Thanks to BlueStarGrrrl for her editing assistance. A very short story, a request from an editor.

The slab was cold, the surface against my naked skin leaving my body chilled, my nipples hard, taut. I remembered little about what had happened, feeling lightheaded only to awaken, my eyes having a difficult time focusing, seeing the surroundings as if through a gauze curtain. The cathedral like building, the pentagram on the wall, the murmurs, almost chanting like sounds filling the enormous room.

I tried to move but it was as if my body would nor respond to my mind's command. Laid out like some kind of sacrificial lamb, my clothing gone, my body brazenly displayed as I saw the many figures who drew near, each of them wearing the same robe, their faces hidden behind their cowls. Only one stood out, the one who even now leaned over my, his garment red in color, almost that of blood.

As he pulled his covering back, I could not help it, my look recoiling in horror. The mask was grotesque, like one of those animals on a carousel I had seen once, all showing either tortured faces or a glimpse into madness. The only openings were for the wearer to breath and at his mouth which he placed over my own and with a whimper escaping my lips, his tongue demanded entrance and I was helpless to disobey.

It was as if he were drinking from my very soul, my body floating as I looked down to see the throng as they disrobed, all of them male, each and every one naked with the exception of their own unique masks. All of them aroused, my eyes frantically taking in the sight but unable to run, to move as I felt a sharp pain, the man who had tasted of my kiss, now desiring to taste of my life’s essence, the stiletto in his hand having cut my right breast, blood welling from the wound.

His tongue flickered forth, my eyes wide at the sight of the serpent like appendage. He seemed to savor it like a fine wine before turning, nodding to the many and it became like a feeding frenzy. My body lifted, positioned and within seconds impaled. Men whose bloodlust was only exceeded by their primal need, their physical lust as my body began to be used. I screamed as the first one filled me, like nothing I had felt before, stretching me beyond the limits of any lover who had previously partaken of my charms.

With my cry, my mouth was required, the large man who filled my vision, filling it with his cock and I felt my body react, whimpering around his manhood. I had been positioned on all fours and I felt a third as he pressed against my rosebud, demanding entrance. I shivered as he violated me, taking from me that which I had never granted another before. Tears filled my eyes and to my shame, I physically began to respond.

Hands mauled my body, grabbing pieces of flesh, one by one each of them suckling at my breast, drinking from the well that their Master had opened. I felt as the man inside my womb stiffened, with an animalistic cry filling me with his seed as eager hands pulled him away and another took his place. Another cock slamming into me as my body responded in kind.

Where before I had been a helpless captive, now I was a more than willing participant. I began to writhe, to push against the intruders, my own desires, my body betraying me as I felt yet more desire flow forth. My mouth filling to overflowing, as I greedily partook of my prize. The third who had first tasted my charms joining shortly, only to be pulled aside as the crowds lust and mine grew with each passing second.

The night was long, my body used time and time again, their thirst unquenchable, my own seemingly the same. With each use, my mind fell deeper and deeper into the carnal dream which was unfolding before my very eyes. By the time it seemingly ended, my body covered in not only the desires of my tormentors but also my own, having lost track of the number of times I had found pleasure mixing with pain and welcoming both.

Finally, the one who had started it all came back into view. Still wearing his burgundy garment, his face looking down upon me as I seemed to view it from above where I lay, like a vision in my mind. My body lay open, like a flower, my sex dripping, wanting him, needing him and as he disrobed and I cried out at what I saw. The sound becoming a scream as he filled me, my body feeling as if it were being torn in two. The pain so exquisite, the pleasure so decadent, my need so great.

Where before it had been mortal men who had taken their pleasure from me, this was different. His stamina, his power flowing through my body, the two of us dancing as one. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head as an orgasm like no other gripped me and I rode it like a wave of never ending pleasure. One spilling into the next one, leaving me without a moment to breath. My back arching, my body like a puppet on a string and he held the strings as he made me dance.

Time held no meaning, whether night had vanished into day, the only thing I could think of was I never wanted this feeling to end. Though I felt his need reach its zenith, his body move even faster, my own helpless against the onslaught as with a sound like that of a thousand roars the cavern was filled and so was I. His desire spilling forth, literally overflowing me as I screamed in what I could only think might be madness.

I closed my eyes, my body now shivering violently until I felt a hand touch my face. My eyes slowly fluttered open as I saw his claw like hand extend and I simply allowed him to pull me from the slab to stand next to him. Two approached, a matching garment to their Masters being pulled over my head, covering my body, my face as the chanting began anew.

He turned me, my body now at the point of exhaustion as he lifted me as if I were a feather, the hood falling back as my eyes tried to focus, seeing his own. They swam with blood, the eyes of one who was more than man and as I gazed into them, I saw mine reflected back to me. They too…were changing.


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