tagFetishRuthie's Story Ch. 02

Ruthie's Story Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Doctor's Office

Ruthie squirmed on the exam table. Why did the doctor insist on making her wait for so long before he came in the room? Of course, at least she didn't have to wear one of those silly gowns, like when she'd had to go to the hospital. She hadn't worn panties that day, so her butt could be seen by anybody walking behind her. It'd been embarrassing but arousing too, especially when she looked back and saw that good looking male nurse checking out her cute rear.

A sound came from the other side of the exam room door. Hopefully, it was the doctor. Ruthie hated waiting. Besides, the reason she came to see the doctor was driving her crazy. Much longer a wait, and she was going to scream. The crotch of her short shorts squeezed her pussy really tight, just making the problem worse. Ruthie knew she shouldn't scratch, but it was just getting to be too much.

Just as she started to slip her hand into her shorts to relieve the itch, the doorknob turned and in walked Dr. Smith, looking as serious as ever.

"Hello, Ruthie," the doctor said, not looking up from reading whatever was on his clipboard. The girl quickly pulled her hand from her shorts and felt her face get hot. Dr. Smith never noticed, he was concentrating so hard on what he was reading.

"Uh, hi, Dr. Smith," she replied, smoothing out her tight T-shirt, making her braless breasts stand out. Ruthie liked Dr. Smith, and knew he *really* liked her tits. When he didn't think she'd notice, she'd catch him taking sneaky little glances at them every time she came in to see him. If it had been anybody else, Ruthie would have probably been upset, but since it was Dr. Smith, she always felt herself getting wet.

Right at that very moment, Dr. Smith was checking out her tits while he pretended to read her records. Ruthie could see him looking up over the top of his clipboard at her.

"And what brings you here today?" Ruthie felt her nipples harden at the doctor's surreptitious scrutiny, knowing she was giving him an even better show with her stiff little nips poking out.

Ruthie squirmed some more, having been unable to scratch, and making her breasts jiggle a little bit when she moved. The glint in Dr. Smith's eyes made her realize he wanted her to tell him just what was wrong with her, and was suddenly embarrassed to say it out loud. When she spoke, her voice came out only a whisper, so quiet that the doctor couldn't hear.

"Speak up, Ruthie. I can't help you if you won't tell me what's wrong."

Her face burned to say why she'd come to visit the doctor, even though she knew she was going to have to be brave and actually tell him.

In a voice a little too loud with embarrassment this time, she told him, "I said: My vagina is itchy."

The doctor looked up from his clipboard. "Is that what *you* call it? Don't be afraid to talk to me about it like you would a friend."

Hesitantly, Ruthie repeated, "Doctor, my pussy itches."

Dr. Smith smiled. "That's better. I think we can do something to relieve an itchy pussy. Don't you?"

Ruthie felt better when the doctor smiled. He had a wonderful smile. She also felt her nipples tighten a little more at that smile, too.

"Yes, I have just the thing for an itchy pussy, but first, I think we need a little exam just to make sure that it's the *only* thing you need me to take care of."

Dr. Smith put down the clipboard and stepped closer to the exam table. "I'm just going to check your heartbeat." The doctor put the earpieces of his stethoscope in, then raised the little paddle to Ruthie's chest. A little flare of concern went through Ruthie's mind when she saw the doctor scowl, then move the instrument to a different spot on her chest. The scowl got deeper, and she heard him make a quiet, "Hmm," in his throat.

"Ruthie, this isn't going to work. I can't hear your heart properly this way. Would you please remove your top?"

Ruthie hesitated. Why should she have to hake off her T-shirt? Surely the stethoscope should be able to work through that thin material.

The doctor noticed Ruthie's unease, but was undeterred. "Come, Ruthie. I have other patients to see. I can't waste my time here if you won't cooperate."

Embarrassment - but arousal, too - went through Ruthie's body as she started to take off her shirt. A little moan escaped her lips as the fabric dragged over the taut, sensitive nubs of her nipples. Placing the shirt on the table beside her, Ruthie felt a great desire to cover up. Her shoulders hunched and her hands gripped the edges of the table, her arms pushed together as she tried to be sneaky about attempting to cover her tits while she sat there. All she succeeded in doing was pushing her breasts together with her arms, giving the doctor an even better show than if she'd just sat there normally.

Doctor Smith was getting an eyeful, and he simply stood there while the girl got herself situated. He smiled inside at her discomfort, but outwardly maintained a perfectly professional demeanor. Ruthie was a hot little slut, regardless of how she liked to pretend otherwise sometimes. She was his favorite patient, bar none. Seeing her breasts pushed together as they were, he almost regretted continuing the exam, wanting to enjoy the sight a little longer.


"Are you ready, Ruthie?"

The girl blushed, but met his eye, nonetheless. She lowered her shoulders and sat up straighter, maybe even a bit proudly, thrusting her chest out at him some. "Yes, doctor."

Doctor smiled, sending another surge of arousal through Ruthie's body. She jumped when the cold paddle of the stethoscope touched her skin, but she was getting horny enough that it heated up in a hurry.

After several minutes, where the doctor just held the paddle in one place while he visually examined Ruthie's breasts, he gave a curt nod and went to his clipboard, where he thought a second, then started writing. When he turned back around, he said, "That's excellent, Ruthie. I'd like to test your mouth and throat next. Would you kneel on the floor, please?"

Kneel on the floor? How was the doctor going to examine her down there? Ruthie started to ask why he wanted her to do that, then remembered that *he* was the doctor, and he should know best how to get the information he needed.

Ruthie carefully slipped off the edge of the exam table and knelt on the floor. Her pussy was still itching and warm, and she couldn't wait for the doctor to finally give her some relief there.

Doctor had turned his back on Ruthie when she looked up from where she knelt. She couldn't tell what he was doing, but his clipboard lay on the chair where he'd last left it, so he wasn't consulting that.

When Dr. Smith turned around again, Ruthie could see his hard penis sticking out of his white coat. "Now, Ruthie, open wide and we'll check your mouth and throat."

A thrill went through Ruthie's body. She liked the way this exam was going. Problem was, it wasn't doing anything for what she originally came in for. Her pussy twitched and got juicier and itchier, and her mouth watered at the implication of what her mouth exam was going to be.

Obediently, she opened her mouth in anticipation of the doctor's examination. It wasn't too long before she felt the warm, thick cock laid on her tongue. Her lips then enclosed this most intimate of medical tools and she slowly moved up and back on it.

The exam must have been going well, because not long after Ruthie began her oral effort on Doctor's dick, he began to moan. After a few minutes of this most delightful of doctor's exams, Dr. Smith said, with a bit of a pant, "Very good. Now, say 'Ah.'"

Ruthie did as the doctor ordered. and when her throat opened, Dr. Smith slid a little more of his cock down. Ruthie felt proud of herself, that she didn't gag when he went deeper, but was a little skeptical when he said, "Very nice. Again."

Doctor was already very deep in Ruthie's mouth, but being a good patient, she hummed an 'ah' as best she could, considering the obstacle in her throat. Once again, Dr. Smith's cock slipped a little further down her throat when she did this.

Unfortunately, Ruthie could take no more, and had to push the doctor away a bit so she could breathe. She was quite proud that she'd taken as much of him inside her as she had, though.

When she was pretty sure she was ready, Ruthie started moving her mouth on Dr. Smith's cock, taking him in deep, then slowly teasing him out till only the tip was held between her lips. She then went the other direction, feeling him fill her mouth and throat all over again.

Dr. Smith was really enjoying the exam. Ruthie was always horny and ready for whatever kind of examination he saw fit to give her. And the more "inventive" the exam, the more Ruthie seemed to like it.

Ruthie had all but forgotten why she'd come to the doctor's in the first place. She was too wrapped up in sucking on the doctor's cock to remember her initial affliction. She didn't know what this part of the exam could possibly be testing, but she didn't really care.

When Dr. Smith said, "Okay, Ruthie, that's good. You may stop now," she was incredulous. How could he want her to stop giving him a blowjob? Ruthie sure didn't want to stop what she was doing. She cupped the doctor's balls in her hand in the hope he'd shoot off in her mouth and give her the kind of medical treatment she *really* wanted.

"Ruthie, you can get up now." She continued to ignore him. Finally, Dr. Smith grabbed her hand and scolded, "How can I help you if you won't follow my orders? Now get up off the floor and back on the table."

With a whimper, Ruthie slowly removed her mouth from Dr. Smith's cock, giving it a parting kiss before rising from the floor and climbing back onto the examination table. She did feel a naughty thrill when she saw how stiff Doctor's cock was, still sticking out of his white lab coat.

"Alright. Now I'm going to test your reflexes. Remove your shorts, please."

A question flashed across Ruthie's face at that, but she was getting really horny now, between the itch in her pussy and the blowjob she was unable to complete, so she quickly squelched the hesitance she initially felt and started to undo her tight little pants. Instead of standing to wiggle the shorts off her butt, Ruthie rolled onto her back and worked them off her ass and hips. With the shorts off, the smell of aroused pussy filled the room.

Dr. Smith had hated to have Ruthie end the fantastic blowjob she'd been giving him, but he needed to move things along. Her mouth wasn't where he intended his cum to end up, anyway.

He loved the sight of Ruthie's pussy and asshole so enticingly on display, that, before she could sit back up, he told Ruthie, "Stay right where you are. That's the perfect position for my next test."

Ruthie wondered what was next. How could the doctor check her reflexes like this? Her pussy felt much better now that it wasn't so confined, but she still needed help with it. She hoped this test wouldn't take very long so the doctor could take care of what she came in for in the first place.

As she wondered what the reflex test was going to entail, Ruthie cried out in surprise and with an involuntary jerk as she felt something smack hard against her exposed pussy. She looked up from where she lay, and was just in time to see the doctor deliver another blow to her horny cunt with what looked like a hairbrush. The sting against her warm, aroused skin was a terrible shock, but already, she was starting to find the sensation building her incredible pussy itch even higher. Doctor appeared to be intently observing her reaction to what he was doing. He delivered a third blow to Ruthie's cunt, the hardest yet. That was followed by an even harder one. Each time, she jumped and let out a moan. Fifteen times the doctor slapped the back of the hairbrush against Ruthie's pussy, then when the last blow had fallen, he turned the brush around and dragged the stiff bristles against her hot, abused - but *very* sensitive - cunt.

Thankfully, he didn't used the bristles for long. Ruthie's pussy was so sensitive now that any further stimulation from the brush would have been too much. Doctor seemed to sense this and stopped what he was doing. Ruthie heard him moving around, and the drawer to the little cabinet in the room open and close.

Curious as to what was next, Ruthie again looked up and saw the doctor holding a rather sinister looking device.

What she saw wasn't a speculum, although those look plenty sinister. She was relieved on one hand - Ruthie hated going for checkups and having the damn things used on her, but what the doctor had *did* look like both scared and aroused her.

The instrument Dr. Smith held in his hand was shaped sort of like a dildo, but it wasn't much like too many dildos Ruthie had seen. No, this one was terribly big around, maybe the size of a soda can, but it wasn't very long, probably six or seven inches. It had one rounded end, sort of like a big cock head, and the end the doctor held had a handle loop on it. Ruthie had a suspicion where that was going, and she instantly felt a wave of apprehension wash over her. Surely he didn't expect to put that in *her*? Something like that would split her in two. She couldn't possibly take that into her body.

And yet, she was *so* horny... More than before, she was needing relief from the itch, which had built into a frustrating burn, deep inside her cunt. Desire blazed through her, and it felt like the only thing that could cure it was something big and cock-like in her pussy.

Ruthie panted, "Fuck me, doctor, my pussy is on fire."

Dr. Smith replied, "I'm not finished with my exam yet. Be patient. I'll take care of your pussy soon." Ruthie watched him smear lubrication on the huge dildo-thing. "I'm sure you're probably slick enough already, but just to be sure..." He then stepped between Ruthie's opened legs, while he looked down at her reddened, extremely horny pussy.

"Relax, Ruthie. This should be easy for you." Dr. Smith then placed the huge pole against the lips of her aching cunt.

Pressure built up against Ruthie's pussy as the doctor pushed the big dick-thing in an effort to get it inside her.

"You can do this, Ruthie. Come on..." the doctor whispered soothingly while he continued pushing the thing against her cunt. Slowly, Ruthie felt it start to penetrate as she concentrated on letting it in.

After far shorter a time than it seemed, the rounded end was inside her. A surprised gasp burst from her at the feeling of that huge object stretching the lips of her cunt. Once the "head" was in, the rest followed easily. Little by little, the doctor pushed more into her, fucking it slowly, adding a bit more on each in-stroke.

Never before had there been anything so big in Ruthie's pussy. It felt like all the descriptions she'd heard of giving birth, in reverse. But even though she felt amazingly wide open at this invasion, and she was panting and moaning loudly, it didn't, at any time, hurt. In fact, after the thing had been in her as far as it would go for a minute or so, it felt spectacularly good. Dr. Smith continued fucking the thing in and out for a while, then just let it soak for a while and let Ruthie feel it stretching her.

Ruthie's head had dropped back down to the table, so exhausted this was making her. When the dildo thing stopped moving, she didn't even have energy enough to look up to see what was going on. She was sure she'd never be the same again.

This was all topped off by the feeling of something pressing against her asshole. She wearily lifted her head and discovered Dr. Smith standing between her legs, lining himself up with her butt.

After what had been done to her pussy, the feeling of the doctor's cock at her ass felt like almost nothing. With ease, he slipped into her rear and started pumping. Now she *really* felt full. Dr. Smith said nothing, not even to find out if she was doing okay. Ruthie was doing much better than okay. She'd never felt so filled up before. She only wished the thing in her pussy was a real dick. As it was though, she was in sexual Nirvana. she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so good.

Dr. Smith just fucked her ass as if it was her pussy. He was relentless, and every so often he'd grab the handle on the dildo and pull it almost out of her before plunging it back in.

Ruthie was cumming constantly now. When Dr. Smith took her nipples between his fingers and started to squeeze, she barely felt it. Everything else was so over-stimulated that there was almost no present connection to her nipples.

Realizing this, Dr. Smith released her nipples and concentrated on getting off in Ruthie's hot ass. Ruthie was cumming so much, there could have been an audience and she wouldn't have cared.

Eventually, the arousal caused by what he'd been allowed to do to Ruthie, combined with what he was doing to her presently got to be too much. His orgasm was upon him, and there was no way he was going to hold back.

"Here, Ruthie. Here's the cure for your itchy pussy!" Dr. Smith gasped before he pulled out of Ruthie and sprayed her red, obscenely stretched cunt with a drowning load of semen.

Stream after stream of jizz spurted from his cock onto Ruthie's pussy, until it was covered in the sticky, slimy stuff.

Feeling the hot wet cum splash on her pussy sent Ruthie into an even bigger orgasm than before. She screamed and thrashed on the exam table, giving the doctor a fabulous show. It took quite a while for her to come down off her orgasm, and when she did, she was nearly exhausted. When Dr. Smith pulled the dildo out of her pussy, another orgasm kicked in, this one shorter-lived, but just as intense.

For several minutes, neither said anything. The only sound in the room was primarily Ruthie panting, trying to regain her breath after her incredible experience. When she did speak, she said, still very out of breath, "Doctor, what about my itchy pussy?"

Dr. Smith laughed. "If you still have an itchy pussy after *that*, there's nothing I can do for you. Besides, I gave you the lotion you should need to keep it from getting so itchy again. Just rub it in and you'll see."

Ruthie reached down and ran her fingers through the doctor's cum: the lotion for her horny cunt. Curiously, she reached lower to feel how loose her pussy was after being stretched so wide. She couldn't feel anything out of the ordinary by touch, but the muscles down there sure knew they'd gotten a workout. It would probably be a day or so before a cock would feel anything in there. She felt stretched, but the slut in her also felt empty that the big thing was no longer inside her. Once she'd gotten over the initial skepticism of whether it'd fit, it felt really great to have that in her pussy.

She idly rubbed Doctor's cum all over her pussy, feeling herself building slowly to yet another orgasm. Ruthie didn't know if she could take another, but she also couldn't bear to stop. Fortunately, it came upon her quickly and was over fast, too. This blew out whatever flicker of energy she had left. For a little while, she slept.

"Ruthie? Ruthie, come on. We have to go."

She reluctantly opened her eyes and saw the man she loved standing beside her head.

"Huh? oh, god. Do I have to?"

"Sorry to say, but yes."

He helped her to a sitting position and handed her her shorts. She still felt the cum at her crotch, and a naughty thrill went through her at the thought of putting on her pants with his jizz all over her pussy. She pulled on her shorts, then slipped her T-shirt on. When she stood on weary legs, the squishy feel in her cunt was arousing, and yet she was glad it wasn't a long ride home.

He asked, when she was suitable to go outside, "You ready?"

Ruthie steadied herself. "I think so."

"I already called Phil and told him he could come and lock up, so he should be here about the time we get to the car."

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