tagBDSMRound One

Round One


You are in the room, waiting for me to arrive. You are naked, you are blindfolded, and you are kneeling at the edge of the bed. You hear the door to the hotel room open, feel the cold air in a shiver over your skin. Muted steps, then the door closes. You hear the sounds of zippers, a coat being hung up. Water runs from the sink briefly, a towel rustles. You wait, and the anticipation has made you hard.

Footsteps, then you feel a finger curl around your ear, trace down your throat, down your chest and stomach, to the tip of your cock. "Mmm. This is what I like to see when I arrive. Good boy." Your cock is given a quick squeeze, then the hand moves away. "Lie down on the bed on your back, hands straight out from your sides, your legs spread as far as you can." You obey, excited.

You hear another zipper, and some rustling from a bag. Pressure has been added to the bed, and she comes near. You feel hot breath in your ear, then a swirl of wet tongue behind your ear. Tongue and teeth lick/nibble their way down your neck, and across your shoulder. Then, they quickly take hostage one nipple, gently biting and pulling. Fingers then take over, pulling and rolling it, then abandoning it. You feel a pinch—something has been clamped to your nipple. You gasp. "Can't have you uneven." More licking and pulling, and the second clamp is in place. "That looks VERY good."

You feel movement on the bed, then feel her settle between your legs. The tongue is at work again, starting at the bottom of your foot, around your ankle bone, swirling its way up your inner thigh. Little licks at your perineum, then her mouth is around your balls, warm and sucking. You moan, and she moves up, licking straight up the shaft, a single, long stroke. She kneels between your legs, and you feel her hands surround your cock, and her mouth slowly descend around the head. Her mouth makes the return trip upward, then leaves, along with her hands.

Again, her body is moving up yours, and you realize that she is wearing a short skirt and pantyhose, and boots. Her pussy briefly touches the length of your cock as she moves. Crotchless pantyhose. She settles, straddling your waist, and toys briefly with your still-trapped nipples. Then the clamps are gone, and the blood rushes back. She leans forward quickly, kissing you hard, tongue entangled with yours. You feel her breasts pressing against your chest (fishnet?).

She sits up again. "Now," she says, "I want you to eat me." She moves, and you feel her kneeling around your head, her skirt (smells like leather) descending around your head, her pussy lowered onto your mouth. You lick and lick, tongue twisting and darting, swirling from clit to wet opening, over and over. She moans, working her hips forward and back, rhythm getting faster. Soon she is moaning your name, and bucking, screams, cumming all over your face. She moves off of you, and you can hear her breath slowing from its previous frantic pace. She leaves the bed, and you can hear her in the bathroom, water running again.

She returns, and with a warm towel, gently wipes your face.

"Sit up." She commands. "Now kneel." You feel her hands behind your head, loosening the blindfold, then removing it. You blink, finally getting to see your tormentor. She is wearing a black fishnet bodysuit, a black leather bra underneath, and a black, pleated leather skirt at her hips. The black boots are short, with pointy toes and heels. She smiles at you, her dark eyes mischievous.

She pulls a chair up to the end of the bed in front of you, and sits down in it, legs crossed. "I want you to masturbate for me. You will follow my directions, and you will not cum until I say to."

She nods, "Start slowly." You begin. Thus begins a series of starts and stops, each coming closer and closer to the edge. You are suddenly afraid you might not be able to fulfill her command. So close...

Finally, the word: "Cum.." You hurry to obey, and she says, "Look at me." You do, and as you cum you can see the hunger and satisfaction in her face as you explode all over the towel she's laid on the bed in front of you.

She comes over to the bed with another warm towel, and, moving the old towel, has you lay down on your back again as she wipes you down. She kisses you again, more slowly this time. "Nicely done." She says. "Ready for round two?"

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