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Sales with a Smile


"Thank you for calling." I said. "Yes. I'm sorry we couldn't do business too. I hope you keep us in mind the next time."

"Shit!" I muttered after hanging up the phone. I worked on this deal for months, wined and dined this bastard only to have him give his business to our competitor, again. She was a young, hot looking thing who would flirt and promise anything. She'd put out everything for the sale. Her short skirts and CFM shoes were too much competition against my meager efforts.

I took this guy to peelers; got him lapdances and hookers; I gave him everything except personally sucking his dick and I'm sure that wouldn't have done anything either.

"Ring....Ring..." I answered my phone. It was Reesa Puccini the VP of Sales.

"Hi Reesa." Pause.

"No, we lost it to that bitch again." Pause. "Sorry." Pause.

"Yes, I know I..." I was cut off. "Yes I'll come by your office now."

Now I thought Reesa was not hard to look at. She wore her thick, dark shoulder length hair loosely, had an attractive face with light make up, always smartly dressed with stylish high heeled shoes.

Reesa's personality was great, always smiling and happy. She was a touchy-feely person; with me anyways. She'd place a hand on my arm or shoulder.

She would be a package except for her weight. Her 5' frame carried about 140 pounds.

I knocked on her open door and entered.

"Please close the door." She asked.

"This can't be good." I thought to myself.

"Sit down." Reesa said as she moved from behind her desk and sat in the chair oppose of me.

She was wearing a dark business suit with a proper business length skirt hemmed a few inches above her knees. Under her jacket, looked like a white camisole.

As she sat down, she pulled up her skirt to about mid thigh. I thought it was strange, but Reesa began to speak and broke my trend of thought.

"Roger, I'll get straight to the point." not her usual happy self. "Your numbers aren't looking too good and your funnel is pretty empty."

"Yes, I guess I was counting on that last one too much." I replied. "I swear I thought I had that one in the bag."

"Yeah, but I heard that Melissa chick sucked him off until he agreed to sign." Reesa's comment caught me off guard. "I also heard you did everything but suck him off to get him to sign with us.....Close your mouth Roger. I'm not that stupid or unaware of the business."

I was stunned. I never expensed those "entertainment" activities figuring I'll get it back in the huge commission I'd get.

Reesa crossed her little sausage legs. I could see right under her skirt. It looked like she wasn't wearing panties.

"I don't know Roger." Reesa continued. "Putting all your eggs in one basket isn't good strategy." She re-crossed her legs, her skirt slide higher up her thighs. She definitely had no panties on.

"I can pick it up next quarter." I knew what was coming and was pleading for my job.

"Well I'm not sure you can the way you're going." Reesa unbuttoned her jacket. Her big C sized tits popped out from underneath. She wore no bra, but from what I could tell, there was little sag. Her tits were very firm.

"I'm not sure I should give you another chance...." Threatened Reesa. "But I have one potential opportunity I'll need help on if you can handle it."

Of course." I replied immediately. "You know I'm a good sales person. I 'm just having a bad run."

"Good. It's a very special project. It would pay high commission and if you do very well, there are others like it. No quota issues, no funnel issues. You would report directly to me."

I began to sound excited. "Sounds great! I know I can do it. What's the project?"

"Well first, I need to know you can do it and if you have the right talent." Reesa uncrossed her legs and spread them as wide as her skirt allowed.

I looked between her legs, then in her eyes, then between her legs again. Her pussy was already wet.

I needed the job. I dropped to my knees and started licking. Thank goodness she was neatly trimmed. I really dislike fighting my way through a hair jungle.

I used my best technique. I nibbled on her clit making her take sharp inhaled breathes so I knew I was doing a good job. I smashed my face hard into her soggy pie and thrusted my tongue inside her as deeply as I could.

Reesa pushed her hips forward so her bum was at the edge of the chair and let her head fall back. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard into her crotch. I couldn't breathe but dared not stop.

I continued slurping and eating her box until she came.

"Stand up and show me what your equipment looks like." She demanded.

I got to my feet and slowly undid my pants. I let my pants and boxers drop around my ankles. Even at three quarters hard, I was pretty big. Fully erect, I was about 8" long and thick around.

Reesa took me in her mouth and started sucking me off. Her head went back and forth as fast as she could. The amount of suction was incredible. The senior exec could suck tennis balls through a garden hose.

I was moaning from her efforts. "How do you think I got to where I am now?" She said. "I sucked many cocks to get here!"

Fortunately she stopped sucking before I exploded in her mouth. "Good staying power." Reesa stood up, turned around and hiked her skirt around her waist. "Fuck me until I cum." She ordered.

I easily entered her from behind. Despite being that wet, I found her hole tight and found it difficult not to fire my load before she was ready.

Reesa was grunting louder and louder with each of my in strokes.

Finally she held her breath for two seconds before forcing exhaling gasps. "Come in me now!"

I shot my load inside her on demand. It was pretty sizeable too. Then I realized I was fucking her bareback. I pulled out. The cold hitting my cock brought me back to reality.

"Clean me!" She ordered. I was puzzled by what she said. "If any drips on the carpet, I'll make you lick it clean."

I understood immediately. I dropped to my knee and stuck my face into the fresh cream pie. I had never eaten one before and this one was making me gag.

"Do a good job or forget the opportunity." Reesa warned.

I licked and sucked her clean as much as I could, but she came again and squirted on my face, soaking my shirt.

Finally she was satisfied. She sat down in the chair, but didn't bother fixing her attire. "Okay. Good job." She said. "Here's the project. I have a number of female clients who will re-sign with us if we provide the service you just performed."

I thought to myself "Well fucking women for a living won't be too bad of a career." Then I realized any female of importance is most likely older, way past any prime aged meat I'd normally fuck.

"Yes. I think you just realized these women aren't young and hot." Reesa said. "But they are hot and horny. They just don't want or can't to go out and find meat to fuck. We can offer that service as well as our legit list of products."

"You get a substantial raise in base plus commission, a new car, unlimited expense account, but you have to be available after hours."

My head was spinning trying to process the offer.

"Oh yes, reporting directly to me means you are under me when I need you too."

I stood in front of her. My pants was still around my ankles. My prick was still rock hard thinking about the possibilities. "I think your Mr. Willie is up for it. What about you?" as Reesa leaned forward and took me in her mouth again.

I moaned. "Yes!"

"Good. You first one is tomorrow. It's a late afternoon meeting with Marcy Douglas the senior VP at Thomas and Company. Here's the contract. Do whatever she wants to get it signed."

Next day, I went to meet with Marcy. Her secretary let me into her office. "She'll be right in. Would you like a coffee or something?"

"No thanks." I sat in an available chair.

"Thanks for showing him in Sara." said the female voice.

I stood to greet the voice. I extended my hand, then froze with me mouth agape.

She spoke first. "I'm Marcy Douglas. Nice to meet you." As she took my hand.

Marcy was no old prune. She was a very attractive mid forties blond with long legs, a very fit and well proportioned body.

Hello. I'm Roger." I stammered.

"Well shall we do business?" as she shut her office door and started taking off her clothes.

"Yes!" I smiled.

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