tagInterracial LoveSabella & Malcolm Ch. 02

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 02


"I'm going to kill that bitch," Sabella said as she ran through her brand new home trying to escape the rain coming down through the leaky roof overhead.

"I'll never purchase a house online again as long as I live."

Sabella wanted to kick her own butt for not having the house inspected like she knew she should have, but she saw no reason not to trust a woman she'd known all her life and went to elementary, middle and high schools with.

She never expected her friend to deceive or cheat her and yet that is what happened. Everything Gloria Reed told Sabella about the house she saw online and purchased was a lie.

The house wasn't perfect and was in need of many major, and very expensive repairs. The roof wasn't brand new, the structure wasn't as sound as that lying bitch said it was and the house had wood rot everywhere the termites weren't making a meal.

Sabella made her way to the garage where she had parked her baby praying that the roof over the garage wasn't in the same condition has the house's roof. It was.

She unlocked the door of her Hummer, as the rain pounded her body hitting the sheet she'd thrown over her head to keep from getting wet, that was totally useless against the rain, and climbed inside slamming the door shut behind her. Once inside she rested her head against the headrest, closed her eyes and tried to hold back the tears that were trying to fall.

This wasn't how Sabella pictured spending her first night in her new home. She was planning on going out tomorrow and purchasing new furniture, curtains and other things to decorate her new sanctuary but thanks to a conniving, lying, low life, bitch, she wasn't going to be able to do that now because, she didn't even have to place to live.

Sabella sat in her baby, in her garage watching the rain fall as she felt the tears she had been fighting to keep from falling formed in the corners of her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

The rain started coming down harder and it started thundering and lightening. Needing someone to talk to she pulled out her cell phone intending on calling her brother, but changed her mind when she thought about how worried he would be about her if she called him sounding so upset, and as if she had been crying.

She decided to call him in the morning when she had better control of her emotions. Since she couldn't do anything about her situation tonight Sabella made herself comfortable and settled down for the night.

The sound of a loud clap of thunder and a lightening strike that sounded so close by, almost made her change her mind about staying in the garage and go stay in a hotel instead, but she decided she would be safe where she was as long as she kept her doors locked and her cell phone in hand, so she settled down, closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

The next morning Sabella opened the door and climbed out of her baby, she wiped her eyes and stretched the kinks out of her body from sleeping in the cramp space inside her baby.

As she came out of her stretch, she noticed two things, her feet were on grass and the sun was shining directly on her which shouldn't be because she was parked inside her garage.

Sabella looked around and realized that her feet were on grass and the sun was shining directly on her because she was standing in a field and not in her garage, because her garage had disappeared or she and her baby had been moved.

Sabella walked around her Hummer looking for an explanation to why she was no longer in her garage. She didn't find or see anything that would answer her question.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked out loud as she completed a circle around her baby.

"That's what I want to know." Sabella turned to see a blonde giant of a man sitting on a horse pointing a shotgun at her.

"How did you and that contraption get on my property?" the blonde giant asked still pointing the shotgun at her.

For a few seconds Sabella was too stunned and afraid to say anything, she just stood there and stared at the giant praying that he wouldn't shoot her.

"I'm talking to you, girl," the giant said.

The word girl pushed all the fear Sabella was feeling to the back of her mind, to be replaced by anger. Sabella's back went straight and rigid, and she looked the giant in the eyes as she spoke to him.

"I'm going to assume since you didn't ask that you have no interest in knowing my name," she said her voice showing no sign of fear, "and that is your right, but you have no right to call me girl anymore than I have to call you boy even though that is the way you're behaving."

"You're on my land uninvited," the blonde giant said, getting down off his horse and walking over to the colored woman who had the nerve to stand up to him. "I'll call you whatever the hell I want. Now you're going to answer my question and tell me how you manage to get on my property without being seen, or you can explain it to the Sheriff."

Not trusting the blonde giant or liking the look in his eyes as he spoke to her, Sabella backed up towards her baby determined to get inside and lock the doors before blondie could get close enough to her to put his hands on her.

She had almost made it to the passenger side door when her back hit something solid. From the mixture of Lifebouy and Listerine that she could smell, she bet it was a man.

"Going somewhere little lady?" a husky voice asked from behind her.

Sabella jumped and turned around to see another giant of a man with dark brown hair standing behind her with his hands on his hips looking like the jolly green giant.

"I don't want any trouble," she said switching her attention between the two giants, "I just want to get into my car and be on my way."

"That contraption belongs to you?" the brown haired giant asked.

"Yes," Sabella replied.

"How can a colored girl afford such an expensive car?" the brown haired giant asked looking at Sabella suspiciously.

"That's none of your business," Sabella said copying his stance by placing her hand on her hips, "and if either of you call me, girl again we're going to have a problem."

"And what problem is that?" the brown haired giant asked putting his hand out to touch Sabella's shoulder.

When he attempted to touch Sabella all the lessons she learned in self-defense classes and her training in judo, karate and tae kwon do came into play.

Before he could touch her Sabella took told of the brown haired giant's hand and threw him over her shoulder.

The blonde haired giant watch in stunned amazement as the woman threw his partner over her shoulder and sent him slamming down onto the ground.

Sabella made her way over to the passenger side door of her baby, opened the door, jumped inside and locked the door. She was about to put her key in the ignition and be on her way when she heard a gun shot.

Sabella didn't move.

"I'll give you til three to open the door," the blonde giant said the tone of his voice letting Sabella know he meant what he was saying to her, "if you don't open the door I'm going to put a round of buckshot in your engine."

Sabella looked at him but she didn't move.

"One," the blonde giant said as he began moving around the front of Sabella's baby his gun aimed at her.

Sabella still didn't move.

"Two," the blonde giant said still standing in front of Sabella's baby his gun now aimed at the engine.

He was about to say three when Sabella reached over and unlocked the passenger door.

The blonde giant opened the passenger door and called to the brown haired giant.

"Frank take Sundown and follow us back to the house," the blonde giant ordered. "I'm going to ride with our lady guest."

"Do you think that's a wise thing to do Malcolm?" Frank asked looking suspiciously at Sabella. "You don't' know anything about her."

"I don't think the lady will try anything," Malcolm said looking over at the woman sitting in the driver's seat. "If she does try anything I'll just have to deal with her, and she doesn't want me to have to that. Do you Miss?"

Sabella didn't say anything in response to his question completely ignoring him even though she didn't like the sarcastic tone in his voice when he said "Miss."

"You will do exactly as I say, or I'll make you sorry," Malcolm said as he closed the passenger side door. "Start the engine."

Sabella started the engine, put the car in drive and drove off heading towards Malcolm's home.

It took them fifteen minutes following Malcolm's directions for them to reach their destination. As they approached the house Sabella couldn't believe her eyes.

The house they were pulling up to was the leaky, rotten, money pit she had purchased online but there was something different about the house.

It looked new and that couldn't be because the bitch who sold her the house told her the house was built in 1953 making the house fifty-six years old. The house in front of her looked as if it was just recently built.

"Is this your house?" Sabella asked.

"Yes," Malcolm replied.

"When was it built?" Sabella asked.

"You're being mighty nosy for a trespasser," Malcolm remarked.

"Just making conversation, " Sabella replied.

"It was built a year ago," Malcolm said.

"What!" Sabella said slamming on her brakes, sending Malcolm head first into the dashboard.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Malcolm asked righting himself and pointing his shotgun at Sabella.

"Nothing is wrong," Sabella lied taking her hands off the steering wheel and holding her hands up in the air. "I'm just nervous, I'm sorry."

"What's wrong boss?" Frank asked riding up to the passenger side window.

"Nothing is wrong," Malcolm said his shotgun still trained on Sabella.

"Why did you stop?" Frank asked.

"I got a cramp in my leg from sleeping in the car all night," Sabella said, "I was trying to work it out while my foot was on the brake."

"Everything is alright, Frank," Malcolm reassuring his employee and friend, "we're going to continue our way up to the house, and we won't have anymore trouble. Will we?" Malcolm said looking at Sabella.

"No," Sabella said, "there'll be no more cramps."

As they started towards the house once more Sabella took the time to take in her surroundings.

That was when she noticed that the neighborhood that once surrounded her house was gone. The house she purchased was now the only house for miles around.

'What is going on?' she asked herself. 'Where are the other houses? Where are the other families that lived in the neighborhood? Where is the paved road?'

A cold chill ran through Sabella's body as they got closer to the house and she noticed that the tree standing in front of the house that was diseased, dead, and leafless in 2009, was now healthy and strong and had leaves filling the branches.

"Head towards the garage," Malcolm said bring her out of her thoughts.

Sabella headed towards the garage.

"Turn off the engine and get out," Malcolm said.

"Please," Sabella pleaded, "let me leave. I'm sorry I trespassed on your property. If you let me go, I promise to never come on your property again."

"Get out," Malcolm said his voice letting Sabella know that he expected her to do as he ordered.

"Why won't you let me go?" Sabella asked.

"I'm not going to tell you again," Malcolm said.

Sabella turned off the engine and exited her baby.

Frank joined them in the garage.

"Take her luggage out of the back," Malcolm said to Frank, "and take it upstairs and place it in the guest bedroom."

"The guest bedroom," Frank said surprised that Malcolm would choose let her stay in his guest bedroom.

"Yes," Malcolm said, "the guest bedroom."

Frank went to the rear of the Hummer and tried to open it but he couldn't because it was locked.

"Open it," Malcolm order Sabella.

Sabella pressed the button on her remote control key chain that opened the trunk.

Frank heard the latch release and watched as the rear compartment of the strange vehicle unlocked and opened slightly.

"Well I'll be," he said as he lifted the rear door and got his first glance of the inside of the Hummer.

Frank reached in and began unloading Sabella's luggage. After he'd removed the luggage he saw the medical supplies backed in the back.

"Malcolm you need to see this," he called out.

Malcolm went to the rear of the strange vehicle and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Are you a nurse?" he asked Sabella.

"No, I'm a doctor," Sabella said. "I'm taking the medical supplies to a friend of mine whose opening her own clinic."

"What kind of doctor are you?" Malcolm asked.

"Primary Care Physician," Sabella replied.

"Is there anything else you need in there?" Malcolm asked pointing at the car.

Sabella reached inside and retrieved her purse and the carrying case containing her laptop.

"Let's go," Malcolm said.

"What're you going to do with my vehicle?" Sabella asked.

"I haven't decided yet," Malcolm said.

"It's my vehicle," Sabella said, "I have a right to know what you plan on doing with it."

"You only have a right to what I tell you,"

Malcolm said, "and right now I'm telling you to get in the house."

Before they left the garage Sabella used her remote to lock the door.

"What did you do?" Malcolm asked after hearing the clicking sound the car made when she pointed her keys at it.

"I locked it," Sabella replied.

"Let's go," Malcolm said.

"What're you going to do with my car?" Sabella asked again as she watched Malcolm lock her baby up in the garage.

"For the time being, I'm keeping it locked in my garage," Malcolm said stating the obvious. "As to what I'll do with it, I haven't decided yet."

"What do you mean you haven't decided yet?" Sabella asked. "That is my vehicle and I haven't done anything that gives you the right to take it form me."

"You're trespassing...."

"That is a minor offense," Sabella said cutting him off, "which can be handled by calling the police, I'll pay the fine and be on my way."

"I don't think you want to get Sheriff Jenkins involved in this," Malcolm said. "He'll take one look at you and your fancy ride, create more serious charges against you, give you a kangaroo trial, throw you in jail and he or the Mayor will be riding around in your baby," Malcolm said. "Is that what you want Sabella?"


Sabella cut off what she was about to say when she realized that Malcolm called her by her name.


"I read the plate on the front of your vehicle," Malcolm said.

Malcolm walked towards the house thinking that Sabella was behind him.

He stopped when Frank with a nod of his head signaled him to look behind him. He looked back and saw that his guest hadn't moved away from the garage.

"What's wrong?" Malcolm asked walking back towards.

"I'm not going into your house," Sabella said. "I don't know you. How do I know you won't hurt me one, I'm on the inside?"

"You don't," Malcolm said his cocky tone making Sabella angry. "So let's go."

Sabella didn't move. Malcolm stepped in her direction. She took a step back.

"You're going into the house," Malcolm told her walking back towards her. "You can either walk in or be dragged, but you're going to go inside."

Sabella took a step back for every step that Malcolm took towards her. She couldn't go into his house.

Something told her if she went in there she would lose her mind. She would be forced to face what she was trying to deny that she had some how traveled back in time.

If she went inside and saw that the house wasn't empty the way she left it, if she saw that it was decorated with his things she would have proof that she was no longer in the year 2009, and she wasn't ready to face that.

Sabella turned around and headed back towards the garage she wanted to get in her baby and get the hell away from the house, Frank and Malcolm. She had made it to the garage door when she felt Malcolm's hands on her shoulders.

He pulled her against his chest, he felt her body trembling.

"You have nothing to be afraid of," Malcolm whispered in her ear. "I'm not going to hurt you, and you're not in any danger."

"You don't understand," Sabella said her voice shaky. "I can't go into your house."

"I don't know why you're afraid to go inside my house," Malcolm said, "but I know that something has happened to you, something that has frightened you, but I can assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of in my house."


"Go back into the house Mabel," Malcolm said without turning to face the woman he was talking to.

"I'm not going anywhere leaving you to scare the life out of this poor child," Mabel said. "I bet you, she's hungry. That is if you haven't frightened away her appetite."

"Mabel," Malcolm growled turning himself and Sabella around to face the woman he was talking to.

Sabella watched as a woman standing five feet tall, weighing about on hundred forty pounds, with silver grey hair walked past a growling Malcolm, over to her. She took hold if Sabella's hand and introduced herself.

"I'm, Mabel Weeks," she said her brown eyes looking kindly into Sabella's grey ones. "I'm the cook, maid and bottle washer for the growling man that dragged you here."

"I'm Sabella Jamison," Sabella said walking with Mabel pass Malcolm towards the house.

"It's nice to meet you Sabella," Mabel said. "I'm preparing breakfast for Malcolm and the rest of the men. Why don't you come in and join us?"

"Thank you for the offer of food," Sabella said praying with everything in her, that Mabel could help her get Malcolm to let her leave, "but I'm not hungry. I really just want to be on my way."

"I'm sorry," Mabel said looking at Malcolm who was shaking his head no, "but the only thing I can offer you is food. Whether you stay or not is up to Malcolm."

"And I've decided you're staying," Malcolm said joining the conversation. "At least until I find out how you came to be on my property."

"Come on into the kitchen with me," Mabel said to Sabella leading her once again towards the house. "If you're not hungry maybe I can interest you in having a cup of coffee."

As they neared the front door Sabella's heart began to beat so hard against her chest, she thought it was going to force it's way out and her body started trembling again.

"What's wrong?" Mable asked.

"She's had a long day," Malcolm said walking over and taking hold of Sabella's hand, "she'll be alright after she's had time to rest."

"We had better get her inside then," Mabel said opening the front door and leading Sabella inside.

Sabella managed to get her feet to move even though she was afraid of what she might see when she stepped inside of Malcolm's home.

She walked into the house and came face to face with the reality of her situation. The house wasn't empty, it was decorated with all things 1950's.

The furniture was styled from the 1950's, the television was a 1950's floor model, the stereo was a big console a massive piece of furniture.

Something Sabella could only recall seeing in her grandparents home when she was younger. The thing that was hitting her the hardest was that everything in the house looked new and that wasn't possible in Sabella's mind.

Panic began to rise up in Sabella's throat as she turned to head back out the door.

"Where are you going?" Malcolm asked blocking her path.

"I've got to get out of here," Sabella said her breath coming out in quick, fast pants as she began to hyperventilate.

"Calm down dear," Mabel said taking hold of Sabella's and gently rubbing it.

"I...I...have...to," was all Sabella got to say before her world went black.

Malcolm caught her in his arms before her body hit the floor.

"Oh, my word," Mabel said her voice filled with concern for Malcolm's guest.

"I'll take her upstairs to the and put her in one of the guest bedrooms," Malcolm said lifting Sabella up into his arms.

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