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My most recent trip was mad busy, and it didn't help that my flights were delayed cause this was a hit-and-run trip to one of my favorite cities...which I dare not mention, since many of you have asked me to cum there and do a bar meet. But it was such a fast trip, there was no time.

I did have a meeting set up with a particularly hot website member, but sadly, she and I could not seem to hook-up. Not that the trip was all work and without excitement.

I was the victim of a "roundup"! Do you know what that is? Neither did I.

Anyway, here's what happened. It was Saturday night. I was meeting some people at a dive bar downtown and though it was a hole, it was exceedingly hip with a young, attractive crowd.

Since I wanted to look my best, I took particular care in my outfit. I chose a pleated mini skirt, and a low-cut sweater that was cut almost down to my belly button. And of course the requisite stiletto slides I picked up that afternoon.

Since the sweater was sooo low cut, I couldn't really wear a bra and the material was so sheer that I was practically topless. The mini barely covered my bright blue panties. I think I was quite a sight, and as you'll learn, so did some others.

As I arrived at the bar, it was a dive all right. Dark; a bit cramped, but fairly crowded with, well not too many women, mostly men. As I worked my way through the crowd, seeking my friends, I received a good deal of attention from the men and in particular, from a large group of what looked to be local college boys. Must have been about 15 or 20 of them celebrating something or other.

A nice older man gave me his seat at the bar, and I decided that a martini was in order while I waited for my friends. I continued to attract attention from many of the men and the scowls of the few women.

After two martinis, I decided my friends were no-shows and got up to leave. As I squeezed past the group of college boys, one stopped me and asked me "where do you think you're going?" I sized him up as a tipsy drunk college kid and then said, "I was supposed to meet some friends here" and that I was looking through the crowd for them. He asked what they looked like and I told him. All the while he couldn't take his eyes off my breasts that were slightly slick from the heat and humidity in the place. The sweater clung to me like a second skin.

Then he said that he had seen my friends and they told him they didn't see me and were going to another bar instead since this one was so crowded.

I said "bullshit" to the frat boy and began to push my way by. He stopped me and said "really?" I asked, "Well, big time, where did they go?" He said, that before he told me, I would have to give him a kiss.

Well, after two martinis and not much food all day, and a studly boy asking for a kiss, I figured why not? So I grabbed him on each side of his head, and planted a sloppy kiss on him finishing with a swirl of my tongue around his lips.

It seems the rest of his group saw this and they wanted some of that kissing stuff too. So amid their requests, I turned to my left and planted one on the boy there, just for fun. Then I felt a hand on my thigh, then another on my ass, and another on my breast.

Then before my martini-fired head knew what was happening, I was completely surrounded by this group of 15 or 20 boys at this very popular and crowded bar.

Through the pumping bar music, I heard the guys in the group half-whispering to each other, "roundup, roundup".

Suddenly, the group of them closed ranks 360 degrees around me at the bar. It was so densely packed around me that I couldn't see out to the rest of the bar, and if I couldn't see out, then others couldn't see in.

Hands from untold men began touching me everywhere. Ass, legs, breasts, on my neck. My hair was being grabbed and my head was tossed from side to side with deep kisses and tongues in and out.

Hands crept over and under my sweater pinching and tweaking my sweaty nipples. A bold hand dashed under my mini skirt and grabbed my panties, pulling them down roughly. A collective gasp ran through the boys when they saw my shaved kitty already sticky from the attention it knew it was going to receive.

Someone got on their knees and started licking kitty. Kitty purred. A finger entered my asshole; I squirmed and clenched the finger with my butt. The tongue lapped, hands all over, rubbing, pinching, caressing. I was in heaven. Dive bar heaven.

Impulsively, I reached down toward a zipper, a crotch, anything. The boys closed ranks tighter. The pounding music drowned out the sex noises emanating from the circle, from the "roundup".

I pulled out a thick cock from some pair of Dockers. My other hand rubbed another hard-on through someone's jeans. A long, thin cock appeared in front of me. I shed the tongue slurping at my kitty and the finger in my ass and dropped to my knees to sucked the helmet-headed shaft in front of me, engulfing it in my wet lips then plunging my head to attempt a deep-throat. Gagging and with spit dribbling down my chim, I turned to suck another hard cock on the right, then back to the left while jerking off all the dicks that began appearing like a penis delivery service.

While I am orally servicing the group, fingers are probing me from behind and my kitty is drenched.

A chair appears. I grab the back of the chair, raise my skirt and stick out my ass. My juices are streaming down the inside of my thighs. The boys know what to do, and immediately, the head of a cock is pushing against my kitty and almost falls in as my kitty is soooo wet. I think I am actually hearing the slurping sounds of my kitty slapping against the meat. The cock shoots it's load and is replaced by another. This one beats the hell out of kitty and then he pulls out and shoots his sperm stream all over my ass. Another cock enters and then another.

I act as my own fluffer with the other boys around me and they take care to shuffle their positions to get the most out of me without breaking ranks and letting security, the bartenders, or the rest of the patrons know that a gang-bang is taking place not three feet from them.

Boys cum, boys go, boys cum again.

I am practically a piece of jelly, with wobbly legs from the sweet ass beating my pussy is taking and from cumming so much. The sweat and juices from the boys and me are dripping down my legs and over my feet.

Speaking of my feet, someone is actually licking the cum and sweat from them, between my blue painted toes and all. Every now and then, after someone else fills me with yet another load, a punk looking kid, squeezes behind me and licks the cum out of kitty. The feeling is incredible as his tongue digs in deep and is rewarded with oozing "gallons" of his buddy's cream.

Talk about fun! Gangbang, foot worship, cream pie, exhibitionism, public nudity, public sex. After about an hour of this (who really knows?) I am thinking both, how will this end, and that I really must come here more often.

Slowly, and quietly, the boys relent and decide they have had enough; probably having attracted some unwanted attention from the patrons or bartenders or whatever.

A towel appears, they begin wiping me down, reattaching my clothes to me. I am exhausted. They are putting me back together. I feel like they have done this before and they work with the precision of a NASCAR pit crew.

Incredibly, I am pretty much "put together" except for the wobbly legs and the leaky kitty. Sadly, the panties are a casualty. I see them ripped and tossed under a barstool. Oh well, a souvenir for the cleaning crew. No. Suddenly the punk kid reaches down, gives me a sly look, and pockets them!

Then, as I am looking for the exit, I look toward the door and see my friends! I shakily walk over to them and ask where they've been. They say they have been here for a half-hour but couldn't see me because of the dense crowd. I said, "Oh, I was on the other side of the bar and motioned over there.

Some of the boys were looking and gave me some grins and hi-signs. My friends asked what they looking at. I said I guess they appreciate a woman who is all "put-together" and we head out the door.

As we leave, I can still feel cum sliding down my legs and as the door closes behind us, I hear a bunch of men calling out "roundup!".

xoxoxoxo, Madison

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