tagSci-Fi & FantasyRunning Away Ch. 02

Running Away Ch. 02


Alyx was happier than he have been in a long time. Then again it could be the euphoria of really great sex. She was the best he ever had. She knew all kinds of things he had never thought of or even would think of trying. Alyx looked at her as she slept. Her caramel skin was soft and glowing even as her long reddish brown hair try to cover a good majority of it from his eyes.

As though she could sense him looking at her she rolled over her arse instantly making contact with his groin with harden on impact. Not being able to fully roll over she looked over her shoulder and smile.


"And again and again and..." Alyx trailed off as he pulled his naked body on to her firm arse and though her legs were close they were still lubricated from the last time they had sex and was easily able to slide his hard cock deep into her pussy from behind as she laid on the bed.

"Oh,the gods," cried Kristel. She could feel him slowly fucking her as though he had all the time in the world. His cock would come completely out of her before sliding deeply back inside. She arched her back and pushed up her ass trying to feel more of him in her.

Alyx raised one hand and smartly smacked her ass watching the honey colored globes jiggle as small vibrations enveloped his dick. Unable to contain this slow pace Alyx placed one hand on her hip the other on her back holding her down and slammed deep inside of her. He quickly pulled all the way out and pounded back inside of her. He was like a mad man as his cock was pulled away from the pleasures of her wet and extremely tight pussy then slammed back in with such a force that she gave small yelps with every thrust.

Alyx pulled her hips hard onto his cock loving the way her body accepted the slight abuse and even seemed to crave it though one hand stayed on her back keeping it arched so that he could drive himself into her. He watched as she screamed pleasurably into the mattress her arms by her head as though she was submitting to his torturous pleasure. The image was too much for Alyx and he felt his balls tighten. Alyx reached around Kristel, found her clit, and began rubbing it quickly hoping she would cum before he exploaded. Almost immediately Alyx felt that famillar tightening of Kristel's limbs before she screamed throatily into the bed and he pulled out spraying his seed all over his round tight ass. Thick huge globs of his sperm erupted from his cock. Over and over until it seemed and felt like he would never stopped. Exhausted and now a little sore Alyx fell beside Kristel.

"Let me get you a towel," he panted. Kristel nodded as she watched Alyx's glazed eyes look around for anything to clean herself with. Finally finding an old cloth he wiped his hot jizz from her and threw it in the corner.

"What are you going to do today?" Alyx asked.

"I have to claim two tickets from the boat master and board. That should take all day. What are you going to do?"

"I have..." Alyx didn't want to tell her that he was still searching for the other girl. Or that he was actually on the King's payroll. His instinct told him that wasn't a good idea. "...a little bit of business to take care of. I do have to pay my way and now that I'm having to give you my portion of the tickets and room I have to find some money."

Kristel nodded before groaning. "I have to leave. It's almost daybreak. I'll never get a room and board if I don't leave now."

Alyx felt bad as he watched her dress. He should have let her sleep more. Kristel slipped a knife into her boots and even tied one to her left leg before winking at Alyx who laughed. She turned and was out the door without another word.

Alyx decided to sleep a bit more. He truly didn't have too much to do and what he did wouldn't take that long. Feeling the warmth of the sun on his face Alyx awoke and stretched his limbs. Pulling on clothes Alyx wondered where the public bathing house was located. Pulling on his boot, Alyx walked out the door and down the steps to the inn where an old woman looked at him curiously.

"Bathing house?" He asked in a rough voice from so many hours of moaning, grunting, and groaning.

The woman visibly shook as she shook her head no. "There is one in the town's square, but most don't use it except for the homeless."

Alyx swore under his breath, but the woman seemed to hear as she shook harder in her seat. Alyx cut his eyes at her and left the inn. He stormed up to the public office of mail and was only slightly appeased as there were no line. Stepping up to the woman he waited for acknowledgment.

"Yes, Sir."

"Letter for Alyx Vanluwen?"

"Yes, Sir." The woman turned and went into the back before coming up with two scrolls. She handed each to Alyx who gave her two small nits as payment.

Seeing as no one else was around Alyx leaned against the wall and opened the first scroll.

'Alyx Vanluwen,

The King is greatly stressed as you have not found the girl as of yet. She is dearly valuable and we are ready to triple the original ransom on her head. The King as paid highly and dearly for this girl and he wants her back soon. As the King's most trusted hunter of men I will let you in on this secret. She is to become the sexual slave of the King. She is to be much more than just his usual concubines. She is to also be the royal guard of the King. She will be with him every day and night. By day to protect him by night to please him. We have attached a crude drawing from one of the men who have let her escaped. Unfortunately we weren't able to get anymore details about the beauty before both men were killed.

Happy Hunting, The King'

Alyx rolled his eyes. As if the King would actually write him a letter and sign it the king. It had to be that daffy servant of his. Alyx unrolled the other scrolled and groaned. It looked like any other female who was curvy and voluptuous. The drawing was a piece of crap. Alyx looked at the woman behind the counter and smirked. Even she resembled the picture. Alyx thought back to Kristel. Even she resembled the picture.

Alyx tapped on the glass.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Please take this down and send this from where these letters came."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Please advise the King that the information is too vague. Every female looks like the female he is searching for. I understand the King was given this girl. Please ask for a picture anything from the giver of the girl. It would help greatly.

Alyx Vanluwen"

"Is that all sir?"

"Yes," Alyx walked away confident the woman knew how to do her job. Alyx needed money. He had given the last bit of what he owned to Kristel to pay for his portion of the room and ticket for passage. Alyx walked to the dirtiest section of town. Here is where a man was killed and never found. Alyx walked to a seedy tavern and stepped inside quickly mentally finding the exits, how many patrons, staff, men and women were in the room. Alyx took a seat at the bar.

"What want?"

Alyx arched an eyebrow. "Cold Ale and ... Laverne."

The woman didn't flinch. "There is no Laverne here."

Alyx didn't flinch. "Either you tell Laverne to come see Alyx or I kill you where you stand wench."

The woman sucked her teeth and grabbed a dirty glass from behind her. She poured some ale into it and walked off. Alyx didn't touch it.

"Alyx!" A short fat balding man came to Alyx hugging him. Alyx smiled hugging Laverne back. "Please excuse Brilda. How are you doing?"

"Well, we need to talk, somewhere private."

Laverne nodded. "Follow me."

Alyx jumped up and followed Laverne. Laverne opened a door and stepped through the entry way before continuing on. Alyx closed the door behind him and glanced around as they walked. There were cells on either side of hallway. Most empty some not. Inside was one woman who was shackled to the wall. Her toes barely reaching the floor. Her chest was rising and falling dramatically as a man sat in front of her rubbing his cock. The girl's eyes were focused on his dick as he continued to pump his cock with his meaty hand. The girl licked her lips.

"Who want to suck this, slut?"

The girl nodded her head. The man had a hidden whip and it flashed it across her body a sharp whip sounded thorugh the air as it hit her. "Don't nod. Speak."

"Yes, Master."

"Much better." The man stood up and uncuffed her arms, but he chained her neck to the wall. The girl immediately dropped to her knees with her legs spread open and her hands behind her back. The man walked up to the blond woman and grabbed clumps of her hair and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. Alyx could see even from here that it was down her throat. The girl gagged and even slobbered on herself, but the expression on her face was pure pleasure and even her nipples were hard with excitement.

The man continued to fuck her face as though it was a pussy pushing himself hard, fast, and deep into her mouth before pulling out so she could catch her breath and pushing it back down again. Alyx couldn't look away. The man arched back pushing his groin deeper into the girl's mouth as she tried to swallow and suck the man's cock. Suddenly the man slammed his cock down her throat and his buttocks clenched as he empty his seed down her throat. The man spent, threw her head away from him like rubbish and tucked his flaccid cock into his pants. The girl sat there with a bit of jizz trailing down her chin looking submissive and unoffended with the man.

"This way Alyx." Laverne gently prodded. Alyx nodded and followed watching other various acts of training taking place. Finally they arrived at Laverne's office and closed the door behind them. Alyx didn't wait, even before Laverne made the turn around his desk Alyx was already speaking.

"I need all the money I left and loaned you. I also need information on a girl name Laina. I'm hunting her for the King and the King's an imbecile and his servants not much better."

Laverne finally sat and whistled. "The money I can get you in no time, but the information. That will take some time and of course money."

Alyx shook his head. "I need all the money and this you will do for me as a favor." Alyx hardened his features which meant he means business.

Laverne relented. "Alright. How long will you be in town?"

"Til Tomorrow then I'm on the ship to..."

Laverne waved his hands stopping Alyx. The door burst opened and Brilda walked in. She eyed Alyx harshly and looked at Laverne who merely nodded and she stepped back out. "I know where you are and where you'll be. I'll have some of the information for you tomorrow. I think I know of another man who was looking for the same girl, but he had an inside scoop. I'll have to send the rest of the mail if you are on the ship through an electronic signal. Remember the name Dainel."

Alyx nodded. "I will and thank you. As for the money."

Laverne smiled and reached into his desk pulling out three small bundles filled with various coins. He tossed them to Alyx. "Everything's there. Even interest. I knew you'll want it back some day."

Alyx smiled. "Thank you brother."

Laverne laughed. "Just don't tell mother I gave it to you. She'll never let me hear the end of this supporting your freelance behavior."

Alyx hugged his brother over the desk and stood up. "I must get back. There's a girl. A really special girl."

"Will I meet her?"

"Tomorrow when you bring the information."

"Okay, maybe she'll calm you down."

This time Alyx laughed. "I don't think so." Alyx turned and walked out the door following the path they used to get to his brother's study. He looked up and it was darkening. He didn't think he had spent that much time.

Alyx opened the door to their room and gasped. There was a naked Kristel with a huge tub filled with steaming water in front of a huge mirror soaking. Alyx could feel his cock hardening.

"You're back," Kristel stated lazily.


"Want to join?"

"Hell yes." Alyx tore off his clothes and stepped into the scalding hot water. Kristel watched him as he suddenly stopped. He cupped his balls and shook his head. Kristel laughed and grabbed his legs from under him making a huge splash and sending him balls and all into the chest high water. Alyx grind his teeth to overcome the pain. His eyes flashing anger and revenge at Kristel as she continued to laugh.

Alyx finally got used to the water and pushed himself towards her.

"How'd you get this up here."

"I pay three boys to bring it, fill it, empty it, and take it away every day."

"I owe you one."


"Yeah." Alyx dipped his head under the water and spread her legs taking his mouth onto her clit and sucking it. Kristel gasped and arched her back. Alyx came up for air. He pulled Kristel into his arms and sat her on the edge of the tub uncaring if her body or his actions spilled water everywhere.

"We'll tip the tub."

"I won't let it." Alyx cried as he pushed his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Alyx felt Kristel's hands in his hair pushing his head deeper into her. Alyx made his tongue move as though a snake into her as he also suckled the sweet honey that seeped from her pussy. Alyx sucked her clit into his mouth sucking gently on it as he inserted two fingers into her pussy stroking inside of her. Kriste's hips rocked on his fingers as she continue to moan and push his head deeper into her pussy. Alyx sucked harder on her clit, biting it gently, before sucking harder as he inserted another finger and thrust faster into her. Kristel let her head fall back as she opened her legs wider and wider trying to push herself over the edge. Alyx shook his head back and forth fast as she suckled on her clit and thrust his fingers deep into her. Alyx felt her muscles stiffen on his fingers and smile while he kept shaking his head loving the feeling of her orgasms and her screams of pleasure in the air. Satisfied Kristel looked down at Alyx's face wet with her own wetness.

"Your turn."

Alyx shook his head. He was still sore from this morning. "Hurts."

Kristel didn't look satisfied. "I'll make it better."

Alyx grabbed her roving hands and held them firm. "No."

Kristel looked shocked as she blinked. "Yes, M...sir." She caught her self and settled into the water.

Alyx missed her stammered and positioned himself behind her so she was laying on him. "You're pleasure is all that matters to me."

Kristel looked back catching his green eyes with her hazel ones. "Really?"

"Well at least until I can fuck you again."

Kristel laughed and threw water onto his face.

Alyx awoke to the sounds of huffing and puffing. He lazily rolled over to discover the usual warm flesh gone. Opening one eye Alyx looked towards the sounds to see Kristel stuffing the last bit of their belongings into a duffel bag. Alyx sat up yawning and stretching.

Kristel jumped onto the bed and kissed him deeply. "I must confess this has been a glorious past three days. I never knew I could feel like I do."

Alyx smiled widely. "I'm glad I could make you feel that way. I must admit your body makes me feel the same way. I enjoy your company and I want to take our relationship to another level."

Kristel laughed and hugged him. "Come on let's go or we'll never get on. You know how these things go. Plus I want to make sure no one steals our room." Kristel stood up and Alyx slapped her arse.

Alyx hurriedly got dressed and grabbed the three duffel bags from Kristel and followed her downstairs to the main dining area. Kristel sat down at a round table and as usual sat in the shadows. Alyx placed the bags at their feet and joined her.

"What would you both have?" The old lady asked.

"Two bowls of sweetened grains, soft bread, and sweet juice." Alyx looked at Kristel silently asking if that was good. Kristel nodded and waited.

"You know," Alyx started. "I should have made love to you this morning."

"Oh." Kristel asked sounding slightly distracted.


Kristel turned her head sharply to Alyx. "Did you just say love?" Alyx nodded. Kristel's eyes were wide as though in shock then she slowly smiled as if she was very pleased. That smile widen when she felt his warm large hand slowly caressing her thigh.

"Someone will see?"

"Not if you don't make it noticeable."

Kristel stiffened and tried to look as though Alyx hadn't just discovered she wasn't wearing any garments under her outer clothing.

"Here you both go?" The lady placed the two bowls in front of each of them. She smiled at Kristel who was suddenly looking very hot. "Dearie are you okay?" Kristel could only nod. "Well here's the bread and your drinks. Are you both leaving?" The woman asked spying the three bags.

Kristel moaned feeling Alyx spread her pussy lips and slip one finger inside of her.

"I'm sorry," the woman said looking at Kristel.

"She said yes. She's just not feeling to well. I think she's excited and nervous about going on the ship." Alyx explained slipping another finger into her wet pussy and letting his thumb graze Kriste's clit. "Isn't that right, love."

Kristel nodded her head and slowly put her arms on the table and drop her head on them, praying the lady didn't smell her pussy or hear the slurp of her pussy as Alyx increased his thrusts. "Oh by the gods yes!" Kristel pushed her hips forward a bit.

"See, she's just scared. She doesn't even realize she's yelling." Alyx gave her clit a small pinch in warning, but Kristel liked it and gave a throaty moan. "Can you get her bucket just in case. That didn't sound good." Alyx's own cock belied his words pressing hard against his pants at her womanly moans.

"Yes, right away." The woman hurried off.

"Alyx...please, more, deeper." Kristel begged. Not caring who saw her she needed the release.

Alyx growled and pushed a third finger into her sopping pussy and pumped them into her while his thumb swished over her clit such a fast speed Kristel had to bite her lips or yell out.

"Yes, fuck that pussy!" Kristel throatily growled trying to control herself when all she wanted to do was spread her legs wider and push his hands deeper into her. "Yes, fuck, I'm going to cum!"

Alyx slammed his fingers into her and flicked her clit when he felt her muscles clamp onto his fingers and her body jerked. Small whimpering and slight choking sounds emitted from Kristel as she barely held onto her sanity and not throw her head back and scream her release. When her spasms subsided Alyx removed his fingers and licked each one clean.

"MMMM fresh pussy."

Kristel rolled her eyes in embarrassment and started tearing at her food as though she was starving. The old lady came back with the bucket and stared at Kristel surprised.

"She's feeling much better now."

"Yes, much better. Thank you." Kristel smiled at the woman and silently laugh as the woman turned away bewildered.

Alyx and Kristel finished their food and left 10 gold purz's on the table to pay for the food and the room they had used. They walked to the boarding zone and sighed. The line was already long and they weren't due to board for another hour.


Alyx laughed. "Where did you learn such language? Ladies don't curse."

Kristel arched one finely shaped brow. "Lady? Where?" She looked around searching for the lady. Alyx let his head fall back and laughed. Truly laugh deep and throatily. It was so contagious that Kristel joined him as they got in line and waited.

2 hours later they were still in line and could finally see the dock. "They're patting down everyone and searching all belongings." Alyx remarked.

After 10 more feet Kristel nudged Alyx. "They aren't patting down the woman just the men. Don't they think women could carry weapons?" Alyx shrugged remembering that Kristel carried a heavy blade on her inside thigh at all times.

They were almost to the front when a woman walked up to Alyx. "Alyx, sir, you have an urgent letter and a Sir Lucien is looking for you."

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