tagBDSMSallarah's Slave

Sallarah's Slave

byMr. Sorry©

this is my first story so go easy, but please comment.

Also the character(s) in this story are fake, the places real, the love wonderful.


I got out of my new car. It was the first day of a new life for me and I wasn't going to waste a moment of it, I went to the nearest cyber café and got online I went to my regular site, Madam Finder. I was looking for a mistress in my new town Redmond, WA.

For what seemed an eternity I grew up alone in a damp little squat called Stuttgart AR. Well I was mostly alone I had my gay father who understood my plight to want something more. My mother was oblivious not because she didn't know, deep down she knew, but she wouldn't allow it.

"Ah ha! I've found you. Or have you found me?"

Her name was Sallarah. She was taking applications for slaves. I looked at the address.

"It's not far from here and she stops taking recipients at... MIDNIGHT! I'd better hurry."

I wrote the address down and the phone number I thought id get a jump-start and surprise her, I've heard stories before about new slaves being beaten over being late. I jumped off and went to the counter to get something to drink I was excited and I knew that if I didn't get a grip I'd get sick. I got to my car and drove close to the location and called the number. A woman answered the phone.

"Hello," her voice was heavenly; "my name is Sallarah and yours?"

"Hello, my name is Dean and I was calling about the 'position' in the paper."

"Ah yes well... Oh... yes well if you get here within fifteen minutes you get the job."

She gave me an address that matched the one on the site.

"Be on the second floor, room three in that time ok? Bye slave."


I was in awe that she had accepted me most women have rejected me not only of my feminine voice and heft but my... fullness. It seemed 10" wasn't exceptional anymore. I thought of my first sexual experience with a woman she got me drunk on hot Sake and took me to her place. There she sucked my friend for what seemed an eternity. Then she pulled out a gym bag from under her bed. It was then that I noticed a metal frame hanging from the canopy. She pulled out a suit and barely fit me in it. She zipped it up. I was in a straightjacket that had a v-like rip that extended from my penis in front to my back in the rear. What the hell? Well as long as I'm not a virgin anymore. I thought. I noticed some chains suspended from the frame. There were four, two at the foot of the bed and two in the middle. She cuffed each foot to the end chains and used a special knee cuff to chain my knees to the middle chains then she pulled out a strap on. I knew I was horny but this seemed a bit extreme. She noticed I was loosing my edge so she popped a pill in my mouth and gave me a drink. Within what seemed seconds I was so hard I thought it would break off. She strapped up and got on the bed and stood over me. She then turned around and undressed. She was the hottest thing I ever imagined. She then reached down into the bag and pulled out a leather dress with no cover for the breasts... she put it on. Her body was so hot I had to get some but I couldn't move and she knew it. She excepted it. Then she pulled out a small remote and pushed a button. I heard a sweet voice that I'd though I'd heard before. It was! It was Enigma the MCMXC AD CD.

"Do you want me?" she said playfully

"Oh god yes!" I said

"Ah... what?"

"Yes... please?"

"Its yes ma'am"

"Oh... yes ma'am"

"I don't feel like it now you ruined my mood."

She got down and pulled out some sort of gel from the bag, covered my penis and her strap on and went to my rear. She then suddenly began pounding at my ass....

Good... it felt so good. This is what I wanted she was there for what seemed days. She then pulled it out.

"Let's try this again. Do you want me?"

"No ma'am, please pound me again."

"Your loss."

She reached in and pulled out a monster vibrator 16" long, 4" thick at least. She lubed it up and shoved it in. pulled it back and forth pushing it ever deeper each time.

"How's that? Do you like it like that? Is it hard enough?"

I was paralyzed with pleasure I wanted to pleasure my self, but couldn't she knew it and wanted it, she was waiting for it. I began to wriggle to get loose. I failed. She got back on the bed leaving the vibrator in place.

"Again, do you want me?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good... you shall have me... for a while."

She slowly began to sink her warm vagina on my hard penis then rise... she was riding me. She was so warm the warm feeling of a woman moving up and down, up and down. She began to get wet. Her juices flew down and onto my scrotum. She was so tight it was like she was sucking me deep inside her. It was so good that I reached climax within a few minutes. She slapped my chest hard.

"No slave, don't... not until I tell you."

"Yes ma'am."

What? Slave? This was a new term to me. But I went with it. She began to moan and so did I, although I was commanded to hold it in, she was trying to reach it. Moan after moan came and after half an hour she was there, I had been there for years it seemed.

"Now slave! Nooooowww! Ooooh! Yes! Yes! Oh yes! YES!"

Minutes passed, she and I were still at climax

"What was in that pill?" I asked stunned at my length of stay

"Oh, various things. Why? Want more?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Then you'll have to find me when you wake up."

Wake up? Then she pulled off me and everything went dark. The last feeling I felt came from my rear as she pulled the vibrator out, I'm not sure but I think I reached climax again


I looked at my watch. Ten minutes had passed.

"Whoa! I'd better get up there"

I reached the door and knocked just in time. As the door opened I was stunned, Sallarah was her!

"So you finally found me... heh, well... come on in. I wondered why that voice sounded so familiar." Her sweet voice I had long remembered flooded back with a new intensity

We sat and talked about how I got to Washington, how the flight was, if I was experiencing jet lag yet, and how hot the weather and she was back then. Then she said to go into the room across the hall and she'd be in shortly.

"Do you own the whole place?"

"Yes slave."

I went into the room, stripped, and laid on the examination table. She came in dressed like before hotter tan ever but she had an equestrian's whip.

"Turn over slave."

"Yes ma'am."

"You've been bad slave, you told me a lie."

She hit me on the ass three times hard and fast.

"Sorry ma'am it will not happen again."

"You told me there was an advertisement in the paper... no such thing exists."

She hit harder... five times. By this time my ass was red

"Again I'm sorry ma'am it will not happen again."

"Of course it won't slave, because you shall be mine from now on."

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