Round Two


As we lie in bed together, she stands up and takes my hand, walking toward the bathroom. We walk in and slide the glass door open. She turns on the water, until its good and warm and she steps in as I join her. The water is warm, but not hot. I pull her close to me, and brush her hair from her face. She looks at me smiling as our bodies are pressed together. Warm water hits my back and runs down both of our bodies. We kiss, deeply as I run my hands up and down her soft back. I feel her arms around me, holding me tight as the water continues to rain down on us, massaging us both in our embrace.

I grab the wash cloth and begin softly washing her off, along her neck, then shoulders. I see her watching me as I wash her beautiful body. I carefully rub the wash cloth along her breasts, over her nipples, occasionally kissing her soft, beautiful skin as I go. I kneel down and wash her legs, and stomach, and gently slide the cloth between her legs. I tease her pussy as she moans softly. As she places her hand on my shoulders and lean back. I massage her pussy nice and slow, back and forth, enjoying every minute of her body's movements.

Then I stand up and kiss her again, massaging her soft lips with mine. She begins stroking my cock as water continues raining down on us from the shower. Neither of us notices the water at all. She strokes me nice and hard as I kiss you deeply. I wrap my arms around her as my stiff cock pokes her tummy. She giggles as she feels it against her.

"I think he likes me!" she says with a smile.

"I know he does," I reply.

I turn her around and drape her long, wet, beautiful hair over her shoulder exposing her back. I begin washing and massaging her back with the washcloth in one hand, all along her shoulders, down her back. Warm water massages her as I rub up and down, kissing her back and shoulders. I wash down the small of her back as I take her by the hips and pull her close. She turns her head enough so we can kiss. My hard cock pokes her in the back causing her to smile. I begin washing some more, down her ass, squeezing each of her beautiful cheeks.

She bends over slightly, grabbing the rail in the back of the shower. I wash up and down her ass, and spread her legs apart. I drop the wash cloth and reach under her ass, and find her pussy. It is so warm, soft and wet. But not wet from the shower water, wet from her excitement, from her pleasure. I massage her clit from behind as I rub her ass with my other hand. She moans as my fingers make love to her pussy. I massage her back and ass with my other hand as I feel her wetness build up.

I take her by the hips from behind and begin sliding my cock inside her from behind, as she grabs on to the shower rail. I work it in slow at first, and then it slides beautifully inside her, all the way, filling her up. I begin working it in and out; the water raining down on us seems hotter than earlier. She gasps as I enter you all the way, your mouth hanging open.

I hold her hips firm as I begin moving in and out of her slowly, but deeply. With each stroke I slide it all the way out, then going all the way in, working it in and out, in long, slow deep strokes. Her moans get louder and your eyes get bigger. She turns to look at me; her beautiful face is distorted in complete pleasure. Mouth still open, forehead wrinkled, eyes glazed over in ecstasy. Each stroke goes in more intense, more purpose as my cock keeps throbbing and growing on each deep stroke.

I rub her back with my one hand, then squeeze your ass firmly as I move in and out, then picking up the pace...just a little at first, but then a lot, still going just as deep each time, only faster, then faster, then faster yet. She moans louder and louder, gasping for air. She tries to say my name, but can't get her breath. My cock throbs as her pussy tightens around it. I can feel her getting close, which gets me close too. As her whole body tenses and twitches, her pussy throbs around my cock, causing it to erupt inside of her, my hot cum way hotter than the water pouring down on us. Her body continues to throb and twitch, as you milk every drop from me.

She finally starts slowing down and getting her breath. I pull out of her as she turns around. Her legs are shaking, as she can barely stand. I hold her close again and kiss the top of her head.

"Wow sweety" she says , "That was amazing."

"Yes it was beautiful, yes it was."

We stand under the hot, running water, holding each other close. Knowing that it won't be long before we are ready again...

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