I am an exhibitionist. Or maybe better, I like to be naked or nearly naked outside or in public places. I get scared shitless if I think I am going to be caught, but I put myself in situations where I could be caught. I think it is the thrill of knowing that someone could see me that makes me keep doing it.

It all began back in high school, my senior year and I was eighteen. I was a snotty little girl back then, always making smart remarks and pissing people off. Then one night my girlfriends had too much and started me on the road to where I now am.

Four of us had gone to a drive in theater and I was being my usual smart-ass self on the way and while we were there. Finally one of my friends told me to shut up or she was going to make me shut up. Of course I thought it was just her talking and ignored her. We were about two-thirds of the way back from the screen and there were cars all around us. I kept up my smart mouth and finally, after a couple more threats, she grabbed me (we were in the back seat) and pulled me over her knees. I started laughing which made her angrier, and she smacked my ass a few times. It didn't hurt through my clothes that much and I smart mouthed her once again. That really tore it.

She pushed my head down between her legs, her left leg holding me down, my butt in the air over her right knee. She reached under my waist and scrabbled at the button on my pants. She got it undone and yanked my zipper down. Then she grabbed my pants in the back and started yanking on them, pulling them down my butt. I was helpless and started to kick and yell, but she ignored me. My two other friends in the front seat turned to see what was going on and the one holding me down told them to lend a hand. In no time, three sets of hands were at my pants. All the wiggling, kicking and screaming I was doing did nothing to keep my pants up. My pants were soon at my ankles, tangled up and held on by my shoes and socks. I was still squirming and trying to kick, but it did me no good. I felt my shoes come off and then my socks. One of them told me to shut up or I was going to attract attention as my pants were pulled off one leg. I took a deep breath to scream again and then thought of what I would look like if someone came by the car. The scream died in my throat as the other pant leg slipped off me. Now I was telling them that this wasn't funny and let me up. The only response to that was something that made me start to cry.

Someone had grabbed the waistband of my panties, and began to pull them down also. I was trying to get a hand on my panties to hold them on, but I couldn't get to it. I felt the fabric sliding over my ass and down my legs. Now I was getting panicky and blubbering so much they couldn't understand me anyway. My panties slid down and I began sobbing as I felt them slip over my feet. I was naked from the waist down. I was embarrassed, my face was hot and I was begging them to stop and give me my pants back. I was ignored.

I felt hands on my sides and she let my upper body loose, but the hands grabbed me, pulling me up and against the back of the front seat. Through my blurry, tear-filled eyes I could see other cars around us. I hunched down as much as I could. I felt around for my pants, thinking they would be on the floor, but I couldn't feel anything but the two pairs of hands. They grabbed the bottom of my tank top and began to pull it up. All three of them were laughing at me. I tried, god I tried, to keep my top on, but they had me. It wasn't long before my top was over my bra. They grabbed my arms and pulled them up and the girl in the back seat with me looked in my eyes. I knew I had lost. She took hold of my top and with my arms held up she pulled it over my head. My friends in the front seat let go of my arms and yanked it off me. With only my bra on now I scrunched down as much as I could on the floor, but they grabbed me and pulled me up again.

I was still squirming around as I felt her reach behind me and feel for the catch on my bra. I began to blubber again, reaching back to try and protect the catch. Too late! The catch popped open and she pulled at the front of my bra. The straps held on my shoulders for a moment and then it was being pulled off me. I tried to catch it, I really did, but she got it off me and tossed it into the front seat.

I tried to cover up and scrunch down when one of the front doors opened and the interior light came on. I squeaked and huddled down even farther. The door slammed and then the trunk popped open, then slammed shut. The door opened again and then shut. I was bare ass naked in a car at a drive in theater.

"Sit up on the seat, bitch."

I looked at her, horrified.

"I mean it. Sit up or I'll push you out."

I sat up, knees clenched together and both arms over my chest.

"Move your knees apart and sit on your hands."

I just stared at her until she leaned over and reached for the door handle. I immediately opened my legs and my hands were under my butt. I sat staring at her as she smiled and leaned back.

"I want my clothes."

"Oh shut up. You've been a bitch all night and I for one I am tired of your mouth. Shut up and watch the movie."

"But I'm naked."

"So? If it will keep your mouth shut I'm all for it. Now shut up and give us some peace and quiet."

I huddled back in the seat. Now I was scared and embarrassed, but I could feel my nipples tightening up and even felt my pussy getting moist. I was getting excited because I was naked in a public place.

They made me sit naked through the rest of the movies and all the way back to town. We were staying at one of their houses. Their parents weren't at home. When they pulled into the driveway, they got out. I huddled down because the interior lights came on again.

"My clothes, my clothes."

"Get out."

I slipped out of the car, bending over to hide my naked body, covering up with my hands and arms. I heard the trunk open and glanced over. I saw my clothes picked up and they headed off to the house, leaving me standing naked. I was in a daze until I realized they were leaving me and then I squeaked again and dashed behind them, my butt jiggling and boobs bouncing.

At the door they made like they were going to leave me outside and I started bawling. Laughing, they let me inside, but still kept my clothes. They made me sit naked with them, grinning at me while I blushed and kept my mouth shut.

"Learn a lesson tonight?"


"Going to be mouthy again?"


Finally they gave me my clothes and I hurriedly dressed. My nipples never went down and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I stayed wet all night long.

That was the first time that I had ever been naked in a public place. Even though it wasn't my idea and I had been scared to death, it excited me. I never told anyone how it affected me. I was a good girl for quite a while, not being a snot or a smart-ass. But eventually I couldn't keep being good and I even think subconsciously I let my mouth go off on purpose.

This time we were at a cabin and not only was it the other girls and myself but guys were there too. I started getting mouthy again. I saw my girlfriends looking at me but I thought nothing of it. My mouth kept going until the three of them grabbed my arms and dragged me into the water. I got pulled out to shoulder depth and as I looked at them my stomach dropped. I started babbling.

"No, no, no, god no!"

The guys were looking at us funny.

I felt hands at the clasp of my top and I began to struggle to get away. Two of them held me and the third unhooked my top and I started to bawl as she pulled it down my arms and off. I was really struggling now, my voice cracking, as I kept babbling no. I felt them lift me up and I looked at her as her hands felt for my bottoms. My legs were kicking, but in water they didn't kick as hard or fast as they would if we were on land.

I felt her hands on my hips and then my bottoms were coming down. I was crying as my pussy came bare. I stopped kicking and clamped my legs together to try and hold up my bottoms, but it was no use. My bottoms came down and off. As soon as she had them off me, she waved them in the air and I was let go. The three of them headed for shore with my swimsuit, leaving me naked in the water.

The guys were looking at the four of us strangely. Until my three friends walked out of the water and dropped my suit on my towel. Their eyes watched my suit hit my towel and then their eyes went to me, standing shoulder deep in the water. With a whoop from all four of the guys, they stood and started running for the water. I screamed and began to swim to shore as fast as I could. Of course I couldn't beat them and had to endure guy's hands all over me until I got out of the water, bare-naked and ran for my towel. I was blushing and bawling at the same time. I knew what a sight I had to be making for them. I felt my ass jiggling as I ran with one arm over my boobs and the other clamped over my pussy. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. Humiliated, I ran for the cabin and hid in a bedroom, listening to them laughing at me. Finally, I dressed and rejoined them on the beach.

One of my friends held up my suit.

"Lose something, Sabine?"

I blushed beet red and everyone laughed at me. Even humiliated as I was, my nipples were erect and my pussy was seeping. I tried to act normally, but every time I looked at one of the guys, I would blush. My girlfriends ragged on me about being a flasher and showing off for the guys.

That was the second time I ended up naked.

A few weeks later we were at a party and someone decided we should play truth or dare. The game was going fine until it came to me. The other girls decided that I could only take dares. There was going to be no truth for me, just the truth that I was most likely going to be humiliated again or I was going to have leave the party.

I looked around the circle of my friends, both girls and guys. I felt my nipples tighten again and I knew my pussy would be wet once more. I blushed red again and sat, quietly waiting for my first dare.

My stomach clenched as I looked around the circle of faces, all of them grinning at me. I closed my eyes, shivering, and then opened them again. The grins were even bigger.

One of my friends looked at me.

"Go in the next room, take off your top and pants and drop them in the doorway. Then take off your underwear and toss them in here. Then you can put your top and pants back on, in that order."

I looked at her, begging with my eyes, but there was no mercy there for me. None appeared on anyone else's faces either. I shivered again, but I wasn't going to let them get to me any more than they had already. I stood on shaking legs and walked into the next room. I hurriedly pulled off my shoes and then my pants and top. I dropped them in the doorway. Then I unclasped my bra and slipped it off, tossing it back into the room my friends were in. I yanked my panties down and off and tossed them into the room. Then I bent and grabbed my top, pulling it on. For a few moments I stood, naked from the waist down, almost hoping someone would come through the doorway to see my pussy hair and bare ass. They were giggling. I bent for my pants and pulled them on, almost disappointed that no one came to peek at me. Blushing hard I came back in, seeing my undies being passed around by the guys. I gasped in shock, although I should have known that would happen. I slowly walked back to my spot and sat, blushing. Everyone knew that I didn't have underwear on.

My nipples were erect and poking out into my top. They were really visible. And all the guys were really looking at them. The next few times my turn came they were easy dares like kissing a guy for one minute or french kissing one. I blushed with each one though, because they could feel my almost naked boobs when I pressed against them to kiss them. They kept trying to feel my boobs when they were kissing me. I knew this couldn't continue because my girlfriends were nasty to me. And they knew that I was easy to browbeat. Each time my turn came I got extremely nervous and I blushed before anything was said. Finally it came.

"Well Sabine, how bad do you want to keep playing?"

I looked around and said nothing.

"Well if you want to keep playing, take off your top."

I looked around the circle of grinning faces and I knew that I wanted to take the dare, but I wasn't sure I had the guts to do it. I hesitated, looking at them one at a time.

"I told you she wouldn't."

As I heard that my hands went to the bottom of my top and lifted it up, over my head and off. I clutched it to my chest, covering up, and looked once more at the faces looking back at me. I then dropped my top in my lap and sat bare breasted in front of three girls and four guys.

"Holy shit!"

That was from one of the guys. The girls just grinned because they knew the stakes just went up. They knew that they could get me to do almost anything. I couldn't tell you why I did what I did. I knew that it did something for me, to me. I knew there was no heading back now.

I sat and waited for my next turn to come with a nervous stomach. When it finally came around I began to blush before anything was even said to me. Everyone's face was full of excitement, waiting to see what would be dared and if I would go further.

"Take off your shoes and socks, then come with me."

I slowly untied my shoes and removed them and my socks. I stood, my hands going up to cover my boobs, but I didn't let myself cover up. My nipples were tingling and almost hurt. I followed her into the next room. She turned and stopped me. I was inside and out of sight of all the others. Her hand went to my waistband and undid the button.

"Who wants to come in and give Sabine a kiss?"

There was a chorus of me from all the guys. I groaned as she slid my zipper down. My pants were hanging on my hips and I thought she was done. I was mistaken. She said quietly.

"Take them off."

I just looked at her helplessly.

"Going to chicken out?"

I blushed hard again, took a deep breath, and pushed my pants down. I pulled one leg and then the other off. She held out her hand and trembling I held them out to her. She took my pants from me and walked into the other room, leaving me naked. I continued to tremble as I listened to them try to decide who was going to get to come and kiss me. My hands kept moving to cover myself, but each time I realized they were, I forced myself to move them to my sides. The room I was in did not have a light, but there was light from the other room coming in. I stood, quietly cursing my friends, waiting. Finally a guy came through the door and up to me, looking me up and down, grinning at me. His fingers brushed over my erect nipples and then his arms went around me. I moved tight to him and lifted my face for my kiss, feeling his hands all over my bare ass. Blushing, I kissed him, letting him french me and feel my ass as much as he wanted. He left after they called; telling him his time was up. As he walked out, another one of the guys came in, grinning. My stomach dropped as I realized each one of the guys was going to get to kiss me while I was naked.

This one took hold of my shoulders and held me back from him, looking at all of me. I was blushing so hard my face had to be lighting up the whole room. Finally he took me in his arms and kissed me. I knew he could feel my erect nipples poking into his chest. He stroked my back down to my butt, then squeezed it and pulled my cheeks apart. Then he smacked it gently as he moved away.

I closed my eyes, hoping, but knowing what was going to happen. As I opened them, I saw the next guy passing the one leaving. He came to me and his hand went between my legs, squeezing my pussy. His other hand pulled me to him and as he cupped and fondled me, he kissed me hard. When we broke apart, I was panting and shaking. At least he didn't stick a finger in me, but he knew I was wet. Grinning at me as we moved apart, he turned and left me, shivering as I waited for the last guy.

He came in and stood back from me, looking me up and down.

"I get to choose where I kiss you, right?"

I didn't know what to say and finally just nodded.

He moved up to me, bent over and kissed my left nipple, then sucked it into his mouth. I felt so nasty as I stood, letting him suck on my nipple, wetting it with his saliva. He lifted his head and looked into my eyes and then bent again, sucking my right nipple into his mouth. I felt a bolt of heat shoot from my nipple straight down to my pussy. All I could do was stand and let him do it to me. My nipples got even harder and they were wet and shining as he lifted his head once again, smiled at me and left me standing buck naked and alone. I waited for my girlfriend to return with my pants until I heard her speaking to me.

"Come get your pants, Sabine."

I gasped, both in humiliation and excitement, as I realized they were expecting me to walk into a brightly-lit room, naked. I stood, shivering; nipples hard as diamonds and I couldn't help myself from reaching down to touch my pussy. I felt moisture on my pussy lips; enough to know it would be visible to my friends.

I took a deep breath, knowing if I didn't walk in by myself, I would be dragged in. I walked into the room, naked, blushing and hot all over. I kept my hands at my sides and walked to where my pants were. They giggled as they saw my wet nipples where he had sucked them. I picked up my pants and turned to face everyone. I let them look at my boobs, my erect nipples, and my bush and then I put my pants back on. I couldn't wait until my next turn. By then it was pretty late.

When it came they all huddled together, whispering. I squirmed and shivered, wondering what humiliation they were going to put me through now. They separated and grinned at me once again.

"Put your shoes on and come with us."

I slipped on my shoes and rose, following them until I realized they were at the front door.

"N-n-no, n-n-no."

I began to blubber and they laughed at me.

"You aren't going to turn down a dare are you Sabine?"

I was shaking my head no as they took my arms and led me outside topless. But that wasn't going to be all. They walked me to the sidewalk as I looked up and down the street, terror stricken. I was sure that a car was going to come down the street or someone was going to be out walking. I wasn't even thinking that it was almost 2AM. It was almost guaranteed that no one but us would be outside at this time of night, but I didn't feel any better. I felt a hand at my waistband again.

"Oh god, no, no."

I felt my pants loosen and then the sound of my zipper going down.

"Sabine you are going to take a walk around the block. You can either take them off or walk with them on, but if they fall down, you'll leave them there around your legs or ankles and walk like that. Understand?"

I stood, whimpering and afraid, but my mind was already picturing my pants around my ankles and not being able to pull them back up. I shivered and looked at all of them and struggled to get my pants off over my shoes. Finally, I had them off and stood naked but for shoes. They pointed me in one direction, telling me to walk around the block. Not run, walk.

I sucked in a breath and started walking. My head was swiveling around, trying to look at all the houses and the street in front of me and behind me. I heard giggling behind me and glanced back. They were following me, making sure that I only walked. It seemed to take forever for me to walk around that block. Every sound made me jump and seemed magnified. Every streetlight was a place where I was totally exposed. I was scared to death, but excited too. My nipples felt even harder and I was afraid I was going to leak from my pussy.

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