tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 01

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 01


It had been a long day and Sabrina was tired. She'd had to stay late to finish a project that her boss suddenly required by the morning, which was typical! Feeling slightly rebellious, she decided to do something she rarely did. A couple of drinks wouldn't hurt and besides, there was only tomorrow to get through before it was the weekend. She didn't even have to worry about drink driving as she had decided to walk to work that morning as part of her fitness regime.

Although not a vain person, Sabrina was proud of her figure. Standing at 5'9 tall, she had a firm statuesque figure, one that used to be called hourglass in the days before supermodels made being stick thin cool. She had a bust that most women would die for and generous hips with a slim waist rounding off the effect. Pair that with dark red hair that almost glowed when the sun hit it and fell below her shoulders in shining waves, together with startling emerald green eyes, and she was a women who turned heads. Maybe that was the trouble, she thought to herself. Maybe that's why I don't get many men expressing an interest. Oh sure they stare at me, but very few have the courage to actually come up to me and talk! She was still mulling these circumstances over when she walked into a bar that was situated just down the street from where she worked.

She paused as she entered the bar, looking around to find a table. To her dismay it seemed as if all the tables were occupied. She would have no choice but to sit at the bar or find another place. Deciding she was too tired to make the effort to move on, she walked towards the bar, where, as luck would have it, there was one stool left. Sliding her pencil skirt slightly up her legs so that she could sit comfortably on the high stool, she gestured to attract the bar tender's attention. When he came over she ordered a Bacardi & coke and settled down to wait for her drink.

Slowly she became aware of the man sat next to her, who was making no effort to hide the fact he was trying to see down the front of her silk blouse. Catching her eye, he winked and suggestively said "how about you and me taking that drink somewhere private?"

Drawing herself up to her full height, Sabrina stared at the man and icily said "Whatever gives you the idea I would want to associate myself with you?"

The man's face flushed an ugly shade of purple and he grabbed her wrist, twisting it painfully. Tears stung her eyes as she gasped in pain & shock at the unexpectedness of his actions. Suddenly the man's grip loosened as a strong hand reached around from behind her and clamped down on his fingers. "The lady said she doesn't want you bothering her," a deep voice said from behind. "Now I suggest you find somewhere else to be, before I decide to take things further!"

With a snarl on his face, but nevertheless making a move towards the door, the man reluctantly left. "Wise decision," the deep voice murmured.

Sabrina turned around to thank her rescuer and found herself staring up into a pair of steel blue eyes, set into a strong face complete with firmly chiselled jaw. "Thank you," she said. "I'm not usually so blunt with strangers. I guess I'm more tired than I thought I was!"

"Not a problem," the stranger said. "By the way, my name's Michael." He looked at her closely, frowned slightly and said "you look like you could do with a drink!"

Smiling shakily Sabrina replied that she had already ordered, and just at that moment, the bartender arrived with her drink.

"Please, allow me to pay for that," Michael said with a smile. "It's not often I get to rescue a damsel in distress!"

Sabrina had to laugh. She hadn't heard anything that corny in years. "Alright," she said, "Just as long as you promise not to say anything that old fashioned for the rest of the evening!" She winked as she said it, to let him know that she meant it as a joke.

"Ah, you've found my weakness!" Michael exclaimed, "but I promise, no more corn for the rest of the evening!"

Smiling, Sabrina took a sip of her drink, relishing the cool taste of the rum swirling around her mouth. However, her wrist was beginning to throb and she looked down to see an angry red mark forming.

"If you don't mind my saying, you should probably run that under some cold water to ease the pain," Michael suggested. "Don't worry," he said when Sabrina hesitated, "I'll make sure your drink's still here when you get back!"

As her wrist throbbed again, Sabrina decided it might be wise to follow his advice and made her way to the bathroom, where she ran her wrist under the tap for a couple of minutes. After splashing some water on her face to freshen up she made her way back out to the bar, to find Michael chatting amiably with the bartender. He rose to meet her and handed her back onto her stool. "Feeling better?" he asked, with concern showing in his eyes.

"Much" Sabrina replied.

Soon they were deeply engaged in conversation. Michael turned out to be widely travelled and entertained her with stories about his travels. One drink turned into two, and before she knew it, her watch was reading 10pm. "I have to go", she said. "My boss expects me in by 8am tomorrow!"

"Well, it was very nice meeting you Sabrina," Michael replied. "I hope we can meet again soon."

"I'd like that very much!" she said smiling up at him. She made to get down from the stool and suddenly the room swam. "Oh dear!" she said, putting her hand to her head, "I think maybe I shouldn't have drunk alcohol when I was so tired!"

"Are you ok?" Michael asked, frowning.

"Sure," she replied, but then swayed again.

"That does it!" Michael exclaimed. "I'm taking you home!"

Sabrina weakly tried to protest, but was really feeling too woozy to do anything but cling to him as he walked her out of the bar. "My car is just around the corner" he told her. "Hang on for a few more minutes."

By the time they reached his car, Sabrina was trembling violently and clinging to Michael to stay upright. Opening the passenger door, Michael lowered her gently into the seat and fastened her seatbelt. The last thing she remembered before passing out completely was the sound of his car starting and vaguely wondering how he knew where she lived, as she hadn't told him where to go.

Sabrina slowly opened her eyes to pitch darkness. Her mouth felt very dry and her head was pounding. "God, what a hangover!" she thought, putting her hand to her head. At least, that's what she tried to do. With rising panic she realised that she couldn't move her hands. They were attached to something above her head. Her legs had been similarly restrained.

All of a sudden she heard voices. "You played your part admirably, as usual" she heard Michael's voice say. "Your usual fee, in cash, as per our agreement".

"My pleasure!" growled another voice which she was startled to recognise as belonging to the man who had accosted her in the bar. "I would enjoy seeing you break that one! Far too high & mighty!"

"That's as maybe" Michael's voice replied, as cold as ice, "but your services are no longer required."

Sabrina trembled violently as she suddenly realised the seriousness of her situation. Futilely, she struggled against her restraints, but whatever had been used held her far too tightly for her to do anything. Still, she continued until she was panting from exertion and a slight sheen of sweat covered her body.

Suddenly she froze as a growing beam of light indicated that the door to wherever she was being held was opened. She gasped as the light from the doorway illuminated the room in which she was being held. There were no windows to be seen and there were hooks and rings set into the walls, ceiling and floor. A number of strange items of furniture were arranged around the room and she realised that she had been chained to a padded table.

Michael walked into the room and stood staring down at her. No longer smiling, his eyes roved over her body in a cold appraisal.

"What are you doing? Why have you brought me here?" Sabrina cried.

"Silence!" Michael commanded. "You are here because I decided I wanted you and you will learn that whatever I want I get! From now on you will speak only when told to do so. You exist for my pleasure and will do whatever I tell you to do, whenever I tell you to do it!"

"Like hell I wil,l" Sabrina spat. "I'd rather die!"

A cruel gleam entered Michael's eyes. "You may well wish you had by the time I finish with you, if you don't learn to obey me!" he growled. "Your training starts now. For a start you are wearing inappropriate clothes."

Moving across the room he opened a drawer and took out a knife. The blade gleamed as he held it to the light and Sabrina shrank away in fear. Slowly Michael advanced towards her and lowered the knife to her abdomen. With a swift motion he had inserted the knife under the waistband of her skirt and quickly ripped upwards, the material fell away to either side of her hips as it parted. Trailing the knife tip up her waist he again inserted it under her blouse and ripped upwards. The material parted up the centre leaving her bra exposed. Then he applied the knife again to each of the shoulders and the blouse fell away completely.

By now Sabrina was rigid with fear. Michael reversed the blade and gently traced a line around her neck and down between her breasts. Despite herself, Sabrina felt her body responding. Before she could take a breath, Michael had suddenly reversed the knife once again and swiftly cut through the front of her bra and both shoulder straps. As had the blouse before, the bra fell away completely, exposing her breasts. There was a slight draft in the room and her nipples stiffened in response.

His eyes gleaming with appreciation, Michael now moved the knife slowly and lightly back down between Sabrina's breasts towards her briefs. Closing her eyes, she knew what was coming next. Sure enough, with two swift strokes either side of her hips, she felt her briefs part company.

Moving his hand slowly between her legs, Michael reached down and pulled her briefs out from under her, making sure to feel her pussy as he did so. To her embarrassment, she was starting to get wet.

"You bastard!" she hissed, trying valiantly to defy him.

His expression hardened. "I told you that you will not speak unless spoken to. If you cannot obey a simple order then I will have to take measures and you will be punished!"

With that, he turned on his heel and strode back towards the drawers from which he had taken the knife. As he replaced the knife in the drawer, he took something else out and moved swiftly back to where Sabrina was restrained. Her eyes widened as she saw that he was holding some sort of hood and a wide leather collar.

"I can see that you have not yet realised your situation," Michael said chillingly. "This room is completely sound proof and I can do whatever I want without interruptions. It is time you realise you will obey me. You have no choice. You are my slave and this is the symbol of your servitude."

With that he grabbed her by the hair with one hand and raised her head, whilst the other slipped the collar around her throat. With a click, the locking mechanism built into the collar activated and the collar fit snugly. "There!" Michael stated. "Now you are properly attired. You will no longer be allowed to wear clothes unless I wish you to and you will only wear what I tell you to wear. You are to obey me in all things!"

He reached for the hood and Sabrina's eyes widened. Then he stopped and looked at her consideringly. "Hmm, maybe not," he murmured, "I think you need to see what is about to be done so that you can fully appreciate what is to be done to you!"

With that, Michael strode back to the drawers once more. This time, however, he rolled out a metal trolley that had been concealed behind the drawers. Sabrina couldn't quite see what lay on the trolley and shivered in apprehension. Michael rolled the trolley down to the end of the table and Sabrina could hear something click. All of a sudden she could feel her legs being pulled apart – the table must have been made to split apart! Finally, when her legs had been stretched as wide as they would go, she heard two more clicks, as Michael obviously locked the table sections into place. She was now completely exposed and unable to do anything about it!

Michael took something from the table and all of a sudden Sabrina could feel a warm, sticky substance covering her crotch, from front to back. Then with a firm hand, Michael smoothed what felt like material over the front of her pussy. A sudden, agonising pain shot through Sabrina as he swiftly yanked the material away and she realised that the substance must be wax! He repeated his action over and over again, each time sending shockwaves through her body until she felt she could stand no more! He worked his way methodically from front to back until he was sure that she was completely smooth everywhere. Then he looked at her.

"From now on you will keep yourself smooth at all times! I require my slaves to be naked in every way. If I find even the trace of hair, you will be punished!"

Then Sabrina felt more warm liquid running over her pussy, but this time it was oily. Michael made sure to rub this into her pussy thoroughly and she was dismayed to feel herself responding. He worked his way backwards, inserting his finger between her folds and up inside her, distributing the oil thoroughly. Then she tensed. He had not finished! He was now rubbing more oil around her back passage and suddenly she felt his finger invading her.

"No," she cried, "don't. I don't want that!"

"How many times do I have to tell you that what you want no longer matters!" Michael hissed. You will do as I say!"

Angry now, Michael turned and once again picked up something from the trolley. Sabrina tensed as she felt a pad being inserted underneath her, raising her hips from the table. Before she could draw breath to protest or wonder what was going to happen next, she felt something cold and metallic forced into her pussy. As she drew breath to gasp, she felt to her horror, something pushing against her hole, firmly and without relinquishing pressure until she felt she was going to be ripped apart! She realised what had happened. Michael had inserted something into both her pussy and her anus! She tried with all her might to expel the unwanted objects. Frowning down at her Michael paused.

"It seems that you still have not learned to obey. Very well, you have asked for this!"

Swiftly he reached once again to the trolley and picked up a strange leather combination. He fastened the thinner part around her waist until it was snug, then reached underneath and pulled the wider part through her legs and fastened it to the front with a padlock. The wide leather covered both her holes and there was now no way she could expel anything.

Tears were by now leaking from Sabrina's eyes and running down her face. As she stared up at him Michael looked down at her and said "now it is time for you to learn your place!"

With that he fiddled with something at in the middle of the table and Sabrina suddenly felt electrical pulses start to run though both her pussy and her anus. No matter how she tried to squirm away, she could not avoid the sensations. Michael just stood there looking down at her as she writhed on the table below him. Her face started to flush and a sheen of sweat started to coat her skin as despite herself, her body moved slowly and inexorably towards climax. Just when she thought she was going to tip over the edge into orgasm, everything shut down and she was left panting and aching for release. Michael looked at her reactions and laughed softly.

"Oh no, my slave," he said. "You will not be allowed to cum until I say you can! This machine has been designed to gauge your reactions and cut off just before you reach your peak. This will continue until you have learnt obedience and recognised that I am your master!"

With that the vibrations began again and laughing Michael turned on his heel and walked towards the door. Pausing at the doorframe, he looked back at Sabrina, helpless on the table. "Enjoy!" he said, and laughing he turned around switched off the light and closed the door behind him, leaving Sabrina helpless and bound in the darkness.

Exhausted and disoriented, Sabrina had lost track of all time. Repeatedly, she had been brought to the brink of orgasm, only for everything to shut down completely, leaving her desperately craving release. Her body was coated with sweat and she could no longer stop the tremors that were constantly running through her body. Finally, a shaft of light indicated that the door was once again opening and a figure stood silhouetted in the doorway. Michael had returned.

Striding over to the table where she lay bound and exhausted, he coolly ran his eyes over her body, nodding slightly to himself as her saw the state she was in. He flicked off the switch and finally the vibrations died away.

"I trust understand the situation now?" he asked.

Too tired to speak, Sabrina simply nodded.

"Not good enough slave! When I ask you a question I expect you to answer!"

Reaching down, his fingers pinched her right nipple and twisted hard. Sabrina cried out in pain. "Yes!" she gasped.

"Not good enough slave" he said and reached down to repeat the process on her left nipple. Again she cried out in agony. "What did I tell you? You will always address me as master!"

"Yes Master!" Sabrina cried, tears streaming down her face.

"That's better," said Michael, "But I think my slave needs a constant reminder."

Once again he moved to the trolley and picked something up from it.

"You will be wearing these until you can demonstrate you have truly learnt obedience," he told Sabrina, holding a pair of nipple clamps in front of her.

Wide eyed she moaned as once again he pinched her right nipple, flicking it painfully and squeezing until despite her exhaustion, the nipple started to become erect. Swiftly, before Sabrina had time to open her mouth in protest, Michael attached the clamp and started to tighten it, not stopping until it had pinched so tightly closed that the nipple had almost formed an hour glass.

"Please, I can't bear it!" Sabrina sobbed.

"Slave you will learn that what you can and can't bear holds no interest for me" Michael said menacingly, and proceeded to flick & squeeze her left nipple until once again it too was erect. Again with no mercy, he tightened the second clamp until her left nipple formed the same shape as the right. The pain was indescribable, a constant throb which she could not escape.

Dimly Sabrina perceived that Michael had changed. No longer was he wearing shirt and slacks, but was instead dressed in a black silk robe. She shuddered to think what this might signify.

"Now slave, it is time to demonstrate how well you have learnt your first lesson," Michael told her.

Reaching down beside the table he pressed a switch and Sabina could feel the apparatus sinking lower and wondered what was in store for her next. When the table had reached the desired height Michael stopped it and looked down at Sabrina.

"Slave, you are being trained to accommodate my every need. I am already seeing to it that you will service me with both your pussy and your ass. Now you must demonstrate that your mouth will service me equally well."

He frowned down at her.

"I warn you, failure to come up to my expectations will result in severe punishment. You have already incurred my displeasure and I will be ensuring a suitable punishment will be meted out later. For now all you need to know is that if I am not satisfied with your performance, you will regret it, so I urge you to do your best!"

Sabrina stared up at him wide-eyed. He was demanding things of her that she had always resisted, first by inserting a vibrator into her virgin back passage and now insisting that she perform oral sex on him! Never had she been more humiliated, but she was too tired to resist as he released the front of his robe and stood over her. Now she understood why the table had been lowered. It was now just at the right height for him to push his cock against her mouth.

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