and as Bob parted them with his tongue she met him with her tongue and he tasted her smoky mouth eagerly and felt his erection tent out his jeans painfully. The kiss continued for several minutes with his hands on her shoulders and hers on his arms. When the kiss broke and they sat back Bob's erection was obvious and there was a wet spot where his pre-cum had leaked through. Rose, Bob saw, had her own twin erections as her nipples struggled to tear through the thin damp cloth.

Bob and Rose looked at each other, both with half smiles as Rose took a long slow drag on her cigarette. She exhaled slowly and once again raised her arms to pin her hair up. Bob's erection was physical proof that he liked everything about her and she smiled her wonderful smile again.

"I think we had better get back to work and maybe think this over," Rose said, "but that was very nice."

They went back to work and soon Bob had a trailer load of the wood they had removed and he told Rose he needed to take it to the dump. He started to leave and then turned and said, "I don't want this to stop here, I think you are wonderful."

Rose smiled and said, "Good, I don't want to stop either. He will be home soon and I was going to go shopping."

"Would you follow me to my home?" Bob asked in a shaky voice.

"Yes, I am shocked at myself, but I very much want to do that," Rose said with her sad smile.

Rose went into the house and came out wearing the same sweaty dirty clothes but she had a plastic bag with her. She got in her car and Bob drove straight to his house. He lived back off the beaten track and had a small house in the woods. When he pulled around back she followed and parked behind his house.

When she got out of the car, Bob met her and took her hand in his. He had thought about what was about to happen all the way home and had reminded himself over and over that she was a married woman.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked, "I am divorced but you are married and your husband could make things nasty for you if he found out."

"I have never wanted anything more in my entire life," she said as she leaned in to kiss him. Their kiss was soft and deep and he could taste the smoke in her mouth and he could smell her sweaty body. Instead of being a turn off, he wanted her even more.

When they finally broke the kiss he led her to his house and they entered through the screened in back porch. They went straight to the bedroom and to the master bathroom which was very large. Without speaking they began to kiss each other again and to undress each other dropping their dirty sweaty clothing on the floor.

When Rose was naked Bob stepped back to admire her. Her waist was thickened from having her children and her breasts had a slight sag, but she was beautiful. Her pubic hair was untrimmed and bushy and looked wet and slick where it covered her pussy lips.

Rose also was admiring Bob. He was far from being slim and every part of his body was thick. From having her arms around him and on his arms she knew he was very solid and had working muscles. She especially liked his hard cock which was standing out from his graying pubic hair. The hair on Bob's head was mostly white and his underarm and pubic hair had strands of gray also.

She reached out to gently stroke his cock and Bob shuddered and almost came on the spot. It had been so long and he was very sensitive. She sensed that he wanted to wait and they stepped into the shower. When they were both wet and rinsed off Rose experienced a treat that she had never had in her entire adult life. Bob shampooed her hair and took his time massaging her scalp and then he tenderly soaped and washed her entire body.

Rose like the way he soaped his hands and then washed her, never using the wash cloth. Bob took his time washing her breasts and then scrubbing her underarms and pussy. His cock kept bobbing and she suppressed the desire to kneel and suck it.

When Rose was clean and rinsed she performed the same service for Bob. He loved the feel of her hands washing his hair and then soaping his entire body, except for his cock and balls. He was disappointed that she skipped that area and was surprised that a naked woman taking a shower with a man would be shy, but he supposed that was what it was.

Rose, however, was saving the best until last. When Bob was rinsed she whispered to him that she had one more area to clean. Rose knelt in the tub at his feet and gently soaped his cock, running her hands up and down it's length and then soaping and massaging his hairy balls. She felt him shudder and she knew he was fighting not to cum.

"I think you will cum pretty fast the first time, " she said, "and then we can relax and take our time, so please enjoy this." Rose took Bob's hard cock into her mouth. As her hands massaged his balls she began to stroke her mouth up and down his cock using her tongue on the underside of the shaft and then stopping to suck the head like a lollipop and lash the bulbous head with the tip of her tongue.

"Babe, I am going to cum, " Bob warned her as he began to make little involuntary thrusts with his hips.

Rose looked up and said, "Cum then, and enjoy it as much as I am."

Rose then took Bob's cock into her mouth and began to fuck his cock with her lips and mouth in earnest. Bob's cock was average in length and size but she loved how soft the skin was in her mouth and yet how hard it was under the skin.

Bob moaned out loud and grasped the top of the shower doors to hold himself. Rose felt hot cum spurt into her mouth. It was thick and slightly salty and had a musty taste. She swallowed and then swallowed again as he shot rope after rope of hot cum into her mouth. Rose kept sucking and stroking his cock until she felt it softening in her mouth. She continued to suck on the head as she rubbed his balls.

Finally, Bob slid his hands into her armpits and gently brought her to her feet. He kept his hands there as he leaned down to kiss her again, enjoying the feel of her wet underarm hair. Now her mouth tasted of a mixture of his cum and her cigarettes and he savored the taste running his tongue around her tongue and teeth.

As the water began to grow cold from the long shower, he turned it off and they stepped out and toweled each other dry with two large soft towels.

"Thank you, " he said, " I have not had anyone suck me in many years. My wife just stopped years ago and I always loved that so much."

Bob took Rose to his bed and stacking two pillows he propped her up on them. He kissed her gently and then kissed his way down her neck, licking and kissing her neck looking for sensitive spots. He loved her long graceful neck. From there he slipped down to her breasts. Her areolas were puckered and her nipples were hard and he took one into his mouth and began to suck.

Her nipple was tasteless and clean and he felt it elongate in his mouth as she grew more excited. Rose arched her body upward in pleasure as his mouth gently nursed her sensitive nipple. Bob held the breast gently in his hand as he continued to nurse her and give her pleasure. His tongue worked around and over her areola gently and lightly and Rose shuddered in pleasure.

Bob slid his other hand down over her stomach to her pubic triangle. The hair was fluffy and clean and as he teased lower he found her pussy was soaking wet. Bob slide two fingers up and down her slick leaking slit teasing the puffy excited flesh and then circled his fingers around her clit which was erect and protruding from it's protective hood.

Without conscious thought he brought the wet fingers to her other nipple and began to rub it and roll it back and forth between his thumb and finger, causing Rose to gasp with pleasure and arch her lower body up to his.

"Please, I am so close, make me cum." Bob slipped his hand back down and slid the two wet fingers deeply into her soaking pussy as he moved his mouth to the other nipple, the one liberally coated with her juices. She gasped again and began to whimper and moan as he sucked the now tasty and sweet smelling nipple and began to slowly fuck her deeply with his two fingers. He let his thumb find her clit and he used her abundant juices to lubricate it as he massaged the little nub and felt her whole body quake.

Rose was having a deep and very hard orgasm. She had not had an orgasm like this in years and she thrust herself against Bob's hand. His mouth never left her nipple and his gentle but persistent licking and sucking made her cum all the harder. Rose began thrusting against his fingers and moaned and whimpered loudly as she ran her hand over her other breast and played with her own nipple.

In all the years Bob had been married his wife had never enjoyed having her breasts sucked or her pussy manually stroked so much. He was amazed had how hard and violently and long Rose was cumming. Her breath came in gasps and she was reduced to a series of "oh" "oh" "oh", when she suddenly grabbed his hand and said, "Stop, it's too intense."

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