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She bound Terry's wrists with separate silk ties, and secured them to the bedposts. Now the big man was hers to control! She paused to survey his body, and felt the flush of power. All those muscles; that gorgeous cock...hers to do with as she pleased!

Terry allowed her to strap him down, confident that he could break free if he needed to, but willing, even anxious, to see what this little hottie had in mind. He watched her face as she gazed at his cock, her mouth half-open, and he knew she'd never been fucked like that before. Even more, he knew she wanted to be fucked like that again, after he'd allowed her to tease him for a while. He groaned at the thought.

Taking his sounds as a sign of resistance, Brittany placed her hands on his shoulders, and pushed them against the mattress. "Easy, lover," she warned. "You don't want to hurt something." She dipped her head, and took his lower lip between her teeth. Biting softly, she felt the skin give, and tasted a drop of Terry's blood on her tongue. She sucked hungrily. "Yeah," she breathed, confident in her control. She reached into the bedside drawer and withdrew a black eye mask, and smiled as she turned to him.

"Just to heighten the sensations," she whispered, as she pulled it over his head and adjusted it over his eyes.

Climbing onto the bed, she turned and straddled Terry's face with her knees. She looked down, watching his face as he attempted to see through the impenetrable fabric. Leaning forward, her hands went to either side of his cock, fingertips playing in his pubic hair. She could feel the throbbing of his dick as it ached for the feel of her mouth on him. Looking under her body, she watched as one long stringer of their mixed cum began to leak from her, growing as it descended ever-so-slowly toward his face.

"Here it comes, Terry. Are you ready for it?" she teased, as she lowered her hips toward him. She was pleased when he opened his mouth, but she pulled her hips away as the stringer stretched too close, letting it drop instead onto his forehead. "That's okay," she said as she lowered herself against his forehead, rubbing her sticky pussy forward and back. "There's plenty more where that came from."

She rubbed herself slowly against him, delighting in the slippery plane she produced, and loving the feeling of his hot face against her tender flesh. Terry arched his neck, but she wouldn't allow his tongue near her box. Not yet. Instead, she humped the top of his head, getting increasingly excited. Her movements were sensuous; almost feline, but her tension built steadily. Her breath soon came in gasps, and she knew she was going to cum again. Her voice was strained.

"Oh, god," she panted. "Yes. Oh, god, yes! Oh, goddddd, YES!" Her climax built quickly, her body tightened, and her movements became more pronounced. She took long, rapid strokes against Terry's glistening forehead, delighting in the feelings his hairline produced against her engorged lips. When her clit touched his skin, she shivered, and suddenly she was cumming.

"Ooooh, GOD!" she cried, and her thighs gripped Terry's head tightly as she settled onto his face. Her cunt was directly over his mouth now, and he stabbed his tongue upward, splitting the tender folds. As he began to lick, he felt her release, and his tongue was coated with warm, salty-sweet fluid. Her cries were muffled by the pressure of her legs against his ears, but he felt the shaking of her body, and tugged frantically against the ties around his wrists. He wanted to pull her tightly against his mouth; to bathe her sopping cunt with his tongue, but the silk was stronger than he had thought, and he had to be content to let her use his face as she would.

Brittany gripped Terry's cock tightly in her hand as the orgasm washed over her. Her head whipped left and right, her hair teasing the throbbing head as she came. When at last she began to regain control of her body, she remembered the monster in her grip. She slipped her mouth around the bulbous head, even as she fought to pull more air into her lungs.

Precum. She loved that taste! It smeared across her tongue as she enclosed his cock with her mouth. Both moaned their pleasure aloud as she sucked hungrily at the swollen head, and he thrust upward, wanting more of his meat in her mouth. He was under her control, though, and she pulled her head back as he stabbed upward at her. Holding the base of his cock in both tiny hands, she swiped her tongue back and forth across the glans, exciting him even more. He shook in frustration beneath her, testing the sheer strength of those silken bonds. The pussy at his mouth was forgotten, for the moment.

When she thought his desire was at it's zenith, Brittany wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock again. Her lips stretched to the point of cracking, she worked her mouth slowly down his shaft, taking as much of it as she could. When it touched the back of her throat, she stopped, stifling a gag. Her tongue began to move against the swollen skin.

"Ah, yeahhhh," he breathed, as she worked the dick inside her mouth. Craning his neck upward, he touched her clit with the tip of his tongue. Brittany responded by bringing her knees forward, resting them on his arms. She couldn't take any more stimulation right now. Raising her hips and depriving him of the taste of her pussy, she slid her mouth up and down on his throbbing member, sucking greedily. She wanted to feel him cum in her mouth, but not yet. Not until she decided it was time.

Terry groaned. The sensations of her lips around his cock were almost unbearable, and he wanted to fill that golden throat with his sticky-sweet load. He concentrated on the sensations he was receiving, and soon he could feel the tightness in his balls.

She felt it, too, as he strained toward his climax. Stopping in mid-stroke, she pulled her mouth from him. Gripping his cock tightly at the base, she held her hand motionless on his shaft. He was so close, she knew, that if she jacked her hand over him one time, he'd explode. His hips pistoned up and down against the mattress, but with no friction against the sensitive skin, his excitement soon waned. Not so his erection, however, and she knew how to keep him hard. Reaching into the bedside drawer again, she slid a thick rubber ring over the head of his cock and rolled it down to the base of the throbbing muscle.

"Not yet," she cooed. "Not just...yet!" With that, she took him in her mouth again, and relished the knowledge that he was soon to be building toward his release again; a release only she could control.

Brittany's talented mouth had Terry approaching climax many more times in the next hour, but each time she withheld his release from him, preferring instead to watch his lust and frustration build. Only occasionally did she allow her sensitive cunt to rest against his mouth, and he would quickly bring her off each time, so heightened was her sexual need, from teasing him.

"This is so unfair," she would tell him each time, smiling at his discomfort. He could only groan his agreement, and wait for the feel of her mouth on him again. His balls were aching. Finally she decided to give him the release he so badly needed. Besides, she was hungry for the taste of his cum, so long withheld. She slowly lowered her cunt to his mouth again, and smiled as his tongue spread her labia once more. His warm breath on her pussy sent shivers of pleasure through her body, and she slowly humped his face as she spoke.

"Are you ready, lover?" she asked. "Ready to fill my little mouth?" Her hand paused in mid-stroke, and Terry bucked in a futile effort to continue his pleasure. He was so close! She jacked him once more, and he groaned loudly. "My throat?" she teased, running her hand slowly up and then back down the length of his cock. "Got something for me? Hmmmm?" Terry groaned again, and she laughed out loud.

"My, you're just ready to burst, aren't you? Make me cum," she suddenly growled, and felt his lips close around her clit. Her climax loomed, approaching quickly.

Brittany lowered her mouth to his dick. The head was swollen and purple, the skin stretched as tightly as an artist's canvas. As his mouth worked away on her clit, she returned the pleasure, nibbling him gently as she rolled the restraining rubber ring back up the length of his shaft. She knew his cum would follow shortly, his orgasm heightened by the release of pressure on his cock.

Once she had freed him of the ring, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to work her mouth vigorously up and down. Suddenly her own orgasm was upon her. Her concentration gone, she sucked frantically at his cock as the tremors coursed through her, and he pumped gratefully up into her mouth, eager for release. When her middle finger pushed its way past his sphincter, he lost it.

"Aaauuurrrggghhh!" he groaned, as his painfully-denied organ issued the first of it's boiling load. It felt as if his entire body were draining through his dick, and the velocity took even Brittany by surprise. It hit the back of her throat with a mighty splash, and she gagged reflexively. The next surge she was prepared for, and she swallowed quickly, before her mouth was overflowing. She was determined to master this erupting tool; to draw from it every drop of potent fluid. She began to suck, and as the beast convulsed in her mouth, she drank hungrily.

Terry felt as if every nerve in his body was alive. The finger in his ass wiggled deeper, the mouth on his cock seemed determined to pull him inside out, and his own desire pushed him to new heights of pleasure. Straining against his bonds, he could only ride it out, as his world exploded into flashing lights and tingling nerves. At last, he was drained.

As he collapsed back into the mattress, Brittany continued to suck at him, even as his erection began to finally subside. His cock muscles felt incapable of sustaining him any longer, after their prolonged period of excitement, and he sighed heavily.

"Jesus Christ, girl!" he panted. "You're gonna kill me!"

Brittany smiled as she watched his now-flaccid cock, its bulk still begging her attention. She wrapped one hand around it and began to slide the rubber ring over the head once more. It was already responding to her touch. She slid off him to stand beside the bed. Looking around, her gaze settled on the assortment of devices behind the door.

"Oh, no," she said, her voice a smoky whisper. "I've got a better idea!"

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