tagLesbian SexRough Day At The Office

Rough Day At The Office


It was a rough week at the office. Besides that, both of us were between men, off our diets, bogged down with the midwinter blahs and a vicious case of PMS.

As if we were psychic, Ronni and I sent our emails at practically the same time. "Girls night out?" "You bet!" We decided to go "toy" shopping at our favorite downtown sex shop, pop a bottle of wine, and order some take-out and just chill.

Since I worked downtown and she worked in midtown, we met right at Butterfly, the "woman-friendly" sex shop in my neighborhood straight after work.

Ronni was about five foot four, although with her corporate-lawyer heels (and attitude) she was quite a bit taller, and her short skirts and tight jackets emphasized her hot curves. Her mixed-Latina background was evident in her dark skin and green eyes. Men (and women) loved the way her pinstriped skirts curved over the swell of her ass and breasts. Her glossy dark hair was pinned back, and I watched her shake it out as she approached me, smiling broadly with glossy burgundy-stained lips.

I'd just come from work too, wearing my favorite black turtleneck dress, clinging to every curve of my ample but shapely frame, enticing without revealing, but showing my legs to their advantage. I was six feet tall, with a 42 double-D bust that was only moderately softened by the suit jackets I wore to court; I never wore flats, and used my stature to powerful advantage. I shook my dark shoulder-length curls out in response as I saw my best girlfriend walking up the avenue towards me.

"Hey, lady lawyer," Ronni said, swatting me on the ass. "Rough day at the office?" She pulled me into the alley, palming a joint.

"Hey, what are we, seventeen?" I took it and lit it. "Next thing you know you'll be defending me in court!" I took a long drag, and passed it off.

"So, we'll get disbarred, shorten our suits, and become dominatrixes. Dominatrices?" She giggled hysterically. "Come on, Lianne, we need to have some fun. Let's get us some toys, they never talk back, leave us with the check, or fucking snore."

"Or fart, steal the remote, or eat all the goddamn chips," I said, also laughing like a maniac. "And, we need to order a pizza when we get back to my place."

We strode purposefully into the store, a charming, well-lit and friendly emporium of sex toys, lubes, books, harnesses, light bondage gear and all sorts of sexy ephemera. We flipped through some storybooks, perused the porn films, and even snacked on the flavored lube ("Mmm...pina colada," Ronni smiled. "You've got the munchies BAD," I hissed.)

Finally, we reached the vibrator table. Dildos, we agreed, were far too static; being basically straight, we'd never gone the harness-and-dildo route either. We'd also never gone sex-toy shopping together, and, I had to admit, it was kind of turning me on. "Ummm....what do you think of this?" I held up the classic long thin vibrator.

"You mean you don't have that? It's a classic! I got one when I was like fourteen! But now I'm more of, well, a g-spot girl." She held up a curved vibrator, with raised nubs on one side.

"I'm more of a direct-clit girl," inspecting those giant "sex and the city" plug in monsters. "But I need penetration....those are kind of external only." I fiddled with some expensive silicone toys, the kind with the beads in them. I asked a sales lady, "Are they worth it?"

With a blissed-out look on her face, she said, "Oh, yes."

Eventually, I went with a slim, pretty-pink ribbed silicone vibe, and Ronni picked up a nubby, curved-G spot silicone joy-rider. I grabbed some pina colada lube samples and threw them in her bag, laughing.

"She'll take these, since she's not booked her island vacation this year," I laughed. Ronni playfully swatted me on the ass.

The saleslady grinned at us and said, "Maybe you'll both be sipping on them tonight." We giggled nervously, still a bit high, took our bags and left.

After a screeching five-minute taxi ride, we tumbled into my apartment. I wasted no time popping the cork from a bottle of Syrah as Ronni tore open a bag of Ruffles left over from a party we'd hosted last week, digging some onion dip out of the back of the fridge.

She'd shed her suit jacket, revealing a strappy black camisole, her demi-bra peeking out and the tops of her full-C cup breasts clearly visible. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to caress her shapely ass, never having been affected like this by her before.

Taking a deep breath, I poured two glasses and settled on the couch with the wine, stretching my long legs out on the maple coffee table, kicking my pumps into the air.

"Get over here, and bring that crap food with you," I shouted into the kitchen. She'd shed her heels too, and padded across the living room carpet to the big comfy sofa, flopping down, her feet in my lap. "Is this a hint?" I started massaging her pretty manicured feet through her smooth silky stockings.

"Yes, wench, do my bidding! Rub my tired feet!" She boomed her voice as she lay back like a queen, slugging her wine down in one large gulp and pouring another glass. I followed suit, tossed back the rich red wine.

"And take off my stockings, wench!" Clearly, she was enjoying this. I pulled off her silky pantyhose, getting a glimpse of her lacy black panties in the process. "Yours too!" She was getting a bit of a buzz on, and I wondered, between the wine and the shopping, if she was getting as worked up as I was.

"Yes, my queen!" As I slipped off my stockings, I suddenly had a better idea. Resting her smooth pretty legs on the sofa, I got up, and slipped off to the hallway alcove, where our packages and my "junk drawer" – chock full of AA batteries – lived. I hastily unwrapped the vibrators we'd purchased, popped in the batteries, and innocently hid them behind my back.

"Close your eyes, my queen!" I drank my second glass of wine down, because I had no idea where this was going to go; I was just feeling playful, at first. But the idea of tickling her feet with our new toys – and having her smooth, gorgeous, shapely legs in my bare lap – was making me as warm as the wine was.

I turned on her soft, nubby vibrator – quietly, on the lowest speed – and traced it along her calves, running it along the tops of her feet. "Mmmm," she groaned, "what the hell-"

I looked at her, grinning. "Shhh..." I slowly ran it along her feet, watching her toes twitch, then relax, and ran it back up her calves, then slowly up her thigh. I didn't know whether to dare to go further, until I saw her sweet full lips part, her head tilt back against the pillows, and her back arch up so slightly.

I moved the textured body of the vibrator along the top of her full thigh, up the right leg, down the left. She gazed over at me with pure lust in her eyes, her fingers tracing circles around her nipples peeking over the top of her demi-cup bra. I hadn't noticed she'd tossed the camisole aside, so intent was I at stroking her legs with the buzzing toy. Her bare belly was so enticing, I circled her bare navel above her lacy panties; surprised, she let out a squeak and a giggle that made us both laugh in delight.

But as the vibrator's tip traced a line straight down from her navel, across her panties down over her soft mound, she stopped laughing and started breathing heavily. I increased the pulsing, watching the little raised nubs shake slightly and the tip reverberate, bringing it down across her trembling slit hidden beneath the silken crotch of her dampening black panties.

I felt her fingers lacing through my tangle of curls as I moved in a zigzag pattern across her pussy, back and forth past her panties, then along her thighs, teasing her as she groaned and squirmed. I sensed my own wetness as I slipped my dress over my head, sliding the fingers of my free hand into my thong-clad slit, dipping in and out of the wetness and moaning in time with Ronnie's grunts and cries.

"Please, Lianne, please," she moaned, tugging at her panties. I took my hand from my soaking cunt and with the still-buzzing vibrator in my other hand, ripped them down around her ankles. I propped one of her legs up on the high back of the sofa, and the other on the coffee table, exposing her trimmed pussy, and pulled her ass up close to me, touching my inner thighs.

I slowly slid the vibrator, curved side up, into her now-dripping slit, rocking it gently back and forth, as she quietly moaned in pleasure, licking her lips and clutching the pillows on the back of the sofa. I slowly turned the controls so the vibrations increased, and moved the toy back and forth inside her; her eyes widened with excitement as her ass and hips moved up and down, fucking the wide pulsing toy inside her, soaking it and pulling it deep within her tight throbbing-wet pussy.

The best was yet to come. I unhooked the front of her bra, and exposed her gorgeous, firm tits with their rock-hard dark nipples. I pulled out my new vibrator; the slim softly ridged one, and slowly ran it over her nipples. I alternated between her right and her left, watching her face contort in ecstasy, feeling her legs writhe around my body and her hips buck harder and harder as the sensations inside her pussy and on her tits came to an intense, raging peak.

"Oh, God, Lianne, I can't stop, dammit, fuck, I'm coming...." She screamed, over and over, bucking against the sofa, finally falling back and pulling the soaked vibrator out of her sweet cunt. She looked at me and smiled, as I lazily stroked her soft breasts with the pink toy, my eyes watching her pulsing and shaking in a post-orgasmic frenzy, and my fingers absently stroking my own dripping slit.

Ronni sat up, lustfully gazed into my eyes, and breathlessly took my tit-teasing hand gently aside. She slid the long slender pink toy straight into my soaking pussy and turned it up full power. I fell back onto the sofa and threw my head back, screaming with pleasure, and immediately experienced the most explosive orgasm I'd had in a long time.

"Wow," I said, collapsing against the sofa pillows.

"Wow yourself," Ronni replied, turning around and curling up against me. "I'm never leaving this sofa."

"That means we're going to have to live on chips, dip, wine, and flavored lube." We laughed. There were worse ways to survive.

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