tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSabrina's Submission Ch. 06

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 06


"Now slave" Michael commanded when he was sure Sabrina had finished. "Clean yourself up and return to the main room. Do not keep me waiting!"

"Yes, Master" Sabrina replied, immediately going to the hand basin.

Looking into the mirror, she was surprised by what she saw. Although exhausted, her skin was glowing and her eyes were clear. They drifted lower to take in the effect of her bound breasts. These were round and full, with the nipples standing out proud, showing off to great effect the golden rings with which they had been pierced. Almost involuntarily, her fingers rose to caress her nipples, running them softly around the aureoles and over the tips.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Michael thundered, from the doorway.

Sabrina flinched. She had forgotten he would be there! Now she was in trouble, for she knew her master was angry.

Michael strode into the bathroom and grabbed Sabrina by the hair.

"Down on your knees, slave!" he shouted, shoving her roughly to the floor.

Whimpering, Sabrina swiftly complied. She opened her mouth to apologise.

"No talking Slave. You have severely displeased me and now you will pay the price!" Michael grated.

Pulling her by the hair, he dragged her out of the bathroom and back into the main room. He took a clip from his pocket and attached on end to a d-ring on her collar and the other to a ring in the floor. He then clipped Sabrina's wrists together behind her and pulled down a hook from the ceiling. He then raised it until her arms were raised painfully high in the air. He left her there weeping whilst he moved around the room, preparing the equipment he would be using for her punishment.

Sabrina was shaking with dread. Her position was very painful and meant that she could not see Michael's face or what he was doing. She could tell, however, by the tone of his voice and the abrupt way that he was moving about the room, that he was extremely angry! Finally his footsteps approached the place where she knelt. He detached her collar from the floor ring and yanked her head back to look at him.

"I had been inclined to be lenient today, Slave," he informed her, "seeing as you had done so well. However, you have now spoilt that and I must take steps to make sure that you never forget your place, ever again!"

Pulling painfully on her hair, Michael jerked her to her feet and pushed her a couple of metres into the centre of the room. There she saw a large metal hoop set within a frame which had been brought out from where it had stood against one of the walls. It was now locked into place via specially designed slots in the floor and ceiling.

Michael grabbed Sabrina's wrists and one by one attached them to rings set at the top of the circle. Then he did the same with her ankles. Finally, he plaited a leather thong through her hair and attached it so tightly to another ring at the very top of the circle that it set up a constant ache in her scalp. When Michael was finished, Sabrina was held in a spread position, arms and legs held out in an X, her head locked into position and her body completely immobilised but easily accessible to whatever was in store for her.

"By the time I have finished with you today, you will wish that you had never forgotten your place, slave" Michael hissed. "You will bow to my will or I shall break you. It is your choice!"

Sabrina shivered at the menace in his voice. She had thought things were bad before. How much worse were they now going to get!

Michael moved out of her sight and went to his set of drawers. Returning to where she was restrained he showed her a pair of nipple clamps. Swiftly, he set about removing the ropes that still encircled her breasts. She could not stop a moan escaping as feeling suddenly rushed back into her breasts, bringing a stinging sensation. She was, however, to get no reprieve.

No sooner had the ropes fallen to the floor than Michael gripped and pinched first one, then the other of her nipples, locking into place the pair of clamps. Sabrina cried out in pain. This pair was more severe than any she had previously experienced. That coupled with the sensations flooding back into her breasts, combined with the tenderness being caused by the fresh piercings was almost more than she could endure. Then to her dismay, Michael took a pair of heavy weights and attached these to each of the clamps, unmercifully letting them suddenly drop so that the full weight dragged against her sensitive nipples. Sabrina screamed in agony.

Without giving any sign that he had heard her cries of pain, Michael moved back to the drawers and removed a huge vibrator & butt plug. Without hesitation he pushed the vibrator against Sabrina's pussy, forcing it, inch by inch, up inside her until it rested at the very neck of her cervix. Then, using the smallest amount of lubrication possible to ensure maximum discomfort, he pushed the butt plug into her asshole, unmercifully keeping up the pressure despite her screams until its entire length was inside her.

By now tears were pouring down Sabrina's face, but Michael was not yet finished. He pulled a tube of toothpaste from his pocket and liberally smeared it between her pussy lips and over her clit. At first nothing happened, but then Sabrina tried to writhe away from the burning sensation it was creating. However, restrained as she was, there was little she could do to escape.

Michael now moved across the room to a cupboard, which he opened. Laid out inside were a variety of whips and floggers, ranging from a simple flat paddle through to a full length bull whip. He selected a couple of implements and closed the doors. Striding back to where Sabrina was held, he showed her what he had brought. The first was a thin, flexible cane that whistled as he whipped it through the air. The second was a flogger – a leather whip that ended in multiple thin strands, each with a small knot at its very tip.

"Very well slave" he told her. "This is to be your punishment. For the mild disobedience you showed this morning you shall receive ten cuts from the cane. Ten across your back and ten across your front. However, for your gross disobedience in the bathroom, that of not obeying your Master's wishes and for touching yourself, you shall receive ten more strokes, this time from the flogger."

Sabrina almost fainted from shock and fear. She had barely survived yesterday's punishment! How was she to endure this?

"Please, Master, please don't do this!" Sabrina begged, tears streaming down her face. "I cannot take such punishment!"

"Silence, Slave" Michael yelled. "It is not up to you to decide what punishment I mete out!"

With that he took hold of the cane and brought it whistling down hard across her ass. Her right cheek exploded in pain as a line of fire sprang up under the mark left by the cane. Again, Michael brought the cane down hard, this time against her left cheek. Then, with slow deliberation he laid cuts across her back, shoulders and thighs, one after another until her skin was marked with a crisscross of red weals. Finally he came to the last stroke. Taking careful aim he brought the cane down hard across the crack in her ass, pushing the plug hard up inside her. Sabrina screamed in agony and passed out.

She was brought back to consciousness by Michael throwing a bucket of ice cold water into her face. Shocked by this treatment, Sabrina could only stare at him as he once again picked up the cane. This time he laid stripes across the tops of her thighs, her stomach and her breasts, drawing a line of fire in the wake of each stroke. The pain was excruciating, especially when then cane caught the weights hanging from the nipple clamps, setting them swinging and adding yet more agony to her tender and abused nipples. Finally the last stroke came, and he laid it directly across her pussy. For the second time, Sabrina fainted.

This time, Michael let her regain consciousness herself. In the meantime, he unclipped the locks holding the circle stationary and rotated it until Sabrina was held upside down. He then locked it back into position. Finally Sabrina came around, her eyes flying wide as she realised she was upside down.

"Well slave, that is the first part of your punishment completed" Michael informed her.

With that he shook out the tails of the flogger, making sure to do so in front of her so that she could appreciate the full enormity of what was coming next. Moving behind her, he drew back his arm and let swing. The tails whipped across her body, each landing with a stinging sensation as it met her skin. Before long, her entire back was glowing red and crossed with different widths of stripes. She was sobbing and screaming from the pain and it took her a while to realise that vibrations had started deep within her pussy and her ass. Michael had turned his appliances on!

Pausing only to move around to her front, Michael once again laid into her front, making sure to lay strokes across her tender breasts and pussy. For Sabrina, hanging upside down with no means to escape either the punishment or the effects of the vibrators the boundaries between pain and pleasure were starting to merge. The pain from the flogger was intense, but her pussy was hot and wet and her body was starting an inexorable rise towards climax. "How could this be?" she thought dazedly. This should not be happening. Soon, however, she could no longer deny that her body was crying out for orgasm. Michael noticed the change in her body and paused in his punishment. There were two strokes left to go.

"Well, slave?" he asked. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Please Master, I'm very sorry I disobeyed you!" Sabrina wept.

"That's better, slave" he replied and made as if to leave her there.

"Please Master," Sabrina cried, "Don't leave me here! I need to cum!"

"Well you may not do so," said Michael. "You know you must have my permission and so therefore you must resist!"

Wide-eyed Sabrina nodded dejectedly. With every fibre of her being, she concentrated on holding off the orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm her. Michael watched her, judging carefully from the tremors running through her body how close she was to orgasm. Finally he judged that she would not be able to hold out much longer.

"Well slave, I have decided that that you may cum...... on one condition!" he added as hope flared in her eyes. "You may cum only after the last stroke of your punishment. You have two strokes left to go."

By now Sabrina was desperate and would have agreed to anything Michael asked of her.

"Yes Master, your slave will obey!" she told him.

"Very well, slave, remember, only after the last stroke has landed" Michael instructed.

With that he laid the first blow across her nipples, once again setting the weights swinging. Sabrina screamed. Then taking his time, he aimed carefully and laid the last blow directly across her clit. Again Sabrina screamed.

"Now slave, you may cum" Michael informed her and Sabrina crashed over the edge into the most intense orgasm she had ever experience. Pain and pleasure had merged until she could no longer distinguish which was which and her body shook and shuddered in reaction. Finally Michael switched off the vibrators and wiped away the toothpaste from her clit. Limp and exhausted, Sabrina hung upside down in her restraints. Slowly Michael unlocked the hoop and gently rotated it until Sabrina was once again upright. Locking it into place he first unclipped the clamps and weights from her nipples, then released her hair from its bondage, closely followed by her ankles. As he detached her wrists, Sabrina fell forward into his arms, where he gently cradled her.

Gently he ran a finger down between her breasts, tracing a line down her belly towards her navel. Sabrina moaned and nestled closer to him. She looked and felt so defenceless and vulnerable that his cock throbbed with desire. Sweeping her up into his arms Michael strode into the bedroom, laying her on the bed. One by one he eased the vibrators out of her, gently stroking her and soothing her all the time.

Sabrina murmured in protest as she felt Michael's body leave hers but within moments he was lying beside her, skin against skin, his hands and lips exploring her body, stroking her, caressing her, his fingertips moving like silk against her skin. Finally they drifted down between her legs, pressing aside the lips of her pussy to delve deep within. Sabrina moaned and moved her body against his. This felt so good! Then his fingers withdrew and she felt his cock seeking entrance whilst his hand moved up to cover her mound, fingers finding and stimulating her clit. Slowly at first, and then with more urgency his cock thrust inside her, moving with an urgency that her body was matching. This was what she wanted! She wanted her master so much!

"Please Master," she whispered, "I want you so much! Take me and do with me what you will, I live but to serve you."

Michael groaned as he heard these words and buried his lips in the column of her throat, kissing the soft silkiness of her skin. He was so close now! His rhythm became more urgent, his cock now buried deep within her and his fingers stimulating her clit. He could feel it as their bodies started to rise together towards climax. Finally he could hold back no more and with one final thrust he spilled his seed within her, pinching down on her clit he could feel her reach the peak. As one they hit the peak of climax, each gripped by a wave of sensation. Slowly, very slowly they started to descend until finally, their bodies intertwined, they drifted off to sleep.

Michael awoke first and spent some time looking down at his slave. Her body was covered with angry welts, left from the severe whipping she had endured the night before. Gently he ran his fingers over the ridges left on her skin. Sabrina winced, but was still deeply asleep, exhausted from the events of the day before. He had been harsh with her, he admitted to himself, but her complete surrender to him had been worth it. To feel her body so pliant, so responsive to his touch and to hear her place herself completely in his hands was the greatest aphrodisiac he could ever have!

He cast his mind back to the first time he had seen her. They had both been at a conference and although she had not noticed him from across the room, his attention had been drawn to her as she stood, self-possessed and aloof. He noticed several men glancing her way surreptitiously and then moving on, obviously unnerved by her obvious aura of self-assurance. Men like that were weak, he thought. Too insecure and unsure of their own worth, they were intimidated and felt threatened by this woman. Not Michael, however. He had a self assurance to match hers, even surpass it. His many years as a master had taught him that strong women often made the best submissives once their barriers had been broken down. It took great strength of character to become a slave, to give your life over completely to another. The woman, he felt looking at her, might have the potential to be the very best!

From that moment on, Michael made a point of finding out as much as he could about her. Finding where she worked was easy, he had only to look at the sign in sheet at the conference to find that she worked for a high powered media firm. By the looks of it, she was being held back, due no doubt to the insecurities of those above her! Gradually he expanded his search, finding out the details of her personal life, noting that she had no close family or friends and seemed devoted to her job.

This was a made to measure proposition! It would be easy to separate her from her life without causing too many ripples and with little chance of anyone raising too many questions about her disappearance. The only fly in the ointment seemed to be her boss, who piled far too much work onto her shoulders and then turned around and took all the credit! He would surely scream should she disappear! However, as he had told Sabrina yesterday, it had been a simple matter to lay evidence of his abuse of his position where it could be easily found. It had then merely required a telephone call to the HR department purporting to be from a well known sanatorium to set the ball rolling. He had informed the HR officer that Sabrina had suffered a complete nervous breakdown due to the unacceptable workload that her boss had put her under. He then went on to explain that they would be moving her to a quiet sanctuary in the country where she could rest and recuperate, and that she was therefore handing in her notice. Of course, with the spectre of a lawsuit hovering before them, the officer had agreed not to hold her to her 2 months notice period, and the deed was done. Her boss, they assured him, would be thoroughly investigated.

Looking down again, Michael noticed that Sabrina was still deeply asleep. Rising slowly and quietly so as not to wake her, Michael slipped into the bathroom. Once there he turned on the taps to the bath and sorted through the bottles arrayed on the shelf above it. Finally he found what he was looking for. The oil in the bottle would help to ease the pain in her muscles and joints that she was bound to feel this morning. In addition, it had properties which would help to numb the pain of her beating. He withdrew the stopper and poured a liberal amount into the bath and then tested the temperature of the water. It should be just about right. Hot enough to open the pores in her skin to allow the oil to work, but not so hot that her abused body could not stand it. Turning off the taps, he walked back into the bedroom and gently shook Sabrina awake.

Her eyes still sleepy, Sabrina finally focussed on Michael standing above her and then hissed in pain as a the results of her punishment made themselves abundantly known. Fearfully she looked up at her master, confused by the sudden changes in his personality yesterday and was unsure what to expect today.

"I'm sure that my slave must be sore from her punishment" he told her gently. "I have run you a bath which should ease the pain."

Sabrina stared up at him, searching his face for confirmation. Michael smiled down at her. "Come along now slave, don't let the water get cold!" he said.

Hardly believing this change in her master, Sabrina quickly slipped off the bed, wincing at the pain travelling through her body. Without being told, she sank to her knees and proceeded to crawl into the bathroom. Michael followed her in and as she made to get into the bath he put out his hand to stop her. Her eyes flew to his face, wondering what she had done wrong.

"Slave, you cannot have your bath with your cuffs on, they will shrink and cut off your circulation!", he explained, taking out a key and unlocking both her wrist and ankle cuffs. "Now you may get in" he told her.

Reaching out a hand to steady her as she stepped into the bath, he was rewarded by a dazzling smile.

"Thank you Master" she said, wincing slightly as she lowered herself into the hot water.

"Now slave, can I trust you to behave yourself when you are alone? I have to attend to some things."

"Oh yes, Master!" Sabrina replied.

"Very well slave, I will trust you." Michael told her and left the room.

Sabrina sighed and sank deeper into the water. The heat started to soothe her strained muscles and before long she felt she was up to running a sponge over her skin. Picking one off shelf, she squeezed some liquid soap onto it and started to gently wash her body, wincing as it ran over the raised welts inflicted by the whips. Finally, she shampooed her hair and conditioned it before stepping from the bath and wrapping herself in a fluffy towel which Michael had laid out for her, patting herself dry and trying to avoid aggravating the welts.

Moving to the hand basin she brushed her teeth then moved back into the bedroom, where she smoothed moisturiser over her face before drying her hair. Looking down, she noticed that Michael had left the wrist and ankle cuffs on the dressing table. Hesitating only slightly, Sabrina took them and clipped them around her wrists and legs. Michael, watching her through the two-way mirror above the dressing table, nodded to himself, pleased. Good! She was already accepting her new role. Making sure to make enough noise so that she would hear him, Michael approached the door to the main room. Swiftly, Sabrina ran from the bedroom and was waiting for him, kneeling on the floor with her legs apart, hands behind her head and her eyes cast down.

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