tagNonHumanSaint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 16

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 16


SIW : Christopher Saint Ives -- Whelan.

Thanks to my loyal proofreader Jaz, The Guild and Asylumseeker for providing their continuous input. Also a big hug to my Tweeters, if it wasn't for the fun we always have there.... Without stalling any longer, enjoy the chapter, next one is halfway done already.


Chapter Eight : Rogues in Town.

Pushing Mia back just a little, Chris looked up to her. He was glad they had their difficult talk and even though he still wasn't completely happy with the outcome, he was eased by the fact he could call in some help at least. Knowing exactly who he wanted to ask he wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

"It's nearing dinnertime, what do you think about us grabbing a bite to eat? At the same time I can ask Adam if he's up to the task," he said, his eyes roaming over her still flushed face.

"Hmmm Adam, that name rings a bell. Oooh Adam from last Saturday? The GI Joe wannabe?"

Chris grunted. Sure Adam was built like a truck and the short stubble that resembled his hairdo only emphasized his military style look. Not to mention the numerous tattoos that graced his skin. Only it wasn't just a look for him, he'd seen his fair share of wars until recently when he'd fallen in love with cooking and ended up opening a small but inviting tavern in town.

"Fair warning; never say that to his face if you want to keep him in your good books, my dear. He does look like it, but trust me, he has lived it as well. He hasn't known anything else for a long, long time. There isn't a branch in the military that he hasn't been in. Luckily we're good in making 'new' papers, so he's been stationed in many countries with a shit load of alternate personalities to go along with it. That is why I want him along. He'll cover our 'six' should it come to it," Chris explained to Mia.

"Hmm, interesting combination, GI Joe turned cook. Reminds me of that one Steven Seagal movie, he became a cook as well and then they hijacked the ship he was on. He still kicked ass with the baddies," she grinned at her own comparison.

"Think it's 'Under Siege' you're referring too, isn't it?" Chris helped her remember.

"Ah yeah, that is the one."

"You could compare him to that situation, wouldn't be so far from the truth," he jokingly replied. "But to answer my question, want to grab a bite to eat at his place? I'm sure he'll make time for us to have a little talk."

"Sounds like a plan. Let me go and freshen up and get ready."

Nuzzling her neck, he growled a little. "You're fine as you are, you smell of me, just the way I like it. Leave it like that. I should warn you that his place is frequented a lot by other weres from all neighboring packs. I want it clear you belong to me, even if you don't want our mating to be known yet. Having my scent on you will be enough for them to back off," he rumbled in a deep voice.

Mia couldn't help the girlish giggle from escaping. "You really are a caveman sometimes, but one I love," she said, surprising herself.

Chris' eyes took on a golden glow.

"I love you too," he whispered before covering her lips.

Her kisses were addictive, too addictive. Many minutes passed before the two disentangled themselves once again, both gasping for air.

"Now that's a look I'll never grow tired of," Chris huskily said as he traced her kiss swollen lips with his thumb.

Mia had the decency to blush at his remark and tried to get up.

"Uh uh, not yet. I need another minute to calm myself, so please keep your tush where it is right now if you do not want to end up in my bed instead of at a table having dinner," he warned her.

"Yup, I'm correct, caveman all the way," she repeated, wiggling a bit on his lap.

This seductive teasing rewarded her with a deep sexy growl from Chris as he tightened his arms around her.

Leaning back, he closed his eyes and started counting: one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi and then cursed out loud.

Mia wouldn't stop moving on his lap and his self-control just flew out of the window. Standing up, he turned her slightly so he could carry her inside and made a beeline for his bedroom. Knowing the state she was in was the only reason that prevented him from tossing her ungracefully on his bed. Instead he gently let her slip down his body until the back of her legs hit his bed.

Skillfully he discarded her clothes, tossing them away piece by piece, uncaring where they landed. Once he had her naked he inhaled deeply, taking in her sweet scent and carefully laid her down in the middle of his bed.

"Do. Not. Move," he said emphasizing each small word. Straightening up he quickly got rid of his own clothes. Pushing her legs wide apart he knelt between them, bending down to take another delicious sniff of her unique scent. Not wanting to waste time he parted her slick folds and generously started lapping at the sweet juices that were coming from her canal.

Mia's hands entangled themselves in his long black curls as he drove her mad with lust. He was aware she wouldn't need much to find that blissful moment she was longing for. Getting up on his knees he moved in closer, grabbing his hard member. After probing and teasing her a little bit, relishing in the sensations of her warm walls enveloping his shaft, he pushed in with one sure stroke, bottoming out.

He let the feelings wash over him as a comforting blanket before him started moving. Slow at first, he tried, he really tried, but her teasing had pushed his control and now as he kept pushing in and out, he picked up the pace. He felt her nails scraping over his back, down to his butt, squeezing it, urging him on to go even faster.

All that could be heard in the room was heavy breathing and the sensuous clashing of the flesh of two lovers. Her legs wrapped around his hips, locking him close to her. His arms around her shoulders, his hands were buried in her long locks that lay spread out all over his bed. He had twisted some strands of hair around his fingers. This way he had a firmer grip on her head as he made sure he could drown in the deep pools which resembled her eyes, filled with love and lust.

Chris felt the familiar tingles start at the back of his neck, travelling down as he started to move faster. He felt her inner walls contract around him, telling him she was going the exact same way as he was. The tingles reached his butt, which was clenching very tightly every time he thrust into her.

He heard the telltale gasp for air from Mia as her nails almost broke the skin on his butt. Passionately he crashed his lips on hers, devouring every part he could reach, at the same time silencing her scream of joy as waves of pleasure washed over her. A couple of thrusts later he grunted into their kiss as he joined her.

Slowly he gentled their kiss until he rested his forehead against hers. A wide smile was plastered on her face and he felt her light trembling.

"I like when you go all caveman on me," she purred.

As a result he grabbed her hair more firmly, twisted her head slightly and clamped his mouth over her exposed neck. His actions only made her laugh or rather giggle as she tried to lay still as he devoured her.

With a smug look he raised himself on his forearms and spoke: "I told you to sit still, this is what you get when you don't listen."

Her eyes glinted mischievously now.

"But admit you loved the outcome just as much as I did, don't cha?"

"You know I do," he agreed.

Mia snuggled close, savoring the heat of his body still on top of hers. She grunted displeased when he braced himself higher and tried to get up.

"Dinner?" he reminded her. "Let's freshen up and head over to Adam's, the sooner we get this over with..."

"Yeah yeah," she replied.

With a big oomph he landed on his suddenly empty bed. Perking his ears he then heard the shower running. Why you little tease!

I'm only gaining lost time, since you so desperately want to go out for dinner, she shot back jokingly.

Just leave some room for me, dear.

Chris then copied her teleport move towards the shower, figuring he might as well try it out more often when at home. He appeared in front of the shower and stepped in behind her.

Thought I'd better join you so not to waste too much water, he said as he grabbed the bar of soap in front of her, using this move to envelop her completely with his body.

"Chris! Just wash up, you're the one that wanted to go for dinner, so no stalling this time," she berated him, but failed at sounding as if she meant it.

Without frolicking they washed themselves, redressed and not much later were on their way to the center, towards Adam's place.

As they entered, Chris quickly scanned the room. There weren't many people, which wasn't a big surprise, it was only the start of the week. Some easy on the ears music travelled throughout the tavern, the smell of delicious food tempting them further inside.

His hand curving around her hip, he pulled Mia in close, sending a silent message that she was his as he led her towards one of the closed off booths in the back. A few heads turned their way and gave them a curious look, but one by one Chris simply looked back until they averted their eyes back to their food in front of them.

Holding out his arm, he let her slide in first, then joined her. He reached for the elegantly written recommendation menu and handed it to Mia.

"That's not the complete menu, but it gives you an idea of what is served here. I'm sure one of the girls will be right over with the complete menu," he explained.

True to his words, not a moment later, a young girl stopped next to their booth, handed both a crispy clean menu and opened her little notebook.

"Welcome, can I bring you something to drink while you go over the menu?" she asked politely, instantly recognizing who was sitting at the table.

"Just a cola for me, please."

"I'll have the same," Mia added.

"Alright, I'll be right back, sir."

"Hold on a second. Do you know if Adam is available? I would like to have a word with him if possible," Chris said.

The young girl turned back towards him, a puzzled look on her face.

"I'm afraid he's not in today. He called yesterday to say he wouldn't be available for a few days, sir," she answered.

Chris frowned at that reply. Adam wasn't one to just not show up at work.

"He didn't give a reason or anything at all?"

"I'm afraid not, sir. We're all puzzled by it as well. He told us to open up as normal and call in his sous-chef. The poor lad is working double shifts," she added with a lot of sympathy in her voice.

"Ok, thanks for telling me. I'll try and get a hold of him later myself, see if anything is wrong."

"Thank you, sir. If you hear anything more, will you let us know?"

"I will, no worries. I'm sure it's nothing too serious," he replied.

"I'll go get your drinks now, will be right back," and off she went to the bar in the back.

Chris frowned mulling over the conversation. It really wasn't something that Adam would do. He'd been fine last Saturday evening. He wondered what could have happened in just over a day to make him skip his own work.

You think something is up? Mia asked.

Honestly I don't know. Adam hardly takes a day off. I'm wondering what could have happened between Saturday and now to make him act like this. Chris gave her a concerned look.

"Mind if I go and try and call him now? I don't want to do this out in the open here," he asked, vaguely pointing at his ears.

Mia understood and nodded. "By all means, go call him. I'll put in our order when she returns."

"Get me something meaty, anything will do really. Thanks, I'll just go outside, less chance of being overheard."

He quickly dialed Adam's number and paced restlessly on the curb. It took ages but then finally a very gruff voice answered.

"Adam speaking, who's this?"

"It's Chris, mate. Didn't you check who was calling before you answered? You got me worried when I saw you weren't in your kitchen. Everything all right?" he asked.

"Gimme a second," Adam replied, "And yeah I picked up without checking. Have other things on my mind right now," he added quickly.

Chris could hear a faint rustling of fabric and some hushed words being spoken.

"I can't talk for long or she'll begin to panic again. Right now she's only calm if I stay close. Apart from the tavern I haven't notified anyone," Adam started explaining.

"Hold it right there. She? Adam what the hell is going on?" Chris asked in a more firm tone now.

"You remember Fran's friends, right?"

Chris nodded, then realized Adam wasn't here. "Yeah I remember. I even seem to recollect you had a keen interest in the little redhead."

"Well, it's more than just interest. She's my mate..."

Chris had to laugh even though he realized something else was going on. It seemed to be a productive weekend. Three of them had found their mates.

"I'm happy to hear that, but what's the catch?"

"When we left Saturday I told her to wait at her car and I'd follow her home to make sure she was ok. Fucking hell, I never should have left her alone."

"Adam, get a grip. What happened?"

"She was attacked by rogues. At least that's what they appear to be. They didn't smell familiar at all and they were borderline insane," Adam answered.

"Is she all right?" Chris concernedly asked.

"I hope she will be. Right now she's a quivering scared mess, I hate to admit. Only me staying close somewhat calms her down. There were three of them. They had her cornered and were feeling her up. I kinda lost it when I heard her scream. I ran towards her and I shifted in front of her before I even realized I had. That's when she passed out. Thank god she didn't have to witness me beating the shit out of them before they scrambled," Adam told him.

"This sure is a mess. At least now I understand why you're not here. You know you'll have to call this in with Nick, sooner rather than later. He needs to know there are rogues in town so he can deal with them."

"I know. I just want to make sure Bronwille is fine, maybe in a day or two. I hope she'll cope, if not I don't know what to do. All I can do at the moment is lay with her. I've found some sleeping tablets. I managed to give her one yesterday so she at least slept a little," Adam sighed.

"Give it a day or two then call Nick. I wanted to ask a favor but seeing you're a bit tied up at the moment I'll sort it on my own."

"What did you need?"

"Needed your skill and expertise, but don't worry about it. We'll manage," Chris answered.

"You got me now, so might as well ask."

"No, you just sort things with Bronwille and the rogues, I'll take care of my own issue. I'll tell you all about it later."

"If you're sure... Damn I gotta go, mate, she's waking up!"

"Go on then, we'll talk later. Take care!" Chris urged him on and simply got a click in return.

Putting his phone away, he couldn't help but think that there was so much going on at the same time for so many of them. He was one down now and no clue who else he could ask. Then there was the dilemma whether he should tell Mia about Bronwille or not.

With Adam at Bronwille's, he didn't see the need for Mia to be there too. He grunted and felt the need to kick something. With Adam out of the picture, he was without a backup. He couldn't ask Ed, his older brother. He was still bound to his promise not to tell the pack and he knew his brother would pick up on it right away. Same reason why he couldn't ask Nick for help. Adam had been his only option since he wasn't part of the Whelan pack. Defeated he realized Mia would get this done her way, no matter how much he disliked the position it put him in.

Going back inside, he saw her sipping from her drink. Her eyes brightened when they locked with his but turned concerned the minute she noticed the worried look on his face. It told her something was up.

"Everything ok?" she asked as he slipped back into the seat next to her.

"Not sure. Adam is tied up at the moment. Something happened over the weekend that needs his immediate attention. He won't be able to help out now," he replied evasively.

"But there is more to it then you're telling me, isn't there?"

Chris felt busted. Maybe he should tell her everything? He would never deliberately lie to her, not seeing how easily she picked up he was hiding something from her.

"Don't get angry ok?" he said as he grasped her hands. "When I called Adam he told me he was at Bronwille's. It seems that when she left on Saturday evening she was the focus of an assault. Adam jumped in and fought them. They left rather quickly tail tucked between their legs."

He could feel the tension going through her body.

"Do I have to take that tail part figuratively or not?"

"It was rogues. Adam shifted in front of her. From what I could gather, she's not physically injured but she's pretty shaken up. She's not really allowing him to leave her side."

"Chris, I have to get to her. God, I can only imagine how she's feeling. It will bring back everything!" she exclaimed.

"Bring back what?"

"She's been attacked before. Was beaten within an inch of her life and raped repeatedly. It took years before she even dared go outside again. The only occasions we get her out these days if it's with all us girls and even then she'll never start a conversation with a stranger. She keeps to herself all the time," Mia explained.

"Adam said she was in a right mess, but she passed out once he attacked her assailants, so she missed most of the fight. He took her home and it seems she doesn't want him to leave. She calms down when he's near, so he's staying with her until she gets better."

"Hmmm, at least she has someone then. The other time she wouldn't have any of us around her. I dropped by often without her knowing. I just had to make sure she was coping."

"Well, maybe subconsciously she's feeling their bond," Chris added with a little smile.


"Yes, the mating bond..."

"No way. Bron and Adam? You're saying they're mates?" she asked with disbelief.

"Adam knew right away. I knew something was up Saturday, but I never figured it could be something like this. He just confirmed it over the phone. Probably why he stayed behind when we went down to dance," Chris told her.

"You sure she'll be fine with Adam? I mean, I can be there in a second!"

"If I for one minute thought you could help her better than Adam you'd already be there. But he told me she calms down when he's near her. I bet he's been in cuddle heaven for a while now. It does result in me not having the backup I wanted to have," he replied. "I told him to take care of Bronwille and to call Nick in a day or two. Leaving Bronwille alone right now wouldn't help anyone. Adam is an excellent tracker, even weeks old trails he's able to find, so these few days won't matter. I'd call it in, but then I would have to reveal more then I'm allowed, so Adam has to make that call."

"Who will have to deal with those rogues once he's made the call?"

"Odds will be Nick will call upon Ed and me to sort them out. You know how rogues are frowned upon. Present company excluded," he added realizing she could be considered rogue as well.

"On top of that you'll have my father's issue too," she added.

"You know how it could easily be sorted?" he alluded to the promise she'd asked from him.

"No, we'll keep a low profile until Nick has sorted out this rogue issue, that is if and when Adam reports it. We sort this ourselves. I won't budge on this Chris," she firmly added.

"So that leaves us only a few days to be together until the shit will hit the fan?"

"Depends on how crazy my Da's father is I guess."

"So we just act as if nothing is happening until I hear from Nick, hope we can sort those rogues out fast and then sort out your father's pack?"

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