tagErotic HorrorRunner Ch. 03

Runner Ch. 03


Chance stared at the ceiling in his office, trying to ignore the wraith that seemed determined to drive him more insane then he considered himself all ready. Maggie sat in the same chair she had earlier, a smile on her face as she hummed the same obnoxiously sweet tune over and over.

"Why?" he asked finally, throwing his hands up in the air. "How many fucking times do I have to kill you before you'll leave me alone?"

"Technically, you killed me twice. I don't think it's possible for you to do it again." Maggie sat forward, her breasts pressed together between her arms, her nipples hard and pointed at him. "This isn't my fault, you know."

"What, the fact that you're trying to drive me crazy?"

"Chance, you and I both know that you already are crazy. Quit lying to yourself that this is my fault. You are the one whose subconscious has conjured me up. It's easy, if you want me to go, just go stake yourself outside and enjoy a few hours of sunrise. That should do the job, shouldn't it?"

"You know, you were an insipid bitch in life and in death you're just ... fucking annoying. Go away, I have another patient and I don't need to be caught talking to an empty chair." Chance stood, deliberately turning his back on Maggie.

"Oh? Who is it now? Anyone that I know?"

"Why do you care?"

Maggie tilted her head, the question seeming to take her aback. "Hmm, I don't know," she said honestly. "I guess I really don't but still, go ahead and answer the question anyway."

"Cassie Stanton," Chance said, growling at Maggie. "Happy?"

"Is she next?"


"To become you're next meal?" Maggie asked.

"And if she is?" Chance snapped.

"Hmm, I'm just wondering how crowded it will get in here," she said with a smile.

Chance glared at her. He was so wrapped up in what she had to say that he almost missed the light, almost breezy knock on the door to his office. "Shut up," he hissed at her. "Just shut up and leave me alone."

"That's entirely up to your subconscious," she said with a grin. When he whirled around to snap at her again, she was gone.

Chance breathed a sigh of relief and went to the door to answer it. "Cassie?" he asked of the pretty teenager.

"Yes, Dr. Steeple. My parents will be right in, they had to park the car."

"Wonderful. That'll give us a few minutes to get to know each other. Come in and sit down." He held the door open wider, waving his hand in invitation.

"Anywhere special you want me, doc?" Cassie asked, turning and flipping her hair over her shoulder. She gave him a coy look and Chance couldn't help but grin back. There was nothing wrong with this girl that a thick cock and the taste of a whip wouldn't cure.

"Wherever you feel most comfortable," he said, waving toward the grouping of furniture that was in a far corner, away from his wide desk. "The couch or the chairs, I try not to be cliché."

Cassie sauntered over to the couch, sitting down and crossing her long legs. They were bare, tanned and muscular.

"I saw you at my school," she said into the silence.

"Which school is that?" Chance asked, coming over to sit in his usual chair.

"Chelsea High School. I'm a senior."

"And a cheerleader," Chance said, a statement not a question.

"How did you ..."

"Your legs," Chance said with a leering grin that he didn't try to hide from her. "You have gorgeous legs."

Cassie glanced down, holding one leg up a bit as if she were studying it. "Thank you, Dr. Steeple."

"You're welcome, Miss Stanton," he said just as another knock came upon the door to his office. "That would be your parents." He rose, feeling better than he had since the detective had come into his office earlier. "I'll just go let them in."

Cassie nodded, her grin growing wide. She looked as if she were enjoying herself. As Chance let her parents in the office and introduced himself, she took the opportunity to glance around his office. There was a picture on the wall, a photograph of a group of girls posing for the camera in front of a log cabin. In the background she could see a hint of blue, like a lake or a pond. But it was the girls that caught her interest.

There were six of them and as she watched, the picture seemed to almost come to life, the girls started horse playing and picking on one particular girl. They knocked her to the ground, holding her down while another girl came to stand above her head. As Cassie watched, she lifted her skirt, showing off tanned thighs and a bush of dark red hair.

"Cassie?" Chance called. "Come and join us?"

Cassie nodded and glanced back at the picture, staring at the girls who were now back in their original pose before turning away. Her parents made room for her on the couch with them, but she headed for the other chair, sinking down into the soft leather and crossing her legs again.

"So what seems to be the problem, as you see it?" Chance asked Cassie's mom, an older version of her daughter with the same gorgeous hair and face, though her body was more in full blossom and not tight and lithe like Cassie.

"We're worried about Cassie, Dr. Steeple," she said, blushing under the doctor's strange eyes. "She's gone through some drastic changes in the past sex...I mean six weeks. Her grades are going down hill and the way she's going, she's going to lose the scholarship she worked so hard to get. We're hoping maybe you could find out what's wrong and then help us fix it."

"Does Cassie see that something is wrong?" Chance asked, turning to look at the girl seated next to him. He jumped just a bit for Maggie was sitting on the arm of Cassie's chair, staring down at the pretty girl.

There was such a marked contrast between the two. Cassie with her clean clothes and beautiful skin, her long hair pulled up into a ponytail seated next to Maggie, her naked body streaked with dirt and grime, her throat torn out, the flesh pink and wet looking. Maggie was stroking Cassie's head with her dirty hand, blood dripping from one of her fingers.

"Is there something wrong?" Cassie asked, even as a drop of Maggie's blood landed upon her pristine cheek, trailing down like a tear.

"No," Chance said quickly, shifting in his chairs. He forced himself to look at Cassie, ignoring that red tear and the one that touched her other cheek as well. "I'm fine. Why don't you tell me, Cassie, what you think is wrong with the things that are happening in your life."

"What could be wrong?" Cassie said with a shrug. "Everything is so planned out for me, I'm surprised I'm allowed to have conversations outside my parent's hearing. They've told me what high school courses to take, what extra curricular activities I should participate in, even who they think I should date. It's all about being structured, Doctor. Structure is important for children, don't you think?"

"Now Cass," her father spoke up. "It's not as bad as that. We just want to make sure you're on the right track to a healthy future. What with the way the government has screwed this country up, teenagers aren't going to have an easy go of it in the future." He looked to his wife, who nodded her head in agreement.

"We just want what's best for you, Cassandra."

Chance wanted to roll his eyes but he kept himself under control. He almost lost that control when he turned his head to say something to Cassie and saw Maggie on her knees in front of the girl, her hands on Cassie's breasts. She was molding the firm flesh under the now stained white shirt. Cassie must have been able to feel something because her nipples were hard little points and she was clenching those gorgeous legs together, the muscles moving rhythmically under her skin. She'd put her hands on the arms of the chair and had her head back against the soft leather, her eyes half closed, her lips parted.

She looked as if she were but seconds away from an overwhelming orgasm. A small moan came from between her parted lips and Chance heard the outraged gasps of Cassie's parents. "What the hell are you doing?" her father shouted.

"Hmm, coming if you'd shut up for a moment," Cassie purred, not in the least phased by what was happening.

Her words shocked both of her parents back into their seats and they stared at her in a kind of horrified trance as Cassie whimpered loudly then a shiver ran through her lovely body and her legs fell apart, giving everyone a glimpse of her wet panties.

"Do you see what we mean?" her mother asked Chance. "Can you help her?"

"Yes," Chance said, clearing his throat and trying to control his cock that was hard and throbbing. "I can help her but it's going to take a lot of work. I'm going to want to see her twice a week." He reached into a drawer of the table next to his chair and pulled out a prescription pad quickly scrawling across it. "She'll need to take these, twice a day. It's nothing, really," he said as he handed the script to Cassie's mother. "Just something to make her just a bit less unrestrained."

"Thank you, Doctor Steeple," she said, pressing her fingers against Chance's and letting her middle finger brush along his palm.

"It's part of the job," Chance said quickly, glancing at Mr. Stanton. His eyes were on his daughter who'd sat up now though her panties were still exposed. "Make an appointment for Cassie with my receptionist," he said, standing up to usher them out. "We'll get it sorted out."

Mr. Stanton grabbed Cassie's arm in a no nonsense grip and pulled her out of the chair. "We'll stop on the way home and get that filled," he said to his wife. Chance opened the door for them, letting them back out in his waiting room so that they could make Cassie's appointments. Closing the door tightly, he turned to see Maggie sitting on his desk, her feet swinging.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing?" he growled.

"Turning you on," she said, jumping down and sauntering over to Chance. "Look at this, I'm surprised Mrs. Cassie didn't jump you."

"I'm surprised Mr. Cassie didn't jump her," Chance growled. "You've got to go away, Maggie. Please," he begged. "I don't know how much more I can handle."

She just giggled, swinging around him to skip back over to his desk and hop back on it. All the while she hummed that same obnoxiously sweet tune until he thought he'd go mad. When the knock came on his door, he snapped. "What!"

It opened just a bit and his receptionist poked her head in. "I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving, Dr. Steeple. Cassie Stanton was your last appointment for the day."

He nodded, managing to grunt out a thank you before she closed the door.

As soon as it was closed, he turned a heated glare to where he'd last seen Maggie.

She was gone.

"Thank you," he sighed to whatever deity was listening. Then he sank down on his couch, leaning against the back with another long sigh. He was hungry. His body was beginning to cramp with the need to feed. He would satisfy that hunger, but first and more importantly, he had to relax.

* * *

Trip's eyes opened slowly and he let out a long sigh of pleasure, the mouth around his cock only suckled him deeper.

Mouth around his cock?! He sat up, seeing the familiar blonde head bobbing over his groin. Settling back, he propped his head on his arms and watched as Wendy pleasured him. "Oh God girl, you can wake me like this anytime," he groaned, feeling her draw him closer and closer to climax with her talented mouth and wicked tongue.

She hummed her agreement, the vibrations sending shivers of pleasure through him. His hand dug into her hair, not guiding her, just wanting to touch her. He could feel her tongue stroking along the underside of his cock, swirling around the sensitive head, teasing the tiny slit in the center. "Do you want me to come?" he growled.

Wendy nodded her head, suckling even harder. Trip groaned, it'd been so long since they'd been able to find time together he felt like he was on a hair trigger. That trigger was pushed when Wendy took a deep breath, taking him deep into her throat and holding him there. With a grunt, he lifted his hips to push deeper, filling her throat with his spunk.

She swallowed and then swallowed again, each time caressing his shaft with her soft throat muscles. Trip didn't know how many times he filled her mouth with his seed, only that when it was done, he could barely find the energy to lift his head.

She sucked him clean, finally pulling off of him to lay her head on his hard thigh. "I've missed you," she said softly, running her hand up his stomach to his chest. He grabbed it, tangling his fingers with hers.

"You wouldn't have to if you'd move in with me," he said, pulling on her hand until she lay across his chest. His lips found her forehead and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

"What kind of example would that be to my kids, Trip? Oh look, mommy's living in sin with Uncle Trip. They're having all kinds of sex and burning up the sheets every night. That means that I can do it too." She gasped when he suddenly rolled with her, leaving her under his weight while he leaned across the bed and went into his nightstand. "Trip, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Sit here," he said, positioning her on the side of the bed and taking a moment to enjoy the way she looked in the pink outfit she'd promised to wear. His eyes were heated as he stared at her, but he seemed to shake it off, getting on his knee next to the bed.

"I understand that respectability is a big thing for you, especially after what happened with the kids' father. I think you know how I feel about you. But if not, I think it's well past time that I spelled it out for you. I love you, Wendy Merritt. I've been in love with you since I think that very first crime scene where you railed at me for touching the body before you got there." He glanced down at the blue box he held in his hand, holding it out to her.

Wendy took it, staring at it and him with a curious frown. Opening the lid, she took the velvet box out and flipped up the lid.

The diamond inside had her gasping. Her hand came up to her throat and she looked up at him. "What is this?"

"What do you think it is?" he asked nervously. He was good at reading body language but hers was all over the board. "I want you to marry me."

"Marry you?"

"Yes, Wendy. Marry me. At least I do when you can get rid of the trained parrot act. What do you say?"

"I-I..." she paused and took a deep breath. "Yes," she said, looking up at him with tears in her eyes. "Yes, I'll marry you."

A big grin slowly spread across his handsome face and he lifted the box with the ring out of her hand, pulling it out of the box and slowly slipping it on her ring finger on her left hand. It fit perfectly on her long, slender fingers, sparkling in the light of the sun coming in the open window. "You know, this means that I'll want to be a father to Cale and Katie."

"You do?"

"Oh yes. I love your kids, Wendy. They love me, why wouldn't I want to make it official?"

"Official?" she repeated.

"There's that parrot again," he teased softly. "I want to adopt them, if you'll agree. I'd like them to have my name and accept me as their father."

Wendy threw herself off the bed and into his arms, hers going around his neck. "I love you, Trip," she whispered for the first time, finally feeling as if she could tell him.

"Say it again," he ordered, lifting her face so he could look into her pretty eyes.

"I love you," she repeated, watching as his face broke into a huge grin before his mouth found hers. He rose, easily bringing her with him as his mouth moved over hers, eager for her taste and the heat of her mouth.

"Does this mean we can finally quit hiding?" he asked when he tore his mouth away from her. "I can finally tell off those assholes that won't stay out of your morgue?"

"Those are bodies," she said with a giggle that he found completely adorable. "But yes, you can tell whoever you want." She lifted her hand. "I think it will be pretty obvious when people get a look at this rock."

"Just don't leave it in a dead body," Trip teased before he lifted her in his arms and dropped her down on the bed. Quickly following her down, he reached behind her to remove the pink bra, pulling it off her arms. With a smack of his lips that made her laugh again, he found her nipple, drawing it deep into his mouth.

His tongue lapped at the taut treat, hearing her gasp. Suckling hard, he heard her groan, her hands coming up to dig into his hair, holding him to her. "God yes, Trip," she moaned, her hips moving against his. He could feel the cool satin of her panties against his cock, the hot, wet flesh under them making such a wonderful contrast against his skin. His hand slid over her other breast, molding the soft flesh before sliding further down over her stomach to slip under her satin panties.

The softness of her curls heralded the sweetness of her slit and he pressed his fingers deep, determined to return some of the pleasure she'd given him earlier. She moved under him, her cries of pleasure ringing in his ears as he teased the hardness of her clit. He loved her unabashed moans and cries, knowing that he wrung every last one of them from her.

Her legs were opened wide, her lush lips parted even as she grabbed for his shoulders, hanging on to him, for he was the only stable thing in her world of whirling colors and exotic sensations. He was so good at making her feel this way. He knew every button to push, every spot to touch that would drive her toward an even harder and wilder orgasm.

Wendy cried out as he pushed two fingers into her, her sex convulsing around them. Pleasure swam through her veins, pulsing from her pussy, causing her arms and legs to tighten around him. "Fuck me," she cried helplessly. "Please, Tyler, make me come."

"My pleasure," he growled, leaning down and grabbing the top of her panties with his teeth. He pulled them off, leaving her legs covered in silky nylons, her feet still encased in the black spiked heels she wore with her outfit. "God, Wendy you look so hot."

"Do I look fuckable?" she teased.

"Oh yeah," Trip grinned. "Of course, you never look more fuckable than when you're in your white lab coat."

"You're crazy," she laughed, groaning when he fell on her, his cock pushing between her thighs.

His strokes were slow, deep, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting deep again. Wendy wrapped her legs around his waist, her heels clicking together as he moved over her. "God, you feel so damn good," he groaned.

She clung to him, undulating under him. Her whimpers grew to cries of delight as he moved quicker over her. Trip leaned down, finding her nipple and suckling it into the heat of his mouth again. She arched her back, offering the other nipple as well.

"Don't stop," she pleaded. "Please baby, don't stop."

"Never," he muttered, going to the other nipple, his fingers coming up to play with the one his mouth just deserted. He could feel the beginning of her orgasm in the fluttering muscles that drew at his cock. Her body ached against his, her head fell back onto the pillow and she seemed to forget how to breathe. A low cry came from her lips and her hands turned into claws, digging into his hips as she tried to pull him against her harder.

"God! God!" she cried before relaxing into the bed.

But Trip wasn't finished, pulling away, he flipped her onto her stomach, lifting her hips and tucking his knees behind hers. Slowly he pushed back in, watching as her body took his cock until he was fully buried inside of her. His hand came down on one rounded cheek of her ass and he watched the flesh jiggle as a red outline of his hand appeared on her flesh.

Wendy groaned at the pain pleasure. Her body seemed almost to be shorting out, her cries of delight immense as wave after wave of orgiastic bliss rolled through her. Every slap to her ass drove her higher, every hard thrust rubbed at her clit in a way that kept the pleasure going until she couldn't stand it anymore.

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