tagIncest/TabooSaffron and Sam Ch. 05

Saffron and Sam Ch. 05


Sam Takes a Ride on the Bus – Tamika Brown

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age unless otherwise noted. All characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidence.

It was Sunday morning and I woke up refreshed although there was a lot playing on my mind. I felt such a connection on my date with Barb, but couldn't help feeling very intimidated by her. Yes, we had an excellent time in bed and I thought she was beautiful. She treated me very well, but the incidents of people commenting on my age, seemed to bother her so much. I thought it would be very hard to continue dating her with that kind of stress on her, as well as me. So I decided I wasn't going to pursue her. Saffron had given me words of encouragement, but they just didn't seem to be enough for me. I felt like if I pursued this, I would end up getting my heart broken.

I had a good breakfast with the family and then headed over to Gerald's house to do some practicing with the band. I had bought a new Boss DR – 880 drum machine, which would allow us to expand some of the songs we played.

I guess now would be a good time to explain my financial situation. My grandfather, George Sanderson, held a doctorate in economics and had published five books. When my father decided to forgo college to attend a culinary school, his father had practically disowned him. He felt that my father should've attended college and had not lived up to its fullest potential. My grandfather dearly loved my mother and doted on his grandchildren. To this end, he had set up trust funds for Saffron and myself when we were born from money he had obtained by making a killing in stocks. As an example of the further condemnation of my father he made my mother the executor of the trusts. My father had always disliked the trusts in our names because he felt we should work for things. This leads me to my explanation of my finances.

According to the trust, when I turned 18, I received a check for $10,000 to spend as I saw fit. I put most of the money back into the trust to continue making money, while taking out $500 for my drum machine. When I graduated, I was to receive another $10,000 check, which I instructed mother to keep in the trust as well. If I attended college, I would receive $2500 a month in my living expenses, as well as tuition and books. If I graduated from college with a degree, I would receive the balance of the trust in four separate payments within the first year. If I did not phase college, the money would go to several charities. I'm not sure how much was going to be in the trust, but I do know it was over $1 million. Saffron received the same terms as I did.

Anyway, when I got to Gerald's, everyone was already there and set up. I got a barely impish smile from Charlie and kind of a disgusted look from Rick, our lead guitarist. Like I said before, he had a thing for Charlie, which was very one-sided. I don't think he was any too happy with what transpired after we finished playing at the sorority party. Gerald gave us some good news, telling us that word had gotten around and we had received several offers for gigs on the fraternity/sorority circuit. He had accepted most of them, being careful not to schedule any overlap. We worked out two new songs during practice and we thought they sounded perfect.

The rest of Sunday was relatively uneventful. Saffron was out with the mad pack and when she came home I was watching television in the basement family room. She came over and jumped on the couch right beside me and said, "What's up, bro?"

"I was sitting here watching this television program, until I was so rudely interrupted."

"Well, kiss my ass, bro. Speaking of asses, boy did you make an impression on Barb. She went on and on about your date and about what a gem when you were to the whole group. I just explained that I had taught you well."

"Actually if you'd been responsible for it, I'd have hit her in the head with a club. "

"Okay jerk, just for that no popcorn for you."

"I don't see any popcorn, I'm just hearing a lot of lip."

"Well, I was going to make some for myself and included enough for you, but you can forget it now."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I was just joking with you, geez."

"I'll still make enough for my favorite brother, don't worry."

"I would take this time to remind you, that I'm here only brother, but I'm afraid you'll renege on the popcorn offer."

She just laughed and went upstairs to make the popcorn yelling back at me to find a good movie. I found us a good romantic comedy, her taste in movies, not mine. When she came back down with the bowl of popcorn, she saw the movie, sat down beside me, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Sammy, it made me so proud to hear Barb talking that way about you. It's really hard to make an impression on my friends, but you succeeded. The only one that scoffed a little, when Barb was regaling you as a date, was CC. I don't know what's gotten up her ass lately, but I'm getting a little tired of it. She's my best friend, but treats me like a pariah anymore. We' re going to have to have a little talk."

"I don't think you need to get your hopes up, sis, I don't think anything's going to come of me and Barb. It was just too awkward between us."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Sammy, I think you're a good fit for her and she really likes you. She did say that you verbally kicked Roxanne's ass for her, though. That girl needed an attitude adjustment. I think you could handle Barb, Sammy."

As we watched the movie and ate the popcorn, our parents both opened the door within 5 min. of each other to tell us good night and not to stay up too late. After yelling good night we settled into the movie for the last hour. Saffron started becoming a little affectionate, putting her arm around me, and nibbling lightly on my ear. It was starting to get me turned on and then she really did it. She whispered raggedly into my ear, "Sammy, take me in your bedroom and fuck me, now."

She wasn't going to get an argument from me, so I took her by the hand and we walked into the bedroom. When we got door shut with her back to me, she slipped off her robe and removed her white silk négligée. As it dropped to the floor, I took a moment to marvel at her beauty. Her apple sized tits were just big enough for the shape of her body. Her ass, although not able to compete with Barb, was still fine to look at. I slid my right hand around her body and cupped her right breast, while I slid my left hand around and began fondling her wet, soggy snatch.

I knew she was in one need a lot of foreplay, but I enjoyed it. I dropped to my knees and began running my tongue in her salty, sweet depths. I was drinking and her juices while I fondled her ass. As I'm ran my tongue up to her anus I plunged 2 fingers into her leaking quim. She began moaning out her sentences, "Sammy, Sammy, Sammy oh, finger fuck me, make me come. Stick your tongue up my ass, you wonderful, wonderful, man." She started bucking very hard back into my mouth and face, became stiff leg had and soaked my hand with her pussy."

"Oh Sammy, you are so fucking good at that I'd let you do me all night. But right now, I need you inside me."

I turned her around and slid her down to the bed, where she spread her legs as wide as she could. I knelt between her legs and lined up my throbbing, hard spear with her juicy honey pot. As I slid into her she moaned, her cunt muscles squeezing me with all her might. I began the primitive motion of love that she met thrust for thrust. She came again twice, before her gripping pressure on me set me over the edge and I shot a large load of semen into her waiting depths. I pulled out and laid down beside her as we caught our breath.

We began to small talk and I asked her, "Saffron, why don't you have a guy? I mean your beautiful your intelligent and your great. I don't understand. "

"Sammy, honey thank you, but this just isn't my time, I want a career and eventually family, but I don't want to be tied down right now, I just want to have fun. Besides I can get all the male companionship I need right here. By the Way, Barb was right, you're a fantastic lover."

"Thank you very much, that means a lot coming from you, and her. I think we better get some sleep right now." She just got up got dressed and reached down and kissed me as she left to go up to her own room. I slept like a log, dreaming about, of all things, CC. I dreamed we were married and had kids and she threw me out because I was playing too much in the band and not staying home enough. What a weird dream.

I got up and ate breakfast with the family, which was uneventful, and headed off to school. After the weekend I had, school shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. I ran the Gerald before classes started and he told me it was all over school about Charlie and I and Barb. Even that I was dating her. I just explained to him that I took her out one night and that would probably be the last.

"Sam the man, if I could take Barb Frankel out one time it would be like walking on Jupiter. What the hell are you taking, and where can I get some of it?"

"Where in the hell is all this coming from, anyway?"

"Are you kidding me, where else would it be coming from, Brandi and Mandy Janus."

"That figures, I swear those girls don't have a thing better to do then to be the school criers. I'm surprised they don't go through the hallways ringing bells, chanting, Sammy's fucked another, Sammy's fucked another."

Gerald just laughed loudly at that one and said he had to go to his class. I walked past the Janus sisters Brandi and Mandy on my way to class and they just gave me a big seductive smile each, waved, and said hello. As I walked past them, I remembered what Renaldo Estes, the school janitor called them. He referred to them as" DOS Diablos" (two Devils). The man was obviously very wise and insightful.


The rest of the week went pretty much uneventful until Thursday. Gerald informed me he had turned down an offer for our band to play our prom, in case we wanted to attend. Anyway, even though he turned down the prom, we were going to be very busy through June of the following year. We were going to have a chance to strut our stuff. I was going to be doubly busy, due to the fact I also played in our school's spirit band, which meant basketball games and special events for school.

The first of these events was at Cedarville high school, our closest rival' s basketball game with our high school. It was an 80 mile trip by bus, which was literally a pain in the ass. Instead of my usual carrying of a snare drum during the general band events, I had a full drum set to play. We won the game and were getting ready to head back, when we were informed that the van that usually carried the cheerleading squad had broken down. Mr. Clausen graciously volunteered a ride on our bus.

Mr. Clausen's wife was the cheerleading coach, so they rode back in his private vehicle. He always said he couldn't stand the din on school buses, so he always chose to drive. He stuck his head in and warned us to be cordial to the cheerleaders, as they were our guests. Believe me, everyone would treat the cheerleaders fine. You have to remember, these were band geeks and were highly intimidated by the cheerleading squad. Other than Barb Frankel, I was pretty much unintimidated by anybody.

The percussion section always left a few instruments out on the bus to quietly go over arrangements and things as a kind of a critique on the way home. So when Tamika Brown, the only black cheerleader, but believe me not the least, got up and said she had an announcement to make. I gave her a drum roll on my a tom-tom. She said, "we'd like to thank you band geeks, for giving us a ride. Now who's the smart ass drummer boy back there?" She came back and to where we were setting and said, "Which one is it, which one is it?" My steadfast band mates all pointed at me and she came over to get in my face. All of a sudden I heard Brandi Janus, the head cheerleader, whistle and said, "Tamika, he's the one we told you about."

"So you're the drummer boy with a reputation."

"What reputation?"

"You like to please a woman."

"A woman yes, but a black whirling dervish, no."

All of a sudden she motioned for the cheerleaders to come back to block us so that the bus driver couldn't see. That's when I knew this was some kind of conspiracy and supposed to be a joke. She grabbed my hand and slipped me into the rear seat on the left side and said, "Come on drummer boy let's have us a little fun."

I think she thought that I would be intimidated by her, but I wasn't, and I said, "What kind of fun do you have in mind?"

"The best kind, white boy. Gonna give you some brown sugar. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I like brown sugar, but only on my cereal. Other times I can take it or leave it."

"This kind of brown sugar, you'll take now and like it. Now I'm gonna slap the shit out of you, see these titties?"

Believe me I couldn't miss them. It was like somebody took a soccer ball and cut it in half and led them on her chest. They shook when she laughed, but they had some heft to them. I could hardly wait to get my hands and mouth on them. I remembered something and said, "I thought you were with Eddie Washington, the football player, that big tight end. I don't want to begin my ass kicked in school when he hears about this."

"Don't matter if he hears about this or not, he left me for one of my sister cheerleaders that skinny ass blonde behind me to the right, my sister cheerleader. I guess he don't want his chocolate pudding anymore. He like tapioca." She said this was with such viciousness, that the blonde actually cringed.

"I believe he made a mistake."

"You know just how to respond. But you still need punished."

She then grabbed the bottom of her cheerleading sweater, pulled up over her head, and dropped it on the seat beside me I was looking down the double barreled 44's still encased in their holsters, but locked and loaded. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and they came pushing out, wanting their freedom. She slid the bra off and dropped it on top of her sweater. This woman had the biggest nipples I ever saw all my life, including porn. They were dime size and stuck out about I half an inch. She began swinging them back and forth slapping my face with them. Finally I got tired of it and grabbed them and began chewing on her nipples. I had a good run of windshield wiper going back and forth between her nipples. "That's pretty nice drummer boy, keep it up." She began pulling down her skirt along with her cheerleading panties. I got a good look at her big black bush. Her mocha skin contrasting with her pink pussy made her look exotic and It made my mouth water, while I was still worshiping at the twin mammary summits in front of me. I finally got bored with this, although not un-aroused. I pulled her down for a deep, passionate, tongue kiss. She could feel me poking into her hot twat. I picked her up and laid her down softly on the seat, burying my mouth on to her hot, wet pussy. "Tell me you're not doing that, no one is ever eaten my pussy."

I just raised my head up for a second and said, "Well you're getting it eaten now, just lay back and enjoy the ride."

She began moaning while I worked my tongue up and down her juicy slit and attacked her clit with my forefinger in a circular motion. I really had her going crazy after about 5 min. and she finally stiffened and threw her pelvis up as hard as she could into my face while screaming out and shooting a stream of girl cum all over my face and hair. At first I thought she impede on me, and then I realized that she was a female ejaculator. I don't even think she knew this herself.

"God, white boy, I've never come like that before. Now you know what it feels like to get a facial."

"Well that was a real waste, I'd rather been able to taste it all. If I ever eat you again and you're going to come, let me know so I can enjoy it."

"And now I'm going to enjoy you again." I stood up and drop my drawers and underwear and lined up my hard cock with her pussy. She told me not without a condom. I explained to her that I would pull out and come on those beautiful tits of hers, If she didn't want the load inside her. I still don't think she was comfortable with it, but she was too horny to argue by that point. I slid my length into her hard and she made a loud grunt. I really began hammering it to her, more excited with each thrust and her moaning. This girl was a really good piece of ass and Eddie must've been a damn fool. She came again, screaming, "Fuck me white boy, fuck me hard." I was really slamming into her as hard as I could by now as she soaked my dick. I finally started to feel the urge and I pulled out gave it two strokes and shot 5 to 6 ropes of spunk all over her chest. She looked at her covered nipples and began licking my juice off her points.

I handed her my drum towel that I wiped my face off with and she began wiping herself off. I gave her a bottle of water from the cooler that we took with us on trips and she drank it right down.

"I wouldn't mind doing that again, drummer boy, you're a good lay. "

"Thank you Ms. Brown, us band members aim to please."

We both got dressed, she kissed me passionately again, and she left, going back to her cheerleading click. I could hear them huddling around with a lot of heavy whispering going on. Believe me, there were quite a few open masturbation's, hand jobs, and even a couple of blow jobs among band members watching the spectacle. I was really considered a god now by my band mates after the performance and especially for what happened next.

Brandi Janus came up to me and said, "Well drummer boy, when do I get mine?"

"That's easy, you don't. I wouldn't want it plastered all over school by the Brandi and Mandy radio show. You girls can keep your mouths shut."


When I got home and went down to the basement, Saffron was waiting for me on the couch wearing her robe, watching some TV.

"Long ride home, where have you been?"

"You know how long the bus ride is from Cedarville. It was a long ride, but interesting."

"I've been waiting for you to get home, I'm so horny."

"You'll have to wait, I need to shower."

She grabbed my hand, dragging me into the bedroom. "That can wait, I can't, I get priority."

"Suit yourself, I warned you."

She dropped to her knees, loosening my belt, and practically ripped my pants and underwear down. She swallowed my cock and then made a comment, "You had this and somebody's pussy tonight. That's what took you so long, you stopped off for a piece of ass."

"I didn't stop anywhere, I came straight home."

"Don't tell me you fucked someone on the bus."

"I'm embarrassed to tell you, that yes I did."

"Who would fuck you on the bus, while the band geeks." During this question she was removing her clothing and she lay back on the bed and spread out. She looked gorgeous.

"It wasn't one of the band geeks as you call them."

"Then who was it, tell me, I'm overwhelmed with curiosity?"

"The cheerleaders Van broke down after the game and Mr. Clauson extended an offer to give them a ride back on the bus."

"You fucked one of the cheerleaders, which one? Brandi Janus? Renée Flower?"

"Normally, I don't kiss and tell, but in this case I'll make an exception. It was Tamika Brown."

"The black cheerleader, you know what they say, once you go black you'll never go back."

"I'm here with you aren't I?"

"How was she, I want all the details."

"You'll hear all about it, I'm sure. I went down on her and she came all over my face, like she was pissing on me. In fact my band mates who are not sexually savvy, probably got the idea that she did piss all over my face."

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