tagSci-Fi & FantasyRose The Cowgirl Gets Sold

Rose The Cowgirl Gets Sold


This is the second part of my story about Rose the cowgirl. Obviously I would prefer that you read the first part before you read this part.


Life continued on the milk plant and the days seemed to go by in a blur. Rose kept having new babies and her milk production was always increasing as well as her breast size. She received more attention by the male workers every day and she seemed to be everyone's favorite. After having sex with her, the male workers would frequently tell Rose that she was the most beautiful cowgirl they had ever seen. It even got to the point that the other cowgirls got neglected and marginalized. Rose was at the very center of attention.

One day two men wearing white coats suddenly entered Rose's cubical. Rose looked up with a surprised face. Rose was sitting on her big curvy ass with her back against the wall, masturbating to her own mirror image as usual, when the men entered. Rose usually masturbated by fingering herself while simultaneously caressing one nipple. She had to be careful while caressing her nipple, because she was not allowed to spill precious milk on the floor.

"Stand up" said one of the workers. All her life, Rose had always obeyed every order or command she ever heard. She had been bred to always be submissive and taught to do as she was told. The two men looked Rose up and down and they both seemed to be in complete aw.

"Wow, it's true, Rose 126C is the best looking of our cowgirls, and what a milk production! Look how much she has grown this year" said one of the workers while the other worker nodded in agreement.

Rose had indeed grown; she was now tall, very tall. At about seven feet tall, she towered over the two men. As she stood up, her full tits where now aligned with the heads of the two men, who had problems taking their eyes of her boobs. Her enormous breasts where now the size of beach balls! Even at this impressive size and weight, her tits still appeared perky with her nipples turned up slightly.

With breasts this size, Rose's level of youthful tit-perkiness would be impossible for a human. Defying gravity, her boobs had very little sag. Rose's breasts pushed almost straight out from her torso with only a gentle slope downwards. Her pink areolas and nipples had grown as a reaction to all her lactation. The areolas had grown to the size of tea saucers and had also gained a slight puffiness. The nipple was about half the size of a man's thumb.

Rose was very horny since she did not get to finish her masturbation session. She hoped that the two men would take her and have their way with her. The two men took measurements of Rose's body and inspected her for a while until her tempting looks got the better of them. The two men began to gently stroke Rose's breasts, focusing on one boob each. The kissed and caressed her tits as if they worshiped her, like the sex goddess that she was to them. Rose's skin was smooth and sensitive. Her flesh was soft and creamy. Rose's nipples where hard and erect and soon the men started to suck on her them.

As soon as Rose felt the flow of milk being sucked out of her she started to bellow "Moooo!" MOOOO!" The men drank her milk in ecstasy as they both reached down to caress Rose's vagina. Two hands from two separate men where now eagerly competing for the tight spot between her legs. She spread her legs to accommodate both of them. Rose loved getting her tits sucked more than anything. In fact Rose could easily cum just from having her tits played with. If they got sucked multiple orgasms was guaranteed. Cowgirls where bioengineered that way so that they would enjoy a life of being sexually used by humans. Because of their easy and frequent orgasms, no cowgirl would ever turn down sex. They were made to live out their whole life in a long sexual high. Rose's life was pretty much a long, drawn out orgasm.

As the two men continued their feeding frenzy, Rose bellowed ones more and came hard. She started to shake a little and clamped her legs around their hands as she came. The men slowly removed their hands, now covered in pussy slime. The men told Rose to sit down as they pulled out their fully erect cocks.

"It's time for you to suck us now!" said one of the workers with a big grin. Rose loved to give slow and gentle blowjobs and she loved to eat cum. Rose held one cock in each hand and sucked on them like two popsicles. She knew they would both soon empty their balls. After only a minute of excellent top notch cock sucking the first man came. He had the head of his cock inside Rose's mouth as he came. Rose eagerly swallowed the sperm. Then ten seconds later came the outer guy. He shoved his dick into Rose's mouth just in time to blow his load. Rose tasted the spunk like fine wine before she swallowed his load. They both ejaculated copious loads of semen into her mouth and the warm liquid went down her throat and into her hungry belly.

Little did she know, but Rose had been singled out for sale to General Blossom, one of the richest men on the planet. The general was the right hand man of Emperor Peter himself. General Blossom was the commander of Odins armed forces and lived in his own palace. The palace was an enormous complex known for its beauty and extravagant luxuries. According to one popular urban legend, the palace contains a harem. The two men in white coats where talent scouts for the general. Their job was to find the most attractive females on the planet and buy the very best of them. The sale of Rose gave the milk plant a huge amount of money.

Rose was taken out of her cubical for the first time in her life. The two men flanked her as they walked out through a long hallway of cubicals. At first Rose became worried by leaving the comfort of her home.

Rose let out an anxious "Mooo!" But she soon began to move. She walked in her natural way, the way she had been designed to walk. She always walked with her shoulders back and her pelvis rolled forward. She took long steps, putting down her foot directly in front of her other foot as if she was walking on a tightrope. Her booty and her gigantic tits swayed in an alluring manner with each step from her long legs. The cowbell around her neck made a soft tinkling sound as she moved. Rose was led into the back of a van like vehicle with one of the male workers.

During the long drive, the two male workers took turns driving so that one of them could be in the back with Rose during the drive. Rose makes all humans horny and seems to also give them infinite sexual stamina. They had not been driving for more than a minute when the worker suddenly started to caress Rose. He did not stop his sexual assault on her until the van stopped and the other guy wanted his turn. Rose had sex countless times during the long drive. She had lots of cum in her ass, in her stomach and in her vagina when she finally fell asleep.

Rose woke up by a command "stand up". As she stood up she noticed that the two men were missing, instead a young girl stood before her.

"It's my job go get you ready" said the young lady as she got Rose on her feet and lead her out of the van and into a great palace. They used a service entrance that lead to a wonderful bathroom. It was a big room which contained a pool of fresh, hot water. It was hot in the room and the air was moist. The girl casually took her clothes off and dropped them on the floor. She was pretty for a human; she had a nice face, perky tits and a good looking booty. Although she looked harmless and nice, she seemed to have a big and powerful presence. The human girl seemed to have a very confident and commanding personality.

The now naked girl pushed Rose forward slightly, and Rose stepped down into the big pool of hot water. Rose had never had a bath before and let out an anxious "Mooo". She did enter the pool however and the she felt the shock of the hot water against her skin. The pool was not very deep, and for Rose who was very tall the pool seemed even less deep. As Rose stood in the pool, only her thighs were under the surface. But as the young human girl entered the water she got submerged up to her waist. There was a bucket on the side of the pool containing sponges and soap. The girl took them and ordered Rose to fill the empty bucket with water and pour it over Rose's head. Rose did this a few times.

After that the girl went to work at lathering up Rose's body. Rose towered over the little human girl, so sometimes she had to bow down so that the human could reach her. First she stood behind Rose, lathering up her back and shoulders, and then she moved to the front and soaped up Rose's stomach. Then she ran the bar of soap over her large, milk filled tits. Roses nipples where aligned with the face of the girl as she began to work on them. Rose got very horny, since her tits were so sensitive. Rose suddenly wanted sex from the girl. Rose tried to seduce the girl by giving her lewd and lust full looks. It of course worked.

The girl soaped up all of Rose's huge beach ball-size boobs, running the soap all over them, then rubbing the lather around, getting them nice and slippery with soap. Milk started to ooze from Rose's nipples as the cleaning put some pressure on her tits. The milk began to mix with the water and the soap, and the smell of it all was very pleasant. The girl now looked sort of hypnotized, like men usually are in Rose's presence. The eyes of the girl were filled with lust and fascination. She suddenly squeezed each of Rose's huge jugs as she stood there with her face so close to them. Rose's nipples squirted milk that splashing onto the girls face and breasts. The girl continued to playfully squeeze Rose's tits and shots of milk squirted out of her nipples. The harder she squeezed the longer the shots as it splashed into the water.

"Wow, you're like a milk fountain, you lewd cow!" said the girl in a menacing tone.

Rose replied only with a confused "Moo?"

The girl could not stop herself and began to suck on Rose's right nipple. As soon as Rose felt the flow of milk being sucked out of her she rolled her eyes started to bellow in her usual feminine sexy way "Moo!" It was like a mix of moo and moan. The girl was grabbing and clutching Rose's right breast to increase the pressure and milk flow.

Because of her huge tits she could not see it, but she felt the hands of the human girl running the soap along her anus and vagina. As the girl drank the milk from Rose's ample bosom she simultaneously pushed the bar of soap into Rose's ass. The soap was large so Rose cried out "Aaah!"

"Just take it and hold it in!" barked the girl. Rose did comply and the big bar of soap stayed in her butt. The girl then closed her lathery soapy hand to a fist and began to press her fist against Rose's small vagina. Her hand suddenly slipped into Rose. The girl then began to fist fuck Rose as she continued clutching Rose's right breast.

As Rose felt it all simultaneously, the big bar of soap in her butt, the fucking fist in her pussy and the milk flowing into the girls sucking mouth, it was all too much. Rose came hard. She shivered all over stated panting heavily and then delivered a moaning "Mooo!"

The human girl's stomach was now filled with fat milk and she could not drink any more. However, her lust was not quenched and her job to clean Rose was not over yet either.

"Lean forward slightly cow!" barked the girl as if she was an army officer giving orders to a soldier. Rose did comply, but it wasn't easy, since her big breasts where so heavy. Rose had to arch her back and place both hands on her bent knees.

The girl pulled Rose's Tail upward and said "push the soap out!" Rose was relieved to hear this command because the soap had begun to melt in her butt and it really felt like she needed to release it. The bar of soap popped out of Rose's ass and into the girl's hand, which promptly shoved it back up Rose's butt again.

As soon as it was out it was pushed back in. The soap went in and out of her anus back and forth and Rose's began to ones again pant heavily and shiver. The girl then suddenly shoved her arm into Rose's anus, all the way in to her elbow with the soap still inside her. Her rectum squeezed the arm of the girl as Rose came again. The orgasm was so powerful that it overwhelmed her. Rose lost her balance and fell forward into the water with a big splash. The girl laughed as she sat down on the edge of the pool and spread her legs.

"Come here!" she said with a devious grin. Rose walked up to her. "Kneel between my legs and lick my cunt." barked the girl. Rose did kneel and as she lean forward to lick, she had to press her huge tits against the side of the pool.

Rose brought her mouth very close to the girl's swollen and leaking pussy. But Rose was not sure what to do next since she had never done this before.

"Gently, lick around the lips," instructed the girl, as she took hold of Rose's long horns. Rose gently licked the pussy, tasting the girl curiously. She found the taste appealing and also noticed that she was hungry. Rose sometimes had her own cunt licked by male workers and she remembered what they used to do to her. Rose was lost in thoughts and licking pussy and apparently, Rose was very good at performing oral sex on girls. Because then, the girl began to buck her hips into Rose's face. She pulled Rose's head up slightly by her horns, so that her tongue made contact with the girl's swollen clit.

Rose licked and sucked the girl's pussy until the girl was about to climax. At that time, the girl pulled the poor cowgirls head hard into her convulsing vagina, almost smothering Rose in the process.

"I'm going to come, inset your tongue!" commanded the girl. Rose pushed her tongue deep into the girls convulsing hole and the slick walls inside her vagina quivered around Rose's tongue. Rose's tongue was long and thick and it felt better than any cock the girl had previously had in her. Suddenly, the girl started shuddering and screaming as a tremendous climax hit her. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, but eventually ebbed out. The girl then looked down on Rose with hooded eyes and said "you can release that bar of soap now".

After the bath the girl lead Rose to a big changing room with lots of clothes on hangers and racks. The girl had picked out an outfit for Rose. First Rose put on a pink thong that was adjusted for her cow tail. The thong barely covered her pussy in the front and it looked like she was naked from the back, because the thong consisted only of pink string there, which disappeared in her butt crack. The girl looked pleased when she saw Rose's voluptuous ass squeezed into that little thong. Next Rose was handed a one piece dress. It was a tight fitting white dress with a generous cleavage. The girl had to pull the tight thing down over Rose like a condom. The enormous boobs got in the way of the dress, but the dress was made of a rubberlike fabric and was able to stretch around Roses incredible measurements. When it was in place it became clear that the dress was very short, the end of the dress barely covered Rose's ass. If she leaned over just slightly, her "goods" would show. The dress was so tight it looked like it was painted on her and her boobs looked like they would pop up through the cleavage, since they were mashed together and had nowhere to go.

Rose felt very constrained by her dress and let out a "Mooo!" of discomfort. Since the dress hugged her tits so tightly, a little milk started to ooze from Rose's nipples, creating two wet spots on her boobs. The moisture made the fabric transparent so that Rose's pink nipples could be seen through the dress. "Now remember, you are not naked anymore cow. Be mindful of your tail, If you raise you tail it will lift up your dress."

The girl then put on socks and a pair of cowboy boots on Rose. Then the girl did Rose's hair. The girl made Rose where her long, thick and black hair down, with layers and curls to add volume. To finish the makeover, the girl put on expensive jewelry on Rose's fingers, neck and wrists. All the jewelry had messages. The rings on her fingers had the word "slut" and "slave" engraved. Her wrist band consisted of a silver chain with diamond letters that spelled out "cock sucker". Her necklace was the same, only it said "use me".

The discomfort that Rose felt disappeared when she saw herself in the mirror. Rose was a huge sex goddess! Rose fell in love with herself all over again. She loved how the dress made her look. The milk that kept oozing from her nipples turned the front of the dress into something like a wet t-shirt. She loved her styled hair and even her jewelry, since she could not read. She took a few sexy steps towards the mirror and then stopped. She spun around and looked over her shoulder. Her big tits could be easily seen from the back and her great ass looked so curvy, barely hidden by the dress.

"Ok Rose, you are ready now. Let's go to the harem." said the girl suddenly.

They walked into different rooms and hallways. Everything was beautiful and luxurious as if a god lived there. Soon Rose walked through a big sliding door, as she did, the young girl that had been with her stayed behind. Rose was alone. Rose was now in the huge luxurious harem! The floor was covered in big pillows and soft fabric. Among the pillows laid beautiful girls one prettier then the next, hundreds of them! All the girls in the harem seemed to have two things in common, they all had little or no clothing and they all had big boobs.

It all happened so suddenly. All the girls started to move towards Rose in order to examine her and welcome her into the harem. The harem girls gave Rose devious and lewd looks. They soon swarmed around Rose and overpowered her! Rose got pushed and fell. As laid on her back, every inch of her body got caressed by hands. Rose had never seen so many people at the same time. In all directions she saw naked skin. Rose felt her new cloths being removed from her. When her dress got pulled over her enormous breasts to reveal them, a big gasp was heard in the crowd. Rose was now naked except for her jewelry. The girls where amused as they read out the text on the jewelry aloud.

The girls pulled Rose's legs apart so as to spread them wide. Rose felt her nipples getting sucked as she realized one of the girls was now sitting on her face. The girl who was sitting on Rose's face grinded her naked pussy against Rose's mouth. Rose calmly accepted the situation and started to lick pussy. Rose was a natural at pussy licking and the girl on her face soon came. The girl was sort of riding Rose's face as if Rose's tongue was a dildo. Rose felt her hands being guided towards tits and ass. At the same time Rose felt fingers and tongues entering her vagina and asshole. Rose was completely pinned down by all the girls.

The air smelled of sex and it was hot and sweaty in that pile of bodies. Rose was completely soaked in a mix of pussy slime, sweat and breast milk. Rose fingered one girl to orgasm with her right hand and squeezed a big boob with her left hand. At the same time some girl was making out with Rose's asshole.

The vagina rose was licking suddenly got replaced by a mouth. Rose now had tongues showed into her every orifice. The sexual assault on Rose seemed to go on and on. When one of the girls got tired, she was replaced by a hornier girl who had been waiting for her turn. The orgy lasted for about seven hours and Rose had about one orgasm every minute during that time. Rose had managed to sexually satisfy all the girls in the harem! After the seven hours of sex the harem girls sort of collectively decided to give Rose a rest.

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