tagIncest/TabooRunt Ch. 05

Runt Ch. 05


For those who provided it, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate that you all took the time to write.

The story thus far...

I am a divorcee with 2 kids – Suzy and Bob. I had spent Thursday night with a young whore named Runt. She got her name because she was the smallest in a set of quadruplets. The quads were Runt and her three brothers; Mark, Steve, and Tom. Runt set me up with a date with her mom, Paula. Paula and I ended up in bed. Only when we were done fucking did we realize that we were not alone in the house. I left and went home where I saw my daughter being fucked in her bed. The next morning Suzy and I ended up in bed.


Steve had been up all night.

When he got home the night before he had been exhausted. He wasn't too surprised to be coming home to an empty house. His sister Runt often stayed out all night because of her job. His brother Tom also frequently stayed out all night, although the work Tom was doing at night only involved getting into a girl's panties. Mark was out of town for the weekend. The only one thing that slightly surprised Steve was that his Mom was still out. He knew his Mom had a date and it pleased Steve that she was still out. It was a sign that her date was going well.

Steve considered getting on the internet. He had recently been spending a lot of time at a site called chatropolis, most often using the handle "steve teen." It was a place he could explore his fantasies while he beat off, but that night he decided he was too tired, even for that. He had just climbed into bed when he heard the door open. He listened and didn't hear any talking so he assumed his Mom was alone. He decided to get out of bed and see how her date had gone and had just opened his door when he heard a man's voice. The man was apologizing for something that had happened the night before.

While he stood at his door and listened to the conversation, Steve learned quite a lot. He learned his sister was currently working as a whore and that his own mother had once also been a whore. He also heard that his mother was having some strong feelings for this man. He heard the man and his mother go to her bedroom then he heard them having sex. He learned his Mom could be loud and foul mouthed while she was being fucked.

When the man and his mom had finished Steve tried to quietly shut his bedroom door, but the door clicked loud enough so that he was sure they heard him. Steve's bedroom window was open and from his bed, he could hear his mom and the man talking on the porch before the man left. After the man left, heard his mother return to her room. Steve's cock was very hard after all he had heard that night, but he didn't beat off. Although he was very horny, he just didn't want to. Instead he just stayed in bed awake all night.

Just after dawn he heard his mom in the shower and soon after she was gone. At seven he got up, slipped on underwear, shorts and a T-shirt and went down to the kitchen. He was just finishing his first cup of coffee when Runt came through the back door.

Runt was wearing a short red dress. "Coffee! Thank goodness." She poured a cup and sat at the kitchen table. "How's it goin Stevey?" she asked smiling.

Steve smiled, "Going good. How was the country club?"

"OK. Big wedding. Made some good money, but had to work all night again," Runt said. "Hey is Mom up yet?"

"She's was up and gone before I was out of bed," Steve replied.

Runt's smile disappeared. "Really? Crap! I guess her date didn't go well. I was really hoping it would have worked."

"I imagine. You set her up with this guy, right?"

Runt stared into her coffee cup. "Yeah"

"How did you meet him?" Steve asked.

Runt jerked her head up and looked at him. "Uh, he was just a guy I met at the country club."

"Oh and you thought mom would go for the type of a guy who is a country club member?"

"Sure, what's wrong with country clubs?" Runt asked.

"Nothing at all," Steve replied, "especially when the country club is a whore house."

Runt stared at him. "You knew, I mean know? How? How long?"

"Not till last night," Steve said.

"How did you find out?"

"I overhead Mom and that guy talking about it."

"REALLY! SHIT! Were they yelling?"

"Not al all," Steve replied.

"Wow so maybe her date went ok," Steve said.

"From what I could hear, it went well," Steve said.

"Why, what else did they say?" Runt asked.

"It wasn't so much what did they say, as what was Mom saying."

"Well? What was she saying?"

Steve voice went to a falsetto as her said, "Oh Fuck me. Eat me, Fuck me right there."

"You bastard," Runt laughed and gave Steve a hard punch in the arm. "He fucked her? Wow that's great. Too bad he didn't stay the night."

"Well I guess that was kind of my fault," Steve said.


"They thought they were alone but they heard me when they were done. When he was leaving the house I heard mom tell him that she thought I might still be a virgin."

"A VIRGIN? That's hysterical."

"I am," Steve said quietly.

"No Way!" Runt said.

"Yeah," Steve was turning red.

"Wow," Runt said, "That's incredible."

They sat in silence until finally Steve said, "I couldn't believe it when I heard you've been whoring."

Now it was Runt who turned red. "Yes, it's true. Are you ashamed of me?" she asked.

"Ashamed? No, not at all. Actually I was going to ask if you would take me and fix me up with a girl. I'm sick of being a virgin. I'll pay."

Runt smiled, "Steve you are such a sweetie, but you shouldn't have to pay for a whore. You're a hottie."

"Sure I am," Steve said sarcastically. "Come on Runt. I'll pay. I just want to get laid."

"I know just the girl for you. She's very slutty."

"Really? That would be great. What does she look like?"

Runt said, "She's only five foot tall. Ninety one pounds. Green eyes, brown hair."

"That sounds like you," Steve said.

Runt continued, "Her measurements are 35-23-35. She wears a C cup."

"Now That is quite a coincidence. Once I checked out your bra when you left it in the bathroom. You wear a 35C."

"Oh and she keeps her pussy shaved except for a tiny tuft of hair above it that will tickle your nose if you eat her."

"You?" Steve asked.

"I guess you'd have to do a pussy inspection to find out," Runt said smiling.

Steve stood up. His cock was tenting the front of his shorts. Runt also stood and started heading for the bedroom, but Steve grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Without a word he unzipped and took off her dress. He knelt in front of her and pulled her panties off, and then he picked her up and sat her on the kitchen table.

Steve spread Runt's legs by holding each leg just above her ankles. He could see the tuft of hair just above her slit. He bent forward and ran his nose through her pubes. "Hey that does tickle," he said to her.

Runt laughed, reached her hands behind his head and pushed his face between her legs. Steve licked her cunt as he wondered how many guys had fucked it the previous night.

Runt pushed his head out from between her legs. "Let me help you," she said. "Pull my pussy open and see if you can find my clit."

Steve fumbled a bit, so Runt showed him the way. "Find a girls clit and give it a nudge with your tongue," Runt said. "I also like it when a guy finger fucks me while he eats me."

Steve began alternating between licking Runt's clit and finger fucking her. It didn't take long before she began to tremble. She held his head against her pussy as an orgasm racked her body. Steve licked at her pussy juice as she came. Finally she released his head and lifted herself up on her elbows.

"Holy shit, you're are pretty good at that."

"Thanks," Steve smiled up at Runt from between her legs. "You taste great."

"You want to fuck it?" Runt asked. "It looks like you're in the mood."

He looked down and grinned at Runt. His cock was hard and the tip was sticking out beyond the leg hole of his shorts. He slipped off his clothes.

Runt started to climb off the table, but Steve stopped her. "I really want to fuck you," he said.

"OK, but I thought I could blow you first," Runt replied, again trying to get up.

"No, I really want to fuck you – Now!" Steve told her.

Runt smiled and lay back on the kitchen table again, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy was dripping wet after the cum Steve had given her. He pulled her hips to the edge of the table, stepped between her legs and sunk his cock deep inside of her.

He started to fuck her cunt and with each thrust her body swayed off and back onto his cock. As her body swayed her tits rocked back and forth. Steve reached up and held her tits as his cock continued to assault her little cunt. It didn't take too long before he let go of her tits, grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his cock while he gave her pussy one final thrust. Runt felt the warmth of his cum as it poured into the confines of her insides. Steve pulled his spewing cock out until only the tip was still inside of her, then thrust it back in. There wasn't room for both his cock and the load of cum he had just deposited and so when he pushed back in, a lot of the white juice oozed out around his cock, ran down her ass cheeks and pooled on the kitchen table.

Runt was in the throes of another orgasm as Steve's cock finished delivering its load. She calmed down and smiled up at him when his cock slipped out of her pussy. "My, my, you sure turned me into a sticky mess," Runt said. "I should probably jump in the shower," Runt said as she started to get up off the table.

Steve gently pushed her back. "I made the mess, I guess I better clean it up," he said as he spread her legs again.

Runt's cunt hole was a white sticky mess. She wasn't sure what to expect when Steve planted his lips on her pussy and gave it a hard suck. Runt nearly flew off the table with the sensation it gave her. Steve's mouth was filled with a mixture of his own and his sister's cum. He continued to lap up the sticky mess until she was clean. He rubbed his tongue over her clit and sat back up with a big smile on his face.

This time when she started to get off the table, Steve had to help her because she was wobbly and almost lost her balance. "Fuck, you turned my legs into jelly," she said, then kissed him hard.

"You can fuck me any time you want," Runt said. "Steve, I've been eaten and fucked by a lot of guys and you are really, really good. I'll introduce you to some of my friends if you like."

Runt looked like she was in a daze as she picked up her dress and walked out of the kitchen. Steve watched her walk away. Suddenly she looked like she was walking slightly bowlegged. Steve watched her and smiled. He was feeling very proud of himself. He cleaned away all of the remaining evidence of their fuck, picked up his clothes and headed to bed. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

to be continued)

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