Sabina: A Roman Slave


"Anything, Sallyarin." said Sabina.

"Take off your clothes."

Sabina was unsure how to respond to this invitation. Davidus was undoubtedly handsome but she was not ready to for him to make love to her. Her day had been made up of strange moments that had made her head spin. She was tired and hungry and thirsty and wanted nothing more than to lay hr head down on the soft mattress in her room and sleep. She turned slightly and saw that Sallyarin was standing beside her, smiling dangerously.

"My lover gave you an order." said Sallyarin, quietly "now do as he ordered."

"But I...." Sabina tried to say but could not. Sallyarin roughly pulled her into her arms and kissed her, without embarrassment that her lover was there. She probed Sabina's mouth for the third time that day and Sabina enjoyed the feel of the young woman's warm body against hers. Sallyarin gently broke the kiss after a few more seconds.

"Davidus has seen me naked on many occasions with another woman. He enjoys watching me climax. You've wanted to make move to me from that first stolen kiss this morning, it's true isn't it?"

Sabina nodded. She looked down and saw that Davidus was reclining on the floor with his legs spread wide and she could see his manhood straining against his toga. It looked large and inviting.

Sallyarin took Sabina's hand and took it into her mouth. Sabina could feel the tongue of her mistress caressing it slowly. She began to feel deeply aroused by this woman licking her fingertips. Then Sallyarin's fingers went into Sabina's mouth. Sabina moaned in pleasure at the intruding digits within her mouth.

Sallyarin removed her hand and smiled at Sabina. They kissed again, not roughly this time but slowly and tenderly. Sabina closed her eyes and relaxed. She felt Sallyarin's fingers undo the buttons at her shoulder and felt the top half of her tunica flop down, exposing her naked body underneath. Sallyarin continued to kiss her while her hands caressed Sabina's dark brown nipples. At the commanding touch of her mistress, Sabina's tits grew hard as she became more and more aroused. Sallyarin pinched and tweaked her teats and Sabina began to relax even more, letting her mistress command and control her slave's body as much as she wanted.

The kiss was broken and Sallyarin gently pushed her away and turned her towards Davidus. Sabina realised that he had removed his toga and was now sitting on the floor totally naked, his cock standing up proud and true. Sallyarin gently tugged at the lower half of her tunica and it fell to the floor with a rustle. She stepped out of it, enjoying Davidus' gaze on her naked and deflowered body.

Sallyarin took her by the hand and led her to him. She turned her round and gently lowered her to the floor so that Sabina was sitting in Davidus' lap, his cock pushing into the small of her back. Sallyarin smiled and walked into the centre of the room.

"I seem to be the only one here not naked." she said "I will rectify that now!"

Sallyarin slowly unbuttoned her peplos at the shoulder. In the small of her back, Sabina could feel Davidus' manhood press further. He too was enjoying the sight of his lover get slowly naked. Sabina reclined further against him, her head just to the right of his. Slowly his hands enveloped her, one just above and the other just below her breasts, adding enough pressure for them to be squeezed gently.

Sallyarin looked down at the naked pair before her and then allowed the peplos to fall to the floor. Sabina breathed easily as she saw the naked form of her new mistress. Her gaze took in the well rounded, large breasts, her smooth stomach and the small amount of hair around her pubic area. Sallyarin walked to where they were lying and got down on all fours, crawling the last few steps of the short distance towards them. She extended a hand and caressed, gently, Sabina's naked stomach. Sabina closed her eyes and enjoyed the smooth touch of this woman. She felt Davidus move his lower hand away from her body and then felt Sallyarin's against the underside of her right breast. Sabina wanted this woman to taste the arousal that was emerging from between her legs. Her breathing was getting deep and very relaxed as she felt Sallyarin's warm touch move from her large breast, over her stomach and then down between her legs, finding her clitoris easily.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" whispered Sallyarin

"You know I do." replied Sabina.

Sabina was expecting a kiss on her mouth and she almost climaxed when she felt the mouth and tongue of her mistress invade her private area. Sabina arched her back, letting the other woman have full access to her cunt and felt Davidus kissing the side of her neck, his hands at first squeezing her breasts from above and below and then tweaking and pinching the nipples. Sabina opened her legs wider and gasped as Sallyarin probed her most intimate area with her tongue. Just as Sabina was about to climax she withdrew. Sabina's whole body was shacking, ready to erupt but she held back for a second. Then she felt the fingers of Sallyarin slide between her thighs and straight into her body and the orgasm that she had been holding on to since these two women had first met, erupted.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," gasped Sabina as she felt her mistress push her digits all the way inside and stretched gently against the walls of her cunt. After a few moments of the most wonderful and erotic high that Sabina had ever experienced, Sallyarin pulled her fingers out and finally kissed Sabina on the lips. Sabina could taste her own musky juices on the other woman's lips. They then changed places. Sabina was no longer scared about exporing the naked forms of her new keepers and she was going to enjoy the night that lay ahead.

Sallyarin lay down on the floor next to Sabina and kissed her gently. Sabina was still coming down from the erotic high that she had just been on. She had never allowed herself to go so far with another woman before or stripped naked before either a man or a woman. And she had certainly never given permission for a woman to pleasure her in such a delightfully erotic manner. Sallyarin kissed the side of Sabina's neck and let her hand trace over the other woman's diamond hard tit.

"Will you do the same for me?" asked Sallyarin.

"Whatever you desire, mistress." whispered Sabina.

"Then stand up!"

Sabina did as she was ordered and looked down at the reclining form of Davidus. His eyes were closed but his manhood stood erect and true. She stared at it, hungrily, longing to have it in her mouth. Sallyarin drew close and let her hand smooth over the other woman. Sabina loved the warm touch of Sallyarin's hands against her breasts.

"You have a fine body, Sabina." breathed Sallyarin. "I liked pleasuring you with my tongue. Now I want your tongue inside me."

Sabina decided to take control and took her mistress by the hand. She beckoned for Davidus to move to one side. In the cleared space, Sallyarin reclined back. She put her hands above her head so that her breasts flattened out but were still erect. Davidus got to his feet and stood beside Sabina. He took her in his arms, letting his hands slide between her legs, feeling the hot sticky moistness of her cum.

"Spread your legs wide." order Sabina and her mistress did so, exposing her sex for them both to see. Sabina got down and started to kiss the inside Sallyarin's legs, slowly. Sabina wanted to extract as much pleasure from the other woman. She had made her wait for this night and now Sabina was not going to be as slow. She would make it fast and hot. In a few seconds her mouth was on Sallyarin's clitoris, flicking it with her tongue and grazing it with her teeth. Sallyarin released a yelp of orgasmic joy as she felt the other woman's tongue slide between her legs. Sabina could feel the hot juices of Sallyarin. Sallyarin threw back her head and climaxed fully in Sabina's face. Sabina swallowed as much of the other woman's cum as she could.

Davidus slowly pulled Sabina to her feet and kissed her slowly on the lips. Sallyarin was soon at her side, her hands snaking round Sabina's body from behind and squeezing her nipples. Davidus bent his head and started to suck on them and Sabina almost climaxed again as she felt her master's hot tongue on the searing hot peak. She felt her knees go weak but Sallyarin supported her and would not let her fall.

Davidus' hand slid between her legs and Sabina felt his probing digits invade her warm body easily. She gently pushed him away and looked to where Sallyarin was, sitting with her legs spread wide. Davidus scooped Sabina's naked form into his arms and walked over to her. He gently lowered her to the ground, her head between Sallarin's legs. When she was in position, Sallyarin enclosed her legs around Sabina, her feet grazing the other woman's breasts. Davidus kissed Sabina on the warm fuzz of pubic hair between her legs and she smiled, knowing what was going to happen next. What she expected was for him to ease gently between her thighs. Instead, he slammed his rock hard manhood into her swollen cunt.

"Aaaaggggh!" she gasped, a mixture of pleasure and shock as she spread her legs wide to allow Davidus more room. She realised that with the next thrust, her head would be pushed against Sallyarin's sex, pleasuring the other woman. Davidus withdrew as suddenly as he had thrust. Sabina prepared for the next push inside. When he did, she threw her head back and kissed the inside of Sallyarin's thigh. Sallyarin gasped and climaxed. Sabina enjoyed the feel of her master's hot, throbbing muscle as it slid easily inside. She closed her eyes and felt him pull out but then he pushed further and harder than he had done before.

Sabina gasped as his hot cum squirted deep inside her body and she came again and again. His cock stayed inside her until he had climaxed fully and then he slowly drew himself out. Sallyarin was still close to cumming but not quite. Sabina made room for her and Davidus fucked her as hard as he had fucked Sabina, making Sallyarin climax again and as violently as her female counterpart. Sabina closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep as her new master and mistress started to make love to each other all over again. She would join in with them again later but for now, she was happy and content to drift off into a deep sleep, smiling at the memory of what had occurred during the evening. For the moment she would sleep and then eat and then......Sabina smiled knowing what would happen again after that.

I freely admit that this story may not be historically accurate. If you have enjoyed it, please vote for it. I always welcome feedback and new ideas, so feel free to email me.

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