tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRuth's Journey Ch. 4

Ruth's Journey Ch. 4


Ruth's Journey, Part #4, Ruth Goes to School

"Mommy, hurry up! We have to be to school at eight!" Amy whined outside my door. I heard her stomping her feet with impatience. I had overslept again, and had only awakened a few minutes ago. Stan had already left for work, and must not have bothered getting me up. We had both always been very involved in our children's education. We never missed a school board meeting, and were both active with the local P.T.A. Amy had just started middle school this year, and I had already been allowed to sit in her classroom twice so far. I believed that doing so kept the teachers on their toes. Unfortunately though, few others in the district felt the same way. Most times, I was the only adult to take advantage of the opportunity.

I selected the yellow halter dress Amy had picked out for me at the mall. It was the most conservative of the outfits they had purchased that day. It did have a very pretty floral print, but unfortunately was way shorter then I thought was proper for a lady my age. The top was ribbed, and I yanked it up over my breasts. They ached so badly! I felt like two over-filled water balloons were pulling at my shoulders! Well at least they were covered, as I checked myself in the mirror. I was left feeling very naked under the lightweight fabric, as I rushed into the bathroom. I barely had time to use the toilet and brush my teeth, before Amy was pounding on the door. I grabbed my hairbrush and rushed out to meet her. She was all ready for school with her little backpack strapped on. She also had a beach bag hooked over her shoulder. I snatched my purse on the way out the door. I breathed a sigh of relief when I started the car, and saw that we had plenty of time to make it. I took a few minutes to fix my makeup in the rear view mirror, before we pulled out. Amy squirmed in her seat, her impatience quite evident.

"Honestly dear, I've never seen you so anxious to get to school before! You must really like Mr. Evans." I had found him to be a bit stodgy, but he did kind of remind me of her favorite Uncle Jack. I suppose that was why Amy had been doing so well this year. She had never been as good a student as Timmy, but she showed more promise this year. Maybe she will be a late bloomer I thought, as I pursed my lips and applied my favorite lipstick. I almost felt like a real parent once again, until I shifted in the seat that is. My bare ass stuck lightly to the hot vinyl seat, and I was reminded about my current predicament. Throwing the transmission into reverse, I backed down our drive. Ten minutes later, I was putting it into park in the visitors lot at Cary School for gifted Children.

As we walked into the classroom, I pulled up short. Instead of kids, the class was full of young couples. A light blazed in my eyes from the near side of the room, and I blinked into a spotlight mounted above a handheld video camera, no doubt someone from the schools A.V. department. Oh good Amy, right on time, said her teacher Mr. Evans. He walked towards me and took my hand. "Don't forget my stuff!" said Amy, handing him the duffle she carried. "Thank you Amy! You can head down to the gym now with the rest of the class. No kids allowed!"

He cleared his throat, as he pulled me to stand in front of his desk, at the front of the room. "Always nice to have you as a visitor Ruth!" he started, giving me a big smile. His eyes still traveled over my body, and I squirmed as I felt his cock stir. I looked down to see my nipples stiffen, even through the heavy ribbed material stretched tightly over my chest. "Okay, let's get started shall we! Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Ruth Dickson. One of my children volunteered her services to us the other day. Apparently she was quite eager to be our demonstration model for today's class. I'm going to need an assistant, would anyone care to volunteer?" I turned to look at the room, and several of the men started to rise. "No, no, I'm sorry! I should be clearer! Would any LADIES care to volunteer!" I was puzzled as laughter broke out in the room. The men sat down with a shrug and sheepish grins. A young girl from the back of the room stood awkwardly, and waddled towards the front of the class. She was hugely pregnant. Looking around the room, I saw that all the women present could also qualify for the same condition! What had my darling daughter got me into now?

Mr. Evans sat Amy's bag down on the desk, as the girl moved up beside me. She reached in the bag, and pulled out two of my clear Pyrex mixing bowls from our kitchen. She placed them carefully side-by-side on the desktop. Next were two ostrich feathers I used as decoration Amy's bedroom wall. Some of the couple's in the room were whispering, and Mr. Evans had folded his arms, stroking his goatee as he watched the lady arrange my daughters supplies.

I was puzzled when she pulled on one of my garden gloves, and slipped it on. She reached into the bag, and pulled out two stalks of thistle, covered with hairy pokers. I understood the glove, but now I was as puzzled as everyone else, as she placed them carefully on the desk, in line with the feathers. Slipping off the glove, she set it next to the thistle. Next out of her bag was a large half-full jar of Vaseline from our bathroom. She pulled off the lid, setting it next to the bowls. My heart stopped when she pulled out the last item. I buried my face in both hands, as Mr. Evan's gaze shot in my direction.

When I married, my friends threw a bachelorette party for me. One of the gag gifts I had received was now setting, proudly erect, in the center of Mr. Evans desk. I had forgotten all about it. How had Amy found it anyway! I had it stored away in a chest in the attic, but there it was! A lifelike silicone statue of John Holmes member, molded in hot pink, rested plainly in view. Mr. Evans hand had stopped stroking his goatee, and now hid what probably was a snicker coming from his mouth, as he stood behind the desk. There was muted laughter throughout the room, and my gaze dropped to the floor.

I couldn't break their evil power over me! I stood mute in front of the desk, and gave a helpless, pleading look at Mr. Evans. I new it was in his power to stop this perversion before it went any further. The assistant grasped my arm, ane directed me behind the desk, facing back towards the room of gleeful spectators.

It turned deathly silent. I heard the shuffle of a foot from the back of the room, then a small cough. A round clock above the blackboard sounded with a rhythmic ticking, counting down the seconds that lasted for hours to me, as I awaited whatever they had planned. Mr. Evans moved up close beside me. "Your lovely child tells me that you'll do whatever I tell you", he whispered in my ear. "Is that true?" I couldn't answer him, my vocal cords were frozen. "Nod your head yes, Mrs. Dickson!" he continued, and I couldn't help myself. A huge grin erupted, as he watched my head bob. "Mrs. Dickson" he said aloud, for the rooms benefit. "Would you be so kind as to raise your arms, and lace your hands behind your neck?" He wasn't surprised when I complied, as he realized the power he now wielded. His assistant placed her hand on the small of my back, and pushed me forward till the front of my thighs were up against the cool metal of the desk. "Mrs. Dickson, please bend forward at the waist, keeping your arms in the same position." I bent over, my weight pressing forward into the desk. I could sense him gaining self-confidence, slowly becoming intoxicated with the control he held over me. "Mrs. Dickson, could you please spread you legs!" he said in a hoarse voice, placing a hand softly at the base of my ass. I complied, and I heard a soft chuckle. He lifted my skirt, draping it up over the small of my back, and cupped my bare pubes with his hand!

"We will now begin our study and appreciation of the lactating women. Perhaps with this first hand experience today you will be able to better arrive at your own personal decisions as to whether or not you will breast feed your own newborns." His assistant snaked an arm out in front of me. She grasped the top hem of my dress and slipped it down, till by bloated tits rolled out, swaying heavily towards the desktop. The crown of my dildo was mere inches from my face, as its suction cupped base firmly gripped the smooth surface. The girl slipped a hand under my left boob, and lifted it up over the edge of the bowl as she positioned it underneath. Mr. Evans hand crept into view, snatching hold of the shaft of the dildo. He pulled it free with a pop, and plunged it into the jar of Vaseline, scooping up a blob as he pulled it out. His assistant slid the second bowl into place, under my other breast.

I grimaced as I felt the broad crown of the dildo stroke up and down my slit, finally coming to center against my vaginal opening. He gave it a shake, squirming around to determine the best angle for penetration. "OOOHHHWWW!!" I moaned, as he plunged the tool in to the hilt, pressing it up against my cervix! The girl picked up an ostrich feather in each hand, and gently began tracing the contours of my quivering mounds of flesh, reaching around from behind me. Goose pimples were raised, as she began teasing me so slowly. Mr. Evans started to rotate the tool deep within me, pulsing it slowly in and out. The lady now concentrated on teasing my nipples simultaneously, and I gritted my teeth against the agony she was causing! Steady drips had started to plop down into the bowl, as my milk glands had swelled to bursting. She giggled and began to flick the feathers rapidly, stroking back and forth across my puckered nipples. I wiggled back and forth, whimpering out loud, and continued to leak to the rooms delight. The stimulation wasn't sufficient to release my pent up flow though. It only served to punish me with heightened agony and stimulation! The girls bulging belly was pressed into my side, as she flicked the feathers faster and faster.

I heard a zip behind me, and then Mr. Evans leaned up close to my ass, hands circling around my hips. I could feel his hard organ resting against the cleft of my ass, and he leaned over me, stretching his hand around to reach the bowl of lube. He dipped two fingers in, scooping out a generous glob. Staying very close to hide the view from the room, he wormed his hand in between us, and wiped his greasy fingers across my asshole. I sighed with relief as the girl dropped the feathers on the desk, and circled around the desk. She pulled on the glove, wiggling her fingers. "Tickling was the first test, but while a hell of a lot of fun, it didn't produce much results. The room burst out with scattered laughs and applause. Mr. Evans began flicking his crown across my rectum, finally centering and pressing forward slowly. His hands grappled into the tender flesh of my belly and hips, and he slowly pushed beyond my sphincter. I felt his tool sliding down against the thick dildo still buried inside my vagina. Only thin membranes of silky flesh separating them inside me.

The girl fished out a beaded chain from the bag. She snaked it around the back of my neck, letting the ends dangle down loose. There were alligator clips dangling off the ends. It looked like something that dentists used to hold their little napkins in place. She reached out over the desktop, and grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking me up straight. I stood on tiptoes, still harpooned on Mr. Evans cock. The assistant repositioned the bowls, to catch the milk that was still oozing out of my nipples. Mr. Evans grasped either side of my hips, and began to grind my pelvis in small circles against his stiff organ. His breath was hot in my ear. The girl picked up the first stalk of thistle, clipping it onto the chain "OOUUCCCHHH!" I cried, as she let it fall to rest across the top slope of my breast! I jerked back into Mr. Evans, burying his organ into my ass up to the hilt.

"Oh my!" he softly cried, and patted my ass in appreciation. I looked down to see angry welts rise up under the woody stalks. As long as I stayed still, the burning pains subsided. The girl squealed with delight, and clipped the other stalk into place, draping it across my other breast. She reached again into her bag of tricks. I watched her out of the corner of my eyes, as she pulled out a small box of dried peas. I gasped with agony, as the teacher abruptly pulled out of me with a wet plop, causing my breasts to sway. The stalks dragged across my swollen purple aureole, and streams of milk erupted with the blossom of exquisite agony that shot through my body. The pain took my breath away, as I was forced to breath in very small gasps to keep my chest still. Tears ran down my cheeks and dropped onto my breasts. I moaned as the salty liquid tortured my abused flesh anew. A steady stream of milk now trailed into the bowl. "As you can see, with this cow pain appears to be more succesful in expressing milk then pleasure!" The little bitch was pointing towards my flow as she addressed the room. She reached into the bag, and now pulled out two boxes.

Mr. Evans wiped himself off on my skirt, and I heard him zip his pants. the girl waddled over to the corner desk in the front row, and began passing out a thick straw to each person in the front row of the class. She shook out a small handful of dried peas to each person from the other box. Giggling, she moved up to the front corner of the room, where Mr. Evans joined her. I looked out helplessly through tear filled eyes, as one by one, the guys and girls realized what the teachers had in mind. They began loading up their cheeks with peas, just like schoolkids! I groaned as the center guy brought the straw up to his lips. The room was absolutely silent. "Ffup!" A pea glanced off my ribcage, ticking against the back wall to finally rattle and roll to a stop on the hard shiny floor.

"Ffup! AAWWWGGGOOODDD!" I cried, as this time his aim was true. My body flinched as the hard little pea strung square against his bulls-eye, which of coarse was my aching areole. I couldn't help but flinch, and agony filled my conscious body. My boobs heaved, and the stinging spikes raked across the tops of my tits. Little spurts of milk traced the desktop. "Ffup! Ffup!" All six people in the front row now joined in and I shrieked out loud, unable to still myself. My boobs bounced and shook, as the groups aim gained accuracy. Pea after pea smacked into my tender abused flesh. The thistle swayed in opposing motion, striking and dragging across my flesh with abandon. My chest and the front of my dress were soaked with my milk. I could feel trickles running down the front of my thighs. This torture continued till they ran out of peas. I'm afraid I came very close to going insane with the pain. Silence suddenly filled the room, where a minute before the space was filled with my cries of pain. My throat was hoarse from my screams, as I gasped in deep choking breaths amidst my sobs and tears. I bent forward, leaning over the desk, so that the cruel spikes swung away from my flesh.

The bitch unclipped both stalks, letting them fall to the desk. Mr. Evans moved in behind me and yanked my tight dress down over my hips, letting it fall to my feet. I was oblivious to even this, as I now stood nude in front of the class. The bitch-cunt now slipped the chain off my neck, but she wasn't through with me yet. She spread open the toothed jaws of one end between her thumb and forefinger, and I watched stunned as she slipped the open jaws over my left nipple, and released her grip! I swooned from the pain, my knees dipping. Mr. Evans took the opportunity to grasp the base of the dildo, and ram me back upright by ramming it up against my womb. I closed my eyes, and felt the cold teeth of the remaining clamp scrape over my other nipple, and bite down pinching the base. Teacher grasped my hands, which remained laced together behind my head. He pulled me around to stand beside the desk, in full view. A mixture of milk and tears had coated my flesh, and I glistened under the harsh room lights. I looked down at my body, and was horrified by the sight of my chest. The tops were covered by a crisscross of angry red welts. I feared I would be scarred for life. My nipples ballooned out from the jaws of cruel clamps, now attached by the swinging beaded chain.

He returned to his desk and slid open his top drawer. He pulled out a small plastic box filled with brightly colored thumbtacks. "Okay ladies and gents, please clear the tops of your desk" he said aloud. There was a shuffle of books and papers, as they tucked their stuff away inside their desks. They now sat at attention. The men were staring at me with wonder, and the ladies were mostly giving we disgusted looks, as I stood exposed in front of them. He sauntered over to the front corner desk. Puzzled, I watched as he worked his way down the row. I soon realized he was skipping the girls, as he shook out a few tacks in the center of each of the guys desks. He gave instructions to each guy as he passed, and they busied themselves arranging the tacks just so, point side up. He shook out the remaining tacks on the last desk, there must have been twenty lying in front of him.

"Let's see how effective this little pain thing is, shall we?" he asked to no one in particular, handing the empty container to his assistant. He strolled over to my side, and ran his hand up the back of my thigh, tracing the contours till it rested against my bare ass cheek. He softly tapped my ass, and grasped the chain with his free hand. I shrieked as he pulled me along by the nipples. I had to shuffle along awkwardly since I was still impaled by the pink dildo. He pulled me right in front of the first desk. The guy was certainly enjoying the view, seeing my breasts up so close. He left me standing there, walking back to his desk. I heard a drawer open and close, and he was right back at my side. "Can I lower my arms please?" I croaked out hoarsely, still irritated by my earlier agonized wails. "Nonsense!" he answered with a smile. "Let's see if Ruth can pick up all these tacks with no hands, shall we?"

"Spread your feet apart, Mrs. Dickson!" he directed. "Please don't do this to me, haven't I suffered enough!" I pleaded, looking into his eyes. I saw no sympathy, only a slight flicker of amusement. "WHACK!" He smacked my ass with his hand, the sharp smack sounding loudly in the quiet room. "Don't ever make me ask twice!" he warned, and I shuffled my feet apart slowly, till he nodded his head. They were now slightly wider then shoulder width. "Squat down slowly please." He circled behind me, and as I bent at the knees, he reached in between my thighs, directing me to flare them outward as I dropped. He patted my groin, directing me to stop. He watched with fascination, as I felt the dildo begin to slip out of my cavity, inch by inch. Just before it fell out he grabbed the shaft, pulling it clear. "Well, that was most unfortunate! I guess we'll just have to stick this someplace where it can't fall out! Open your mouth please, Mrs. Dickson." I looked at him helplessly. "I'm begging you" I began, but he ignored my begging and shoved the slimy crown against my mouth, forcing it in between my teeth. He shoved it roughly forward, driving it against the base of my throat. He was satisfied when I began to choke against the obscene size of the thing. "So much for her whines! Now lets get started." My thighs were beginning to tremble as the lactic acid built up in the muscles. He grabbed a handful of my hair with his left hand, and pressed his clenched right fist against my spine, just under my shoulder blades. He pulled my head back as he drove my chest forward with his fist, forcing me into the position he wanted. I now hovered over the table, my legs splayed apart with my exposed sex thrust up in the air.

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