tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRushton Rubbed Raw

Rushton Rubbed Raw

byGirl Friend©

Rushton was sweltering in the mid morning July heat. She was on vacation from her job as a mundane secretary.

Rushton wanted some hot action so she decided to go to an all exclusive Singles Weekend Resort.

Upon arriving at the resort Rushton finally started to relax. No deadlines, no demanding boss to deal with.

She took off her halter top and tight-fitting shorts and pranced around naked in her comfy resort room.

Jonas, her neighbor was enjoying the view of this nubile, fresh-faced lady from the privacy of his balcony.

He loved the way her bottom moved as she shashayed across her room. He also loved the way his cock became rock hard. Jonas had to rub it for relief.

Rushton decided that there was no one around so she pranced outside still nude and still unaware that she was turning Jonas on even more.

Rushton thought that no one was watching her so she slipped her fingers down to her 'love button' and started to rub and rub and rub herself.

"Here, let me help you," Jonas announced as he came behind Rushton and started rubbing her clit himself.

"Uhmmmm. Yes that feels good. . . what is your name," she asked him.

"Jonas, at your service ma'am," he replied.

"Well you can really service me by eating my cunt out, Jonas," Rushton instructed him.

Jonas got on his hand and knees in front of Rushton and quickly inserted his tongue deep into her sopping cunt, wet from his ministrations.

"You taste just like apples," he told her.

"Ummm. Jonas I want to sit on your face," she demanded of him.

Jonas stretched himself on the groud facing up so that Rushton could lower herself onto his face.

"Yesssss," she hissed as she started to gyrate her hips on his face as if she were hand squeezing half an orange, trying desperately to 'juice' herself on him.

"I'm cumming uuuh," she screamed her orgasm.

Jonas' cock was still hard and he had not yet climaxed.

"Ma'am I forgot to ask your name," Jonas inquired of her.

"I'm Rushton. Rushton Reeding, Jonas," she replied.

"Would you be able to lay out on your back so I could fuck your apple-flavord pussy?"

"Yes, if you promise to do me good and hard . . . like I want it and like I need it?" she begged him.

Jonas wasted no time lifting Rushton's quivering thighs up then out so he could better position himself over her then he . . . plunged deep into her pussy AND THEN HE WENT FULL TILT UP.

"Oh - oh- oh," Rushton screamed as Jonas found her G-spot causing her to have a flooding orgasm.

"Turn over," Jonas instructed Rushton.

He penetrated her pussy doggystyle and kept thrusting himself into her mercilessly even after she had collapsed orgasm after orgasm.

But . . . Jonas was still rock hard and he wanted to keep fucking her.

Jonas lifted Rushton in his arms and she wound her legs around his waist.

He penetrated Rushton's pussy standing up and jogging in place enjoying the feel of his nut sac as it slapped against her bottom all the while trying to reach up as high as he could into her cervix with his ramrod hard cock.

Jonas felt his cum boiling in his nut sac waiting to explode out of his cock head.

All of a sudden there was a loud crash.

Apparently a few motorist from the nearby highway were viewing and enjoying this public outdoor sex display and they caused a pile up crash of several cars.

Jonas was too busy to care as he shot his cum load all over Rushton's perk bottom.

Rushton was enjoying yet another orgasm and thinking to herself that she take more of these hot vacations.

After Jonas was totally spent he turned to Rushton and asked her if she was busy that evening since he liked her doggystyle and he wanted more fucking fun.

Rushton was still orgasming and she just smiled and shook her head up and down as she started to rub her clit again.

"I want to do that, Rushton," Jonas said.

"Wait, let me take a shower first," Rushton replied.

"I'll join you," Jonas countered.

Rushton began walking back to her room when Jonas stopped her.

"I want to shower with you outside," Jonas stated.

"I'm game," Rushton replied.

Jonas took Rushton's hand and he led her to the outdoor shower. He couldn't wait to soap up Rushton's nubile and firm body.

Jonas adjusted the shower head before stepping into the shower and then he pulled Rushton in with him.

As the warm water was hitting his back he was massaging and caressing Rushton's breasts with his huge hands while his cock was rubbing all over her perk bottom.

"Ummm. Nice," Rushton commented.

"Wait, it gets even nicer," Jonas said as he shoved his engorged cock head into Rushton's overly-wet pussy.

"Anghhhhh," Rushton moaned again while orgasming.

"Yes, baby I want you," Jonas whispered in her ear as he continued to pound her pussy.

Rushton felt her knees getting weak and she almost collapsed just as Jonas lifted her up and carried her out of the shower and placed her on her back onto the ground.

He spread her thighs wide and shoved his enormous cock into her pussy as Rushton had a flooding orgasm all over the ground.

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