tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSabrina: What Are Friends For?

Sabrina: What Are Friends For?


Disclaimer: This is a parody on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and should not be taken seriously. Sabrina and the Teenage Witch and all of its characters are owned by Hart production. This fanfic will contain sexual scenes only appropriate for those over the age of 18, and should not be read by minors. This story contains scenes of hot sexuality, Friends, F/F/M, Toys.

* * * * *

"But Josh, I thought we were going to go out for dinner tonight?"

[I'm sorry Sabrina but Mike wants me to stay on this story, and it looks like its going to take all night, and into the day.] Josh replied over the phone.

"But I had a special evening planned. A very special evening that could also go long into the night." Sabrina Spellman was getting frantic.

[Look, I said I'm sorry Sabrina, but this is my job. I'll talk to you tomorrow.]

[Come on Josh, hurry up.] Sabrina heard a woman giggle.

"Hey, whose that?" But Josh had suddenly hung up. "Josh? Josh!" She shouted.

"You bastard!" She slammed the phone down, almost breaking. Not satisfied, she pointed her finger at the phone, and it suddenly exploded.

"Problems?" Her red haired roommate asked as she came down the stairs. She was wearing her short red dress, which meant she had a date tonight. And since Harvey just broke up with her, it must be a new guy.

"It's Josh, he cancelled another date tonight, and I think he's cheat…"

"Well that's nice, got to go now." Morgan left the house before Sabrina could finish.

"Thanks for listening." Sabrina said to the closed door. "Stupid bitch." She once again waved her finger, intending to zap Morgan's panties into the kitchen, but nothing happened. "That's strange, the only way that could happen is if she wasn't wearing any – oh-kay."

Thinking about Morgan not wearing any underwear was making her hot. It had been over two months since the blue moon had made her sex crazed, and over a month since she had given Roxy and herself a huge cock, and she hadn't gotten any since. Worse yet, once her penis disappeared, her virgin curse had returned. Zelda had told her that it was part of the spell, and that she shouldn't cast it again, because there's always the chance that the cock would become permanent.

Sabrina needed to get laid. That's why her date with Josh tonight was so important. She was going to take him back to bed with her after dinner. She was even going to let him fuck her in the ass. Roxy had also made sure to be out of the house all night. Sabrina had been a bit disappointed from this, but her brunette roommate didn't remember any of the spells that had been cast upon her, and so she didn't remember fucking Sabrina – twice.

"So what am I going to do now?" She fell onto the couch, ready for a night of sulking. She'd even fuck Milo right now, except he was also gone. He had made up some excuse to leave, though Sabrina suspected that he and Roxy where meeting each other at a motel.

"Hey Sabrina, having a bad night?"

Sabrina turned to look over at the kitchen window and saw a black cat sitting there. "Don't start with me tonight Salem, I'm not in the mood for it."

"Anything I can do to help?"

A wicked idea flashed through her mind. She slowly licked her lips and felt her pussy get moist at the thought. It would take some magic to make the cat a bit bigger, but it could work.

"Ghwah?" Salem recognized that look in Sabrina's eyes and realized what she wanted.

Sabrina started to climb over the couch when the doorbell rang. "Oh thank God." She quickly ran over to the door. She couldn't believe what she was about to do.

"I don't care who you are, come in." She shouted as she opened the door.

"Thanks, I guess." Harvey was standing outside, his hand still raised to knock on the door. When Sabrina moved aside, he walked in.

"What are you doing here?" She didn't really care, but was curious. Harvey didn't visit as much since the break up with Morgan. She couldn't take her eyes off his ass as he walked by.

"I ran into an old friend who wanted to say hi."

Before Sabrina could close the door and jump Harvey, a slender hand pushed it open. "Hey girlfriend."

"Jenny!" Sabrina forgot about her hornyness for a moment upon seeing her oldest friend. Jenny was the first one to greet her when she first moved to Boston. Her family had moved out of town though after her first year of high school here.

Jenny was still the same perky girl that Sabrina had known at 16; same voice, same curly brownish-red hair and freckles, but like Sabrina, Jenny had grown up. She had really grown up. Her breasts were huge, and her hips had also grown, but only enough to give her a sexy college girl look. She was currently wearing a tight pink dress that clung to every curve and greatly showed off her immense breasts. Sabrina couldn't believe how large they had become. They must have been fake. She was also wearing a pair of black stiletto boots that added six inches to her height. She believed they were referred to as "hooker" boots. This surprised Sabrina, because Jenny, though not shy, never really showed off her feminine charms before. The blond witch was finding herself really turned on to her old friend.

"Hey Salem, what are you doing here?" Harvey said.

Salem! Sabrina had forgotten that the cat was here. Moving her right hand behind her back, she waved her finger and Salem went flying back home with a lowed "Meow!" She didn't need him anymore.

"So are you going to invite me in, or are we just going to hang outside?"

"Oh, right. Come on in. It's so good to see you." The two girls hugged again before Jenny entered, and Sabrina closed the door behind. She also made sure to lock it. Neither of her guests noticed.

"Fuck Sabrina, this place is great. A lot better then where I live." Jenny walked around the house, giving herself the penny tour. There was another change in Jenny. She never swore before.

"So what are you doing back here Jenny?"

"I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd look you up. I saw Harvey in the mall, and he told me where you were living, and then offered to take me to you." She plopped down on the couch, sitting next to Harvey.

Sabrina felt her pussy getting itchy again, and all that she wanted at that moment was to jump both her friends, but she had to play this cool. She could use magic on Jenny, but Harvey knew she was a witch and the forgetful aspect of her magic didn't work on him anymore. And he didn't like having spells cast on him.

"Can I get either of you a drink?"

"I'll take a soda." Harvey requested.

"I'll take a shot of vodka."

Both Sabrina and Harvey were caught off guard by the request. Jenny saw their surprised and laughed. "What, don't either of you drink? Come on, where all adults here. Do you have any wine at least?"

Actually, Sabrina had bought a bottle of red wine for tonight. But since Josh wasn't coming over, she shouldn't let it go to rest. Opening the fridge, she took out the bottle and brought three glasses with her back to her friends.

"Allow me," Harvey said as he took the chilled bottle from Sabrina and poured some of the red liquid into each glass. When all their glasses were full, they clinked and sipped. "To old friends reunited." Sabrina toasted.

"Here, here." Jenny agreed before emptying the glass and passing it over to Harvey for a refill.

"So you're a witch eh Sabrina?"

Sabrina almost spat out her wine. Harvey was also just as shocked. Jenny had said this like it was no big deal.

"Jenny, how do you know?"

"I've always known Sabrina. Why do you think I liked you so much? You were always so much fun in school, the way you tried to keep it a secret. I'm surprised no one else knew. I never mentioned knowing it, because I knew you were trying to keep it a secret."

"But, but the witches council. They would have turned you into a …" Sabrina couldn't remember what the punishment was for a mortal to find out about her being a witch.

"Turned me into a grasshopper? Didn't Drell do that to me already?" She laughed as she finished her second glass of wine.

"You remember?"

"Of course. Why do you think I wanted to sleep over at your place again? Well, besides the obvious." She smiled slyly and looked for a reaction out of the corner of her eye.

Sabrina had missed the coyness, to stunned by the first revelation. Harvey had noticed it though, the bulge in his pants proving this. Jenny didn't let the reaction go un-rewarded as she rested her left hand on the crotch of his pants, while still keeping her attention on Sabrina.

"How? How did you stay protected from them?"

"It's a long story. In short, that's the main reason I had to leave the town. I had gotten a warning from the witches council, and my parents were magically bidden to leave. Of course, since I was only 16, I had to follow them. But when I turned 18, I met this incredible man who took me away from my boring life and introduced me to the world of magic."

"He took you to the Other Realm?"

"No, don't be silly." Jenny giggled, her left hand unzipping Harvey's pants. "That's just a minor realm. No, Drake brought me to another world with limitless possibilities. He taught me so much there that I didn't have to worry about the petty council anymore."

Sabrina finally noticed that Jenny was jerking off Harvey. "He taught me a whole lot." The curly red head emphasized.

Sabrina suddenly realized that she wouldn't need to use magic on her friends. She recognized that same lust filled gaze that mirrored her own. Without stopping Harvey's hand job, she pulled Sabrina with her free hand into a deep embrace. "How I've missed you Sabrina." She whispered when Sabrina pulled away for air.

Sabrina couldn't believe that Jenny had just frenched her. Of course, this had been her plan as well, but she was surprised that Jenny had initiated everything. But her surprised quickly past as her animal hunger took over. Without another word, she leaned forward to once again kiss Jenny. This time Harvey also joined in, their three tongues massaging each other. While they kissed, Harvey's hand moved over Jenny's ass, his fingers lifting up the hem of her dress, exposing her pink thong and creamy cheeks.

When they broke the kiss, Harvey and Jenny helped Sabrina got more comfortable on the couch while also pulling down the top of her own dress, exposing her round breasts. The two of them then started sucking on them, each taking one in their mouth. But while Harvey only concentrated on the one breast, Jenny went the extra distance by sliding Sabrina's dress up over her hips, followed by her fingers playing with the panty covered pussy they found, while also moving back up to kiss Sabrina. Harvey was quick to follow suit, his hand soon replacing Jenny's down below. Sabrina started moaning in pleasure, still finding it hard to believe that all this was happening; and without the help of her magic too.

After a few minutes, they all broke off their current plays so Sabrina could help Harvey take off his shirt, while jenny pulled down his pants, exposing his massive cock. Sabrina's eyes opened wide when she saw that he had shaved his nuts. She started by kissing his chest, even biting his nipples before she slid down to join Jenny, who was sucking his balls.

"Oh yes," Harvey moaned when Sabrina took his shaft in her mouth. She let it slide down her throat and then she would slowly come back up, her lips never leaving the skin. After a few seconds Jenny joined her and both girls started licking the head of his cock. They would lick the tip, their tongues brushing each other, using spit to slick it some more. While Sabrina stroked it with one hand, Jenny used her hands to play with his balls. Harvey just kept moaning in pleasure.

While the girls gave the blowjob, Jenny moved a free hand over to Sabrina's exposed panty ass. She ran her fingers over her panties for a few seconds before pulling them down. Sabrina stopped her job to help Jenny get the underwear past her feet and on the floor. When she was free, she went back to sucking on Harvey. Jenny moved down underneath Sabrina and started sucking on her pussy. Her tongue started on Sabrina's outer lips, painfully teasing the young witch. But soon enough she was going at it like she was licking ice cream. She kept her balance by holding onto Sabrina's bare ass.

Sabrina couldn't believe that Jenny was actually snacking on her snatch, and she had to reach underneath herself and squeeze the curly-haired girl's big tits to tell herself that this was all real. This only excited Jenny, which made her lick even faster, causing great friction to build up in Sabrina's cunt. This in turn made Sabrina suck even harder on Harvey's huge cock. "Ugh, ugh!" He moaned in satisfaction. He was running his hands over Sabrina's back, encouraging her.

Feeling that Harvey was ready to shoot his load, Sabrina stopped her job, and Jenny soon followed suit. Harvey then got more comfortable on the couch, while Sabrina climbed onto his chest and slid down to his stiff cock, her pussy leaving a trail of cum in its wake.

Not one to be left out of the action, Jenny slid her soaking panties off, and let them fall to the floor, and then climbed onto Harvey's face, squatting just above him. As Sabrina impaled herself, Harvey was sticking his tongue up into Jenny's dripping cunt. Though Sabrina knew that this was the first time she's had a man, and she was finally loosing her virginity for real, the sight of Jenny bouncing globes made her forget all this as she leaned forward and started sucking on them. The tits tasted great, but Sabrina was reminded of her brutally virginity when Harvey slammed his hips forward, his cock breaking through her hymen.

"AHHHHH!" Sabrina screamed. The pain quickly faded and Sabrina found herself floating in bliss. She never thought anything could be better then when Roxy had fucked her with her magical dick, but this was real, not some spell. And Harvey's cock felt like it was designed perfectly for her cunt, and her cunt alone.

Not satisfied with just having her pussy eaten, Jenny leaned forward, stretching over Sabrina's back. This forced the young blond to also lean down, her face within inches of Jenny's pussy. With room now available, Jenny leaned across Sabrina's back and started licking her tailbone. She followed the bone down to the two ass cheeks positioned below, and she spread them open so she could lick the little brown hole she found hidden.

Sabrina's body shook from a violent orgasm, snapping her out of her blissful stupor. Harvey groaned in pleasure as he felt Sabrina's vaginal muscles clamp down on his cock, but he wasn't ready to blow yet. Jenny had taught him great control before she brought him here.

Sabrina wasn't too happy with his control though. But she was to busy with Jenny's pussy. She found it incredibly beautiful. And incredibly wet. Jenny was really cumming down there. Sticking her tongue out, Sabrina started licking the sticky juices that flowed freely from her friend. Jenny purred her pleasure at the sudden attention, and returned it in kind to Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Harvey just kept pumping into Sabrina. His motions were getting faster because he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. Watching his two best friends eat each other out over top of his was just too much. With a beastial roar, he slammed home into Sabrina, forcing his cock as far inside as it would go, and unleashed his built up cum. Sabrina forgot about Jenny's pussy as she came up for air, crying in pleasure as she felt his seed flow into her. "Yes, Harvey, yes. OH GOD YESSS!!!!!" The intensity of this caused her to also have another orgasm, thus crushing Harvey's cock again, making his orgasm even better, and thus releasing more cum into her.

"ARGH!!" Harvey yelled back, his nails digging into her ass.

In fact, there was so much cum going inside that a lot of it started to spill out, sliding down to Harvey's balls. Luckily Jenny was still licking them, and she was able to lick the dripping cum clean, before it could stain the couch.

When both Harvey and Sabrina were finished, Harvey slowly pulled out, Sabrina enjoying every moment. The two girls then slid off of Harvey, enabling him to get up. Still on the couch, Jenny got onto her knees, and rested her hands on the couch's arm. She crushed her huge tits into the couch while her bare ass was pointed directly at Harvey, but he was still a bit soft after exploding in Sabrina. Not one to leave her friends hanging (pun intended), Sabrina leaned into Jenny and spread her ass cheeks wide open. She then once again stuck her little pink tongue into the little brown hole, causing Jenny to start moaning in pleasure. "Damn girl, you really have a thing for my ass, don't you." Jenny said over her shoulders.

Harvey didn't stay soft much longer, his cock becoming painfully hard once more at this site before him. Since Sabrina was still licking her ass, Harvey decided to just go into Jenny's fat, wet pussy.

His cock had no trouble slipping through. She had already told him that she had lost her virginity soon after she left their high school, and he had already found out that her pussy was fucked so much that it could fit a 13" salami. He knew this because, one, she showed him, and two, this wasn't the first time he had fucked her. She had found him a couple days ago, and he had been staying in her motel room with her since. Even though her pussy wasn't tight like Sabrina's, she could still do amazing tricks to his dick that a tight virgin pussy never could. Not to mention the fact that she could fit two cocks in it at once (another trick she showed him.)

Jenny's pussy was doing its trick now, sucking on his cock like a vacuum nozzle. She was able to contract her vaginal muscles around his cock and suck it in. But of course, it was attached to him, so the sudden tug-of-war action to his cock felt great.

Sabrina wasn't left out of this either. By now she had stuck two fingers into Jenny's asshole and was pumping them furiously.

"More!" Jenny cried out. "I want more!" Sabrina stuck in another finger. "MORE YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" Jenny ordered, and Sabrina was quick to shove her whole fist into the tiny hole. She was leaning so hard into the couch's arm, that her tits were being painfully crushed back into her chest. A button, making her cum even harder, would pinch her nipples. "YESSSS!!!!" She shouted. Sabrina suddenly felt her hand being sucked into Jenny's ass. The red haired whore was vacuuming her hand just like what she was doing to Harvey's cock.

This only made Sabrina hotter, but she really got wet when her wrist was getting pulled in. She could tell this was causing Jenny excruciating pain, because her friend was as hard as a dead cat, and her face was pulled back from cringing as she tried not to let the pain master her. Salty tears started dripping down her cheeks, and Sabrina suddenly wanted to pull out of her friend and beg her forgiveness, but Jenny seemed to sense this and she reached behind her with one hand and twisted one of Sabrina's nipples.

This caused the blond girl to squeal in pain, and her wrist was pulled deeper into Jenny's ass. "YES, YES, oh great LORD, YESSSS!!!" Jenny screamed as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Sabrina also had another orgasm from just watching this, but also because she just noticed that her free hand had been fingering her own pussy during all this. She had slid it down her tight stomach and had inserted three fingers without even realizing it. Her body had felt it, proven by the sudden orgasm shaking through he body that threatened to collapse her, but her mind hadn't noticed.

Harvey also had another orgasm, Jenny's pussy practically sucking it out of his cock, her womb sucking it down like a thirsty bar slut. When he was finished, he tried to pull out and collapse in a sweating pile with Sabrina, but Jenny wouldn't let either of them go until she was done. Harvey groaned as his dick was crushed inside her pussy, but he wasn't surprised. She never let him go until she wanted him out. During their first night together, she kept him in her cunt for over an hour as she had orgasm after orgasm. The problem was, after exploding more than five times, his dick wouldn't get soft. She somehow kept him hard the entire time. It was great, but extremely painful; like his cock was made of iron.

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