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Rough Trucker Love


I had been out on the road for about two weeks driving an 18-wheeler cross country. I was at a truck stop outside of Tampa pretty much minding my own business. I got fuel for the truck, took a shower and something to eat. I screwed around in the arcade playing video games for awhile just to kill time until I had to call in.

I called my dispatcher from a bank of pay phones and got instructions for picking up a load in St. Pete later that night. I was turning to go back to my truck when one of the pay phones began to ring. I stopped to look around to see if anyone was waiting for a call. It was fairly early in the day and there weren’t many truckers around and none by the phones other than me. I picked up the phone hoping to be helpful and tell the caller that it was either a wrong number or that whoever they were calling wasn’t around. On the other end of the phone was a very sexy female voice.

“Are you alone?” the caller wanted to know.

“Yep. I’m the only one here right now,” I replied again trying to be helpful.

“I was wondering if you could help me?” she asked.

“”Sure. If I can.”

“Are you big?”

Knowing there are two questions being asked I take the safer route. “Well I’m six foot one and weigh about 220.”

“Oh, that sounds nice. Are you going to be at the truck stop long?”

“No. I’m on my way over to St. Pete. I’ve got a load to pick up there tonight.” I tell her.

“Do you think you might have a load for me? I really like it rough. Could you be rough with me and use me as you please?” is the next question.

Now having been on the road for two weeks can take its toll. I never have paid for sex, mostly because I’m cheap. But the thought of possibly finding some horny wife that wanted to play around with a truck driver had a certain erotic appeal to it. Especially one so willingly slutty.

“Tell me where you will be and I’ll come by and see you at six o’clock and you can do whatever you want with me in the back of your truck,” she tells me in a whisper.

I give her the information and begin to think that it was probably someone at the truck stop just fucking with me. She describes the car she is going to be in and gives me a channel on the CB and asks me for my handle and gives me hers. I head out to the truck still thinking the whole thing was some kind of game.

I get to my truck and look at the map to review the directions my dispatcher gave me against my map, feeling fairly certain I can find where I’m going. Before I leave the parking lot I change the CB radio channel.

I’m surprised to hear the voice that was on the phone now on the radio. She confirms who I am and where I am going and asks me to have my radio on at six in case there is any trouble finding me. Now I’m starting to worry about a set up to be robbed or something. I get to my destination, and after making sure the doors are locked and my gun is close by, I take a nap.

Sleep wasn’t easy. I was horny by the possibilities of getting laid by means other than my own. I get up and go across the street to a convenience store. I get something to eat and drink and as I walk to the register I pass the required small personal items rack. I pick up a pack of condoms and go check out.

I get back to my truck and turn on the CB and wait. I take my wallet and hide it in the truck with all my money so there is no chance it will be stolen while I am preoccupied. I also put on a jacket and slip my pistol in the pocket. At exactly six p.m. a car pulls back to where I am parked. My hand slips into the jacket pocket as the car door shuts. The truck door opens and in climbs…a guy.

“What the fuck…” I say starting to pull the gun from my pocket.

“Let me explain,” the man implores.

“Explain fast, buddy,” I tell him. He knows fully well why my hand is in my jacket pocket during the middle of summer in Florida.

“You talked to my wife. She sent me here,” he rattles.

“Sent you here for what. Ain’t no way I’m going anywhere with you.”

“Please, this is hard enough for me. My wife found out I was bi. It almost tore our marriage apart. She found out that I like to be used by other men. But I still love her and want to be with her. We made a compromise that we both enjoy,” he tells me.

“Go on,” I tell him relaxing my grip.

“After the initial shock, she started to get turned on to the idea. She works at the truck stop where she called you. She picked you out for me. She told me to tell you that if it was up to her you could have both of us tonight, but she has to work.”

“So you’re telling me she sets truckers up to fuck you.”

“She sets truckers up to use me. I am required, by my wife and what I like, to do whatever you want. You can be gentle with me or as rough as you want. There is no expectation of you doing anything except using me to get off. Just think about it, will ya?” he asks.

Think I did. I had gotten myself all worked up since the phone call earlier in the day. Granted I had expected a woman, and had never been with a man, but at the moment I was thinking with the head below my belt and not the one above my shoulders.

“My wife told me that she thought I would enjoy being used by you. Are you very hairy on like your chest and everywhere?”

“Take a look,” I tell him and I open the buttons to my shirt revealing a chest full of curly hair.

“That’s very nice. Do you mind?” he asks reaching a hand towards me. I nod and he runs his hand through the hair on my chest before finding my nipples and running his fingers over them.

Composing myself I ask, “So what does your wife get out of this?”

“Tonight when she gets off work I will have to tell her everything that happens. She loves to hear the details of me being used. The nastier the better she likes it. And me too.”

“So you like it rough and nasty, huh?”

“Very much. I can’t be that way with her. She has tried to dominate me but can’t do it. This way I get what I need and we keep our marriage. That and I think she really gets off on it too. The few times where we were together with a trucker they really gave me the treatment.”

“Well I guess I’ll just have to give you enough to hold her when you tell her about it. Now get in the back bitch and get out of your clothes and wait for me on your hands and knees,” I order.

“Yes, Sir,” he responds with a smile.

I check the parking lot, lock the doors and pull the curtains around the windows. I move to the back of the large truck and stand before my male slave.

“Undress me know, bitch. Everything but the underwear,” I command.

My new toy stands and removes my shirt, then my boots and socks and finally my pants. My cock is already hard and poking at the boxers I was wearing. Slave boy returns to his knees and awaits my instructions.

“Now the underwear,” I instruct. His hands move up and I slap them hard. “Put your hands behind your back. Take them down with your mouth.”

He moves in close and I can feel his hot breath upon my skin. He gently bites the elastic material and he twists his head to the side. He struggles to get the underwear over my hard cock. As he moves the underwear down, his cheek brushes up against my hard cock and he lets out a moan. Finally the briefs are around my ankles and I lift my legs to finish the task.

“Bow your head in front of me. Do not ever look me in the face, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I bend over and pick up my pants and remove the belt. I run the end of the belt through the buckle and make a loop that I place over slave boy’s head pulling the belt tight around his neck.

“Now be a good little slave boy and get over here and suck my cock. Keep your fucking hands behind your back and I better feel your tongue on my balls when you get all my cock in your mouth,” I instruct pulling the belt and guiding his face to my hard cock.

He opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out to lick up and down the sides. He then works on the head, his tongue swirling from the underside to the top before parting his lips. I begin to push my cock into his mouth, not waiting for him to accept it. I take the belt and pull it between my legs and pull his mouth all the way down until my cock is lodged in the back of his throat. I feel his tongue slide out of his mouth along the base of my cock as he tries to lick my hairy balls. I slide in and out of his mouth for about five minutes before I pull away.

“Let’s see how much of my balls you can get in your slutty mouth. And be gentle, I wouldn’t want to send you back to your pimping wife bruised.”

His mouth opens wide as he moves under my cock. His head tilts and I feel his hot breath on my ball sack. His tongue snakes out and tentatively licks one then the other cum filled orbs. His mouth spreads as wide as he can he lets one nut fall into his mouth.

“That’s it. Easy now. Reach a hand up and stroke my cock. Not too fast. I got a lot more planned for you.”

He does good, holding my cock in his hand, gently caressing it and stroking it, not to get it off, but just so it gets it’s share of attention. His mouth and tongue continue to bathe my balls in his hot spit.

“That’s enough now. Put your hand back behind your back and get your mouth back on my cock,” I instruct.

I grab the sides of his head and work in deep with each stroke. When it feels like I will cum, I hold in deep feeling his throat muscles clench until the feeling passes. I decide it’s time to give my boy toy something to tell Mommy about.

“Get up on the bed. On your back. Arms at your sides,” I order momentarily letting go of the belt. Once in position I climb up and straddle his face letting my ass settle right over his nose and mouth. “Time to clean my ass, bitch. I want to feel you work it good. Use your hands to spread my cheeks and then tongue my asshole good. Get your tongue deep in there.”

His hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue licks across my ass. He works at getting it good and wet before he points his tongue and eases it in. I push back, causing resistance.

“Come on, you better do better than that. Get your mouth up there. Wedge your face in between my cheeks. Get those hands around here and work my cock and balls,” I tell him.

As it were, my balls for the most part were resting against the area of his neck under his chin. I let him continue to tease my opening before I relax and let him slide his tongue in, working it deeper with each thrust. As his mouth worked on my ass and his hands on my cock and balls, I notice his small cock begin to harden.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourself,” I say not expecting an answer. I reach a hand out and easily wrap it around his cock, squeezing it. “Now we have motivation for you to do a good job. If I think you aren’t doing your best, I just might have to motivate you some. Let me show you how that works,” I tell him as my hand moves down to cup his shaved balls. I begin to squeeze very gently at first and notice his cock twitch slightly.

“See what you’re doing. You forgot about licking my ass when I started feeling your little boy balls,” I taunt, “Here is how we get your attention to where it’s supposed to be.” With his balls in my hand I begin to squeeze harder until his efforts are renewed. “See it’ll be a lot better for you if you do as you are told. I sit on his face for about fifteen minutes, squeezing and torturing his balls when the urge strikes me until I tire of the game.

“Crawl back out here,” I instruct and I lay back on a pillow. “Let’s see how well you can fuck me with your mouth again. And while you are doing it, reach down and jerk your pathetic cock. But don’t you dare cum and make a mess in my truck.”

I grab the belt and pull him back to me, forcing my cock into his mouth. Everytime he would pull back I would yank him down until I was balls deep in his mouth.

“You might want to think about getting me as hard as you can. I have a feeling that I may be inclined to use another slave boy hole of yours in a minute.”

“Here,” I tell him getting his attention. “Put this on with your mouth and get me good and wet,” I instruct tossing him one of the condoms I bought.

He opens the pack and places the condom on the head before placing his mouth over it and moving it down my cock. Then he begins a fevered frenzy of getting my latex covered cock ready to use his slave boy ass.

“You got it ready,” I ask and he nods never taking my cock out of his mouth.

“Turn your ass around and get your head on the bed and your ass in the air. And spread that ass for me. I better not have to work at this,” I tell him.

I take hold of my cock and push the head up to him.

“Push back onto it. Show me how much you want it. I want you to tell your wife how much you enjoyed shoving your ass back onto my hard cock.”

He pushes back until he opens up and the head of my cock pushes in. He pauses for a moment and as I feel him open up more I grab his hips and force my cock all the way in until my hairy balls clash against his shaved ones. He yelps a bit and I hold still letting him adjust to the size. When I feel him begin to move again I start to slide out and then push back in.

“You got a nice tight ass there slave boy. Tighter than some girls I’ve fucked. Tell you what I want you to do. You reach under and jerk yourself again. When I tell you to, I want you to cum. And catch it in your other hand. Don’t let a drop hit my bed. When I feel you cum, that’s when I’ll get off. I always like the bitch I’m fucking to get off first, so they will know how good I am.”

I can’t resist the opportunity and instead of holding his hips, I grab the belt pulling his neck and head up off the bed. I use the belt like horse reins working my cock in and out of his ass, pulling him back against me after I let him move forward. My other hand is resting on his butt and I alternate spanking his ass to move him off me and pulling on the belt to push in deep again. I look up at the clock and decide I want to try for as long as I can before I shoot my load. After five minutes, his ass is red where I spanked him on each stroke.

“Okay bitch, let’s feel you cum. I want your ass to clench around my cock so I know you want me to cum for you. And make sure you catch it understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” is the muffled reply.

I can feel him stroking his hard cock fast. I stop spanking him with my hand and use the end of the belt to swat around at his chest. I hear his breathing become erratic and his hips are jerking around my cock when his ass clenches around me. I pull out once more and then push in deep, unloading my load at the same time, feeling his ass milk my cock like no pussy ever had.

Once his orgasm subsides and his ass muscles relax, I pull my cock out of him.

“Turn around and show me your hand,” I command. His hand is covered in his own hot cum. I take his arm by the wrist and hold it. My other hand grabs the belt still around his neck and pulls his mouth to his hand.

“Clean it up bitch boy” I tell him. His mouth opens and he laps his cum out of the palm of his hand. He doesn’t stop and I wait until there is no trace of his release before I remove the belt from around his neck.

I reach down to my cock and ease the condom off, careful not to spill a drop.

“Tilt your head back and open your mouth. You’re not quite done with your clean up detail.”

He does as I tell him and I hold the condom over his mouth and squeeze my load of cum out onto his waiting tongue. I instruct him to keep his mouth open until I tell him to swallow. I reach down and find his pants and shove the used condom in a pocket. I gather up the rest of his clothes in my hands.

“Swallow it all now, bitch boy,” I order as I throw all his clothes out the door I had just opened.

“Now get the fuck out of my truck. Put your clothes in your car and then leave. You can dress later,” I tell him as he scurries from the truck and into his car.

A few minutes later I am sitting enjoying a post fuck smoke when I hear a voice over the CB radio that I forgot to turn off.

“Thanks. That was really great.”


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