Sable Bomb


Heading into Wrestlemania 14, Shawn Michaels was not anywhere close to being physically ready to compete. His back has started acting up again and he's been forced to compete in tag team matches in order to protect himself from getting hurt. The original leader of D-Generation X is in his locker room after the last airing of Raw prior to the big night, and he's trying to do some light stretching to work out a kink in his lower back, but no matter what he does, the pain is still there. Just when he's about to give up,

there's a knock on the door.

"It's open Vince..." Shawn says, as he assumes Vince McMahon has come to remind him about how important that he won on Sunday. But when the door opens, it is not Vince McMahon that enters; it's the seductively beautiful Sable. She closes the door behind her and smiles at Shawn.

"Hey Shawn..." Sable smiles as she walks further into the locker room. "How is your back holding up?"

Shawn forces a smile, "It's been better... I'll be lucky to make it through my match with Austin in one piece."

"Aww... Maybe I can help you out?" Sable smiles.

"I don't see how," Shawn replies.

"I could give you a massage..." Sable licks her lips as her eyes drift down towards a slight bulge in Shawn's tights. Shawn happens to catch her looking at his crotch and figure's there's something she wants more than just giving him a massage.

"Well... I think my back can make it through at least Sunday... but there's something else that you can help me with." Shawn grins as he lowers his tights to reveal to Sable his rock hard cock. Sable puts her hands on her hips and looks at Shawn with a smirk.

"Shawn I'm shocked, who do you think I am?" Sable gets down to her knees, "To think you'd want me to give you a massage..." Sable then takes his cock into her hands and starts to stroke it.

"Well... you did offer me one..." Shawn grins as Sable handles his cock masterfully with her hands.

"Oh please..." Sable laughs before she licks the tip of his cock, "Hunter said that if I said that I'd get your cock easier..."

"Well... you didn't have to go through all that... but since you did... I got two words for you..." Shawn is about to say those words, but Sable cuts him off by taking his cock into her mouth. Sable starts bobbing her head quickly along his shaft as she takes her hands off his cock to rips her black t-shirt down the middle, freeing her large perfect breasts from the fabric restraint. Shawn moans as Sable adds to her oral pleasure of his cock by massaging his balls with the palm of her hand.

Shawn runs his fingers through Sable's fluffy blond hair as she starts to bob her head quicker on his cock. Sable pulls her head back a bit and spits on to his shaft a few times, and then she licks up her spit before taking his cock back into her mouth again. Shawn slightly begins rocking his hips back and forth, gently thrusting his cock in and out of Sable's perfect O shaped mouth. After slurping on his cock for a few more minutes, Sable pulls away from Shawn and grins.

"What were you going to say?" Sable asks as she lies on the ground. Sable then raise her legs and takes off her shorts and thong, showing the surprisingly shocked Shawn her hairless pussy.

"Ummm I was going to tell you to suck it..." Shawn laughs a bit.

Sable smirks as she slaps her cunt a few times, "Well I got two words for you... Eat Me!"

Shawn grins as he gingerly gets down on the floor. Sable spreads her legs for Shawn as he leans forward. Shawn taps his tongue against the slit of Sable's pussy, before he starts licking up and down her pussy as if he was painting a fence.

"Ohhh... Mmmm Shawn... damn... am I... being weather proofed?" Sable asks as she moans slightly while laughing a bit.

Shawn lifts his head from her pussy and smirks at her. Without saying a word, Shawn resumes licking her pussy, but this time he's licking and moving his tongue in a patter that resembles that of every capital letter in the alphabet. Sable is going completely wild and has grabbed onto Shawn's hair as she moves her hips to grind her pussy against his face.

"Ohhhh Ahhhh SHAAWWNNN!" Sable moans as she has a sudden orgasm that leaves her breathing hard and fast.

Shawn lifts his head from her pussy and smirks at her, "Hey, you sound like my old entrance music..."

Sable licks her lips and runs her hands over her already sweating body. She squeezes her breasts, and pinches her nipples. "Oooo Shawn... fuck me... please... I know... your back hurts..."

Shawn smiles as he gets on top of Sable and complies with her request. He slightly grits his teeth as he inserts his cock into her pussy. Sable wraps her legs around his body as she begins moving his cock in and out of her slowly. Sable moans softly in appreciation for Shawn attempting to comply with her desire, but she can tell the Heart Break Kid's back is preventing him from going all out. Sable runs her hands up and down his arms.

"Shawn... mmmm roll over... let... me... be on top..."

"Ok baby..." Shawn replies with a thankful smile. Shawn rolls onto his back, and with his cock still inside Sable, she rolls with him. Once she's on top, Sable starts bouncing on his cock slowly at first, but steadily starts to move quicker. Shawn places his hands on her hips and to move her back and forth. "Damn... ride that cock Sable..." Shawn moans.

"Ohhh you got it..." Sable grins as she starts going all out in riding him. She places her hands on his hairy chest followed slightly by grinding her fingernails against his skin. Shawn moans as he thrusting upward into her pussy. Sable leans her head back and closes her eyes and Shawn does the same. Both Shawn and Sable start moaning at the same time, but Sable is breathing much harder. The blond bombshell soon has at second orgasm.

"Ohhh god Shawn..." Sable moans as she continues to ride him but starts to slow down. She squeezes her pussy tightly around his cock, while Shawn puts his hands on breasts.

"Ahhh fuck Sable... I'm going to blow..." Shawn says quietly as he tries to hold himself back from cumming inside of her pussy. But Sable places a finger on his lips.

"Sssh.... Cum inside me Shawn..." Sable replies as she slowly continues to move on her cock. Shawn nods and releases himself inside of Sable's warm pussy, filling her with his warm cum. "Ohhh ohh yes..." Sable moans and closes her eyes as she feels Shawn's cum flowing inside of her. Sable slowly opens her eyes and smiles at Shawn. "How"

Shawn smiles up at her, "It was... Sablelicious... I feel a lot better..."

Sable smiles as she traces a finger along his chest, "There's still a few days before Wrestlemania... how about I keep you feeling good until then?"

Shawn sits up a bit, and smiles again "I think, we'd both would enjoy that..."


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