This is a story of my creation. I made the names up, and they are not based on 'real' people. Also, thank you, Lady Catie, for all your help!


Katie Wilson let out a frustrated groan when she looked at her watch. It was six o'clock, and her boyfriend, Tommy, was no where to be seen.

Katie shivered as she looked around the deserted library parking lot. "Damn you, Tommy! Where are you?" She was nineteen years old, and Katie was not used to being alone so far from home.

Katie was a freshman in college, and the Child Development course she was currently taking this semester required Katie to spend thirty hours working hands on with children. Katie was currently working at the local library this semester to achieve the hours, but she had no idea reading and working with small children for an hour each night would be so exhausting or mind numbing.

She rubbed her forehead; trying to erase the horrible day from her mind. She groaned again when she realized her mind would not give up the details of the day or of her dismal life.

The people who actually knew who Katie was would call her a 'plain girl'. She had plain brown eyes and plain brown hair that fell limply to her shoulders. She wore plain, second hand clothes bought at the Salvation Army.

Katie didn't fit in any of the clicks at her school either. She wasn't an athletic person, so she wouldn't fit in with the jocks and she wasn't smart enough to fit in with the geeks. She couldn't afford nice clothes to fit in with the preppy kids. In fact, Katie didn't have any friends at all!

The cool autumn breeze blew against Katie's body. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her thin jacket. If Tommy was going to forget to pick her up, she was never going to be able to finish her required hours at the library.

Katie thought about Tommy and smiled. She had no idea why he liked her. Unlike Katie, he was popular and good looking. He was twenty two years old, and he was attending the same college as Katie through a football scholarship.

Tommy pestered Katie for two weeks before she even agreed to go out on a date with him. They went on two dates, and Tommy asked Katie to be his girlfriend. Katie was so over the moon about him by then that she instantly said yes.

Tommy worked part time at the local grocery store when ever he wasn't in class or playing football. At the time Tommy had agreed to pick up Katie from the library, he never in his wildest dreams would have thought that Lisa Fisher would go on an errand to the very grocery store where Tommy worked. Lisa was a pretty girl, and Tommy had had a crush on her for months.

Katie was the last thing on Tommy's mind when he casually offered to drive Lisa home because she had two heavy bags of groceries to carry. Lisa agreed to the ride and Tommy decided to take a chance by driving the long way to Lisa's house. At this very minute Tommy and Lisa were parked in a deserted field and Lisa had her lips wrapped around Tommy's dick.

Katie looked around again. It was dark out now, and the parking lot only had two pole lights. It was also getting very chilly. Katie wondered if she should start walking. She lived about nine miles away from the library and it was not exactly the hike she had planned for today.

Katie heard tires squealing, and she looked over her shoulder to see a white van approaching. Katie felt her palms turn sweaty, and she gulped hard with fear. The van was driving at a high rate of speed, and Katie stared in shocked amazement as the van did about four donuts in the parking lot. The van stopped, blinding Katie for a moment, as the headlights bathed her in bright white light.

The van drove slowly over to her and, before she could run, the driver rolled his window down. "Hey! What are you doing here?" Katie gulped again. She should just run away. She looked up at the driver and realized she knew him. His name was Nathan, and he was her roommate's friend.

"I asked you what in the hell you're doing here?"

Katie shook her head. " waiting for my boyfriend."

Katie heard, "Hey. It's Tommy's freaky girlfriend." She saw another head stick out the van's window and realized he was a friend of Tommy's. Kenny played on the football team and worked at the same grocery store with Tommy.

"Tommy isn't going to be here for quite some time. He left the store with Lisa Fisher, and he went the opposite direction of her house." Kenny was smirking at her. Damn you, Tommy!

Nathan gave her a grin. "Get in. We will take you home." Katie felt sick to her stomach. She didn't know these guys, and she didn't trust them.

Kenny said, "Get in! Come on, it will be hours before Lisa wears Tommy out."

Katie nodded. "Okay."

Katie's feet felt like lead while she walked around the van to get into the back. She looked out towards the street in front of the parking lot, and she saw an older lady walking her dog. Katie smiled and waved at her. Then she climbed inside the van.

She let out a gasp of surprise when she realized the back of the van was packed with people. Katie knew everyone by name from school, but again, she didn't really know them very well.

The van pulled out of the parking lot as Katie found a spot to sit. She felt her cheeks redden when she had to squeeze between two guys; Aaron was on her right side, and to her left was Ramono.

There were four more people in the back of the van, Matt, Mike, Brian, and Eric. They were all students at Katie's school. Katie felt dizzy being around so many people, and her eyes watered from the thick smoke that hung in the air.

When she coughed, Romano turned to her and laughed. Katie noticed his eyes were red. "You want some?" Katie coughed again, and she shook her head no.

Eric leaned his head up over the seat, "Here, drink a beer."

Katie jumped a mile when she felt the cold, metal beer can touch her breast as Eric leaned his arm up over the seat. "No. No, please. I don't want to drink any beer. I just want to go home."

Katie realized that Nathan did not ask her for the directions to her house. She tried to look out the front windows, but they were driving so fast she could not tell where she was. The van had no windows in the back. Katie coughed again and she felt like her head was spinning.

Eric handed the offered beer can to Aaron. "Here. Make her drink this. It'll relax her."

Aaron nodded and accepted the beer. He opened it and held the can to Katie's lips. "Drink."

Katie shook her head, but Aaron kept tipping the can. Ramono held her head in his thick hands. The cheap beer started to run down Katie's chin, so, she started to drink it. Katie gagged. Oh, it tasted horrible! She heard chanting in the back of the van. "Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!" Katie managed to swallow half of the can down before Aaron let her have a breath of air. Aaron grinned at her. "It's good, huh?"

Katie made a face. "Not really."

He laughed at her. "It's an acquired taste."

Katie shook her head. "No, I don't think I will ever get used to that." She wiped her chin on her jacket sleeve.

Kenny turned his head around to watch Katie. "How about some iced tea?"

Katie's eyes brightened. "Oh, I love iced tea!"

Kenny smiled at her. "Good. It's from Long Island." Katie accepted the offered drink. She took a tentative sip. The tea had a funny after taste, but she figured it was from all that nasty beer.

"You smoke?"

She looked over at Ramono. "No. Sorry I don't." He took a puff off of a home made cigarette and blew it in Katie's face. Katie coughed again. "That's not nice."

Ramono laughed. "That's from my home land. Best marijuana in the world."

Katie's mouth dropped open. "Marijuana? That's...that's illegal."

Ramono laughed again. "Not from where I'm from."

Nathan looked over at Kenny. "She doesn't get out much, does she?"

Kenny smiled. "We all have to start some where!" Katie felt her heart somersault in her chest. Nobody had ever paid attention to her like these guys had, especially Kenny. He kept smiling back at her, and she felt her cheeks blushing.

Mike leaned up over the seat. "Hey! Why don't you come back here and sit with us?" Katie shook her head. "That's okay. I'm fine." She continued to sip on her iced tea. Ramono kept smoking his joint and blowing the smoke in Katie's face. Katie started to get really disoriented.

Brian yelled up at Nathan, "Hey! I gotta piss. Pull over."

Katie turned her head at Aaron. "Do you know how to get to my house?"

Aaron smiled. "No, but it's all good." The van stopped, and Brian jumped out to relieve himself.

Katie looked at Ramono. "Where are we?" Ramono shrugged. "Beats me."

"Nathan, do you know how to get to my house?" Nathan was turning the dials to the radio. "Yeah. Don't worry about it. Want another iced tea?"

Katie nodded. "Okay. I should really be going home soon, though."

Nathan nodded. "Sure, no problem."

Matt and Mike jumped out the open van door after Brian. She could hear laughing and yelling outside of the van. Katie took the second iced tea from Nathan.

Kenny said, "We should play a game."

Nathan nodded. "Yeah. That sounds like fun."

Brian came back inside the van. "Man, I think I had someone following me out there."

Kenny laughed. "Yeah, Matt and Mike."

Brian's eyes widened. "No, man. I am serious. Somebody was following me. I know it."

Katie felt alarmed. "Did you see anybody?" Brian shook his head no.

Nathan gave a stern look at Brian. "Shut the fuck up and get in here."

Matt and Mike climbed back in the van, and they shut the door. Katie sat in the semidarkness listening to the music and sipping her iced tea. Kenny looked in the back seat at Katie. "How are you feeling?"

Katie looked confused. "I don't know. Strange. I don't think this is tea, Kenny."

Kenny laughed. "I think we got her smashed boys. Now, time to play a game."

Katie shook her head. "Game? I don't want to play a game. I want to go home."

Nathan put his finger to his lips. "Shhh. We will take you home. First, we are going to play a game."

Katie felt Aaron's hand on her thigh.


Randolf William Spencer, the fourth, let out a groan as he rolled over in bed. He opened his eyes and realized it was dark outside already. "Fuck, where does the time go?"

He rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. His stomach let out a loud growl and his cock was hard. Randolf usually went by the nickname, Spike. He was dubbed this nickname when a particularly favorite love of his had claimed his manhood was as large as a railroad spike. His cock gave a twitch of delight as he thought of his former love. She had been dead now for over two hundred and some odd years. "Oh, Spike, you are a naughty fellow, aren't you?"

Spike climbed into the shower and debated on where the night would leave him. He was getting bored with his life. He was starting to miss the good old days when girls were so hard to catch. The thrill of the hunt started as he caught their eye across a ball room floor. They would blush and lower their eyes like a proper lady should.

He would twirl them around the ballroom, pressing himself a little to tightly to their body than society would call proper; watching their creamy breasts heave as they tried to fight their wanton thoughts when they felt his manhood pressed against their body. He would bid them goodbye with promises to come around again.

Spike would lie in wait until he heard their minds calling out to him; wanting to know more about him; wanting him to make them his. He would come to them every night, whisper thoughts into their minds. He would bid his time until they were so desperate to seek his love.

Oh, every one of the girls he bed back then was a virgin. He would slide his hard cock between their thighs and delight in watching their eyes light up in the pleasure and pain of the act of his love making.

Spike stepped out of the shower. The girls today just didn't give him that same thrill. He would go into a club and girls would just throw themselves on him. He was so bored with it all.

He walked into his bedroom again and got dressed. He looked around his apartment. "I guess it isn't bad." The one thing about the present day he did like was the tolerance of his life style. He worked at the grave yard. A smile crossed his lips at the irony of it. He had explained to his boss he was allergic to the sun, and therefore, he had to work the night shift. Spike laughed. "The grave yard shift..."

He didn't mind the work though. He dug graves as soon as the sun went down, and then he would prowl for his next meal. They even gave him a small apartment right across the street from the grave yard. It actually was the most comfortable his life had been in the last six hundred years.

Spike stepped out of his apartment door. The moon was full, and he couldn't help but give a loud howl at it. He laughed. For some reason, he was in a great mood. His stomach growled again. "Patience, Spike. You'll get your food."


Aaron was running his hand up and down Katie's thigh. It took several minutes for her to realize the sensation. "Stop that! I don't like you touching me!"

Nathan laughed. "Ahh...we got us a fighter boys. I think it's time to break her."

Katie was confused. "I feel really strange. I think it's time you took me home."

Kenny pretended to pout. "You promised us you would play a game. Are you telling us you are a liar?"

Katie gasped. "I am not a liar! I..." Did she really promise to play their game? She couldn't remember.

Katie felt Ramano's hand slide her jacket off her shoulders. "It's warm. Let me take jacket off, yes?"

Katie shook her head. "No. It's okay. I like to have my jacket on."

She heard Aaron whisper into her ear. "No. You're sweating and hot. Take your coat off. It's okay." Ramono had her coat off before she even realized what was going on.

She looked at Aaron. "What..." Kenny was now kneeling at Katie's feet. He was pulling off her socks and shoes. "Please don't do that. I...I need my shoes on."

She felt multiple hands running over her hair and shoulders; someone whispered in her ear, "You don't need those. It's okay."

Katie felt someone pulling her sweat shirt up. Katie gasped. "Don't do that." She tried pushing the hands away, but the more she tried, the more hands there were; pushing, pulling, tugging.

Ramono let out a laugh. "Hey, guys. I think we got an honorary member of the itty bitty titty committee." Katie was outraged. She looked down at her body and realized the guys had managed to get her shirt up to her arm pits.

She turned her anger towards Ramono. "You bastard! Stop it!" She didn't know where her anger came from or why, but she reached her hand out and clawed at Ramono's face. Katie felt his skin coming off his face like butter; sticking under her long nails. Ramono let out a howl at the surprised attack.

"You bitch!" He punched Katie hard in the nose; blood splattered on the van roof, seat, and floor. Katie saw stars in her eyes, and she clutched at her nose. He hit her!

"Ramono calm down." Katie didn't look to see who had made the comment. She felt someone pinch her nose and tilt her head back. Katie passed out for a few minutes, but she came to when she felt hands groping her body again.

Katie felt anger build up inside of her like she had never felt before. She glanced over at Ramono. His face was scratched, but the bleeding had stopped. He was smoking another joint. "Okay, bitch. Here's the are going to suck all the guys off, or we make you walk."

Katie felt her brain come into focus. She sat straight up in her seat. She turned to Nathan. "Take me home. Now!"

Nathan shrugged. "Can't. You promised to play a game. You didn't, so, we will sit here until you play with us."

Katie screamed at the top of her lungs. If she didn't get her own way, she would scream until they did what she wanted. She never guessed Ramono would slap her across the face. "Shut the fuck up, bitch. I told ya, suck or walk. I say nothing 'bout you screaming your fool head off."

Her eyes glared at him. "You are serious? You are going to make me suck your dick, or I have to walk home?"

Ramono shook his head. "Not just me...everybody."

Katie felt like she was going to throw up. "You're joking. Nathan, take me home. Now!"

Ramono started chanting, "Suck or walk! Suck or walk! Suck or walk!" Soon, everybody in the van was screaming at her. "Suck or walk! Suck or walk!"

Katie bolted for the van door so fast nobody had the chance to stop her. Her bare feet hit the dewy grass, and she took off in a dead run. It was foggy, but she could instantly see she was in a grave yard. She heard a wolf like howl in the distant, and a terror like she had never felt before slammed down her spine.

She heard Kenny yelling out the van, "Hey! Katie? Come back. We was just messing with you! Come on!" Katie hid behind a tombstone. She heard Nathan say, "Aww fuck it. The bitch can walk home for all I care. Let's go."

Katie stared with her mouth in a shocked 'o' when she realized the van was leaving. "Oh my god. Wait! Don't leave me here. Please! I don't know where I am. I don't know how to get home!" It was too late. The van was gone, and Katie was left alone in the dark graveyard.

Katie stood up and started walking. She had no idea where she was going or why. Her nose was throbbing from the pain of Ramono's punch. Katie touched her nose gingerly and realized it was swollen.

"Damn you, Tommy. Do you see what you got me into?"


Spike decided to take a walk before he headed into town. He crossed the road and headed into the cemetery. He laughed to himself as he thought of all the rumors of vampires hanging out in the cemetery looking for their next meal. Obviously, all the people buried in the cemetery were dead! You can't drink blood from a bloodless dead person!

Spike stopped walking when he felt a presence. His keen senses honing in on what he thought was out of the ordinary. The thick fog blocked his sight. He inhaled the cool air deeply into his lungs. "Ahh, what's this...fear?" Yes, fear. He basked in the wonderful feeling; allowing it to wash over his body.

His sensitive ears heard tires squealing and someone crying. He tried to pick up on who that someone was but they were not close enough. Spike decided to go investigate.


Katie stumbled over a tombstone. She was crying now. She felt totally helpless. Her bare feet were wet and dirty. Katie sank down to her knees in the grass; the fog swirled around her, caressing her skin.

Spike walked up behind Katie with a smile on his lips. He thought, "Why, hello my little angel." He searched her mind for her deepest, darkest secrets. He inhaled sharply; she was an innocent. Spike felt his cock harden at the thought of having his way with this sweet, young girl.

Katie grabbed a hold of the tombstone to help her stand up. She turned around to get a better sense of her direction. She screamed when she saw Spike standing there.

Spike whispered to her mind to not run or be afraid of him. Katie shut her mouth and stared at the man she'd had no idea was behind her. He had bleached blond hair with piercing green eyes that seemed to stare into her very soul.

Her eyes traveled over his face trying to figure out what he was about. She had never seen a face so pale. He had on a black tee-shirt and black jeans. Katie felt her head swimming. She was so confused and disoriented.

Spike pulled himself out of her mind when he felt her confusion. She was such an innocent. "Hello. I didn't mean to cause you a fright. I am the care taker of this cemetery. I heard all the noise. I live across the street, and I figured I better come check it out. I didn't want the local kids to break the headstones again."

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