Rose and the Beast

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A dark adult version of the Beauty & the Beast fairytale.
11.3k words
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All characters are over the age of consent, 18+


The wind picked up blowing bits of leaves, dirt, and debris into their faces without mercy. The wind slipped through the holes in their shabby rags of clothing. Donatello looked at his daughter hunched in on herself, as she sat on the bench of the work cart. She hugged her shawl tighter to her body as the first drops of rain fell.

Rose's lips pursed against the pieces of the forest. Donatello shook his head as he watched the elements raining against her face. She was suffering and it was all his fault, he thought as he watched the cold and moisture from the sky rip through her and freeze her to her core.

"Daddy, please can we stop and build a fire? I'm so cold," she said shivering.

Donatello's heart ached at her plea. He needed to push on and find a town or village. Somewhere they could rest for the night. They would freeze in the rain before morning.

"Just a little longer, baby," he said, stopping the old workhorse. He removed his cloak and wrapped it around her trembling body. Her skin was ice cold to his touch.

"No, Daddy," she said, pushing aside the cloak he'd wrapped around her. "You need it more than I do."

Donatello smiled at her gesture and continued to wrap her in the cloth. He hated himself in that moment. The fact that he couldn't provide her the most basic things in the world made his chest ache. Shelter, food, security, but he tried to provide for her. He grabbed the reigns of the horse and trudged along the unsteady forest ground of roots, dead branches, leaves, and dirt. He fought the wind in his face as it ripped through his thin and tattered shirt and breeches.

As they made their way through the forest at a slow pace, the rain began to pour from the sky in earnest. The trees were too bare to provide coverage from the downpour.

Donatello spotted a soft glowing light ahead of them through a break in the trees. He urged the horse forward with all his might, which wasn't much considering he was three days hungry. They reached the break in the trees that revealed an expansive castle, decrepit with age and weather, but a shelter nonetheless.

"Stay here baby. I'll be right back," Donatello whispered as he secured the black and gray horse to a tree.

"Yes, Daddy," Rose obeyed as her teeth chattered. She sank down next to the tree and used the overhang of the work cart, which provided little relief from the weather.

He approached the castle tentatively. He prepared himself mentally to beg and plead for entrance. He pushed through the iron gate which was rusted and barely standing. Donatello stumbled up the stone steps to the large wooden doors and banged against the doors until his hand was numb.

There was no answer but even from his small ministrations, the heavy door cracked just a bit, although it was massive thick wood panels.

He pushed against the door until it opened fully and called out, "Hello." His voice echoed off the stone walls. "Hello is anyone home?"

He waited for an answer, but the only one he received was his echoing voice. He could see a fire in the hearth and that set him on his path. He would just explain to whomever that the door was open and that his daughter needed to warm by the fire for just a bit. There was no one to explain anything to, even after he'd recovered his daughter from the cart and helped her inside.

Rose shivered as she sat on the fur rug and placed her hands out in front of her until they warmed. She rubbed her warmed hands over her bare skin below her skirt and along her arms. Donatello sat at her side with his arm around her shoulders lending what little warmth was left in his own body to her. He looked around as the wind beat against the walls and windows threatening to shatter glass and pull boards loose.

When Rose had warmed herself enough she stretched out on the rug and closed her eyes falling asleep within moments. Donatello stood and searched the castle for an owner but after forty minutes of not finding anyone he gave up and returned to his daughter.

There was a tray of food set up near where she slept and after three days without food, Donatello was starving. He tried, unsuccessfully, not to devour all the food and began sipping at the thick meaty broth chased by warm broken off pieces of bread. He washed down the food with the mead and felt guilty as he finished off the last of the filling meal.

With his belly full, he stretched out next to his daughter. He cradled her now warm body against his and hoped for another meal to magically appear for her as he drifted off into a full belly slumber.


Rose woke to her father's soft snoring in her ears. She stretched into his frail arms wrapped around her as the aroma of delicious food nearby filled her nostrils. She immediately tried to wake her father to show him the food. He whispered in his slumber that he had eaten already. The more she tried to wake him the more he mumbled that he wasn't hungry and that she should eat as much as she could. Satisfied by his answer but knowing her father usually gave his food over to her to eat, she picked at the meal like a bird. She left more than two-thirds of the food available should he wake up.

Once she finished eating she got up to explore the castle. She searched for the kind owner who had provided them a place to stay, food, and fire. Like her father she found no one in her search of the downstairs area. She was curious where the food had come from and began a prayer of thank you to Heaven as she explored the huge castle. Although the place was worn and old, it was spotless as if there were hundreds of servants in attendance.

Rose gave up on finding someone to thank and went to attend to the horse and check what damage the storm may have caused to their cart. The cart was gone from the tree where her father had tied it and after an hour of searching the grounds, she found both their horse and cart safely secured in a barn not far from the castle.

She rushed back to the castle to tell her father of their good fortune and to ask about the kindness of the Lord who would own such a manor, but she did not find her father where she'd left him.


Donatello woke to find more food available. Porridge, juice, bread, and fruit on a tray like the night before. He left it alone in fear that Rose had not yet eaten and went looking for her and the owner of the castle. He explored the grounds slightly and found a beautiful garden of various colored roses. He was compelled to pick them for his own Rose.

He missed the large wooden sign with burned-in letters that warned to keep out of the garden. He picked a red, a yellow, and a pink rose from the beds and returned to the castle to place them on the food tray.

As he turned a corner in the stone hallway that would lead him back to the fireplace room where they had slumbered, he ran into a wall of flesh and fur.

A creature, for surely it was not a man, towered a good head above him in height. The creature's arms and legs were thicker than branches and trunks of trees. Donatello's eyes followed the path of leg muscles up to the expanse of stomach and chest to land on the creature's face, elongated and covered in dark fur.

Donatello could not contain the scream that built in his throat. He cried out as the monster roared at him.

"I give you fire, food, a place to sleep! How do you repay me? You steal from my garden! Did you not see the sign warning against touching my roses?" his voice was deep dark evil and it rumbled up from his massive fur-covered chest and out his snarling mouth in a loud growl.

"Forgive me, forgive me please, Sir. Take mercy on me. I only wanted to give the pretty flowers to my daughter. Her name is Rose, she would appreciate them so much," Donatello rushed his words past his trembling lips as he cowered against the floor.

With shaky hands he held out the flowers he'd picked from the garden to the creature. "I'm sorry for my ignorance. I can't read and did not see any such sign against it."

Rose, heard the commotion and ran toward the voices. She stopped as the massive monster that stood over her father overwhelmed her. It was just a breath that she let her fear pause her forward motion before she charged and hurled herself at the creature. "Get away from him! Leave him alone! You animal!"

The Beast barely felt her fists against his back. As Rose attacked him he turned to swat her away like the nuisance he felt she was and froze. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his entire existence.

She had long shiny black hair the fell in a loose plait down her back. Her skin was creamy ivory colored but her face and neck flushed bright pink with her anger. Her lips were perfect plush petals, the color of the scarlet red rose in her father's hand. The Beast could see a full and voluptuous bosom below her thin bodice and shift that led to a small waist and bloomed again into thick hips and thighs on down to muscled calves and small ankles with dainty boot covered feet.

Donatello recovered enough to crawl along the floor and pulled himself upright. He grabbed his daughter to stop her ineffectual beating of the creature. The Beast crouched down to scoop up the discarded flowers and offered them to Rose without thought, as if it were the most natural action he could do. He attempted a smile but his fangs made his mouth crooked and it appeared as a grimace to Donatello and Rose.

Rose flinched into her father's arms. The Beast dropped the flowers and remembered his appearance even more. Embarrassed but no longer angry he tried to calm his frightened visitors.

"You will leave now!" he grumbled at Rose. He wanted her away from him. He didn't like the way her terror filled eyes looked at him.

"Come, father, I found our cart and Old Henry out back. We should be on our way," Rose said. She raised her chin and glared at the Beast as she backed away taking her father with her. She wondered how such kindness as food and shelter could come from such a hideous creature. Pity filled her eyes as she shook her head.

Looking past Rose to her father the Beast said, "Wait! You cannot leave. You will be my prisoner until your debt to me is paid."

"Of course, anything," Donatello said, confused. He feared for his life, so he agreed quickly wanting to get his Rose away from the monster.

"No, he won't. What debt does my father owe you?" Rose said, her voice rising in anger at the same time as her father's agreement.

"He stole these from my garden, for you," the Beast roared flinging the flowers at her feet. "So take his precious bounty for he will repay it with his life!" The Beast snarled the words at her.

"That's insane. He will not pay with his life for some stupid flowers. I won't let you do this to us!" Rose stared down the Beast and stood her ground as if she were nearly as tall as the creature. Her father tried to pull her away and raised his hand over her face to shut her mouth.

"Then you can pay his debt and you'll stay here until I feel it is paid." The Beast said.

"No please, you don't know what you ask. She doesn't mean it. I'll stay here. I'll pay the debt but please let my daughter go," Donatello pleaded.

"Father no! This is not fair, you did nothing wrong." Rose had tears in her eyes and her stubbornness was written all over her face.

"Fine, but decide now. One of you goes while the other stays. I really don't care which," The Beast said, but he did not mean it. He desired the female, especially once he'd learned her name was Rose. He was lonely and wanted the company above all else.

He turned and stepped back, giving them a bit of space. His mind spun as he thought of his gypsy curse. That damn gypsy, he thought.

She was one of many women he'd been with, back when he was still described as a handsome man. He'd met the gypsy in the village. She was helping her wizen mother with tarot cards and psychic readings. Although older, he hadn't cared a bit as he pursued her. He brought her flowers, spoke of her beauty, and convinced her to join him in the woods for a picnic.

It wasn't that he was a brute without feelings for the many women who spread their legs for him. He believed each and every word as he said them. He spoke of love and a lifetime of pleasure. He confused lust with love in his youth before he took them.

When it was over he was unfulfilled and he just didn't realize how cruel it seemed to the maidens who gave themselves to him, then again he didn't care either. He'd gotten what he wanted although he didn't consider himself a liar, just confused and young.

The gypsy was no maiden, but for all her resistance she could have been. He'd pursued her for weeks and finally she'd given into him. He had her against a tree in forest. As he plunged into her silky folds, he thought for sure she was the one, until he came and again the feeling of tainted conquest overwhelmed him. For all the work she'd been easy too.

He could barely meet her eyes. She'd been violently angry and she cursed him to be as ugly as he'd made her feel. He turned into a creature before her vicious eyes.

His beautiful skin turned into dark coarse fur. His eyes changed to that of an animal, wolf-shaped, green and yellow. His muscles stretched and elongated, his chin and nose grew to a point and snout-like. His hands gnarled into claws. He became a grotesque monster that made anyone who lay eyes on him scream in horror. The worse part, his hunger was that of an animal, flesh and blood.

The gypsy laughed hysterically as she told him the key to breaking her curse was to 'deflower a willing rose'. He'd hid himself away in his palace, fired his staff, and isolated himself from everyone he'd ever know.

He'd learned as much about magic as he possibly could, but nothing could undo the gypsy's curse. Ten years after his curse he was still afraid to face the world and have them see how ugly he was. He cherished his rose garden; everyday he tried to break the curse.

He'd never considered the gypsy might have meant a different interpretation of her words or that to break her curse he would need a beautiful girl named Rose. Nor could he consider to ever win Rose's favor, especially if she saw him as an animal, a monster, a Beast as he stared at the beautiful woman before him.

The Beast reached passed Rose and gripped her father by the throat lifting him four feet into the air.

"Decide, now, his life or your servitude?" He snarled at the girl.

Rose dropped to her knees in front of the animal as tears streamed down her face.

"Anything you want. I'll give you anything, just please, don't hurt him," she pleaded as she proffered herself to the creature.

Beast dropped her father to the floor. "Go," he said.

"No," Donatello gasped his eyes wide in terror. "Kill me. Please. She is my everything. I'll gladly give my life for her."

The Beast smirked as he stared at the broken man. "I imagine you would. You'll leave her. She made her choice. You will not go empty handed though. I've loaded your cart with riches to last you a lifetime and beyond. Run, quickly. Leave. Do not make me regret sparing your life."

Donatello stared at his frightened daughter then balked at the towering beast. The Beast could kill them both so easily. If it was to be a choice, his life or his daughter's life he'd pick his death. He could tell that was not the true desire of the Beast and no matter what he said, nothing would change the creature's mind.

He mouth, "I'm sorry," to his offspring, turned and ran away.

If the Beast had given him as much as he'd promised he'd find a way to get her back. Tears filled his eyes as he saw his old workhorse. The grief overwhelmed him as he grabbed the reigns and mounted his cart. Soon, he'd return to this place, with an army if need be. He'd live to fight another day. When he was stronger, when he had help. For now, he left his poor little girl to the mercy of the Beast.


Rose spent much of her first day as the Beast's captive depressed, barely leaving her bedchamber. Beast had shown her to a beautiful room. A large canopy bed as the centerpiece, with plush fur rugs throughout adorned the space. The closet was full of expensive dresses that fit her perfectly but did nothing to lift her spirits.

Rose had seen paintings of a handsome man in a wing near the library, as the Beast gave her a small tour of the castle. She had been afraid to bring them up to the Beast who she barely saw throughout the rest of the day. She desperately missed her father.

Her brief tour had included almost every inch of the castle save the Beast's bedchamber. The Beast left his chambers only to prepare food for her. As night fell, she was sleeping soundly when the Beast brought her dinner.

The Beast managed a small margin of dexterity with her dinner tray, years of having claws rather than hands.

"You should eat," he said as he set her tray on the edge of the dresser of her room.

Rose raised her puffy wet eyes and looked at the Beast, "Please, Sir. This cannot work, this cannot be. My father needs me. Please let me go?" she begged.

The Beast hung his head. "Is this so horrible? My home is rich. I've left you on your own. You may come and go as you please. Is this not enough? Can you not stay, of your own free will?" his voice was deep, rumbly, and pleading.

Rose crawled to the edge of the bed, to the Beast. "No," she said shaking her head. Her fingers twisted in the Beast's fur covered chest. "My will is always to be with my father. This cannot be. Please, you must see how unfair this is. Those stupid flowers lay dying now as our separation surely kills me. Please, you must understand. You must see the injustice of your actions."

The Beast roared in angry frustration. "You will stay here. You will be mine. You cannot leave. If you cannot find a way, I will force you. Have no doubts, you are mine, and will be in every way."

Rose fell back against the bed as if slapped by his words. "You are insane. Insane!" she cried covering her face with her arm.

The Beast grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Rose tried to squirm out of his reach but he was too strong. He flipped her over onto her stomach and held her in place with one paw.

"Please, no, please...NO!" she screamed as the Beast unfastened his breeches and shoved her skirt above her waist. "No!" she cried again, her voice muffled by the bedding below her.

The Beast ripped into her body, tearing her hymen to the symphony of her screams. He brutally thrusted into her, shoving, plunging his member in and out of her. The scent of her innocence blood, filled his nostrils and he was that much more violent, more animal, a Beast in every way.

His claws dug into her flesh and scraped across her skin leaving marks in their wake. It had been so long since he has felt the flesh of a woman around his cock. The more she fought, the more he punished her. It didn't matter that his human qualities were lost as he thrust in and out of her, gripping her hips tightly, enjoying the pleasure that built inside him. He ignored her cries. He didn't care that the curse wouldn't be broken this way.

She was as unwilling as every woman he'd ever enjoyed before had been willing. It didn't matter, years of frustration and anger coursed through his body and he pumped into her, emptying his pain through every stab of his cock into her ravaged pussy. He ignored her thrashing until she lay still and silent beneath him. He forgot his curse, and the key to its undoing as he finished raping Rose. He sat breathless and sated by his deed.

When the Beast finished and recovered he dragged Rose to his dungeon. Her body was broken and bleeding as he chained her to the wall. He placed iron cuffs round her wrists and ankles, spreading her body into an 'X'. She whimpered softly, but didn't fight him.