tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 01

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 01


Rose Wilson and Torrie Webster were friends as kids from the moment they started at nursery school. Their surnames saw them sat together and, coupled with the fact they lived just one street apart, meant that they quickly became best friends. There were a lot of similarities to their early home life. Both their fathers were unknown and their abandoned mothers had to struggle to raise them through abject poverty. But throughout the bad times they stayed friends and grew into very different, but attractive teenagers.

Rose had jet black hair, which she liked to wear long. She had a waif-like thin figure and a razor sharp, acerbic, wit and cynicism. Torrie by comparison was a statuesque blonde, tall and had a very full figure with a very curvy bosom and ass. She wasn't as smart as Rose, but had never found this too much of a hindrance.

When Torrie was fourteen her mother, Wendy, married. Wendy had always been a survivor, always somehow finding the ways and means to pay the bills and bring her daughter up as well as she could. She didn't have much education but had plenty of drive and determination and managed to bag a job as a cleaner in a lawyer's office and eventually worked her way into being the receptionist. The lawyer was wealthy but shy and plain, if not ugly, and he swiftly fell for Wendy's charms (she was a good looking woman despite the hard life she had lived up to that point) and when Torrie was Fifteen they married.

His name was Herb Chapman and besides being besotted with his new family he was proud of them and took pleasure in showing them off and spent money changing their lives for the better. This meant that immediately Torrie jumped up a few levels of the unofficial social strata at school and a split occurred in Torrie and Rose's relationship. While Torrie started getting a whole new wardrobe of brighter, better clothes, Rose stayed in her dark, dingy shirts (she was increasingly becoming a goth). Torrie started making new friends, girls who had previously looked down their noses at her. Friends whose parents knew Torrie's step-father and encouraged them to welcome Torrie into their group. Initially Torrie wanted to stay friends with Rose but before long she had these new, better, richer friends - chiefly Angelina and Jenna - and the three of them became a tight knit clique, commonly known as the "Queen Bees".

Rose watched this all happen and her dark attitude only became darker and a deep rooted resentment burned over the years into hatred and contempt for her old friend. For gods sake she was a cheerleader now! So it was with that background that the following events occurred that lit the blue touch paper on a shocking explosion between the two girls in their last year of High school, with both aged just eighteen.


It was a Friday morning like any other and in the bedroom of Rose's boyfriend James (known as Jazz) the two of them were cutting classes with the intention to make out. Jazz went to buy condoms and waiting for him Rose began to scan over his computer to discover, to no surprise that he had recently been surfing all kinds of porn in his settings history. Rose wasn't bothered by it, all guys were like that anyway, but she clicked on some of the links to see what the pervert was into. Some of the stuff was pretty hardcore and shocking, even to Rose. She decided to really give him a hard time about it when he came back when suddenly one of the pictures registered with her. She recognised the model, clicking on the picture enlarged it to show that she was in the act of being double penetrated by two huge black cocks. Rose looked again and a wide, beaming smile passed across her cruel face in recognition of Torrie's mother being the recipient of the man meat. The filthy slut!

Just at that moment Jazz returned, eager to once again fuck his gothic but sexy girlfriend but he stopped dead upon seeing her on his computer having discovered his penchant for hardcore pornography. He tried to explain and apologise but Rose was so caught up in her ideas she just shushed him and told him to sit down and shut up.

The models name was listed as Wanda Vegas and the rest of their morning was spent searching the net for more and they found plenty. She seemed to have done quite a bit of work about five years ago but had not been heard from for around three years. Rose knew why! Wanda had obviously been her pseudonym and although she was pretty she was obviously never going to hit it big in mainstream porn. So she had made her money in more "specialist" areas and this had obviously been the way she had supported herself and her daughter over the years. The pictures and video clips kept coming as Rose searched : Golden and brown showers; Gang Bangs, Bukkake, bondage, S & M, even a farm clip, Torrie's mum had obviously been willing to do whatever to make her money.

Rose sat back, the glimmer of a brilliant idea forming in her head, sneaked a hand out towards Jazz's crotch and squirmed it down the front of his trousers, located his throbbing teenage cock and gave it a hard rub.

She looked into his eyes and announced "Come on lover, I'm in the mood to fuck your sick brains out!"


Torrie sat on the wooden bench and reflected on how her life was just now. She tossed her beautiful blonde hair back in it's new, expensive cut and stretched her long, athletic legs (exposed by a tiny tartan mini-skirt) as she turned to watch her two best friends arguing playfully.

Angelina was tall, olive skinned, dark haired and statuesque. She had a very fit, hard body and an extremely well developed set of breasts that were the envy of most of the girls in school. She was into all types of sports and was universally regarded as the fittest, toughest girl in school. A real Lara Croft look-a-like, even down to wearing her hair in a long ponytail that reached to her peachy arse.

Jenna was by contrast, not tough at all. She was small and petite and blonde but very brainy and tended to be pretty sharp in her comments on most of her classmates. She had even been known to be racist, which had shocked Torrie but she had kept quiet for fear of falling out with her. She was also noted throughout school as a confirmed virgin, proud of the fact and took great pains to explain that only someone she deemed to be "really special and worthy" would take her cherry.

Torrie watched a gaggle of dark clothed, gothic looking, sullen teenagers slouch their way past the bench, casting their baleful glances at the three superior friend sitting above them, and was relieved to see that Rose was not amongst them. They had once been such close friends but Torrie had traded up since then and was glad not to have to try and balance these disparate sets of people.


Next Monday afternoon and Torrie sat at her desk in her room doing some homework while she enjoyed two free periods from school. This house was in a much nicer suburb than she had grown up in and she loved it. Her mother and step-father were out all afternoon so when the doorbell rang she had to spring up and dash downstairs to answer it.

The door swung in to reveal Rose standing nonchalantly on the step, chewing gum furiously. She had heavy boots, black tights, a short black skirt and a black T-shirt under a studded leather jacket. The piercing in her nose, eyebrow and ears completed the look she desired.

"Hi T, how're ya doin'?" this was a rhetorical question she smugly asked as she confidently strode past Torrie, uninvited. She hadn't been in here for nearly two years.

Annoyed, Torrie tried to keep her cool.

"Um, come in Rose, how are you, erm . what can I do for you? I'm kinda busy you know.."

"Well Babe, it's more what I can do for you (said very sarcastically). Have you got a computer? I bet you do."

"What? Why? What is this Rose?"

"Come on Tor I want to show you something."

Reluctantly Torrie led her former friend up to her room, figuring that the quickest way to get rid of her would be to humour her.

Minutes later Rose took great pleasure in watching the exact moment that the bottom fell out of Torrie's perfect new life as she showed her page after page of filth. Recognition of her own mother was almost immediate. Torrie slumped onto her bed, her hands to her face in shock as Rose stood over, hands on hips, taking absolute command and she had a hard look over her black lipstick covered mouth.

Finally, Torrie raised her head and with her eyes blurring with tears at what she had just seen she tried to address her old friend.

"R-Rose, what, what is this? What do you want? Please don't...."

"Shut up you stupid blonde bimbo", Torrie recoiled from the harsh tone that delivered these words.

"Just shut the fuck up and listen to me, because if you don't, believe me I'll destroy all this (indicating the house with her hands). You're going to do what I say, when I say and to who I say from now on. And if you don't, well your new 'daddy' is gonna find out all the gory details of what your mum really is. And I can't see him liking that can you? No chance and it'll be back to the gutter for you and your mum. Back where you came from and back where you belong!"

"Oh God, no!" Torrie made no attempt now to hide her dread of this happening. With tear stained cheeks she implored Rose not to do this, begged her to relent.

"Why am I doing this? Nothing other than seeing you suffer bitch. You dumped me as a friend as soon as you could to get in with those snobby sluts you hang about with now. Well if you want to make sure that your step-daddy doesn't discover his wife's past you're going to do just what I want, aren't you?"

Torrie stared into the implacable dark irises of Rose and knew she was mad, knew she was dangerous but also knew she would have to submit to Rose's demands the possible implications of not doing so were too much for her to contemplate. She wasn't even thinking of her mother more how it would affect her. She had finally made it into something at school, a cheerleader with 'normal' friends, she could not face losing that. So she bowed her head to Rose and Rose knew that she had her, now she owned Torrie's ass. And she knew exactly what she was going to do with it!

Rose left that day with strict instructions that Torrie should make her excuses and arrange to come to Rose's house, alone at seven the next Friday night. The implied threat always existed, if she didn't then her step-father would find out about her mother's past. Of course, she could have stood up to Rose, could have called her bluff but Torrie enjoyed her lifestyle, was too vain to risk losing that, so chose to take what she thought was the 'easy' option. It wouldn't be.

Rose opened her front door to Torrie that night dressed exactly as she had been when she had visited her before - all in black. Torrie had walked down the street, remembering so many times from her childhood, scared and frightened of the neighbourhood, she shouldn't be here any more, she was better than this, she had escaped it.

Rose ushered her blonde visitor into her house safe in the knowledge that her drunkard mother would not return home for at least seven more hours. She dragged Torrie through to her own, dark bedroom and told her to sit on the bed as she explained exactly what would happen to her that night.

"I've invited Gilbert McMaster over tonight."

Gilbert was the ugliest, geekiest, fattest, smelliest kid in their year. Eighteen and never had a girlfriend and never likely to have one, he was so gross. He wasn't the nicest either as he seemed to have grown up on a diet of porn that gave him bad attitude to girls. Torrie didn't like the sound of this already.

"See I've promised him that he would lose his virginity tonight Torrie. It's up to you. He can either lose it to you and I get to tape it all or he can lose it to me and tomorrow morning your step-dad gets an anonymous letter telling him all about your mum. So, what's it going to be?"

Torrie nearly retched at the prospect but there was no way she would lose this life she had for herself. Looking up at Rose, she could see she was deadly serious and probably would screw Gilbert if she disobeyed her. Part of her toyed with doing just that, just to see Rose do that but she knew she wouldn't.

"OK" she answered dejectedly just as Rose's front door came alive to the noise of hard knocking.

"Ah, your lover's early. Must be keen. Like I say, you do what I say and I'll keep my word. I'll bring him in here and you act like this is exactly what you want, like he's the hunkiest guy you've ever seen, strip off, get down on your knees and blow him them let him fuck you. Understand? And make like you're loving every second, bitch."

As Rose exited the bedroom Torrie looked around in disgust at both the surroundings and what she was about to do. God, Rose was sick and twisted but if this is what it took to buy her silence then Torrie would do it, she would let nothing threaten her perfect lifestyle. Then Gilbert appeared in the doorway and that resolve was tested to the limit.

Gilbert really was not a nice person. Not in any imaginable way. Physically he was fairly repulsive. Black, greasy hair lay untidily atop his rotund, sweaty head and framed his thick, black spectacle frames, which he constantly and unconsciously, was always pushing up his pig-like nose. His black eyes stared out keenly from behind the glass, glaring uncomfortably at those in his radius. He had a heavy body on short, stubby legs that his stomach overlapped at the top. Visually, he was fat and ugly and he didn't seem to care or do anything to at least improve his appearance. People at school steered clear of him and made fun of him but rather than feel sympathy for him others just steered clear of him.

His mind and mouth seemed as unpleasant as his appearance and whether one caused the other is a debate for another day but suffice to say that he seemed to know no limits when he spoke. He was rude, crude and opinionated. He caused offence with every comment and seemed at times to revel in his role as unofficial horror of the class year. He was used to it; he had occupied that role since he had started high school. He delighted in swearing in front of the girls in the year and had been known to make the lewdest comments at them purely to either annoy or offend them.

He stood in the doorway, basically blocking out most of the door, pushed his glasses up his nose and smiled. Rose, also smiling, slipped around the far side of him, trying, obviously, not to come into contact with him. The two of them stood there like a grotesque version of beauty and the beast and Rose began to talk.

"You see Gilbert, I wasn't fooling you. Here she is, Torrie Webster all dolled up and waiting for you. She'll do what ever you want. Tell her what you want."

"I want the bitch to get over here and suck my cock", Gilbert drawled in his slow, syrupy accent.

Torrie winced with each word and felt she must retch and be sick and tell both these hideous people to get stuffed but as she stood from the bed she caught the glint in Rose's eye, daring her to leave, daring her to try how serious Rose was and she knew, she knew that this would have to be done. In her tight white blouse and short tartan skirt she looked every inch the perfect schoolgirl to Gilbert and he could not resist tugging at his sticky cock through his school trousers.

"That's it Torrie, I want you on your knees to give me a blow job and you better do good, then I'm gonna fuck you."

My god, the repulsive pervert was licking his lips as he spoke and fondled himself as the sweet blonde he had long lusted after (along with most of the other females at school) bent submissively before him and sank to her knees, her beautiful blonde hair in a cute pigtail on her head. Gilbert hadn't questioned Rose when she had offered this for tonight, it wasn't the type of thing that happened to him and he just readily agreed. Rose had told him that he could fuck her or Torrie that night and that was his fantasy to fuck a girl that it was going to be a hottie like Torrie Webster just made it all the sweeter.

Torrie though of the prospect of slipping back to her old life, her old 'friends', her old house with the news of what her mother had been and done and had no doubts she was doing the right thing as her pretty mouth and jaw mechanically opened as Gilbert fumbled with his zipper and a thick, ugly slab of cock sprang out. In her moment of defeat Torrie still thought that the fat bastard had probably never seen his cock for the last ten years. Oh god, she hoped he washed it!

Rose almost giggled. Her plan was going so beautifully, she pressed the button on the camera she had gotten from her boyfriend, Jazz (had cost her a hand job!) and swung the lens towards Torrie's face. Her wide open eyes and mouth perfectly framed as she zoomed out to clearly display the cock she was about to fellate belonged to class outcast Gilbert McMaster.

Urgh1 it tasted as foul as it looked, thought Torrie as she allowed his cock to slip inside her mouth and felt it find it's way over her placid tongue. It was slimy and wet and she could not believe she was sucking Gilbert. I mean Gilbert McMaster! She had given boys blow jobs before. I mean it was kinda expected and Torrie didn't mind so long as they were guys that she could brag to her friends that she had been with but she never wanted anyone else in the world knowing about this.

Gilbert's grubby hands reached down and gripped Torrie's silken hair and tugged on it to pull Torrie's face further onto his member. He felt like he never had before and had a strong intense feeling welling up inside his bollocks and as quickly as that he came, splashing his load inside Torrie's unprepared mouth. It had been too much for him but still it was the best thirty seconds of his young life and he got a perverted enjoyment of watching the usually haughty and perfect Torrie Webster spitting and wiping desperately at her mouth to try and rid herself of the taste.

"Come on bitch, get yourself undressed I wanta see those sweet titties of yours" instructed a more and more confident and belligerent Gilbert.

Torrie looked helplessly at the filming Rose as if asking her if she had to but regretted it immediately as she stared right into the camera lens and saw Rose's head nod emphatically behind it. Torrie gulped and steeled herself then she slowly rose to her feet and obediently unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to her feet, then her skirt followed and as she stood in her stockings, Gilbert ordered her to hurry up and get to the good stuff. So stockings, bra and panties were disrobed swiftly and Torrie stood, on camera, before the gross Gilbert.

"Touch yourself Torrie. Feel those big tits. I wanta see you enjoy yourself."

Reluctantly she reached down and inserted one hand in her pussy and caressed her tits with the other one and as Gilbert leered and made crude comments to her, Rose continued filming this classic footage. But Gilbert was keen to get into the fray again and after only a few minutes of having her masturbate before him he ordered her to stop and to undress him. Her face adequately displayed how gross she found this prospect. That didn't stop her though, and she stepped up to him and trying to touch him as little as possible (which proved impossible as he rubbed against her naked body at every opportunity) and used her delicate hands to pull off his smelly jumper and shirt to reveal his Jabba The Hutt like torso. And then the indignity of feeling at his zipper and belt to loosen his trousers and pull them to his feet. He stepped out of them and removed his own socks, leaving Torrie the unpleasant task of taking off his underpants. She made to toss them away.

"Wait a second, Miss high and mighty Torrie Webster. You always act like you're so much better than me. So I want to see you give them a good lick. Let's see how snobby you are with my Y fronts in your mouth."

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