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Rough Love


I punched her in the stomach, hard. She'd asked me to beat her, "make it hurt" she'd said. "Make it hurt and you can do anything you want to me, just hit me."

She was the picture of hotness. And beauty. Brown hair, long athletic legs, trim and firm all over, almost impossibly huge breasts, that actually grew that way and weren't a surgeon's work, and an ass you'd kill to fuck. She was built the way the women in beer commercials are, the kind of hot that makes you want to go home to your wife with this woman's stink on your cock and make your wife suck you off. Except I didn't have a wife, yet, and this woman was kinkier and hotter than any beer ad.

She had said the more violent the better. All I had to do was rough her up, and she'd beg me to do anything I asked. I'd asked "So if I rough you up, I can do anything else I want?"

"Yes," she'd purred "just hurt me, and I'll do anything, you can do anything else with me. Anything at all." And she flashed the smile that would capture any room's attention. This was just me and her. She had my attention, more than anything or anyone ever had before. I started getting hard.

"Smack you around?"

"Yes, please."

"You want pain?"

"The more the better," she'd practically moaned.

"Ok." and I'd slugged her in the gut. She groaned at the hit, then lit up like a Christmas tree, and screamed "Yes!"

Masochist hottie who wants me to do anything I want, so long as she got pain, I can do everything I want. Yes please.

I grabbed her hair, wonderfully soft, and yanked her head back up. The gut punch had doubled her over. Her eyes, wide and adoring, connected with mine. I said "I like you," she giggled happily, and I slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her off her feet. Her sexy frame positively bounced on the floor, and she begged "Yes, more."

I undid my belt, and then with one hand continued undoing my jeans as I started to whip her arms and legs with my belt. "God, yes!"

"Pull your pants and panties down to your knees."

Smiling like a kid with candy, she almost instantly had her jeans open and was pulling them down over her womanly hips, that sexy ass and those tanned legs. She wore no panties and without realizing I whispered "no panties..."

Coyly she replied "I was hoping you'd touch me tonight."

I smacked her ass, and it was firm enough it didn't even ripple. Tight, hot, such the woman you always want to meet, slender and alluring, eager and open. On her instantly, I lost control, popped my cock head into her asshole, and grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled her back toward me as I drilled deep into her guts. She came from the penetration, and I realized, before I was balls deep, that no woman would ever satisfy me again. None except her. Her willing, wonderful body had instantly spoiled me, made me hers as I spindled her on my cock. Freezing, hilted in her ass, hands pulling her head back by her hair, she spoke as her orgasm subsided, "I've wanted you inside me like this since the moment we met, and pretending my fingers were you wasn't nearly this good."

All I could manage was an inarticulate grunting groan. I'd lost my mind a bit, or something. I'd never be the same. I've fucked other women, at one point even had a rotation of them I'd work though, one almost every night, replacing ones I grew bored with, taking weekend trips with ones I liked sometimes. The only thing they'd had in common was they attracted me, but I never really cared. I cared as a friend, maybe as a lover and generally as a good-ish person, but never really minded whether they fell for me or not. It was nice, flattering and fed my ego to have a woman proclaim her love, or call at all hours distracted with her need for me, but I never had my heart involved. Not really. A couple times I'd thought this one might make a nice wife, maybe we should get married, or that one could be a steady girlfriend, but in the end I realized they were all sort of friends with benefits. I realized that right now. They'd all been rehearsal. Now, with my shaft buried in this gorgeous creature, orgasms rolling though her athletic frame as I plunged in and out of her backside, I knew: they had all been preparation to be with her. Training, somehow making me into the man who would belong to the woman I was vigorously sodomizing on my hardwood floor.

As her bowels clenched and quaked around my cock I knew it wasn't just the exquisite sensation, the lusty satisfaction of pulling her hair hard while I pounded her seductive ass. It was her. It would always be her. Not only was I hers and would only ever want to fuck her from now on, but her moans, and squeals as she took it anally gave me a peace I'd never known, knowing she was mine at least as much as I was hers.

Pulling her hair to put her face near mine, I said "my asshole's so good." And with one hand holding her by the hair, my cock deep in her ass, I started slapping her face again and again. Like she'd been hit by lightening her whole body shook, she screamed so loud I expect the police were being called and her butthole clenched so tight I wondered if I could move my shaft in her at all.

Only one way to find out. Still slapping again and again, I started to yank my cock in and out of her asshole. It held so tight her insides seemed to go almost inside out on the outstroke. My woman being fucked by her man. Her face was turning red, only going pink for a couple slaps. My girl liked it rough, and I was more than happy giving it to her.

Shifting position, pinning her head on the floor, putting my foot on her head, I was starting to slap her perfect ass cheeks. I pile-drove her impossibly tight ass. After ten minutes of this her ass cheeks redness was moving toward bruising, or breaking the skin. I pause the spanking, still pounding her ass, and ask "your asscheeks are gonna start bleeding if I keep spanking you."

Her voice, hoarse from screaming, ekes out "spank me bloody, fuck my ass bloody, you hurt me so good, fuck me so well." I smile, give her face a slap, and spank on, pounding her ass. Her other two holes will be fun to explore while I give her ass a chance to heal, but right now I'm fucking the woman who's perfect for me in the ass, and rejoicing that I've finally found the woman I belong to who belongs to me.

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The perfect story! The perfect pain slut!! Why does it have to end like this?

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